Aug 21, 2019

🗳️ ~ Voter Manipulation, Message Sent & Received, Why Greenland? (X22Report) ~ | Episode 1948b - Greenland starts at 21 minute marker. CIA Spyhub, Black Prison Site & Active Project Iceworm Nuclear Missile Launch Site | Blogger: 🛎️ PS: (directly from the lion's den) -- Former Danish PM Lars Løkke (Probably the most corrupt prime minister - ever), reacts with flippant comment : "It is no shame to stay away when you're not invited ... But when you have invited yourself!! Huge transatlantic recovery work. Great we have The unity of the Realm" (Rigsfællesskabet or rigsenheden)... "Is that a kind of joke", writes ex-PM Helle Thorning (globalist) .... (war criminal claimed) Anders 'Fog-Of-War' Rasmussen, on Trump's postponement - "a setback."... |

JS reports that the FBI [knowingly] misled the FISA court when submitting the FISA applications.More information comes to light in regard to SR. Trump continually talks about Greenland and tweets, the question is why? Photo of Maxwell was staged by her attorney. PP defunded itself, the [DS] and [D] party are trapped, source cutoff. Morrison of Australia says he will drain the swamp. Trump peace deal in Afghanistan almost ready. The [DS] has lost, the swamp is being drained.


Greenland granted investigation into CIA flights
US base in Greenland part of spy programme
Project Iceworm

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