July 27, 2019

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🥵 ~ The sweltering Arctic is ablaze as unprecedented wildfires are ravaging the Arctic: Areas of Siberia, Scandinavia, Alaska and Greenland engulfed in flames (The Big Wobble) ~ |

The sweltering Arctic is ablaze, wildfires are ravaging the Arctic, with areas of northern Siberia, northern Scandinavia, Alaska and Greenland engulfed in flames.
Vast areas of Alaska Greenland and Siberia are literally on fire with Alaska alone burning 1.6 billion acres this year.

Alaska has been suffering a heatwave for weeks with temperatures reaching 92 deg F, (33.5 deg C).
In Siberia, massive fires in remote areas are burning out of control.
Lightning frequently triggers fires in the region but this year they have been worsened by summer temperatures that are higher than average because of climate change.
Plumes of smoke from the fires can be seen from space.

Mark Parrington, a wildfires expert at the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (Cams), described them as "unprecedented".
There are hundreds of fires covering mostly uninhabited regions across eastern Russia, northern Scandinavia, Greenland, and Alaska.

But smoke is affecting wider surrounding areas, engulfing some places. Cities in eastern Russia have noted a significant decrease in air quality since the fires started.
The smoke has reportedly reached Russia's Tyumen region in western Siberia, six time zones away from the fires on the east coast.

In June, the fires released an estimated 50 megatonnes of carbon dioxide - the equivalent of Sweden's annual carbon output, according to Cams.
Meanwhile, the hot air that smashed European weather records this week looks set to move toward Greenland and could take the world's second-largest ice sheet close to or below the record low set in 2012, the United Nations said on Friday.

🛸 ~ Copenhagen 2019 UFO´s and Remote Viewing w/ Richard Dolan - Chris Aubeck - Tracey Garbutt ~ | Blogger: [🤩Amazing Accomplishment With Honor That UFO Danmark Were Fortunate To Get A hold Of Richard Dolan, Tracey Garbutt & Chris Aubeck🙏] ... There were some challenges, some hiccups, presenter calling Mr. Dolan a 'Rothschild', technical issues as well, no aircon, no time for questions, besides lack of organised introductions, but it went well and deep gratitude to UFO DK, behind the scene, arranging the meet-up. I'm sure today's session, will be aired on Youtube soon.. ⚠️PS: Richard Dolan were laughing about Stom Area 51, like so many others... But for me, the September event has something to do with spiritual bonding with others, a meet-up with ONE common goal, no spiritual leaders to tame us or misguide our minds, to seek full disclosure, without any aggressive approach, avoid raiding anything in fact, no pickup arms not violating any laws (nobody can get 50 miles from the place, sealed off anyway)... Simple being part of a creative initiative, growing trend, a positive leap of transformation from our individual perception, sensation and awareness to collective consciousness, towards a better good.... |


🔴🎽 ~ Area 51 Live: Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us (LDG Station) ~ | Blogger: [🏃‍♂️1.9M going - 1.4M interested. LIVE in 55 Days : Storm Verdensalt - Storm Area 51🏃‍♀️] ... |

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Hello everyone I own a live streaming satellite and I'm willing to use it to help with the document the events that take place on September 20 when the storm area 51 movement will be taking place. We will be filming what we will legally be allowed to film. Might put some area 51 meme compilations in here at some point not really sure. Hopefully we see some aliens ufos and what not as well

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👼 ~ 💗 Kryon 2019 - Believe in yourself 💕 ~ | .. Kryon (Channeled by Lee Carroll) is a "Support" Entity, Expressing positiveness in a beautiful ways .. |

👼 ~ 💗 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! JULY 26 ,THE FIRST DAY OF THE 260 DAY CYCLE OF THE GALACTIC MAYAN CALENDAR 💕 ~ (roserambles) ~ | .. Michael Love .. |

July 26, 2019 

Editor’s Note:This article brings really, really great news that surely all can realize, or feel in their NOW! I don’t know about how this Galactic closure has affected you and I Am happy to report from July 23-24, I can literally report experiencing my own “internal shift”.

This has caused me to “let go” of many old, dormant wounds in my life and I Am happy to see these go! As old wounds have exited and a sense of awareness is now in-place…we shall see where I Am led to go!

My, yours, and “our” future is wide open! Now I Am able to let go of preconceived notions about “how things are supposed to be” and welcome my future with open arms. Taking this philosophy IS a matter of having a “different” and expanded consciousness…one of belief, faith, and trust in the Universe/God/Source/Creator/All That Is.

So…please read this article, has your consciousness expanded(?), think about this, and be…



Lions Gate Portal Opens

“…Each year on July 26th, the sun, the earth, and the star Sirius move to specific points in the sky, creating an opening between the physical and spiritual worlds. The Lions Gate is a time of increased cosmic energy flowing between the physical and spiritual realms.
On the 8th of August, the alignment reaches its highest point, and this gateway is known as the “8:8 Lion’s Gate” due to it peaking on August 8th in Leo, represented by a lion…”



♀️ ~ This is the No. 1 thing 64,000 women want from a lover: survey ( NYPost) ~ | Blogger: [🤗"Kindness is the No. 1 quality, followed closely by Supportiveness, Intelligence, level of education and confidence" ~ NYP👌] ... THE PROBLEM with this woman survey is, that NYPost has not done a similar one for men... If you ask most 'men', they will tell you, #MeToo is a man hating organization, but are afraid to say it out loud... EVERYTHING is about woman as the victims, but number of male victims of domestic abuse, is growing, but 'suffering in silence'... DOES 64.000 asked american woman of heterosexual, queer and bisexual in nature, decide, what 3.541 billion other woman, more or less, wants or thinks, is the ideal match? Of course not. It's much, much more complicated or simple, than that... |

The survey polled more than 64,000 people in 180 countries, asking them about their ideal match — from religious or political preferences to the importance of height. Most women asked identified as heterosexual, but queer and bisexual women also responded. The survey skews young: Nearly 40,600 of the women are ages 18 to 24, with the 25-to-29 age group the second biggest demo. Just under 3,800 were 40 years or older.

👼 ~ 💗 Dancing can reverse the signs of aging in the brain (sciencedaily) 💕 ~ | .. Physical exercise has an anti-aging effect on the hippocampus region of the brain -- an area that controls memory, learning and balance. A new study, comparing different forms of exercise -- dancing and endurance training -- undertaken by elderly volunteers for eighteen months, shows that both can have an anti-aging effect on the brain, but only dancing corresponded to a noticeable difference in behavior. This difference is attributed to the extra challenge of learning dancing routines .. |


🐀 ~ Svar på tiltale til Berlingske's forsøg på karaktermord (JFK21's Nyhedsbrev) ~ | Blogger: [🤜Lidt for aggressiv, uden reel 'spirituel dagsorden'. Ikke et parti for mig, men støtter dem skam, for de er vigtige🤛] ... BESTEMT ikke alt, jeg er enig med JFK21 omkring, men det er sikkert og vist, INGEN, der ønsker at se Mads Palsvig og co. udfolde sig på Borgen. Tænk hvad han kunne gøre at (godartet) skade på det Rothschild ejet familieforetagende i embedsapparatet... |

Kære Alle,

Efter forsøgene på karaktermord i Information og TV2 følger Berlingske trop. Her er mit svar på tiltale:

Men først et interessant fænomen:
Når rotter finder noget nyt og spændende mad, som de ikke kender, så sender de en af deres unger hen og spise det. Hvis rotteungen overlever, så kommer de hen og spiser, hvis de dør, så holder de sig væk.

Information, Berlingske og TV2 sendte alle sammen deres yngste medarbejder til at interviewe mig. Ledende medarbejdere ved de tre institutioner, har valgt ikke at skrive om hverken mig eller partiet JFK – Jorden Frihed Kundskab.

Da David Rue Honore henvendte sig, sagde jeg nej adskillige gange, idet jeg var klar over, hvad formålet var, og ikke så nogen grund til at spilde tid på ham. Han forfulgte mig dog rundt i tre måneder til diverse demonstrationer og begivenheder, og endte op med mindst to timers optagelser i alt, idet mere tillidsfulde medlemmer af JFK mente, at Berlingske da ville lave en sober artikel. Og han kunne have lavet en glimrende artikel. Han fik chancen. Jeg har ikke tre måneder til at faktachecke fake news Berlingske, jeg har et par timer, jeg vil opfordre alle til at gøre sine egne studier, inetop derfor og i modsætning til fake news Berlingske underbygger jeg alle informationer og fakta, som jeg fremlægger: (Se nedenfor).

Al citater fra Berlingske er direkte copy paste fra artiklen. Lidt ligesom "journalister" copy paster dagen lang fra Ritzau, Reuters og API.
Nuvel here goes:

Konspirationsteoretikere er blevet mainstream: »Vi er en sandhedstrussel«

Hvis ordet ”sandhedstrussel” refererer til Berlingske, så er det korrekt.
Privatejede medier må gerne lyve. Det har de vundet retssager om. Dette til trods for, at de får mediestøtte.
90% af alle medier i Vesten er ejet af kun 5 virksomheder.
Præsident Obama kom i 2012 med en Executive Order ” Assignment of National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications Functions”, der tillader USA’s regering at komme med propaganda, altså at lyve.

Obama Seizes Control of All Communications Systems With Executive Order


Ellers noget der var forbudt siden WWI. Her blev det besluttet, at fremover måtte regeringer ikke længere lyve. Det har Obama stoppet.

🍿 ~ RV/Intelligence Alert: "Radical" ~ | Blogger: [👄RUMORS AND GOSSIP REPEATERS👂] ... |


(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)

A new international tax treaty has been ratified which means all countries must now conform to GESARA compliance.

The purpose of the RV and the implementation of the QFS (Quantum Financial System) is to transition to a fair global economy and a GESARA compliant world.

Boris Johnson has been named the new Prime Minister of the UK which means Brexit is now imminent.

The UK will begin GESARA compliant reforms post-Brexit.

Jeffrey Epstein's case is the linchpin to expose high profile Cabalists involved in human trafficking.


Meanwhile, the US Treasury is in the process of issuing a new gold-standard currency.

👊 ~ [7.25] QAnon - Clinton Body Count - Epstein/Disney - UFO Disclosure / TTSA/Area 51 - Measles (Destroying the Illusion) ~ |

Jordan Sather (born 1990) in Bremerton, WA, is committed to empowering individuals through sharing knowledge of self and the cosmos. He is passionate about health, and coaches clients who want to become stronger individuals. He also writes for alternative blogs and news sites about new discoveries in regards to science, history, and geopolitics.

Read Q's Drops: https://qmap.pub/ 
#ClintonBodyCount is the third trending topic on Twitter: http://bit.ly/32Rwxht 
BREAKING: Top Los Angeles Water Executive Steps Down in Wake of FBI Raids: http://bit.ly/2Zd3CCe 
Herman Cain tweets about Epstein Island: http://bit.ly/2Y3CUzn 
Fox News cut away after #QAnon was mentioned: http://bit.ly/2Z87Tqu 
Ex-cop Nicholas Tartaglione could be connected to Epstein "suicide": http://bit.ly/30XviM0 
Me instagramming about bismuth years ago: http://bit.ly/2Y3DKfz 
Freedom Watch sues D.o.D. & DIA for UFO docs: http://bit.ly/2JPSqpP

🍿 ~ NETFLIX'S THE GREAT HACK BRINGS OUR DATA NIGHTMARE TO LIFE (Wired) ~ | Blogger: [👁️Netflix documentary The Great Hack : FORGET, for a moment about the (lying) Cambridge Analytica "whistleblower", Christopher Wylie, attempt to claim, the Trump campaign harvested Facebook data to influence the election, to the tune of $1 million. Or Russian bots and today's enemy in our Matrix. We're tired of the evil Trump meme from leftists, DNC tower of babel & Deep State sponsors. Look at the documentary as 'Google all seeing eye', NSA/CIA trillion dollars cyberwar weapon industry tool that sees/sells the way of data tracking, harvesting, and targeting. From profiling when you watch porn, China's facial recognition and state control, to Google and NASA's Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab. EVERYTHING is possible and there's no longer any limits, how you could be tracked and targeted, anywhere, anytime. Privacy law, is no more 🔁] ... {"We became obsessed with trying to bring the POV of the algorithm to life," codirector Karim Amer} ... |


July 26, 2019

🙏~ 💓 ~ Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos ~ 💕 | .. Signs of Change 25/07/2019 (Gaian Eye) ... |

🦹 ~ Danish intelligence agency storing sensitive data in secret database. In 2015, the police & PET were awarded DKK 1 billion in new 'unaccountable' funds (Verdensalt Archive) ~ | Blogger: [🎥Danish Thriller From 2008: 'What No One Knows' - 'Amor Patriae Nostra Lex' - 'Love To Our Fatherland Is Our Law'⚖️] ... {»Kærlighed til fædrelandet er vores lov.«) ... In DENMARK, we trust in our beloved nation, our politicians, secret police- and military services, like there's no tomorrow and what's in their best interest, is in ours, as well. This article clearly shows the dark side of the coin, and look at some of the negative aspects that present themselves... KnowThis: Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET), including the Center for Terror Analysis (CTA) and The Danish Defence Intelligence Service (DDIS) has as many unsanctioned operations and secrets, just like US and the rest of NATO-alliance. Some of the covert operations was presented to verdensalt.dk from a military officer within the danish elite special operations force (since then, he's gone MIA on me) .. Do you really think that the fictional movie called What No One Knows (Danish: Det som ingen ved), a 2008 Danish political thriller film, cannot be a real scenario!!? Trust me on this, the Danish Armed Forces and their many secrets, HAS NO LIMIT (and IT tech with their technology superiority doesn't count here) .. The darkest secrets of 1960's Thule AFB USAF Air Force Base Greenland and the cold war nuclear facility called Camp Century (Project Iceworm) with all their secret experimentals stuff, from nuclear to unstoppable solar cycles (The Real Story of Greenland - bibliotecapleyades.net) and perhaps even with Bio-Warfare. The US Army managed to build two bases in Northwest Greenland and the old base of Bluie East 2, respectively in 1947 and 1967. Although it sounds like pure imagination, Gorey Goode tells us, how that these types of installations are a true copy of what was built on Mars and the Moon back in the 1930s (Greenland was in fact a test facility of urban military infrastructure) .. C'mon now, do you really think the Dormant HIV virus, SARS etc., suddenly popped up in the nature and there was no cure? Let’s remember, these so-called leaders of the West were actively trying to kill off 90% of the world’s population. They have been caught manufacturing and spreading diseases like SARS, bird flu, ebola, etc. They have been caught trying to cause mass starvation by spreading crop diseases and paying farmers to grow fuel instead of food. They have been trying very hard to start World War 3. They were behind mass murder incidents like 9/11 and Fukushima. This is all proven fact. The Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso has been caught in the construction of a biological warfare factory disguised as a veterinary school has been exposed by Benjamin Fulford... And you still believe in the crazy (cockomoney story) about Russia & Novichok connection (Russian: Новичо́к, "newbie") in the year of 2018. Did you know, that In the late 1940s and early 1950s, research and development at Porton Down was aimed at providing Britain with the means to arm itself with a modern nerve agent-based capability and to develop specific means of defence against these agents (wikipedia) .. It's a biological (chemical) weapons facility for the military, for christ sake.. In 1997, newly declassified Ministry of Defence documents revealed that during the Cold War, scientists from the Microbiological Research Establishment, Porton Down, had repeatedly sprayed the southern counties of England with massive amounts of two types of live bacteria (E.coli MRE162 and Bacillus globigii). In 1998, Westcountry Television broadcast showed a report which revealed the concerns felt by many Dorset residents who were calling for an Independent Public Inquiry (youtube link) .. Craig Murray: Porton Down scientists cautious about nerve agent origin (Youtube link) ... Now hear this: THIS HAS JUST COME IN: UK scientists have been ""UNABLE"" to prove Russia made the novichok nerve agent which was used to poison Sergei and Yulia Skripal in Salisbury (that's according to all MSM media outlets) .. I rest my case ... |


Politicians demand an explanation from the Justice Ministry over PET revelation

READ MORE: http://cphpost.dk/news/pet-storing-sensitive-data-in-secret-database.html


💣 ~ Regeringen positiv over for dansk bidrag til flådemission ud for Iran ~ | Blogger: [🌭OG SÅ ER DER MIG, SAGDE HUNDEN!🐶] ... Verdensalt fik (desværre) ret igen... Og selvom rederierne og alle jubler, råber jeg vagt i gevær!... DET HER, er en ekskalering og kommende krig, i Iran (på godt og ondt)... Om det blot er hvem, som får ejerskab af olien, drama, fordækt dagsorden, mentalt krig eller en fysisk krig, er ikke til at sige... Talte med en tidligere soldat (kan ikke sige hvad eller hvem han er til mig) i går, om én af hans bedste venner, som arbejder i Forsvarets Efterretningstjeneste (FE) og alle de (hemmelige) missioner han er på og hvor ENORMT magtfuld, et PET-organ, vi har, i Danmark. Folk har I-N-G-E-N ide. Har/havde også en fortrolig samtale med én af mine (gamle) venner, for 2 år tilbage, som stadig (så vidt jeg er bekendt med) er aktiv Jægersoldat (og frømand) om deres hemmelige missoner, rundt om i verden. Tror han blev forbavset over, hvor meget jeg har fået opsnuset om, hvordan verden, er sat sammen, men har ikke længere, hans fortrolighed (han var også bange for konsekvenserne for, hvad han selv, havde opdaget)... DU DRØMMER simpelthen ikke, hvor indflydelse vi, som en lille mini-putt putt legoland, er for CIA, siden Ole Dammegård fik nys om hans egen far, også var en vigtigt brik i hele Stay Behind (NATA Gladio) konceptet og danske modstandsfolk, var for USA's efterretningsvæsen i efterkrigstiden og indtil dato... HVIS du skal se noget, så er det dokumentaren "Stay Behind - Min farfars hemmelige krig"... Åh glemte lige, han sagde også, og vi snakker om en tidligere hardcore dansk soldat og nu jæger, at han vitterligt tror på, at vi kommer til (os på jorden), at opleve rumvæsener, som besøger jorden i vores (min og hans) generation (altså, First Contact)...😮 |

🐷 TV2 FNYS NEWS | ~ (ENG) THE HEAT IN EUROPE PUTS AN END TO THE TRANSPORT OF ANIMALS. A SAMPLE OF MRSA IS FOUND IN NINE OUT OF TEN DANISH PORK ~ | .. Blogger: [🎁 BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRIES: The first four months of 2018, Danish fresh/frozen pork exports increased by 8% year-on-year to 375,500 tonnes. EU countries, US, UK, China, Poland and Japan - Bon Appétit 🥢] ... Think again, before you put pig on your plate!!. Most of the millions of pigs, Denmark exports each year, carries on the multi-resistant bacteria MRSA. This means that Danish agriculture have helped to spread the disease in other countries. But there is virtually no monitoring of how the pig-MRSA spreads... I (verdensalt) read a provocative feature article recently by information.dk (gylle.dk) and Nina Bjarup Vetter (environmental association BLAK) about Factory Farming in Denmark and how extremely badly pigs and piglets are treated etc. etc. I have personal literally stopped eaten pigs, which is the most contaminated meat on this planet Earth, according to my sister, a cooking chief, not to mention, why we SHOULD eat meat at all... "Across the country, the sun shines on the black-glazed tile roofs of the pig farms and the endless and monotonous landmarks. Sunbeams like millions of pigs never notice, and endless fields they never enter. I'm probably not the only one with vegan depression who has been offered prozac, against my suffering", she says. Vystopia is a newly formulated disorder that puts words on my and many other animal's feelings of losing the joy of living by seeing animals being treated badly in our society. But can it really be right to be medicated against empathy?"... Another disturbing thing, comes from Greenpeace: Denmark's total land area is used to grow 'fodder', while only 10% is used to grow food for humans. And that Danish agriculture also seizes an area the size of Zealand in South America, where soy (soybean meal) is grown primarily for Danish pigs !!! (It surprised me). Greenpeace unfortunately does not report on this, fodderoja, GMO is produced. But, WWF is working to ensure that the animal soya feed, which Danish and European pigs, chickens and cows are fed with, does not cause deforestation (another thing we should include in the equation). There are few who know it, but forage soya is one of the primary reasons why natural forest areas - including rainforests - are cleared in South America... |

Random test of major 130 conventional pig herds, which the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration examined in 2018, shows the same result in 2015. Organic pig farmers in/outdoors has also been examined and MRSA, contains in more than 20 percent of the herds .. |

LÆS VIDERE: http://nyheder.tv2.dk/samfund/2019-03-04-stikprove-finder-mrsa-hos-ni-ud-af-ti-slagtesvin
Jeg er nok ikke den eneste med veganerdepression, som har fået tilbudt lykkepiller mod min lidelse
Greenpeace Nordic | 1. Dec 2017 | Vil du være med til at sende den danske kødindustri på slankekur?
Varmen i Europa sætter en stopper for transport af dyr

Blogger: WHEN it comes to pigs, Denmark reigns supreme. This little country of just 5.4m humans raises 39m of them a year, when you count the stillborn piglets, making it the world's biggest exporter of porkBut many pigs die in the Danish stables - actually die more than every fifth piglet and every fourth sow (25,000 destroyed pigs per day). This means that annually raised about 29 million pigs/out of a total of 140 million farm animals in Denmark. About 10 million of these pigs are sent live abroad, mainly to Germany and Poland.  While pigs mean profits for some, they cause headaches for others. For many, many years, the danish powerful farm lobby is under siege from an unusual coalition of environmentalists, animal-welfare people and the tourism industry....We also know that each Danish cow gets more in agricultural support perday than many poor people have to live for. And now, we know also that Danish pig breeders obviously take pride in being animal abusers....
Did you know that:

  • Smell/fumes/toxic waste from pork slurry tanks, makes thesurrounding neighbour houses unsellable, asthmatic symptoms among children, upper respiratory sumptions, affecting peoples blood pressure etc. 
  • HUGE amount genetically modified (GM) crops, including crops treated with glyphosate are served to cows and pigs in Denmark (above picture)
  • Farmers routine tail docking MUST be discontinued 
  • Baby pigs are taken from their mother into barren metal cells/pens and metal floor...
  • Most pigs have no permanent access to large amounts of rooting or access to nature throughout their cycle
  • Ear Infections, stress, puncture wounds, muscle degeneration, bids, ulcerbroken legs etc. are very common problems
  • HUGE consumption of antibiotics and other pharmaceutical products / growth promoters are used
  • Most of the
  • From January 1, 2012 EU-legislation outlaws fixation on gestating sows. This has raised the question whether or not a further Danish legislation should ban fixation of lactating sows. “Disastrous for Danish pig farmers” says Danish Agriculture and Food.
  • A ban on AGPs in Denmark has not had the intended benefit of reducing antibiotic resistance patterns in humans; it has had the unintended consequence of increasing animal suffering, pain and death.....
    Each year, the Danish government publishes a report on antibiotic use and resistance patterns, as illustrated in the chart above. Ultimately, comparison of resistance patterns from the Danish data in humans and animals provide no clear correlations. (Antibiotic Use in Denmark, 1990-2009)

    Phillip SchneiderStaff
    Waking Times

    Factory farming is quite possibly the most horrific and destructive practice we humans engage in today. It sacrifices billions of lives each year and serves to pollute, not protect, the environment of our planet. According to the animal rights group, Last Chance for Animals, “97% of the 10 billion animals tortured and killed each year are [factory] farm animals.” So why is it that when most people look at their plates they don’t see the real story behind what they’re eating?

    Pollution and Environmental Damage

    Let’s take a look at a video published by Factory Farm Drones about a man who infiltrated factory farm territory with a surveillance drone. In the video, you see a glimpse of how devastating factory farming can be on the environment as well as on neighboring communities who happen to be down-wind of one of these facilities.

    ❥🔫~ "Clinton Body Count" Is Trending On Twitter, The Establishment Blames Russia (ZeroHedge) ~ | Blogger: [🤥Liar Liar House Of Democrats on Fire🔥] ... Some have counted 33 deaths, directly linked to the Clintons (magic dark illuminati number), others 46 and others again, over 100 mysterious deaths... The Clinton body count is quite a long one, full of suicides, car accidents, plane crashes or explosions, people dying of gun shot wounds and people dying from falling out of high apartment buildings. Since the overwhelming majority were officially ruled as suicide, the Clintons enjoy plausible deniability, which the elite regularly use as a legal shield behind which to hide their horrendous crimes.... Besides the bizarre exposure of Monica Lewinsky-case, murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich, assassination of former Arkansas state senator Linda Collins-Smith and the rumors of Bill Clinton ditched Secret Service and jumped aboard 'Lolita Express' 26 times.. SCANDALS -- The Bill Clinton sexual misconduct allegations (started in 1978 ended with The Weinstein effect) .. Clinton foundation scandals (Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal)... "Travelgate" .."Whitewater" .. "Filegate" .. "Removing files from Vince Foster's office" .. "Lost Rose Law Firm billing records" .. "Commerce Department's "pay to play" junkets" .. "Renting Lincoln Bedroom" .. "John Huang" .. "Charlie Trie" .. "Johnny Chung" .. "No controlling legal authority" .. "Pardongate" .. "The Bosnia airport sniper lie" .. "Benghazi" .. "The email scandal" .. "Speaking fees"... (The Clintons, 'the' best protected "deep state operatives" in the U.S. history) ... |

    {👬The Day the Earth Stood Still. The gay couple, Mr. and Mrs. Barack and Michelle Obama. Price tag for Barry Soetoro = 2.5M DKK for 1 hour of lecture (secret contract). Now, it's Michelle's turn, who represents girlpower and female action heroes, Apr 2019, price = 11.000 disappointing paying fans x 3.000 DKK (top ticket price) = 33 Million🌈}


    ⚕️ ~ MSM - en fantastisk opdagelse ~ (Helsenyt) ~ | Blogger: [👨‍⚕️Som jeg altid plejer at sige; Detox, Detox Detox...Detox er ikke kun til udrensning - det er meget vigtigt her. Det kan betragtes som en spirituel terapi-form for din hjerne, sind og krop🙇‍♂️] ... {Nikola Tesla — 'If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration} ... (verdensalt) -- 'MSM' & nævnte 'produkter' i mit kommentarspor, holder dig ikke kun i live, men stabilisere / regenerere dine indre organer, opretholder strukturen i kroppens proteiner og dræber uønskede vira og bakterier. Der er KUN én ting som kan holde dig tilbage, din FRYGT! Øverste myndighed indenfor Fødevareindustrien, Sundhedsstyrelsen og det medicinsk-industrielle kompleks deler naturligvis ikke disse informationer (accepteres ikke indenfor lægevidenskabens klare lys). Vil du ikke hellere indtage et naturligt supplement, tilintetgøre de skadelige kemikalier i maden og hverdagsprodukter❓ Hvad med dine cancerceller❓ Det gælder også dine hudprodukter (køber selv mine hudprodukter direkte fra online-apotekerne i Grækenland). Tænk på hvad f.eks. parabener, mikroplast, mineralolie, paraffin, propylen-glycerol, ftalater, kunstige enzymer osv. gør ved din krop og indre❓ Der findes et hav af produkter derude, nogen skal man virkelig have viden om før man køber dem i Netto, Matas og Helsekostforretninger (kun 'rene' uraffinerede økologiske, er ønsket). Et lille udvalg som jeg nævner, er produkter, som allerede anerkendes som helbredende olier indenfor ayurvediske medicin eller blot har en høj frekvens eller er et naturligt næringsstof. Disse produkter er ud af mange, har langt flere helbredende egenskaber end jeg nævner her så som: Lindre led- og muskelsmerter, allergi, angst, stress og korttidshukommelse, sårheling, genopbygning af ph værdien, hud-og hårplejende, antibakterielle, antimikrobielle, antifungale, antiviralle, parasit- og kræftdræbende egenskaber. Inden man går i gang, skal der læse på lektien. MSM 'kan' påvirke ens krop forskelligt, i starten. Ligesom natron, har MSM en lille bismag. I pulverform (bedst), skal det opløses i vand eller kan tilsættes i ens kaffe, som min forældre gør. (Forskning og kliniske erfaringer tyder på, at MSM kan være et godt kosttilskud for et hav af ting - læs artikel). Ifølge min holistiske/naturlæge med 45 års erfaring, bruges det både til elitesportsudøvere og dyr som heste, hvis de ikke kan løbe mere. Det er blot et fragment af hvad MSM kan afhælpe, fordi det er et naturligt næringsstof, et organisk svovlstof, der findes i den almindelige kost til mennesker og stort set alle andre pattedyr og er taget 'ud' af vores fødevarer...✋ Derimod uraffineret økologisk jomfru kokosolie, kolloid sølv (kunne være 'Ionosil') , den 'korrekte' Vitaminpille med bl.a. antioxidanter (kunne være 'Omnimin Pure'), Hvidløg, Ingefør, Øko Citron, Tvekulsurt Natron(Matas-Natriumbicarbonat) og hvad man ellers benytter, kan tages 1-2 gange dagligt eller mere, i teske- eller pilleform uden at tænke sig om. Husk ALLE disse produkter har INGEN bivirkninger, andet end du renser ud og helbreder... (og nej Kolloid Sølv gør dig ikke blå. Det er brugt siden 1700-tallet, og sundhedsstyrelsen, ved udmærket godt, den (kan) slå op stil, 650 parasister og uønskede bakterier, ihjel... 🙋‍♂️PS: KØBER mit MSM hos min lokale Holistiske naturlæge doktor og sjovt nok, fortæller han mig, at MSM var at finde i madproduktionen, indtil (Codex Alimentarius) overtog. Eks.vis. ting som jod i salt, MSM og andre livsnødvendige naturligt næringsstoffer, blev fjernet, til fordel for den medicinske mafia. Bare spørg, danske Professer Gøtzscke... PÅ MIN 'MSM' æske, står der, 'tilskudsfoder til hunde, katte, æsler og heste' (for at regenerere deres muskulatur og bentøj)... PÅ MIN Tvekulsurt Natron fra Matas, 'resning af termokander' -- TROR DU NOGLE MENNESKER VIL INDTAGE DET???... Når først du kender deres 'tricks, kan du ikke går tilbage... |

    MSM har ved forsøg vist sig at have en signifikant effekt ved behandling af ledegigt, allergi, brandsår, forstoppelse, angst, stress, hukommelsestab - og endog snorken. Og det organiske mineral har vist sig at kunne bremse væksten af visse kræftformer drastisk. 

    Måske lyder det som en af de magiske eliksirer, der sælges fra et bagagerum, men det er det ikke. MSM er underbygget af over 34 års klinisk forskning og universitetsforsøg med flere end 12.000 patienter. Desuden har den førende forsker på området, dr. Stanley Jacob, som har gjort forsøg med tilskuddet i over 30 år. arbejdet som praktiserende læge, kirurg og forsker i mere end 50 år. Han er uddannet læge fra Ohio State University og tilknyttet Harvard Medical School og har været kirurgisk overlæge ved Harvard Surgery Service ved Boston City Hospital. Han står i Who's Who in America og blev udnævnt til "Humanitarian of the Year" i 1983 af National Health Federation.

    MSM er naturligt

    MSM står for methyl-sulfonyl-metan. Det er et naturligt næringsstof, et organisk svovlstof, der findes i den almindelige kost til mennesker og stort set alle andre pattedyr. Svovl findes i alle levende organismer. Stoffet hører faktisk til samme familie som ilt. Organismer, der lever i miljøer uden ilt, f.eks. visse bakterier, erstatter ofte ilt med svovl som energikilde. Uden svovl ville livet, som vi kender det, ikke eksistere. Nogle af de essentielle svovls funktioner er:

    • Opretholdelse af strukturen i kroppens proteiner
    • Medvirken til dannelse af keratin, som er essentielt for hår og negle
    • Medvirken til produktion af immunoglobuliner til immunforsvaret
    • Udløsning af reaktioner, der ændrer fødevarer til energi
    • Neutralisering eller eliminering af giftstoffer i kroppen.
    Et ofte stillet spørgsmål er: Hvor findes MSM? Vi starter i havet, i mikroskopiske planter kaldet plankton. Disse planter frigiver svovlstoffer til havvandet, som igen frigiver dem til atmosfæren. Her omdannes den atmosfæriske svovl til MSM, som derefter falder tilbage til jorden med regnen. Planterne optager MSM hurtigt gennem deres rodsystemer og koncentrerer det 100 gange. MSM optages i planternes struktur, og vi mennesker kan derefter absorbere del fra de frugter og grønsager, vi spiser. Med tiden kommer MSM tilbage til havet, og cyklus starter forfra. 

    Men i dag bliver en stor del af vores fødevarer forarbejdet, og det reducerer MSM-indholdet, så vi får mindre MSM, end vi har brug for. Desuden falder MSM-niveauet i kroppen med alderen, ifølge dr. Jacob mangler stort set alle stoffet, med alderen bliver denne mangel mere udtalt.  



    Bill Rich, tidligere mekaniker i Portland, Oregon, fortæller en forfærdelig historie om at være fanget inde i en brændende bil. "Lægerne brugte seks måneder på at sætte mig sammen igen". Med et helt net af keloid-ar - fra brandsår og omfattende hudtransplantationer - siger Rich spøgende: "Ved siden af mig så selv Frankensteins monster godt ud". I årevis led han også af forfærdelige smerter. Når han havde gået et par gange fra værkstedet til reservedelslageret, hvor han arbejdede på det tidspunkt, kunne han næsten skrige over smerterne i ankler og knæ. 

    I begyndelsen af 1980'erne foreslog en dyrlæge ham at prøve et tilskud, der ofte bruges mod smerter hos heste og andre dyr. Det hed MSM. "På tre dage var stort set alle smerter i benene væk". Han lavede en MSM-creme, som han smurte på huden regelmæssigt. Og hvor utroligt det end lyder, så begyndte hans violette ar - som allerede var flere år gamle - at forsvinde og blive erstattet af lyserød og glat hud.  


    Forskning i smerter og ledegigt


    🌞 ~ Du kan få Måne, Sol og Stjerner. Du kan også få Fuldmåne - Blodmåne - Måneformørkelse (Verdensalt - 2018 Arkiv) ~ | Blogger: [😜We're back! We're bad! You're black! I'm mad!🤪] ... (🔭The Nibiru cataclysm, Pole Shift & Earth Axis, Hydraulic Fracturing, HAARP, EISCAT, Chemtrails, DEW, Weather Modification, Weird Deformed Animals Findings & Animals Fall from the Sky, Hail Storms, Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions, Sinkholes, Massive Cracks, Sonic Booms, Bible Prophecy Signs in the Sky, Tsunami, Flooding, Hard Rain, Drought and Wildfires All At Once - What The Heck Is Going On❓) ... Sirius i stjernebilledet, Store Hund - bringer ENORME energier med os, som trækker vrede ud, frustrationen, vildskaben og andet godt, indefra... 🥰Vildeste tur til Jyderup, nærmere Ringkøbing Fjord, i sommerhus med familien.. Lokale sommerhusejere, drømme sig væk i liggestole med solnedgangen i øjenhøjde, som en drive-in bio væg, på 30 cm vanddybde, 1 km ude i fjorden, mens en KÆMPE BLODRØD SOL, gik ned og fuldmånen stig op, Chemtrails, kunne ikke undgås... Vi så en blodmåne den 26 Juli, i stjernekikkerten, mens i går den 27. juli, udsprang endnu et eksep- tionelt astronomisk fænomen... Forsøgte med min bedste overbevisning, at konkretisere, hvad der sker omkring os til mine to nevøer, som spørger ivrigt, de ved godt eller kan fornemme, at vejret rundt i Dannevang og rundt om i verden er vendt på hoved og Deres onkel, er crazy... 💡Man starter ikke ud med at forklare, at visse organisationer tillader, at 'bestøve' os mennesker på moder jord, med kemikalier fra flyeskadroner, som var vi et monster stort biologisk eksperiment, der som organer, skulle opbevares i formaldehyd, eller i en Matrix-film, hvor mennesker ikke længere bliver født, men dyrket. De høstes for det enestående formål, at fungere som batterier, til at en race af maskiner, kan overleve... Så den medicinske industri kan afprøve nye vira, militæret kan spraye flere boligområder for at afteste, hvor meget mikrobølgestråling, 5G og WiFi, menneskehjerner, kan holde til... Kan heller ikke sige til mine nevøer, at vores lokale Sol i mælkevejen, er en kold planet, solståler opvarmens først når de passere, jordens atmosfære, en portal til andre dimensioner og der findes centrale sole, 100 gange større end vor egen, sol... ☠️Vi får hele tiden at vide, at Solen er farlig. Altså, at soludbrud, er voldsomme eksplosioner, som slynger enorme mængder plasma ud i rummet fra Solens atmosfære, og når de rammer Jorden og optages af alt levende, så bliver vi elektrificeret af kraftige elektromagnetiske stråling, der ødelægger os... Nej, vi dør ikke af det, tværtimod. 🤑Vi dør af pengebegær og alt det skidt som militæret, og gigant-virksomheder, supermagtens industrielle revolution, skaber for at teste på os, mennesker.. 🙏Det vi modtager fra universet, er mange gange, guddommeligt lysenergi, Tachyons (hvis de slipper igennem Kurgan Archons Earth Grid), som aktivere vor junk-DNA, healer og helbreder og skaber superwave vortex strømninger af kosmiske stråler fra høj-energi stråling eller høj-energi elektroner (Photon Energy ikke nødvendigvis gammastråler) og det er ikke farligt.. Ja, det er rigtigt, at galaktiske storme, soludbrud, stjernestøv, meteorer, kometer, supernova-eksplosioner, og for nylig i 2018, en massiv eksplosion 100 gange lysere end en supernova, som kaldes “The Cow”, skabte panik...🛐 “Troen kan flytte bjerge” - men verdensalt, tror på, at tophemmelige rumprogrammer, en magtelite, militærkontraktere via nazistbevægelser og gigantvirksomheder, har erobret universet, 70 år tilbage, og de stadigvæk forsegler vores skæbner, til vi er enslydende robotter og nikkedukker, som tror på alt hvad vores regeringer, medierne og overbetalte b-forskere, fortæller os... |


    Feriebilleder fra Jylland og Sjælland...

    Desværre kan man ikke se solens gule og røde nuancer i en dårlig mobilkamera 

    Taget gennem en Celestron Skymaster gigant 70mm

    Check disse mærkelige drejninger, 2 selvstændige chemtrails fly foretager sig, min mor og jeg så
    hvordan flyene, derefter accelererede til enorme hastigheder ved Ringkøbing fjord...   

    🌙 ~ Moon landings FACT-CHECK: Russian space geeks seek to fund satellite to scan for lunar mission trace (godlikeproductions) ~ | Blogger: [👽After Area 51 raid, thousands plan to 'Storm Loch Ness' and find Nessie. Next, were the American lunar landings Real or a hoax?🤔] .. |

    Were the American lunar landings real or a hoax? A group of Russian enthusiasts are taking the question seriously, seeking sponsors to send a microsatellite to the Moon – to dispel or confirm the longstanding conspiracy theory.

    “We deliberately chose targets on the Moon that arouse the greatest public interest,” Vitaly Egorov, the project’s founder, said, explaining why his team decided to search for traces of the Apollo missions on the Earth’s satellite.

    “We want to recoup the development and launch of the satellite with private donations and advertising contracts – without any government funding.”

    🌟 ~ Big Tech Crackdown & Deutsche Bank’s Downfall (Boom Bust) ~ | Blogger: [📉Deutsche Bank's "Shrinking Pains" : The Sudden Flag of Jeffrey Epstein 2013-2019 Overseas Transactions for Suspected Sex-Trafficking, through DB with His $30Bn Money Bin. Jeffrey Epstein Were JPMorgan Chase's Client Since the 90'sh. Commerzbank calls Off Merger Talks with DB. Deutsche, Manipulated the Currency Markets, Spooked the Future & Deliberately Manipulated the Rates Markets. DB also Violated the Anti-Money Laundering Rules, just like the 1500 billion kroner Corrupted Danske Bank. Let's not Forget, The String of VERY Suspicious, VERY Bizarre, Unexplained SUICIDES⚰️] ... {Resurrection, Reconst- ruction, and Redemption - Close But No Cigar. No Matter 18,000 Lost Jobs, Hitler's Daughter Chancellor Angela Merkel, OK With Deutsche Bank Cull. Protected by Rothschild, Rockefeller & The Deep State. What else is new?} ... 🛎️PS: Jeffrey Epstein Found Injured in NYC Jail Cell After Possible Suicide Attempt: Sources... |

    Zero Hedge - Deutsche Bank Flagged Jeffrey Epstein Overseas Transactions For Suspected Sex-Trafficking 

    👼 ~ 💗 How To Strengthen Your Immune System? (Hashem Al-Ghaili) 💕 ~ |

    July 25, 2019

    🛬 ~ Flight MH17 evidence-tampering exposed! ~ | .. FBI attempt to seize black boxes; Dutch cover-up of forged telephone tapes; Ukranian air force hid radar records; crash site witness testimony misreported .. | Blogger: [⚠️ABSOLUTELY MUST-SEE⚠️] ... |

    A new documentary from Max van der Werff, the leading independent investigator of the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 disaster, has revealed breakthrough evidence of tampering and forging of prosecution materials; suppression of Ukrainian Air Force radar tapes; and lying by the Dutch, Ukrainian, US and Australian governments. An attempt by agents of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to take possession of the black boxes of the downed aircraft is also revealed by a Malaysian National Security Council official for the first time.

    The sources of the breakthrough are Malaysian – Prime Minister of Malaysia Mohamad Mahathir; Colonel Mohamad Sakri, the officer in charge of the MH17 investigation for the Prime Minister’s Department and Malaysia’s National Security Council following the crash on July 17, 2014; and a forensic analysis by Malaysia’s OG IT Forensic Services of Ukrainian Secret Service (SBU) telephone tapes which Dutch prosecutors have announced as genuine.

    The 298 casualties of MH17 included 192 Dutch; 44 Malaysians; 27 Australians; 15 Indonesians. The nationality counts vary because the airline manifest does not identify dual nationals of Australia, the UK, and the US.

    The new film throws the full weight of the Malaysian Government, one of the five members of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT), against the published findings and the recent indictment of Russian suspects reported by the Dutch officials in charge of the JIT; in addition to Malaysia and The Netherlands, the members of the JIT are Australia, Ukraine and Belgium. Malaysia’s exclusion from the JIT at the outset, and Belgium’s inclusion (4 Belgian nationals were listed on the MH17 passenger manifest), have never been explained.

    The film reveals the Malaysian Government’s evidence for judging the JIT’s witness testimony, photographs, video clips, and telephone tapes to have been manipulated by the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU), and to be inadmissible in a criminal prosecution in a Malaysian or other national or international court.

    🛸 ~ Dansk begejstring: Hangarskib filmer UFO (E.B.) ~ | Blogger: [🤔Overtræder JP/Politikens Hus Deres Selvcensur & CIA Operation Mockingbird, CIA Media Control Program, ved at Prominere en UFO-konference i Dannevang og et Hangarskib, der filmer en UFO?😶] ... Neeej! Historien har jo været bragt i Cabal's censur søsterkannaler, som 'The Washington Post', og er en 'afledning' for at distrahere vores opmærksomhed, mod den 'rigtige' agenda - De Hemmelige Rumprogrammer (MIC-SSP)... NOGLE siger ligefrem, at selve vidoen ikke er en 'ægte' UFO, men et velkendt fartøj fra ét af militærets 'omvendte konstrueret udenomjordiske rumskibe', fremstillet, siden de nødlandede i 1947 (Roswell UFO incident)... |

    Danske UFO-entusiaster jubler over amerikansk debat om videoer af ’hændelser’, som er observeret og filmet af militært personale langs øst- og vestkysten i USA. Og på lørdag holder de UFO-konference på Frederiksberg.

    Dansk UFO-arkiv?

    - Vi i foreningen ønsker ligeledes samme åbenhed her i landet, hvor der forsat er over 15.000 ufo rapporter som Forsvaret ikke har offentliggjort, skriver Pia K, men hvad mener du?


    👼 ~ 💗 Sirian Leo Lionsgate - Day out of Time (Meg Benedicte) 💕 ~ | .. As we clear and purge the density and trauma shaken loose by two powerful eclipses, the month of Leo ignites a new sense of freedom and vibrancy .. |


    Based on the Mayan 13 Moon calendar, tomorrow July 25th is known as the ‘Day out of Time’. On this day people of all cultures all around the world celebrate and honor the universal cycle of eternal time. Step into the space of timelessness and embrace the abundance that exists in the quantum field.

    The Sun moved into the fiery, passionate sign of Leo the Lion. Leo is the sign of strength, creativity and the ‘heart’ portal to the 5th dimensional field and beyond. Leo represents the solar source of life force on the planet, the vitality pulsing in your heart. As we clear and purge the density and trauma shaken loose by two powerful eclipses, the month of Leo ignites a new sense of freedom and vibrancy.

    We see Blue Star Sirius (Dog Star) rising every morning on the horizon with the Sun between July 3 and August 11th. The 8:8 Lionsgate opens the ‘hallways of time’ to ancient history when Sirian Masters traveled to earth and taught the principles of Ascension. The ancient Egyptians celebrated the annual event when Star Sirius aligned with the Great Pyramid and Sphynx forming a frequency receptor of celestial light transmission.

    During this event a stargate is fully open streaming intense photonic light waves from the Great Central Sun, through our Sun, The Star Sirius, the Earth Grid Point of the Sphinx and The Great Pyramid of Giza. When the Sun is conjunct Star Sirius it creates a Solar Stargate (Lionsgate) that amplifies Star Codes for mastery and ascension.

    🕯️🕯️ ~ 9/11 Paper Accepted to Major Conference (AE911TRUTH) ~ | .. German Author Whose Paper Refutes Official Theory of Twin Towers’ Destruction Needs Your Help .. |

    German mathematician Ansgar Schneider was pleased to learn last month that his new paper, “The Structural Dynamics of the World Trade Center Catastrophe” — which refutes the official theory of the Twin Towers’ total destruction — was accepted to one of the most prestigious engineering conferences in the world: the annual congress of the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE), being held in New York City.

    This hugely positive development has created a major problem for Ansgar — a “good problem,” that is. If he doesn’t attend this conference in person, he cannot present his findings and won’t be included in the congress journal. The conference is little more than a month away, and the cost of attending is simply too much for this young academic.

    Will you donate now so that Ansgar can attend this conference and present his important paper about the Twin Towers’ destruction to the international engineering community?

    Our goal is to raise $3,000 by Monday, July 29th. Your gift today will not only cover Ansgar’s costs to travel to and present at the conference. It will also pay for 500 Project Due Diligence brochures that Ansgar will distribute during his three days there, informing hundreds of top engineers about AE911Truth’s work.

    If you donate $20 or more, we will mail you five Project Due Diligence brochures to give to engineers and others in your community — a little something extra you can do to educate the world about what really happened on 9/11.

    Please give generously by Monday, July 29th to help Ansgar help the cause!

    Free gift with minimum donation of $20 by Monday, July 29! 

    💉 ~ Vaxxed is being pulled from Vimeo TODAY (Vaxxed Documentary Newsletter) ~ | .. We wanted to let our Vaxxed community know that at the end of the day today, Vimeo is requiring that we remove Vaxxed from their streaming platform due to a belief that the film violates their “content guidelines.” This latest move by Vimeo is part of a pervasive international effort by social media and marketplace platforms such as YouTube, Mailchimp, Google, and Amazon, to censor all content that is critical of vaccines .. |

    We wanted to let our Vaxxed community know that at the end of the day today, Vimeo is requiring that we remove Vaxxed from their streaming platform due to a belief that the film violates their “content guidelines.” This latest move by Vimeo is part of a pervasive international effort by social media and marketplace platforms such as YouTube, Mailchimp, Google, and Amazon, to censor all content that is critical of vaccines.

    We do not agree that Vaxxed makes “false or misleading claims about vaccine safety” as Vimeo suggests. Vaxxed takes the claims of a top CDC scientist and calls for a congressional hearing and proper investigation to be done. This should not be controversial. Unfortunately, Vimeo does not appear to agree, and we have no choice but to comply with the removal of the film.

    To the best of our knowledge, Vimeo will be honoring all previous sales and will be maintaining any purchased/download-to-own streams already made before today. If you experience any issues accessing your previously purchased content, please contact Vimeo customer service directly, as this is unfortunately not something we can control.

    The good news is that Vaxxed is still available to stream on iTunes, as well as Google Play, Vudu, and Direct TV on Demand. To access these options, please visit our website here.

    🗣️ ~ Puerto Rico governor resigns amid mass protests over leaked ‘offensive’ texts (RT) ~ | Blogger: [🗯️THE HONG-KONG EFFECT : Was Trump Right All Along About Puerto Rico? With Protests Blowing Apart Democrats' Hurricane Narrative⚖️] ... PS: (A REMINDER) -- "The Vatican owned the British Crown, while the British Crown and certain secret societies and private families such as the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Bush, and Clintons owned or ran the world monetary system. This Cabal-run financial enterprise included what was to be titled as the Corporation of the United States housed in Puerto Rico. The privately owned US Federal Reserve had functioned as the primary creator of world reserve currency since the 1944 Bretton Woods Conference at the end of World War II. The practice of charging US citizens interest for use of their own money depleted US gold reserves to where none existed in Fort Knox and eventually created the Petro Dollar. Allowing easy credit soon led to a global economy that functioned on currency that was backed by nothing. The US, and world economic system, was badly in need of a Global Currency Reset".. (..)... |


    July 24, 2019

    🙏~ 💓 ~ Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos ~ 💕 | .. Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds - Part 1 - Akasha (AwakenTheWorldFilm) ... |

    👯 ~ New Photo Shows Bill Clinton with Billionaire Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein (newspunch) ~ | Blogger: In the meanwhile, during Trump's impeachment fever, wolves in sheep's clothing Democrats, struggle to contain their foams at the mouth and grinds their teeth and loses their strength, just before the 110.000 sealed indictments gets unsealed, at Military tribunals in the United States... Time is ticking.. tick·tack, tick·tack... AND Bojo, the reincarnation of British comedian Benny Hill, could be devastating for UK's conservatives, The EU after Brexit & The empire of "The City" - Three city states: London, Vatican, District of Columbia... Brace for Impact... Golden New Age, here we go... Hip Hip Hooray?...|

    A newly resurfaced photograph taken in 2002 shows U.S. President Bill Clinton with billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein 

    Despite Bill Clinton’s attempts to distance himself from the accused child sex trafficker, evidence shows that Clinton flew on Epstein’s private plain ‘Lolita Express’ at least 26 times whilst frequently ditching his secret service detail. He even visited Epstein’s ‘orgy island‘, where it alleged that VIP guests had sex with girls under the age of 18.

    Despite this, Clinton attempted to downplay his relationship with Epstein by issuing a statement on July 8th claiming that he “knows nothing about the terrible crimes Jeffrey Epstein pleaded guilty to in Florida some years ago, or those with which he has been charged in New York.”

    There was one problem for Team Clinton though. Researchers uncovered reports from Miami in the 90s, showing that Clinton and Epstein were interacting years before the instances detailed in Clinton’s statement earlier in July.

    In other words, Bill Clinton failed to account for his contact with Epstein whilst serving as U.S. President.

    On July 22, Josh Rosner, the managing director of independent research consultancy Graham Fisher & Co, finally found what numerous journalists had been searching for – a real, undoctored photograph of Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton together.

    🐳~ Photos: Mass Pilot Whale Death in Snæfellsnes, West Iceland ~ | Blogger: [😔Mass Animal Death : Did They Die of Effects From Manmade Chemicals : Cadmium, Mercury, DDT and PCB's? Or Herd Follow Prey Into Shallower Waters?😓] ... |

    👾 ~ ‘Nessie can’t hide from us all!’ Cryptid-hunters plan to storm Loch Ness, inspired by ‘Area 51 raid’ (RT) ~ | Blogger: [🏁And So It Has Begun! -- The Spontaneous Spiritual Awakening Around The World In Beautiful Living Rainbow Colors🌈] ...The process of Ascension is like being in a state of existential shock. Becoming 'awakened', and already 'awakening people', living life with an elevated consciousness in a dualistic, and dense 3D Matrix of illusion, can be extremely hard to navigate during periods of the Void in Ascension. Balancing light and darkness, free will vs. ego, is the most complicated process of a soul's maturity. Spiritual awakening, is an awakening of a dimension of reality beyond the confines of the ego. Ego & Fear will always sabotage your spiritual progress. Yes, you can ridicule and laugh about the Area 51 raid or storm Loch Ness of course, other events will come, but for me, it's the collective consciousness awareness, that are now finally opening up to, the much awaited and amazing humble TRUTH, that 'humans' are not the 'master race' on Earth and we are 'definitely' not alone in the universe. Military, governments & religious authority, are not our true leaders. We the People, all are... And so it begins... |

    Adventurers who survive the planned (?) raid on Area 51 can upgrade to bigger prey the next day: an event to “Storm Loch Ness” has attracted tens of thousands of monster-hunters with the tagline “Nessie can’t hide from us all!”