Dec 7, 2016

14 år med verdens højeste skattetryk - 10 af dem under "borgerlig regering" (".. Er det demokrati? Eller er det skindemokrati... Jeg gentager lige overskriften: 14 år med verdens højeste skattetryk - 10 af dem under "borgerlig regering" Danmark kvæles under skattebyrden. Vores land bliver stadig mindre interessant for mennesker med virkelyst, skabertrang, initiativ og kapital. Nu kommer nye partier så til. Måske kan de gøre det bedre end V, K og O? Og alle de andre socialdemokrater. Jeg tror ikke, det er nok med nye partier. Partier og politikere i sig selv gør det ikke. Når sammenhængen mellem kvælende skatter og et stadigt mere nedslidt samfund for alvor går op for hovedparten af borgerne, vil der ske noget. Måske. Men så vil det måske også være for sent. De fleste tror stadig, vi bor i verdens bedste velfærdssamfund - et liberalt demokrati med en fornuftig balance mellem socialisme og markedsøkonomi. .. ")

Et permanent højt skattetryk udsulter Danmark og danske borgere.

Af Lennart Kiil - fre, 02/12/2016 - 12:50

Men der er ingen vej uden om:

De seneste 14 år har danskerne lidt den tort at være det hårdest beskattede folkefærd i verden.

Fjorten år i træk.

Så er der ikke bare tale om et enkelt ondt år.

Eller syv dårlige.

Nej, vi sidder uhjælpeligt fast i suppedasen. Begravet i skatter og afgifter til op over begge ører.

De af os, som ønsker et rigere samfund, er rent til grin.

Selv i perioder, hvor danskerne har ønsket borgerlig politik, er skatterne bare steget og steget. Regeringer, som på papiret har været borgerlige, har ført socialistisk politik.

De røde regeringer har naturligvis også ført socialistisk politik. Dog ofte marginalt mindre gennemført end de borgerlige.

Uanset hvor vælgerne i Danmark sætter krydset, får de den socialistiske økonomi at føle.

Derfor er Danmark blevet et land uden vækst.

Og her taler jeg ikke om den påståede "nul-vækst i det offentlige", som de etablerede medier med bekymret mine dagligt fylder sendefladen med historier om.

Den findes nemlig ikke.

Antarctica Exposed: Stunning Video Shows Multiple Hollow Earth Entrances, Pyramids and UFO’s on Google Earth

Wednesday, December 7, 2016 4:18

After one of my YouTube viewers contacted me via the Enchanted LifePath Facebook page with information, co-ordinates and over 100 screenshots of what appear to be multiple entrances to the mythological inner Earth, I went and had a closer look for myself. 

We discovered Pyramids, UFO’s, military activity, ancient ruins, mass foliage & more. 

What do you think of the images in the video above?

Pearl Harbor False Flag 75th Anniversary: Time to Admit the Deception ("..The “surprise” attack proved to be an easy excuse for Roosevelt to convince the American people and Congress to enter WW2. (Yep, those were the days when the US President actually followed the Constitution more [although Roosevelt was still a criminal of course for his actions here], unlike Obama who has tried throughout his 8-year tenure to go to war without Congressional approval.) After all, who would begrudge a nation declaring on war on another nation, after the former had been attacked for no apparent reason?. The collective mindset 75 years ago was quite different to show it is today. People trusted their leaders more; people were more patriotic and nationalistic; and there was no internet or easy way for people to “fact check” their leaders to tell if they were lying or not..")

The Pearl Harbor false flag operation of December 7th, 1941 which provided the excuse for the US to enter World War 2 is about to be celebrated once again.

This Wednesday (December 7th, 2016) will be the Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary event.

The horrific event was yet another in a long long line of false flag operations that have been carried out by unscrupulous criminals (our misleaders) over the years.

Just as with the 9/11 false flag attack, around 3000 American lives were sacrificed so that the US Government had the pretext they needed to go to war.

As the 75th anniversary approaches, it is appropriate to cast our gaze back in time and set the record straight on the Pearl Harbor false flag op in the hope that this information will spread far and wide, and prevent future leaders from using this hackneyed tactic to trick people into submission and achieve their dark political and geopolitical goals.

The Pearl Harbor False Flag Motive: Providing a “Legitimate” Cover Story for the Long-Planned Entry of the US into WW2

To begin with, the Pearl Harbor attack is not a false flag op in the sense that the US attacked in its own ships and planes.

It is a false flag in the sense that at the very least Roosevelt let it happen, and as the evidence will show, he made it happen.

Are the Rockefellers behind a climate conspiracy? ExxonMobile claims...(truthkings: ".. ExxonMobile is now going to battle against the mighty Rockefeller family and it is getting dirty... The NWO or ExxonMobile: Who Is The True Conspirator?.. One thing is for sure, no matter who you are or how much money you have, messing with the Rockefeller family is risky business - [READ MORE]..")

A Rockefeller Charitable fund has withdrawn all of its funding from fossil fuel companies. The fund has been around since 1967. But the details of why the funds have been pulled are centered around a nasty dispute between the Rockefeller’s and Big Oil.

According to an article in The Guardian, the entire issue revolves around Martha, John, Laurance, Nelson and David Rockefeller being upset that ExxonMobile refuses to cease exploration for new oil sources. They claim ExxonMobile to be “morally reprehensible” and accuse the company of covering up climate change for the past 40 years as a way to protect their business interest.
“There is no sane rationale for companies to continue to explore for new sources of hydrocarbons,” the RFF, which has relatively small total holdings of $130m (£92m), said in a statement. “We must keep most of the already discovered reserves in the ground if there is any hope for human and natural ecosystems to survive and thrive in the decades ahead.
“We would be remiss if we failed to focus on what we believe to be the morally reprehensible conduct on the part of ExxonMobil. Evidence appears to suggest that the company worked since the 1980s to confuse the public about climate change’s march, while simultaneously spending millions to fortify its own infrastructure against climate change’s destructive consequences and track new exploration opportunities as the Arctic’s ice receded.”
An Exxon spokesman told CNBC: “It’s not surprising that they’re divesting from the company since they’re already funding a conspiracy against us.” The RFF denied that it was conspiring against Exxon, and a spokesman said the claim was “a complete mischaracterization of our program work”.

Sheldan Nidle opdatering for Galaktiske Føderation af lys og åndelige hierarki - 7. December 2016 CET

Hvem er Sheldan Nidle: Sheldan Nidle er grundlægger af Planetary Activation Organization, en UFO religion. Han siger at han er i stand til former for telepatiske kommunikation, samt er i kontakt med rumvæsener. Han er tit kanal for budskaber og formidler af Det Galaktiske Føderation Af Lys.
Hjælp til NESARA etc: - Finansielle akronymer

Come together and shape a whole new reality based upon inner cooperation. Cooperation that creates a world that transforms hatred and division into spiritual unity and leads you back to the incredible Spirit and Love that is at the Heart of all humanity

Ummac Dan ~ Galactic Federation 
Symbol For The Sirian Star System

9 Akbal, 6 Yaxk'in, 13 Caban
Selamat Balik! The process of defeating the cabal is not easy. They slyly used this most recent election to reinsert their dominance. The good part is that their great slide toward this current elected administration has made it easy to prepare the actual arrest scenarios. Meanwhile, the strategy for distributing the immensity of funds continues to move forward! At present, the rise of your new banking system is in place. The old banks have revealed how they intended to rebuild their coffers for a last attempt at a return to a position of dominance. This most insidious strategy is failing. The Elders and their royal counterparts are now busily arresting those who wished so hard to “put one over on us!” It has allowed our partners to take over a number of U.S.-headquartered banks and their counterparts in Europe. We expect that the initial distributions are primed to proceed and the first part of the vast wealth can be given to many who have waited so long to receive their promised earnings. The rest of this complicated procedure, likewise, is gradually moving toward its thrilling conclusion. The future is bright for the Light and its numerous associates. Stay patient! The best is yet to come!

It is important for you to truly realize that the present situations to which you are witness are only a ruse. The NESARA Republic is shortly to be declared, and prodigious sums have been set aside for all the exchanges and for the promised prosperity funds. Use this sacred time to divinely ready your mind for what is about to happen. You are destined to receive funds that are only meant temporarily to let you get used to the power and terror that money symbolized in this realm. The rising consciousness in you is to look beyond these beliefs, and in a short time, various devices such as our trans-matter processor are designed to make money obsolete. Nevertheless, people need to go through a period when they can clear their minds of the vast and ridiculous beliefs about money and wealth. Money was invented by the Anunnaki long ago to emphasize the difference between you and their minions. This exercise is to release you of the lies and misperceptions that you have long held about wealth. Do what you truly wish, and you will learn some basic truths about this particular subject.

Dr Michael Salla Update | Impending announcement of ruins from futuristic civilization found in antarctica

Written by Dr Michael Salla on

Many have been pondering the significance of recent visits to Antarctica by prominent officials and individuals offering puzzling explanations for their travel there. On November 9, U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, landed in Antarctica, during the peak of the U.S. Presidential Election. Why would the serving Secretary of State leave the U.S. at such a critical time just to observe global warming patterns in Antarctica?

Even more mysterious was the December 1 medical evacuation of astronaut Buzz Aldrin out of Antarctica, after a surprise visit there, apparently to become “the oldest person to reach the South Pole at the age of 86.” He was seen along with companions wearing shirts with “Get Your Ass to Mars” logos. Was he there because he wanted to personally see the discovery of something that would make his dream of Mars colonization a reality?

Earlier on February 18, 2016, Russian Patriarch Kirill visited a Russian outpost in Antarctica, reportedly to see penguins. Just over a month later, on March 23, President Obama visited the southern Argentinian resort town of Bariloche, which is claimed to have been the secret hideaway of Adolf Hitler after World War II. Bariloche became the unofficial capital of a breakaway German civilization based in Antarctica, and it is claimed that there is a hidden tunnel system from there to Antarctica. Also noteworthy, Presidents Eisenhower and Clinton have visited Bariloche.

The real reason for all these mysterious visits to Antarctica, and nearby locations such as Bariloche, is about to be revealed according to Secret Space Program whistleblower, Corey Goode. He says he was given time sensitive intelligence about an impending official announcement of the discovery of ruins from a futuristic civilization found in Antarctica.

Goode’s data is about to be released according to a December 6 update by David Wilcock who conducts a highly popular interview series on Gaia TV with Goode titled Cosmic Disclosure. In an article titled, “ENDGAME: Disclosure and the Final Defeat of the Cabal,” Wilcock writes:

BREAKING: Antitrust: Commission fines Crédit Agricole, HSBC and JPMorgan Chase ( Danish EU Commissioner Margrethe Vestager, fines Crédit Agricole, HSBC and JPMorgan Chase € 485 million for euro interest rate derivatives cartel. The banks colluded on euro interest rate derivative pricing elements, and exchanged sensitive information, in breach of EU antitrust rules..")

European Commission - Press release

Antitrust: Commission fines Crédit Agricole, HSBC and JPMorgan Chase € 485 million for euro interest rate derivatives cartel

Brussels, 7 December 2016

The European Commission has fined Crédit Agricole, HSBC and JPMorgan Chase, a total of € 485 million for participating in a cartel in euro interest rate derivatives.

The banks colluded on euro interest rate derivative pricing elements, and exchanged sensitive information, in breach of EU antitrust rules.

Crédit Agricole, HSBC and JPMorgan Chase chose not to settle this cartel case with the Commission, unlike Barclays, Deutsche Bank, RBS and Société Générale, with whom the Commission reached a settlement concerning the same cartel in December 2013. Since then, the investigation has continued under the Commission's standard cartel procedure. Today's decision marks the end of a cartel investigation that was the first of several in the financial services sector.

Commissioner Margrethe Vestager, in charge of competition policy, said: “A sound and competitive financial sector is essential for investment and growth. Banks have to respect EU competition rules just like any other company operating in the Single Market."

Read more: 

Dialog med mit Højere Selv - Hvad fortæller mit Højere Selv om December 2016, om forudsigelser som påvirker os globalt (Hvad blev der lige af Obama som Messias? Vi kan diskutere i det uendelige om det lykkes for præsident Obama i sin embedsperiode, at udrette positive ting for menneskeheden, ifølge hans egen guddommelige plan. Da Obama blev indsat i 2009 var USA's statslige underskud på lidt over 10 billioner dollar. Inden Obama går af som præsident, vil den være over 20 billioner dollar, som svarer til ca. 7.000 storebæltsbroer eller 140 gange de samlede danske offentlige udgifter for 2016. Man snakker om, at Obama-administrationen har verdensrekorden for udstedelse af 'Executive orders' (dekret som kan udfærdiges af amerikansk præsidenter, siden 1789). Mange rygter går på, at Obama ikke ønsker at tabe ansigt, vælger han enten at stadfæste NESARA(GESARA) og RV eller en reel UFO "Disclosure”. Men det sidste får han nok ikke lov til, af den magtfulde UFO forskningsmiljø og Secret Space Program... Slagplanen fra de Primære Skabere, frigivelse af St. Germains støttefonde er reel, det skal naturligvis ikke forveklsles med Hillary Clinton's scheme Dinar/Dong/Zimbabwe RV. Vores magtelite ved udmærket godt at vores nuværende korrupte monetære system vil kollapse og erstattes med guldstandarden/overgangen til guldfod. Vi kan se hvordan Danmark og resten af de vestlige lande, desperat forsøger at afskaffe 'kontanter' for at svinge os ind i Deres digitale korrupte finansielle system. Måske ser vi den længe ventet "The Continental Currency "Dollar" som overtager det velkendte FED / petrodollar system i denne måned... bare et spørgsmål om tid.. En ting er sikkert, inden Donald Trump flytter ind i Det Hvide Hus den 20. januar 2017, hvis det altså bliver ham, kommer der til at ske ting og sager...)

Udgivet den 7. December 2016 af Verdensalt

Højere selv er et begreb forbundet med flere trossystemer, men dens grundlæggende forudsætning beskriver et evigt, almægtig, bevidst og intelligent væsen, der er ens virkelige selv. Blavatsky formelt definerede det højere selv som "Atma den uadskillelige stråle af universet og en selv....
Dit Højere Selv er dig. Dit Højere Selv er den virkelige dig, din samlede sjæle-bevidsthed. Den del af DIG der lever her på Jorden er blot en projektion af bevidsthed i dit Højere Selv. Dit Højere Selv er den mere komplette del af dig, den ene, der ikke bliver frustreret over sløret, der trækkes ned over os, når vi inkarnerer, der får os til at glemme, hvor vi kom fra. Det højere selv er den ene del i din besiddelse af din åndelige kontrakt, den plan du har lavet for dig selv, før du inkarnerede. Dit Højere Selv besidder den guddommelige plan, selve brugsanvisningen over dit livs plan, i sin hule hånd.
Dit Højere Selv er som en tilbagetrukket bevidsthed, der tilbyder sin visdom og anvisninger om, hvor flasken peger hen. Sommetider kan disse retninger tage lang tid at komme igennem ind til dit underbevidsthed. Men der er måder at få adgang til visdom og dit Højere Selv direkte ved at omgå ens underbevidsthed.

Din Højere Selv er ikke "derude" i æteren omkring dig. Dit Højere Selv er dig, din bevidsthed, i din krop.

Det er kun dig, der sætter gang i hjulene og oplever, det du kom her for at lære, før du blev inkarneret, igen og igen. Det er dig, der har dine egne følelser, som reaktion på dine tanker, der skaber din virkelighed. Det er dig, der sætter det op som en mekanisme og kan bruge dem som en 
"spiritual" feedback om, hvor du er på vej hen, i dit liv.
Fik lidt hjælp fra min holistiske læge til, at spørge ind til større begivenheder som påvirker os globalt. Og nej, jeg er ikke Nostradamus, men lytter og stoler på mine intuitioner, hvad mine skytsengle og Højere Selv fortæller mig. 
  • December - Store økonomiske reformer. Præcist den 19. December sker der nogen finansielle og økonomiske ændringer som påvirker os globalt.
RV - ( er ikke en svækkelse eller deprecieret eller nedskrivningen af et lands valuta. Det er en afvikling og revaluering af et 'lands' nuværende valuta værdi, for at gøre den mere attraktiv på det globale valutamarked, men samtidig understøttes/opbakkes af til enhver tid gældende reservebeholdning af det enkelt lands Guld, Sølv, ædelsten, mineraler m.m. Dermed får papirpenge sin rigtighed igen, i form af råvare penge ( penge som er baseret på en værdifuld handelsvare)

N.E.S.A.R.A - (GESARA) Betyder "National (Global) Economic Security and Recovery Act"[Bemærk! National Economic Security and Reformation Act undertrykt af George W. Bush administrationen og Højesteret er forkert]

Finansielle Akronymer


Liberal Alliances Ungdomsformand: Ja, jeg går ind for pædofili ("..Formanden for LAU, Stefan Roy Frederiksen, svarer i en intern debat hos ungdomspartiet ”ja” til spørgsmålet ”går du ind for pædofili”. ”Det er taget ud af en kontekst”, siger Stefan Roy Frederiksen... Ifølge Landsorganisationen mod Seksuelle Overgreb har ofre for pædofile overgreb en øget risiko for blandt andet tilbagevendene depressioner, borderline, personlighedsforstyrrelse og for at forsøge at begå selvmord..") 5. Dec 2016 - Mads Havskov Hansen
Formanden for Liberal Alliances Ungdom, Stefan Roy Frederiksen, går efter eget udsagn ind for pædofili. Det viser billeder fra en intern gruppe for Liberal Alliances Ungdom, som Netavisen Pio er i besiddelse af.

I debatgruppen svarer formanden for regeringspartiets ungdomsafdeling på spørgsmålet ”går du ind for pædofili” med ”ja”. Ungdomsformanden understreger, at han ”ikke har ret til at bestemme over andre, der indgår en frivillig aftale.”

Ungdomsformand: Det er taget ud af kontekst

Formanden for Liberal Alliances Ungdom mener dog ikke, at man kan tolke hans udsagn som, at han bakker op om pædofili. ”Jeg synes ikke, pædofili er okay. Det gør ingen i LAU eller LA. Det er taget ud af kontekst fra en intern gruppe”, skriver ungdomsformanden på sms til Netavisen Pio. ”Det blev sat på en spids, og emnet var en sænkelse af den seksuelle lavalder fra 15 til 14 år”, tilføjer han.

Stefan Roy svarer samtidig, at han mener, at det er forkert, hvis en 40-årig har et seksuelt forhold til en 13-årig, og han siger, at hans udsagn er ”taget ud af kontekst”.

Liberal Alliances presseafdeling meddeler, at de er bekendt med sagen, men siger, at det er “taget ud af kontekst”, og at de for øvrigt henviser til Stefan Roy.

Ifølge Landsorganisationen mod Seksuelle Overgreb har ofre for pædofile overgreb en øget risiko for blandt andet tilbagevendene depressioner, borderline, personlighedsforstyrrelse og for at forsøge at begå selvmord.

Lee Harris Energy Update For December: Big Circles, Small Circles, Division and Connection

Published on Dec 6, 2016

Lee Harris har månedlige prognoser via 15 minutters intensive videoer og han arbejder med energier som er rigtigt givende og meget reelle bud på hvordan vi bliver påvirket af de energifelter og energistrømme som eksistere overalt i naturen og omkring os. Lee Harris beskriver de nærværende situationer som alle mennesker og børn skal forholde sig til og hvordan vi genopretter balancen på ny.
Personligt syntes det er en opløftende oplevelse og faktisk meget rammende. Vil også sige, Lee Harris er på et bevidsthedsniveau jeg også deler, mange ting han fortæller os, er stort set mange af de emner, jeg beskriver på min blog........

Shitstorm-krig: Arrogance i bank-toppen vil ingen ende tage! (Blogger: "too big to fail" - Nordea Bank AB, underafdeling af GoLDMaN SLaCKS, vil udvide et kontroversielt program, der sænker bankens kapitalkrav ved at gennemføre transaktioner, der fjerner kreditrisici på bankudlån for store tocifrede milliardbeløb. Trods hævede øjenbryn fra de danske og svenske tilsynsmyndighederne, har Nordea valgt at gennemføre en manøvre, der reducerer bankens kapitalbehov og Nordea stopper ikke med denne kontroversiel kapitalmanøvre... Bankens topchef, Casper von Koskull - tidligere managing director og partner i Goldman Sachs - siger til Bloomberg News, at Nordea truer med at flytte sit hovedkvarter ud af Sverige, hvis den svenske regering gør alvor af at introducere ekstra skat på bankerne. Dermed fortsætter Nordea med at lægge pres på de svenske politikere. I maj sidste år truede Nordeas bestyrelsesformand, Bjørn Wahlroos, også med at flytte hovedkvarteret til udlandet, dog efter tætte forhandlinger, mellem Nordea og hollandske ABN Amro om en fusion, begraver Nordea-formanden snakken... Direktøren for Nordea Bank Danmark, Peter Lybecker, er valgt som formand for Finansrådets bestyrelse, dermed bliver Nordea endnu stærkere... Amerikanske Siouxindianere beder Nordea om at undlade at investere 358 millioner kroner olierørledning... Nordea nægter at erkende skjulte omkostninger; Miranovas analyse af fire milliarder kroner i skjulte omkostninger i danske Investeringsforeninger og beregninger af omkostninger i private banking-aftaler i Nordea og Danske Bank... Bankerne har snablen i velhavende kunders kasse: Usynlig pris for at pleje formuen... Tidligere kapitalforvalter i Nordea, Christian Hyldahl, har ikke just fået en rullestart i forbindelse med skiftet til chef-job i ATP. Anledningen er, at der er dukket en sag op om, at Hyldahls afdeling i Nordea i sin tid har haft en penibel sag med den schweiziske stat om refusion af udbytteskat... En stor kundemåling fra Voxmeter viser, at bankkunderne mener, at blandt andet Danske Bank og Nordea er for dyre. Størst er udtilfredsheden dog med Nykredit Bank, der ifølge målingen har oplevet det største fald i andelen af kunder, som synes bankens priser er fair. Det skriver Finans... ")