Jun 22, 2019

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🍿Operationdisclosure | ~ RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - "Unprecedented" ~ | Blogger: [👄RUMORS AND GOSSIP REPEATERS👂] ... {President Trump is expected to return the gold-standard} ...(verdensalt) -- Could Hong Kong protests topple & expose China's communist (deep state) rulers❓ Similar to France's yellow vests and the western uprising against technocratic insiders (the people's emergency)❓ Protests continue in Albania with calls for election boycott and Prime Minister Rama to go & Georgia clashes has FORCED the parliamentary speaker, to resign... (so, so much is going on😓)... Is the coming (war & fearmong- ering) Iran-war (Philly refinery explosion) a smokescreen to distract us from Inspector General reports❓ Or more likely about MONEY and WHO controls it, of power houses, as always (Monopoly capitalism and the oil industry) ❓... It's all about replacing the old corrupt financial system with a new QFS; a new hack-proof, super-conscious, Quantum Computer Global Financial System (new gold-backed currencies)... US Financial Executive or Legislative Bodies like - I.M.F., FED, U.S.T, C.T., B.I.S., WORLD BANK, U.N., M M.O.U.S.E., is to be removed or refitted, "cause Kansas is going bye-bye!"... Second, introducing and ratify NESARA. GESARA - the secret GESARA Treaty(disguised as the 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change)... Endless waiting has been in play for the RV, the financial rest, GESARA, NESARA and QFS…Or whatever you want to call it. The main concept at play here (is) the liberation of Humanity/Earth from forces of evil and limitation... So be it, and so it is!...🙏 |

T-6453 QANON

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - "Unprecedented" - June 21, 2019

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)

President Trump is expected to return the gold-standard judging by his history with gold.

According to sources, the return to the gold-standard is expected to be announced before the end of June.

Other sources predict the return to the gold-standard will undoubtedly occur before the 2020 election.

Meanwhile, the Earth Alliance is currently pushing Zimbabwe to release their own gold-standard currency.

All Zimbabwe (Trillion Series) Bond Notes are linked to Zimbabwe's natural resources and therefore must be redeemed and destroyed once their new currency is released.

🌵 Reddit | ~ Forskere beder om 350 millioner til nyt klimacenter ~ | Blogger: [💸SKATTEYDERNE SKAL (IGEN) FUPPES. 350 MIO. KR. TIL BFORSKERE & FIKTIV A.I. ROBOT, SOM KAN FORUDSE FREMTIDEN, NU HVOR DMI, FEJLER🤖] ... {hvad med bare at indsætte de i forvejen anvendte chemtrailfly i landbruget "Climate engineering". Præcist som de allerede gør i USA, Kina og mange andre steder = "vejrderivater" - som alle kan tjene på} ... 🤔 PS: HAR DU LAGT mærke til, at danske netaviser og dagblade og pressen er skiftet fra ultra konservativt (jøder/jyder) hadefulde ytringer om (muslimer) fremmede (blå blok) til kuppet venligboere splittet (rød blok) med udlændingepolitik, der koster dansk velfærd!? (all by design) ... Nu skal et (falsk) hold (rød blok) venligsindet forskergruppe, PLUDSELIG, opfinde, den dybe tallerken. HVORFOR!? Fordi det er populistisk propaganda. ALLE politikere, snakker (indirekte) via blade og aviser, nu hvor de sociale medier har slået fejl, (de bryder sig ikke om DIREKTE kritik), så folk, kan sidde og læse avisen i ro og mag fra dagligstuen, mens de kløjs i morgenkrydderen og kan banke i bordet, at det, er også for galt... De overbelaste b-forskere og (røde) journalister, er trukket frem fra gemmerne og skal indoktrine os, med mere sladder fra PLADDERBALLE NÆRRADIO GIRO 314 (mens vi venter på Prinsen eller kommende Konge af Danmark) ... |


Danmark formår ikke at samle sin viden på klimaområdet, mener to forskere, der foreslår at etablere center.

Sommeren 2017 var våd og solfattig. Sommeren 2018 var bragende varm og tør.

Vejret er utilregneligt, og det vil to af Danmarks ledende klimaeksperter og professorer i klimaforskning forsøge at gøre op med ved at etablere et klimacenter i Danmark.

Det fremgår i et debatindlæg i Politiken, som Jens Hesselbjerg Christensen, Institut for Is-, Klima- og Geofysik på Københavns Universitet og Sebastian Mernild, direktør for det norske klimaforskningscenter Nansen Centeret, står bag.

- Det, vi nødig vil, er at blive taget på sengen ligesom sidste år, hvor landbruget tabte milliarder. Det har vi ikke råd til sker to eller tre gange i de kommende 10-20 år.

👼 TruthEarthOrg | ~ 💗 The Event is Coming 432Hz 💕 ~ | Blogger: Victory of The Light... PS: Book 📚 (Nostradamus: The War with Iran (Islamic Prophecies of the Apocalypse) 📚... "(...) ... If there is war with Iran, oil production and transport will be disrupted. If the fiat global economy has not already busted its own balloons of phony growth before 2016, Nostradamus forecasts the use of a new and terrible weapon—the “Money Weapon”—to render valueless Armageddon’s checkbook.. All eyes today look to US and NATO forces eventually finding either excuse or just cause to fully enter the bloody quagmire of civil war in Syria, yet the visions of the 16th-century Seer, Nostradamus warn that Syria is not even the main event. Iran is next and in all of world-renowned prophecy expert John Hogue’s 30 years of studying Nostradamus’ prophecies, he has rarely seen so many clear inferences and warnings that oncoming war is at hand. Nostradamus’ astrology has dated it for the mid-decade. The prophet’s verses of foresight describe the future naval clashes in the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz called by their 16th-century names. The Iranian flag’s abstract red tulip symbolizing Islamic martyrdom is described as is the US Navy Jack belonging perhaps to a fleet that will be “melted and sunk” and sent to the bottom of the “Arabian” (Persian) Gulf" ~ John Hogue(...)... |

🕵️ Humans Are Free | ~ Why Is Everything So Fake in Today's Society? ~ | .. The more I look at the world around me, the more I realize the fakery of everything, from the food I eat to the beauty of the women I’m attracted to .. |

The more I look at the world around me, the more I realize the fakery of everything, from the food I eat to the beauty of the women I’m attracted to. 

And yet, no one else seems to mind. People run away from what is natural and authentic to dive straight into the fake, and they seem to enjoy it.

The food is fake. The animals we eat are fed industrial filler and the meat is processed to appear natural in color. Tomatoes in the supermarket are genetically modified and gassed to appear red.

Other Frankenfoods resemble nothing like they did a few decades ago. Even Coca-Cola, which was originally a sugar-based beverage, no longer has sugar in it but corn sweetener.

To top it off, the entire food chain is polluted with glyphosate (RoundUp weed killer), which is present even in beer and wine.

Almost no one is getting the proper nutrients and vitamins they need, because the food they eat is not real, and they try to compensate by taking dubious supplements, but that’s mostly in vain since your body was not designed to extract life-giving nutrients from pills.

The appearance of men and women are fake. Men inject themselves with hormones and puff their muscles up in a way that does not translate to strength in real-life dangers that no longer happen.

Women put chemicals on their face to simulate sexual arousal and wear high-tech pants to shape their bodies like clay. Many use fake hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes.

📶 The Corbett Report | ~ The 5G Dragnet ~ | Blogger: [📡(IoT) Here is the Key : "The Interconnected World we're Living in Today, was a Result of Decisions, made a Decade ago. The Interconnected World of the Future, will be Result of Decisions we "MUST" make today. And that is why 5G is a National Priority ~ Speaker of Press.org☢️👎] ... |

TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: https://www.corbettreport.com/5g/

Telecom companies are currently scrambling to implement fifth-generation cellular network technology. But the world of 5G is a world where all objects are wired and constantly communicating data to one another. The dark truth is that the development of 5G networks and the various networked products that they will give rise to in the global smart city infrastructure, represent the greatest threat to freedom in the history of humanity. 

🤪 #ICYMI | ~ ICYMI’s recipe for war with Iran: Turn the pressure cooker to high & bring to the boil (VIDEO) ~ | Blogger: [⚔️DNC CABAL WAR VS. NEW FINANCIAL SYSTEM : Trump Warns Iran of ‘Obliteration’ in Event of War = Strikes Approved by Trump, Then Abruptly Pulled Back. Russia's Super Advanced Warships Is Now In The Caribbean Sea With India's Warships to Gulf of Oman, As The Middle East Heats Up To A Fever Pitch🌡️] ... PS: STRANGELY enough a massive (false flag) explosion at one of the biggest gas refinery in America (Philadelphia) has set off speculations, that if The Deep State / Shadow Government are lucky to ignite a Iran-war (WWIII) to STOP 'Trump, Qanon' (or whomever goes to the LORD for safety), will our benevolent light forces, intervene!?. US/NATO will not be enough to stop Iran with China, India and Russia behind them... (it's just a thought)... |

🐻 PETA | ~ Young Bear Killed After Humans Kept Taking Selfies With Him #NationalSelfieDay 💔 ~ | .. No one should die for “likes,” but that didn’t stop countless selfish people from subjecting a beautiful young black bear to selfies—ignoring Washington County Sheriff’s Office’s warnings to “stay away”—just so that they could look “cool” on social media .. |


⚽ DW News | ~ Ex-UEFA boss Michel Platini freed after questioning over 2022 World Cup ~ | Blogger: [🙅‍♂️Platini Claims Innocence - Yeah right! - Exclusive Elysée lunch with Sarkozy & Qatar crown prince. Nine days later, Qatar to host the 2022 World Cup in front of a already signed gentleman agreement to the U.S. Suddenly, Platani son, Laurent, joined the Qatar sportswear company Burrda in 2012 and Qatar bought billions in france military & goods etc. etc.✊] ... {WHY don't we investigate Sarkozy❓ Because he's part of the Operation Gladio-style false flag/PSYOP, and the Zionist establishment in France and around the world!❓} ... So, so, so much corruption (influence-peeling) is this storeline... All countries has to bribe everyone in this soccer world and there's billions of funny petrodollars, changing hands... DID YOU KNOW, that the World Cup is going to cost Qatar approximately £138 billion (US$220 billion) or 1,5 trillion DKK. That's Denmark's 2019 yearly budget... (Should I boycott soccer (football)❓ - WHY THE HECK is nobody boycotting the soccer world and 2022 cup!❓... DID YOU KNOW, that a shocking TV documentary by German public broadcaster WDR revealed that at least 1,400 migrant workers from Nepal have died while helping to build football stadiums for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar... AND YOU STILL DON'T CARE!😟❓.... Just as a Christian man would go to church to worship his God, players step on to the pitch to worship soccer.. WHY!❓. I TELL YOU WHY! If our "authorities" mingled and closed down our additive sports gambling or hindering the fanatically, foaming-at-the-mouth crazy sports fans, hell would break loose, like the Anti-Russian demonstrators in Georgia breaking into the parliament or Hong Kong protests with thousands surround police headquarters... |

Criminal investigation into corruption surrounding how the hosting rights of the 2022 FIFA World Cup were awarded to the Gulf state of Qatar in 2010. 

Of the 24 FIFA executive members who voted for the decision, including Platini, 16 have resigned, been suspended or are under surveillance.

🛸Yahoo News | ~ Senators get classified briefing on UFO sightings ~ | Blogger: Briefed - maybe - but not about the shadow government who controls the upper echelon of Secret Space Programs... It's all a smokescreen... |

Three more U.S. senators received a classified Pentagon briefing on Wednesday about a series of reported encounters by the Navy with unidentified aircraft, according to congressional and military officials — part of a growing number of requests from members of key oversight committees.

One of them was Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.), the vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, whose office confirmed the briefing to POLITICO.

“If naval pilots are running into unexplained interference in the air, that’s a safety concern Senator Warner believes we need to get to the bottom of,” his spokesperson, Rachel Cohen, said in a statement.

The interest in “unidentified aerial phenomenon” has grown since revelations in late 2017 that the Pentagon had set up a program to study the issue at the request of then-Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.). Officials interviewed multiple current and former sailors and aviators who claim to have encountered highly advanced aircraft that appeared to defy the laws of aerodynamics when they intruded on protected military airspace — some of which were captured on video and made public.

🥥 Universe Inside You | ~ Inner Earth Civilizations Exist and I Can Prove It Agartha & Hollow Earth ~ | Blogger: DID YOU KNOW, out of the many explorer, besides infamous Admiral Richard E. Byrd, ONE, very humble and renown Norwegian explorer, Dr. Fridtjof Nansen, (stands out) on his expedition to try and reach the North Pole in 1895, lost his bearings and freely admitted that he had not the slightest idea where he was for a very long time. Nansen was completely lost! He noted that after he journeyed through the colder regions that the weather turned to a much warmer climate. In fact, whenever the wind blew down from the north the temperature begun to rise. At one time the sun became unbearably hot! Nansen took soundings and found that the water in the polar regions is far deeper than was thought, discovering that the water was warmer the deeper the sounding. Where does this warm water emanate from? He came across animals that according to accepted science, should not even be up there... |

The word “Agartha” is of Buddhist origin. True Buddhists fervently believe in this subterranean empire, which they say has millions of inhabitants and many cities, including the capital Shamballah, where a Supreme Ruler dwells. They believe the Dalai Lama is his terrestrial representative, and his messages are transmitted to the lamas for thousands of years, These terrestrial inhabitants have lived here, sheltering humanity after terrestrial cataclysms.. The Russian artist, philosopher, and explorer, Nicolas Roerich, published that a Tibetan lama revealed the capital of Tibet was connected by a tunnel with Shamballah, the heart of the Subterranean empire of Aghartha. And that the entrance of this tunnel was guarded by lamas who were sworn to keep its actual whereabouts a secret from outsiders those who are led through this underground passage travel deep into the earth through areas where it becomes so narrow, it can be difficult to pass through.

🧹 Waking Times | ~ 💗 2 Million Activists Marched In Hong Kong, Succeeded, Then Cleaned The Streets Up After 💕 ~ |


🤯 Cosmic Agency | ~ 💗 Swaruu explaining Cognitive Dissonance (Are We Ready for Extraterrestrial Reality?) 💕 ~ | .. Cognitive Dissonance is a reaction we have when we are face to face with information that contrasts with what we knew before or with what we understand to be true. In this video Swaruu explains two stages of Cognitive Dissonance, and what attitude is advisable in the process of spiritual expansion as infinite beings .. |

🦹 Slyngelstuen – E.B. | Arkivskabet | 19. April 2018 | ~ Can You Spot What's Wrong With This Photo? ~ | .. And Clinton is guided by the historical relations between the United States and Denmark: "I appreciate that we have a longer unbroken relationship with Denmark than to any other country", says Clinton, that was on his seven visit .. | Blogger: [🤑Follow the money - but don't feed the dark matter with anger, frustration and fear🙀] ... Hmm... I was just wondering...🤔🤔🤔 Who are these pictured two noble gentleman? Neither of them are part of the black nobility or black aristocracy, but sold their soul to the devil, to get power, money and respect in these satanic cult communities. Perhaps Mr. Rasmussen has absolutely no clue what the heck is going on, having the blinders on and keep moving forward (ignoring the obvious) .. Just think, when the 'true light' pulls the rug from under these fine (dark) gentlemen, what will happen to them? When our flow-tv, radio and digital media, will turn into a real-time event 24/7 - telling us the TRUTH🔁 That our founding forefathers, human origins, the anunnaki leaders (masters of our religions) and the governments has been manipulated us all on a lie for thousands of years. 🖖When the first contact with a benevolent alien race takes place. And the CEO's of big companies will be removed. When 103,000K sealed indictments will begin to be unsealed. And the solar flash from the Galactic Central Sun, will activate our own local Sun with tachyonic particles penetrating our DNA🧬... Despite living in "the free world", there are very few free men and women walking around in our democracies. Very few indeed. This is because some men and women have a human failing that drives them to want to manipulate others for the sake of power. That manipulation has enslaved humanity throughout most of its history, and still presents the most ominous threat to democracy... But not for long... 🤴🏾The dark will be dissolved, into light..💡 PS: (two monkeys in a cage) You need to watch the official government video on the meet-up with Bill Clinton & Lars Løkke Rasmussen. An embarrassment moment - “Welcome to my brigade, Captain.” - Lieutenant Lars Løkke, reached out his right hand as the senile Clinton🤙, just stood there and the danish PM, growing up on a farm in Vejle, Jutland, the cowman🐮, clapping his hand, like it was baby cow feeding time... 😑O-M-G! Ever wonder what english with a STRONG danish accent sounds like... here ya go. At one time, i thought that Lars would reach out and kiss Bill, when he sleazy said, that Denmark is considered to be good friends with Americans, especially YOU. Mr Clinton (bah - eww🤮)... I mean, does our beloved PM in Denmark, knows that it's confirmed, that Mr. Clinton jumped aboard disgraced sex offender Jeffrey Epstein's 'Lolita Express' plane👯 for junkets 26 TIMES in just three years (it's even OUT in MSM media - dailymail)... |

Former US President Bill Clinton met on Wednesday with Lars Løkke in the Prime Minister's Office. The reason for the visit was a major conference in Copenhagen, organized by the Presidents Institute, with approximately 3,000 European leaders. The first time the 71-year-old man was in Denmark was back in 1997. Here Lars Løkke accepts Bill Clinton aka Slick Willie



👼 Veronica-weerdesteijn | ~ 💗 A beautiful message from one of my soul members in Le Pontet 💕 ~ | Blogger: [💜Verdensalt Sending out LOVE by Supplying with, I AM affirmation, I AM Presence💜] ... I AM Divine ... I AM unique ... I Am unity cons- ciousness ... I AM Christ consciousness ... I AM enabling LOVE to receive and give unconditional LOVE ... I AM pure light ... I AM totally devoted to heal myself and to my mission ahead ... I AM receiving downloads from the Central Sun of Pleiades and the Andromeda galaxy, and my true guides and welcome Chisted ones to assist ~ verdensalt.dk | (As never before, that I AM NOW, and so it IS, I AM the LIGHT, the light I AM ~ Matt Kahn) ... |

(Veronica-weerdesteijn) :
Light is what our world needs most! And we all together have the power and the ability to pull this Light to the Earth. 

The soft pink Light of the Goddess, the electric blue Light of the Key to Freedom, the rainbow Light of Consciousness and Healing, the brilliant white Light of Ascension, the golden Light of the Golden Age ... 

Pull it towards you, every day .... 

the portal is open and our power of manifestation is limitless. 

Take this Key to Freedom in your hand and turn it around! Integrate the Goddess energy of Love and Compassion in your daily life. 

Pull the door to the Golden Age wide open and enjoy the unlimited abundance and prosperity that is waiting there for us!

⭐ ask-angels.com | Archive | ~ 💗 Starseeds… What Is A Starseed? Plus 20 Signs You Are One! 💕 ~ | Blogger: [👦Starseeds, indigobørn, krystalbørn, stjernebørn, spirituelle børn samt den ny tids børn - benævnelserne er mange for disse børn, der er født med specielle spirituelle evner👧] (verdensalt) - Få år efter vi er født i frihedens tegn, bliver vores umoden og barnlig adfærd (friheden til at lege og udforske), afbrudt af behovet for at aktivt, at træne os selv til den "virkelige verden". Vi kan være så heldige, at blive født frie og uden et begreb om begrænsning, men at overleve i denne tidsalder, kræver mandsmod. Når livet pludselig bliver til noget, vi skal fortjene os til. Vi skal hurtigt tilpasse os samfundet, som er et meget fortralvende, konkurrencedygtig overlevelse-orienterede spil... SMÅ KRYSTALLER - en ny generation af børn er siden 1990'erne, blevet født ... NON-KRYSTALBØRN - 1940-70'er generationens non-spirituelle, uforstående, curlingforældrenes pylret om deres børn og unge, forstår IKKE vores krystalbørn og indigobørn og deres behov (90'ernes børn indeholder SAND- HEDEN, men bliver trukket ned af samfundet og statens INDOKTRINERING) ... Foruden den ganske store mængde af forældre til børn og deres arvelige super-sensitivitet, men bestemt også afhængigheden af smartphone og Internettet - EMF/EMR eksponeringer -- 'TEENAGERE' er under mere stress i dag, end nogensinde før og derfor 'forsøger' nogle af begå selvmord for opmærksomhed og fordi, vi ikke forstår dem 😟 (Mobilmani: global trussel i folkesundheden) - At være teenager i dag er altså ikke en nem opgave. Det kræver hård hud og hår på brystet. Ungdomsårene har alle dage været lidt af en udfordring, men verden i dag er forandret på så mange fronter, som gør at unge føler sig udfordret mentalt, fysisk og ikke mindst socialt (mobile). Ungdomsårene er en tid hvor din teenager for alvor begynder at skabe sin egen identitet, opdage betydningen af relationen til det modsatte køn, tage stilling til retning i livet, og det kan for mange teenagere godt være en stor mundfuld. Endnu værre står det til med de super-sensitive børn og teeangere. Sensitive børn og unge er kendetegnet ved en høj grad af påvirkelighed og modtagelighed i forhold til det omgivende miljø. Disse kendetegn vil typisk give dem fordele i positive og berigende miljøer og ulemper i belastende og utrygge miljøer... |

A Starseed is a human who exists on earth in the present. However, while starseeds are definitely “human” by birth and DNA, their soul origins lie outside of the earth plane.

Starseeds originate from many different higher or alternate dimensions, parallel universes, star systems, planets, galaxies, and planes of existence.

Really, we're all made of star stuff…

As the well-known astrophysicist, Carl Sagan said “The Cosmos is within us. We are made of starstuff. The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars.”

What Or Who Is A Starseed?

Starseeds are highly evolved souls whose soul origin is from the stars, or the higher dimensional realms of existence. They originated in star systems like the Pleiades, Sirius, Andromeda, and Lyra.

Starseeds are those souls with past life or parallel experiences in the higher dimensions who are remembering this link and truth in the physical. They have come to earth with a very specific mission: to serve in the awakening of Gaia and humanity.

Starseeds are those humans who have awakened to remember their galactic, light, and higher vibrational origins and connections.

The CrystalIndigo, and Rainbow groups are the newest generations of starseeds, however there are many older starseeds and wayshowers such as the Blue Ray Starseeds, first wavers, alpha starseeds, and many more.