Feb 21, 2019

Matthew’s Message | ~ Channeled information on reincarnation, karma, extra- terrestrials, spirituality & metaphysics from Matthew Ward through his mother Suzanne ~ | .. Turmoil not deterring progress of the light; trauma surfacing so civilization can heal; ego: aspects, how it serves you; journalists, the “news” .. |

Channeled by Suzy Ward 
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Blogger's note: It's so exciting how Matthew's messages resonates with me and many others. Catch the moment of truth and level of explanation easing to expand our understanding in our low density or world of 3D matrix of illusion. Similar to our Galactic channeled Sheldan Nidle messages and deceased Montague Keen.

February 14, 2019

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Let us begin by addressing your concerns as to how the following situations are affecting the progress of the light: Yellow Vest movement in France, Brexit complexities, political upheaval in Venezuela, effects of China’s economic slowdown on the global economy, effects of the United States government shutdown, cyberspace warfare, crisis in Yemen, continuing terrorism around the world, climate change denial, Russia’s intentions, nuclear programs in Iran and North Korea.

Those situations and all others in one degree of flux or another are the resistance to change clashing with the insistence upon it, and in no way is this deterring the light’s progress. A process as monumental as world transformation doesn’t happen in a straight line—it zigzags in accordance with billions of free will choices made daily.

The Illuminati, now commonly called the Deep State, are resisting accepting that their efforts to retain their influence in your world are utterly futile. And, without knowing that the light’s unparalleled power is exposing and banishing darkness, the peoples are responding to light’s high vibrations by insisting upon justness and equality. What you are seeing is a civilization bringing to an end its ages-long trauma so healing can come.

Beloved sisters and brothers, we know your desire for all of Earth’s peoples to live in a peaceful, harmonious, benevolent world—you went there to help them awaken consciously and spiritually so they can manifest it! And, while we know this is happening with swiftness unique in this universe and we see that beautiful wondrous world flourishing in the continuum, we understand your impatience to see this in linear time.

When you volunteered to go to Earth, you knew that your journey would entail experiencing the emotions and hardships inherent in a third-density civilization. You also knew that by divine design, all of that would be forgotten when you incarnated and you wouldn’t remember why you are where you are.

Message from Jesus | Channeling through John Smallman | ~ ❤️ Release Your Fears and Doubts, and Embrace a Life that is Love-Filled 💕 ~ |

Sananda sends weekly messages for the time being, for those of us who have followed Jesus Sananda for a long time, it has always been a joy and uplifting experience for our understanding of what is happening around us. The Ascended Master Sananda / Jesus / Christ / Yeshua serves as a teacher of the whole world, and was one of the greatest spiritual healers who walked on our beloved planet Earth / Nova / Gaia. It is important to understand that all our ascended masters and galactic friends, so to speak, are not allowed to use their powers to change the course of civilizations, only in very rare cases. Law of the Universe. The Law of Divine Oneness.

Channeled by John Smallman
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Jesus audio blog for Tuesday February 19th.mp3

Here in the spiritual realms we watch with joy as humanity’s awakening process moves forward swiftly toward the moment for which you have all been waiting since the moment that you chose to experience separation from your Source. Namely your return to awareness that there is no separation. That awareness, once awakened, is permanent.

It is also majestically intense, so much so that you will wonder how you could possibly have remained asleep and unaware for so long. And you will also realize that in fact you were only asleep, unaware, for just an instant.

Returning to your natural aware state of permanent joy will thrill you, and, unlike during your experience in form as humans, the thrill will not fade or weaken, because that is what joy is, a permanent state of thrilling excitement as you continually create new wonders for the joy of all.

This is the divine plan for all sentient life, and all life is sentient, although in human form you are not capable of really understanding or appreciating this, although some of you do have an intuitive sense of it.

There is only Consciousness, which is called or addressed by different names depending on the culture, ethnicity, and religious persuasion or none of the person calling on It or addressing It – Supreme Intelligence, Divine Wisdom, Source, Mother/Father/God, All That Is, etc. – and while indeed It created you, because only It could have done so, It then gave you everything that It possesses.

Lee Harris | ~ There is a New World Emerging ~ |

QMap | ~ 84,908 SEALED | 8,123 UNSEALED | 165,639 NON-SEALED ~ | Blogger: [🐂How Texas embraced the Bush family🤠] ... It is leak city as the day of Reck- oning Approaches ... |


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RT | ~ Staggering discovery reveals moon lies INSIDE Earth’s atmosphere. DARPA aims to develop next-generation of mind-controlled tech for US soldiers. Smallpox bioterrorist attack could devastate planet for 10 years ~ | Blogger: We are entering the twilight zone of (A.I.) NASA - Never A Straight Answer ... In the AI wars it's likely DARPA will create something Dangerous ... the Cabal Australian scientists simulation fear & warmongering ‘worst-case scenario’ for a smallpox bioterrorist attack...God save us all... Anyways, it will soon be over, the EVENT will come up to surface inside the dormant population and U.S. and the worldly military might, will cease it's horrific wars on human kind... |

DARPA aims to develop next-generation of mind-controlled tech for US soldiers

Stars&Stripes | ~ Trump warns Europe he will free ISIS fighters if allies won’t prosecute them ~ | Blogger: [👳Jihad: From Muhammad to ISIS: Independent regional actor or CIA-Mossad proxy? America’s CIA & Israel’s Mossad created Al-Qaeda and the ISIS Terror group. Rooted and financing muslims & non-muslims mercenaries from inside & outside of Arab Republic. Cabal is blaming IS ghost haunting of the rest of EU with terrorist activities, ISIS attack plot targeting Stockholm, Denmark, Paris, Bruxelles, UK to Egypt etc. but in fact US, Israel, UK and EU created 'fake terror', in the first place 🕌] ... {🎤Listen carefully, I shall say this only once} ... "Trump called for a complete withdraw of U.S. forces in Syria. Last man standing: Special forces said to be preparing to storm Baghuz to flush out last Islamic State diehards ... “MUNICH: The United States is asking Britain, France, Germany and other European allies to take back over 800 ISIS fighters that we captured in Syria and put them on trial,” Trump said in a late-night tweet. “The Caliphate is ready to fall. The alternative is not a good one in that we will be forced to release them.”... Okay... Hold on to something... Listen Up... 👂 YOU may LAUGH TO DEATH or cry in SORROW.. 👉Soo.. Trump (or more likely, The Deep State / Shadow Govt) is 'ordering' their NATO alliance Cabal Rothschild countries to bring home ISIS foreigners cells, scattered throughout the region (the same cells, who has ghosted EU with 'fake or real terror', cause CIA is no longer in charged of IS!?) .. 👉Trump has essentially declared victory over the group, but in fact, it was Russia, who defeated them... Hold on... We haven't reached the philosophical climax of Satire😂... So far so good... Let's just pretend, verdensalt is on the point... 👉Syria's IS fighters has fleet to Iraq in thousands, with possibly millions of dollars, source says (with the loot, stealing killing and worse)...👉 Sputniknews has recently put out a article, that Syrian state-run news agency SANA has cited local sources as saying that US forces have used helicopters to transfer large boxes full of (GOLD) the "spoils" of Daesh* terrorists from the al-Dashisha area in Hasaka province's southern countryside (And he said, 💬"This is a memo that describes how we're going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran." says General Wesley Clark) ...👉 In the meanwhile, Donald Trump said that European countries should accept former IS fighters, but vows to keep ISIS bride Hoda Muthana out of the country and UK, has voted NOT to take any, at all???... 👉In Denmark, the paradigm shift has now been adopted by the Parliament (Folketinget) and everyone is FIGHTING, to distance themselves, and not allowing any IS warriors or brides, entering in Denmark (but IS, and therefore its fighters, are still backed and funded by CIA and EU 'fake terror'?)... if you catch my drift!?"... What the freaking hell, is going on...🤪... Western leaders are 'pretending', lead by their intelligence services, turning Sauron's blind eye, to the fact, that EU created all the 'fake terrorism' and EU immigration crisis with money-laundering operations of psychic wars, blaming IS, to be the fall guys, funded by CIA and Mossad... America is using ISIS in three ways: to attack its enemies in the Middle East, to serve as a pretext for U.S. military intervention abroad, and at home to foment a manufactured domestic threat, used to justify the unprecedented expansion of invasive domestic surveillance, militar- ization of police, centralized gun-control and what have you and EU is adopting the muslim haterism, to do the same... George Orwell would cry in his crypt... |

strategic-culture | ~ Is Tulsi Gabbard for Real? America Is Ready for a Genuine Peace Candidate ~ | Blogger: [😘Tulsi Gabbard could well be the only genuine Antiwar, Anti-Globalist, Anti-interventionist & Anti-LGBTQ legislation candidate. Verdensalt has said this for years. Meet Tulsi Gabbard, Future President of the United States (I wish). Finally, someone has the guts to tell the truth - just loooove her! - "I grew up with the Aloha Spirit,” says Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard. “We try to treat everyone with respect. Like family.” 👼]... |

The lineup of Democrats who have already declared themselves as candidates for their party’s presidential nomination in 2020 is remarkable, if only for the fact that so many wannabes have thrown their hats in the ring so early in the process. In terms of electability, however, one might well call the seekers after the highest office in the land the nine dwarfs. Four of the would-be candidates – Marianne Williamson a writer, Andrew Yang an entrepreneur, Julian Castro a former Obama official, Senator Amy Klobuchar and Congressman John Delaney – have no national profiles at all and few among the Democratic Party rank-and-file would be able to detail who they are, where they come from and what their positions on key issues might be.

wakeup-world | ~ Yes, DEW and Laser Weapons are Being Used Against the American People ~ | Blogger: [📛This time is was NOT a criminal act by a illegal danish citizen, Jesper Joergensen 52, that was taken into custody for suspected arson in Colorado🔥] ... {PS: thoughts, healing and prayers goes out to all the affected in 2015 - 2018 wildfires 🕯️😢💔} ... "Fox News ADMITS to the govern- ment having Laser Technology or Directed Energy Weapons On September 28, 2017, about 10 days before the Northern California Fires in Wine Country began, ATHENA, (Advanced Test High Energy Asset), is one of the most exciting of these new American laser weapons ~ from the VIDEO" ... 🤔Why is this important? Going north from LA towards Mt Shasta in 2015, back in my mind got some newsflashes that wildfire jumps highway in California and vehicles catch fire. My companion and I went by fields (interstate highways) that still smelled burned, watching black clouds and white clouds of smoke.. Again I (verdensalt) were in California in 2017 and 2018, and saw the wildfires, which was enormous, from the airplane and on the ground.. You be the judge... |

February 21st, 2019

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

DEW (Directed Energy Weapons) are no longer the stuff of conspiracy theory. In the last few months in the US, there have been a number of incidents where DEW, laser weapons and perhaps other high-tech energy weapons have been openly deployed against the American people. Both the Santa Rosa (2017) and Paradise (2018) so-called “wildfires” in California demonstrate the fingerprints of DEW, with seemingly impossible scenarios of houses, trees, plants and even mailboxes neatly left intact while adjacent houses and fences are completely razed to the ground. Unsurprisingly to those following the crimes of the NWO (New World Order), the deployment of these weapons is tied to the deeply sinister UN Agenda 2030.

Directed Energy Weapons – Just DEW It

One reason the NWO manipulators can get away with their crimes against humanity is that most people are downright ignorant of the true state of technology, whether it’s mind control tech, HAARP/ionospheric heaters/Space Fence, 5G or anything else. Dr. Judy Wood was one of the first people to gain notoriety in talking about DEW, when she put forth her excellent and well-founded theory of the dustification of the twin towers in the 9/11 false flag operation. Wood pointed out the inexplicable lack of solid matter (concrete, steel, other metal, etc.) that should have been found in abundance on the streets on New York below the WTC but which was nowhere to be found. Where did it go? It was turned to dust.

Researcher Jamie Lee who runs Tabu and APlaneTruth.info has recenty had his main YouTube channel censored (surprise, surprise), however he is starting a backup channel. He had many videos up exposing DEW in relation to the Paradise fires, including a video which revealed existing laser technology which “dustifies” metal and easily removes rust from it (while sparing the wood beneath it).

DEW Fires, Not Wildfires

The giveaway clue that DEW was used in Santa Rosa and Paradise is the way that specific homes were burnt along property lines. Some houses were untouched with fresh produce out front, or orange trees in the backyard, next to houses which were razed to the ground. These “wildfires” left mailboxes, plants, front yards, back yards, eucalyptus trees and other highly flammable things untouched, while somehow neatly and perfectly targeted particular houses, neighborhoods and areas. Are these the most selective “wildfires” in American history? How can one house burn to the ground while each house on either side remained completely intact? Wildfires obviously don’t do this. Some people were, horribly, killed in their cars. There were reports that as many as 50,000 went missing or died!

Take a look at the images below:

California Wildfires and UN Agenda 2030 Connection

Aluna Ash- 9D | ~ Capricorn IT'S A LONG PROCESS End Of February 2019 ~ | 17 min long | Blogger. Capricorn - that's me... Thanks to Aluna 💝... |

🔴 jv.dk | ~ Politiske forsøgskaniner. Test 5G på Christiansborg ~ | Blogger: [🔭Mobilstråling fra værre til værst: 3G, 4G og 5G øger sundhedsrisikoen betydeligt. En skamfuld kræftfremkaldende blodplet på verdenskortet. Danmark SKAL være de første i verden⛆] ... {inden vi bliver kvalt af nyheden om det ligegyldige Tour de France til lille søde mini Putt Putt staten, LegoDanLand, skal verdensalt passe på nu, ellers bliver jeg stoppet ned af feminister i en ”glem mig” og ”for altid” livets mandala blomsterkurv, som den spirtuelle krammeterapeut Per Brændgaard, der er dømt for voldtægt mod en 29-årig, men også, er en 'conspirateur'. Var lige inde på FB-siden, 'Støt Læger uden Sponsor' som jeg er medlem af, hvor også praktis- erende læger, er begyndt, at køre en massiv 'smædekampagne' mod alle Anti-Vaxxers} ...Bare fordi man bærer sølvpapirshat, er tro mod alternativ behandl- ingsformer, medlem af JFK21 eller tror på, Riskær, kan gøre en forskel, for den lille revolution, er man så dømt ude af danskerne!? Husk lige på, selvom om Pia Kjærs- gaard har mundtligt sagt JA, skal Folketinget eller valgbarhedsnævnet først tage stilling til, om man er valgbar eller ej. Valgbarhedsnævnet vurderede, at Brixtofte var »uværdig til at være folkevalgt politiker« efter at være blevet idømt to års ubetinget fængsel for mandatsvig i Højesteret... 📶NÅ, men vi kan diskutere stolpe op og stolpe ned, om plusser og minusser, men kendsgerningen er, Danmark, skal være førende på området mht. 1 Gbit/s på mobilnettet op til 70 Gbit/s, som allerede er mål muligt, via (Millimeter Waves, Massive MIMO, Beamforming, Small Cells) og det er blot starten for 6G, 7G og 8G netværket... Telenor og Telia var allerede klar med sin første 5G antenne og 1 Gbit/s hastighed af slagsen i Sept. 2018, midt i København, tæt på Kongens Nytorv... Besøgte en veninde i går, som bor klods op af Nørreport st. og oppe på taget, var der placeret et tons af mobil- udstyr, mobilmaster (basisstationer) og en ny "lille" fiks enhed, MIMO Miniature Cell Tower, der pulserede derudaf i et væk.. 🤯Hvis du nu placerer dit hoved klistret fast på en 5G miniantennemast eller basestation, ville det have samme effekt, som at placere dit hoved i en mikrobølgeovn!?... Dengang jeg var netvæ- rksspecialist, vidste jeg, at gå ind i brugerbetjent lukket område, hvor alle 3-partners teleudstyr stod, skulle jeg ikke arbejde der for længe, uden at få hovedpine, men det er en anden snak... Foruden Danmark og Norge, er USA i øjeblikket på vej mod 5G, nogle steder er det sket, siges det, undtagen hvor Trump og Bill Gates bor i Florida... [LÆS VIDERE]

Vores smartphones, tabletter, trådløse telefoner, routere, smarte målere og endda babymonitorer kan alle udsende elektricitetsforurening. Denne biologisk aktive, forstyrrende menneskeskabte stråling, som omgiver os 24/7 i et hav af usynlig energi, er en stor stressor til det autonome nervesystem - og meget mere. Du kan ikke røre ved det eller se det, men det er der, og vores kroppe reagerer på det.

På pressekonferencen i juni 2016, hvor Federal Communications Commission (FCC) ledet af Tom Wheeler annoncerede åbningen af lav-, mid- og højspektrummet (Pladsen i luften, også kaldet spektrum, definerer, hvor bred den digitale motorvej kan blive og dermed også hvor mange, der kan håndteres på én gang).

Dog, var der ingen omtale af sundhedsmæssige virkninger overhovedet. Men farerne er reelle. 

Ikke-ioniserende stråling ("dagligdags stråling"):
Strålingsfarer med trådløst netværk eller 3G,4G vises med tusindvis af undersøgelser, der forbinder (lavfrekvent) Radiobølger (RF) og mikrobølger (MW), som ofte er omtalt som radiofrekvent stråling og elektromagnetiske felter...

5G-netværket opererer i frekvensspektret 24-90 GHz, hvilket er op til 18 gange højere bestråling frekvensmæssigt end nutidens wi-fi (de fleste EU lande inkl Danmark introducerer på lavere frekvenser, 700 Mhz og 3.5 Ghz, men frekvenser omkring 25 Ghz er lige om hjørnet. De lavere frekvenser kan relativt nemt introduceres via eksisterende 4G master).

Disse højfrekvente stråler vil ikke i samme grad kunne gennemtrænge vægge, mure og lignende forhindringer som f.eks. GSM og 3G, hvilket vil nødvendiggøre en sendeenhed for hvert andet til hvert tiende hjem (rækkevidden kan være helt ned til 30 meter).

Der findes ifølge Mastedatabasen.dk allerede over 30.000 mobilsendere og master i Danmark, herudover et uvist antal routere, smartphones samt smartmetre i såvel virksomheder som private hjem.   

5G blev udviklet til militærbrug og såkaldt crowd control – ikke kommunikation. 

Den såkaldte udrulning beror formentlig på Dansk Industris anbefaling og tager slet ikke ansvar for eller stilling til den strålingsdosis, danskere i hele landet vil komme til at opleve. 

I forvejen syge mennesker vil få det endnu værre, og især samfundets svage ældre og strålingsoverfølsomme borgere, vil blive ramt. På det biologiske plan viser nyere studier blandt andet, at mennesker og dyrs calciumkanaler i cellemembraner (VGCC) bliver ødelagt, når de udsættes for kunstigt skabt bestråling fra f.eks. mobilstråling. Dette medfører, at reguleringen af kalk ophører, og at ophobet calcium i cellerne ødelægger basiske funktioner i kroppen.

Derunder testede og anerkendte eksponeringer på en lang liste af negative biologiske effekter: 
  • DNA enkelt- og dobbeltstrengspauser (DSB)
  • Oxidativ skade/Stress: (Oxidative skader på biologiske makromolekyler (lipider, proteiner, DNA)
  • Forstyrrelse af cellemetabolisme: (påvirkning af cellemetabolismen fører til metabolisk acidose - Acetylsalicylsyre forgiftning)
  • Øget blodhjernebarrierepermeabilitet: (Jo længere brugstid, og års brug, jo større er risikoen. Derudover har visse effekter, som neurondød i hjernen og blodhjernebarrierepermeabilitet fra radiofrekvensstråling vist sig at være endnu større, jo lavere er strømmen. En sådan risiko er øget for dem, der begyndte at bruge mobiltelefon som teenager eller yngre, da børn har vist sig at være næsten 4 gange risikoen for hjernetumorer sammenlignet med voksne)
  • Melatonin reduktion (Melatonin er det hormon, der styrer dit biologiske ur)
  • Forstyrrelse af hjernens glukosemetabolismen (Depression, stress og hjernefunktion:  lavt blodsukker, diabetes m.v.)
  • Generation af stressproteiner (stressproteiner, proteiner, der modvirker stressinducerede skader i celler)
  • Bemærk også, at Verdenssundhedsorganisationen (WHO) i 2011 klassificerede radiofrekvensstråling som et muligt 2-carcinogen.

Danmark Debat

Af: Pernille schriver, formidlingskoordinator i ehs foreningen, marslev, og thomas graversen, medlem af rådet for helbredssikker telekommunikation, st

Publiceret 19. februar 2019 kl. 18:58

5G: Vores folketingspolitikere har vedtaget, at Danmark skal være i front og med i verdenseliten med 5G. Det er godt, at vi har visionære politikere, som har ambitioner på Danmarks vegne. Dog er bagsiden af denne ambitiøse teknologiplan, at 5G ikke er blevet testet på nogen som helst måde. Ingen blåstempling, ingen godkendelse, ingen rapporter der bedyrer, at teknikken er sikker for mennesker, dyr og planter.

Et netop afsluttet stort anerkendt amerikansk forskningsprojekt, NTP-studiet, har påvist lav fødselsvægt, DNA-skader, forstadier til kræft og kræft hos forsøgsdyr under påvirkning af frekvenser fra 2G og 3G. Undersøgelser viser, at haletudser har 90% dødelighed, når de lever 140 meter fra en mobilmast. Myrer mister orienteringsevnen og honningbier kan ikke finde hjem til boet efter at have været ude for at lede efter nektar og pollen, når de påvirkes af stråling fra trådløs teknologi.

Ifølge menneskerettighederne er det ulovligt at udføre forsøg på mennesker uden deres fulde samtykke. Men vores 179 folketingspolitikere har stemt for at indføre 5G, og har derved selv sagt ja til 5G-teknologien. Vi vil derfor foreslå, at 5G bliver testet på Christiansborg. Installer 5G-sendere i alle kontorer, på gangene og i korridorer. Lad teknologien blomstre og opfordre til, at alle 179 politikere anvender 5G i så vid udstrækning som muligt de næste fem år. Lad forskere observere, teste og analysere de 179 forsøgspersoner løbende. Det bliver spændende at se, hvor mange som overlever, hvor mange som farer vild i korridorerne, og hvor mange som udvikler DNA-skader. Mon ikke Telebranchen vil betale for dette menneskeforsøg?



Telenor og Telia klar med første 5G antenne og 1 Gbit/s hastighed
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