October 22, 2015

Scientists at CERN Say They Plan to Make Contact with Parallel Universe (Or like Simon Parkes interpretation: CERN & the ARCHON AGENDA - 1947 alien technology was deliberately placed on earth back engineered to find its way to those who wanted it. That means we have a device like CERN, attempting to open a portal into fourth dimension to wipe out up to 75 pct of the world population. Evil intent to break people or humans connection to 'Source')


Scientists at Large Hadron Collider hope to make contact with PARALLEL UNIVERSE in days

 The staggeringly complex LHC ‘atom smasher’ at the CERN centre in Geneva, Switzerland, will be fired up to its highest energy levels ever in a bid to detect – or even create – miniature black holes.

If successful a completely new universe will be revealed – rewriting not only the physics books but the philosophy books too.

It is even possible that gravity from our own universe may ‘leak’ into this parallel universe, scientists at the LHC say.

The experiment is sure to inflame alarmist critics of the LHC, many of whom initially warned the high energy particle collider would spell the end of our universe with the creation a black hole of its own.

But so far Geneva remains intact and comfortably outside the event horizon.

Indeed the LHC has been spectacularly successful. First scientists proved the existence of the elusive Higgs boson ‘God particle’ – a key building block of the universe – and it is seemingly well on the way to nailing ‘dark matter’ – a previously undetectable theoretical possibility that is now thought to make up the majority of matter in the universe.

Government Implements Illegal “Gag Order” On National Weather Service And NOAA Employees (Chemtrails) - Oct 22, 2015 CET

Dane Wigington

The power structure is beginning to panic as the public wakes up to the criminal climate engineering insanity. The growing police state is completely out of control and becoming unimaginably blatant with their actions. In recent weeks Washington has placed "gag orders" on the following agency employees, "The National Weather Service", the "National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration", and the "US Department of Commerce". This is a massive red flag that should trigger alarm bells everywhere.

Bill Hopkins, the executive president for the National Weather Service employees organization (NWSEO) said this:

“As a taxpayer, I find it highly disturbing that a government agency continues to push gag orders to hide how they operate. This is the work of the American government, owned by the American public, and should be open to the American public.”

Jeff Ruch, the executive director "PEER" (Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility) said this about the "gag orders".

“The National Weather Service is about the last place where national security-style secrecy rules need to be enforced,” Ruch noted that the broad scope of the gag orders put much of what goes on inside the agency under wraps. “Everyone is free to talk about the weather except for the people working inside the National Weather Service. Go figure.”


Read more: http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/government-implements-illegal-gag-order-on-national-weather-service-and-noaa/

Dolores Cannon: One Year Beyond the Veil - Oct 22, 2015

Posted: 21 Oct 2015 07:00 PM PDT
by Candace Craw-Goldman

It’s been a whole year since Dolores Cannon died. At the time of her death she and her work were more popular than ever. She was on the brink of releasing her 18th book.

She had just completed teaching a series of courses that included the largest live Quantum Healing Hypnosis Level 1 class in history. There were more than 120 people in attendance.

It was amazing to be there to witness the packed auditorium and the standing ovation she got just walking down the aisle that first morning. Almost exactly one month after completing those courses, Dolores Cannon passed away, Oct 18th, 2014.

Much has transpired in the world, and in the world of QHHT- since Dolores made her transition. It is very clear to me, and to others whose passion it is to carry on with her work and mission, that her energy is still very present and she is still communicating and assisting humanity in her own unique way.

Nyheder fra ZAP og andre angående forestående Revaluering af Valuta og TRN - 22. Oktober 2015 CET

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1. Christine Lagarde met Li Jinping in the Chinese Embassy in London yesterday and agreements signed
2. Jinping met the Queen in private yesterday and agreements sign
3. Dinar transactions began today
4. Christine Lagarde will not release codes for boxes and bonds till Monday


China State-President XI is in London
HYPERLINK "http://english.cntv.cn/live/" http://english.cntv.cn/live/
He and the Queen announce the GOLDEN ERA
the news is that everything should start late tomorrow afternoon


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Schumann Resonance no update since September 21, 2015

It's a UFO (Unidentified Fluffy Object)! Bizarre cloud formations seen above Russian mountains resemble alien spaceships (VIDEO) - Oct 22, 2015

Kamchatka, in eastern Russia
Mt Shasta, CA, USA
The remarkable photographs of the clouds were taken above the volcanoes of Kamchatka, in eastern Russia

Shaped wide, flat and circular, and appearing to be hovering above mountaintops, they manage to resemble UFOs

They are actually known as 'lenticular' clouds and are formed by airflow flowing in waves over mountain peaks

Blogger: "A vortex is a mass of energy that moves in a rotary or whirling motion, causing a depression or vacuum at the center.... These powerful eddies of pure Earth power manifest as spiral-like coagulations of energy that are either electric, magnetic, or electromagnetic qualities of life force." - Page Bryant, Terravision: A Traveler's Guide to the Living Planet Earth

Lenticular clouds are formed by rushing moist air running straight into a mountain

These photographs show lenticular clouds hovering in the skies above Russia in a spectacular but rare phenomenon often mistaken for a UFO sighting. The clouds form after rushing, moist air runs straight into a mountain and is forced upwards before condensing on the downward slope, forming the appearance of a space ship. Photographer Vladimir Voychuk, from Klin, Russia, said it was not the first time he'd spotted the clouds above the volcanoes of Kamchatka, eastern Russia, but the first time he was able to capture it on film. He said: 'My personal favourite is the shot of the two grey clouds forming around the Klyuchevskaya Sopka volcano - taking that picture took my breath away. 'It's a pretty rare thing to capture on film because the cloud was formed not only by vapour but also the smoke coming out of the active volcano.' Despite having to travel thousands of miles to get there, Vladimir thinks Kamchatka is the most spectacular place in the world to photograph. He said: 'It's probably one of my favourite places to take pictures. It takes me a long time to get there but it's always worth it. I don't think there's anywhere in the world that's better.'


WikiLeaks: CIA Director John Brennan emails - Oct 22, 2015

CIA Director John Brennan emails

Today, 21 October 2015 and over the coming days WikiLeaks is releasing documents from one of CIA chief John Brennan's non-government email accounts. Brennan used the account occasionally for several intelligence related projects.

John Brennan became the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency in March 2013, replacing General David Petraeus who was forced to step down after becoming embroiled in a classified information mishandling scandal. Brennan was made Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism on the commencement of the Obama presidency in 2009--a position he held until taking up his role as CIA chief.

According to the CIA Brennan previously worked for the agency for a 25 year stretch, from 1980 to 2005.

Brennan went private in 2005-2008, founding an intelligence and analysis firm The Analysis Corp (TAC). In 2008 Brennan became a donor to Obama. The same year TAC, led by Brennan, became a security advisor to the Obama campaign and later that year to the Obama-Biden Transition Project. It is during this period many of the Obama administration's key strategic policies to China, Iran and "Af-Pak" were formulated. When Obama and Biden entered into power, Brennan was lifted up on high, resulting in his subsequent high-level national security appointments.

If you have similar official documents that have not been published yet, send them to WikiLeaks.

John Brennan Draft SF86

"National Security Position" form for John Brennan. This form, filled out by Brennan himself before he assumed his current position, reveals a quite comprehensive social graph of the current Director of the CIA with a lot of additional non-govermental and professional/military career details. (17 November 2008, Author: John Brennan)

Download PDF or view HTML version.

The Analysis Corporation