March 30, 2016

Benjamin Fulford Email Q and A: Chinese have ET Backers Ready to "interfere in the workings of this planet," Iraqi Dinar is a Bush/Clinton Scam (That's the reason i've 'almost' never post DinarGuru's Intel Reports, except 'zap office of poofness'... Like Dave Schmidt are saying "We will NEVER see a Public RV.." True or Not? - 20 million dinarians await your response - Be Prepare to Wait Forever, Guys!! )

By Ricardo Montalban

March 28, 2016

The following [was sent] to Benjamin Fulford:

May I be direct and ask to verify if you know of any powerful group the dinarland intel providers keep referring to as the Chinese Elders who claim to be or are with Chinese Ancient Royalty. The claim is they're the ones responsible for funding the upcoming world global currency reset. Being that they are profoundly proselytising Christ, they are viewed as authentic supernatural human beings.

20 million dinarians await your response. If the Chinese Elders are a fiction, there will be a lot of disillusioned people.

It's time to face reality or to be invigorated in our beliefs.

We can also reveal here that the Chinese, through the Dragon families, also claim extra-terrestrial contact going back thousands of years.

Ben would that be the Chinese Elders (500 + yrs old) we hear a lot about and their E.T. connections.

Also, you didn't mention the 737 crash in Rostov on Don. Rumor was CIA was onboard with 27M USD. From my observations, the flight path was consistant with a plane that was out of the flying envelope and the explosion was inconsistent with jet fuel burning. Jet fuel does not explode and tear the plane to a million pieces. Free fall from altitude does not do that much damage either. That aircraft was flight control disabled then blown up. My speculation is based on a 25 year flying career.

Fulford's response:
The Red Swastika secret society is the one that claims this contact. They have an office in Ginza, Tokyo that is filled with solid gold slab shaped shrines with strange writing on them. General MacArthur was involved with them.

Also, the dragon family guy I met in Singapore told me the Chinese had ET backers who were ready to interfere in the workings of this planet if we did not get our act together.
I have also heard stories of people hundreds of years old. The Soong sisters, for example, are said to still be around. I also met a man who looked exactly identical to Mitsuru Toyama, founder of the Black Dragon Society. It is weird stuff.

As far as the plane crash goes, I did not mention it because I had no real information or analysis to add to what was already out there.

Benjamin Fulford 古歩道ベンジャミン 090-3439-5558
Thank you for responding and the acknowledgement of the Chinese Elders. At least they are real and not a scam. But I do believe the Iraqis are making a huge effort to become UN Article 8 compliant hence revalue their currency.
The Iraqi Dinar thing is a Bush/Clinton scam and always has been. The Chinese elders are Christian though and wish to do good for the planet. If the White Dragon Society emerges victorious in its battle against the Khazarian mafia, I am sure we can find a way to help the Dinar people who are not part of the Bush/Clinton mafia.

Benjamin Fulford 古歩道ベンジャミン 090-3439-5558


David Icke Update: Schools are Programming Prisons For Your Kids (End-Of-Parent-hood: With the New School reform in Denmark and now in England - "Danish school days are among the longest in the world" Karen Tilma, a specialist in children's diseases - Danish children get sick of going to school. In my long life as a pediatrician, I have never experienced anything like it. Children arise with symptoms of stress and strain, headaches, migraines, stomach pain, anxiety symptoms, tics, sleep disturbances, severe tiredness, school absence and lost courage. And for children with special needs is a high risk that they get lost in the educational system..)


Published on Mar 25, 2016
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Update on the Boston Marathon Bomb Case — Paul Craig Roberts - March 30, 2016

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. Roberts' latest books are The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West and How America Was Lost.

Update on the Boston Marathon Bomb Case

Paul Craig Roberts

Movies are used to set official stories in stone, and a movie is going to be made about the heroic capture of a badly wounded 19 year old kid, not old enough to buy a beer, who, despite being shot up and severely wounded, is alleged to have written a confession in the dark on the side of a boat under which he was hiding to escape execution. Apparently, the 10,000 troops who violated the US Constitution and searched the houses of a shutdown Boston without warrants are going to be credited for “saving America from terrorism.”

I find it difficult to believe that a shot-up kid, who had to be put into intensive care when he was discovered, who was hiding from execution under an upturned boat, spent what little energy and life force he had left writing a confession in the dark on the inside of a boat. What convenient instrument to write with did he happen to have on hand?

Why would we believe assurances of such an unlikely confession from the same lying government that assured the world that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction justifying a multi-trillion dollar invasion that destroyed a county? We know for a fact that Saddam Hussein most certainly did not have weapons of mass destruction as President Bush later admitted, and even if he had, such possession is no justification for illegal US aggression that destroyed a country. Why would we believe a government that assured the world that Assad used chemical weapons against his own people, which we know for a fact was Washington’s made up excuse for invasion?

One wonders how much the Boston Marathon Bombing movie makers have been paid for setting the official story in stone. As one correspondent asked: “I’m wondering how they are going to portray Boston cops as heroes as they kill the older brother and then surround an unarmed teenager who is hiding under a boat. They start firing…they put a bullet through his face but the damned kid won’t die! Heroic Senator John McCain then explains how Miranda rights don’t apply in his case. Suddenly it’s discovered that while hiding in the boat he’s written a confession on the inside of the boat with a Sharpie…”

John Remington Graham has 48 years of legal experience as a defense attorney and as a prosecutor. An aunt of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who is herself an attorney in the Russian Federation, requested John Remington Graham to assist her in making an amicus curiae intervention in the federal district court in Boston. Mr. Graham has since written to the US Attorney General about conflicts between the government’s evidence and the guilty conviction. After 3 months, he has received no answer, an indication that the US Department of Justice has no interest whatsoever in what appears to be a wrongful conviction carrying a death sentence.

BREAKING: French counter-terror boss says Putin didn't kill Litvinenko, US and UK did - and he has proof (Alexander Litvinenko, the Russian spy who died from polonium poisoning, was killed by US and UK special services...)

Paul Barril
Ricky Twisdale, Russia Insider Tue, 29 Mar 2016 16:59 UTC
A former French official who has had senior roles in internal security and terror fighting has come forward with a remarkable statement: that he has documentary evidence proving that Alexander Litvinenko, the Russian spy who died from polonium poisoning, was killed by US and UK special services.

In a lengthy interview which is soon to be published, he goes further, saying that Litvinenko's murder was a special sevices operation designed to defame Russia and Vladimir Putin, that the notorious Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky was involved, and was himself killed by MI6 when he became a liability. He even says he knows the code name of the operation: "Beluga".

From Oped News, Monday, March 27:
Operation Beluga: A US-UK Plot to Discredit Putin and Destabilize the Russian Federation

Renowned French security expert Paul Barril has let loose a bombshell: the existence of Operation Beluga, a covert Western intelligence scheme intended to undermine Russia and its leaders.

Is that what's behind much of the threatening rhetoric now going back and forth between the US and Russia?

Barril exposed Operation Beluga in a recent interview with Swiss businessman Pascal Najadi on the 2006 Alexander Litvinenko death case. Litvinenko was a reputed former spy who many believe was murdered with radioactive polonium on orders of Vladimir Putin.

Najadi says the interview drew out the converse revelation that Litvinenko was actually killed by "an Italian who administered the deadly polonium 210." What's more, he astonishingly says, the operation was carried out under the auspices of the US and UK.

In my books The Phony Litvinenko Murder and Litvinenko Murder Case Solved I've written about an Italian connection. But I can't confirm that Barril is talking about the same person.
Barril's allegations should be taken seriously. He is a renowned French intelligence figure who is known in France as "Superflic", which translates roughly as "Supercop." In the French public eye he is a kind of combination of Eliot Ness, James Bond, and William Bratton. For many years he was the second in command of the ski-mask wearing GIGN, the legendary elite French special forces unit, who top the "badass" rankings of special forces anywhere, and had other high ranking internal security positions in the French government.

ExoNews TV – Navy Disseminated Nazi Antigravity Secrets to Leading U.S. Companies & Think Tanks - March 30, 2016

Ep 1 Title Navy disseminates Nazi secrets

In this exclusive ExoNews TV interview series we hear directly from William Tompkins’ about his work for U.S. Naval Intelligence during the Second World War. He reveals that he was directly involved in debriefings by Navy Spies embedded in Nazi Germany’s most advanced aerospace projects – some of which involved antigravity flying saucers that were capable of space flight.
Tompkins job was to design intelligence briefing packets based on the Navy spies debriefings, and to then deliver these packages to leading U.S. aerospace corporations, think tanks and universities for study and evaluation.
Tompkins describes how from 1942 to 1945, he participated in over a thousand debriefings of U.S. Navy spies, who had been embedded in leading Nazi Germany aerospace corporations involved in building flying saucers. Disseminating this vital intelligence information to various U.S. aerospace corporations and universities was Tompkins primary responsibility.
Tompkins said that he served under Admiral Rick Obatta who was in charge of intelligence operations out of the Naval Air Station at San Diego, and three Navy captains who were specialists in different areas of Naval aircraft design, engineering, and procurement. In the interview, he describes some of the circumstances of the debriefings that he participated in.
The following interview extract features Tompkins answering questions from Dr. Robert Wood and I on the information he gained from the Navy operatives, the different corporations and thinks tanks he travelled to, and some of the aerospace technologies that were being secretly developed by the Nazis during the War.
Tompkins begins the interview by describing the small office where the debriefings of the Navy spies took place at Naval Air Station, San Diego.

Nej til krig i Syrien - DEMONSTRATION torsdag d. 31. 3. 2016

torsdag d. 31. 3. 2016
16-18 Christiansborg Slotsplads

Ingen tropper eller kampfly til Syrien.

Det er i strid med folkeretten, uden FN-mandat og vi er ikke inviteret.

Nej til dansk krigsdeltagelse.

Konferencier: Anne Marie Helger & Tanja
Talere: Katrine Aagaard, fagl. sekr. PLS – Anders Koustrup Kærgaard, veteran, whistleblower – Christian Juhl, mf Enhedslisten - Claus Westergreen, fmd. 3f BJMF - Gerd Berlev, TID TIL FRED-aktiv mod krig - samt en beretning fra Palæstina, ved Pernille Grumme

Musik mm: Travellin’ band – Fin Alfred – Grev Lyhne

Initiativet er taget af: 3F Bygge-, Jord- og Miljøarbejdernes Fagforening BJMF, Enhedslisten, TID TIL FRED – aktiv mod krig

Anbefales og støttes af:
3F BJMF – Aldrig mere krig – AKTIVE ANTIFASCISTER FIR-DK 2016 – Antifascistisk Forum – APK – Budskab fra græsrødderne – Dansk Cubansk Forening – Demos – Den palæstinensiske nationale forsamling i Danmark – Enhedslisten – Fey-kurd – Folkeringen – – Fredsvagten – Horserød-Stutthof foreningen – Internationale Socialister/ISU – KPiD – KP – Kunstnere for fred – Kurdistan Initiativet – Kvinder i sort – Migrante Denmark – Nationalpartiet – Nazim Hikmet Kulturforening – PLS – Stilladsarbejdernes Landsklub – TID TIL FRED aktiv mod krig – Trans-Europæisk Fredsdialog – Valby og Sydvest mod krig – Århus mod krig og terror - 911truth

University of Alaska Fairbanks Professor Launches New 9/11 Research Project - March 30, 2016

Also read: (Repost) 9/11 History Made in Danish High Court - WTC 7 & Nano-thermite Evidence Admitted (Two 'fantastic brave' independent private citizens dare to stand-up against the fascist Zionazi-Crime-Cabal. Victorious UK Tony Rooke, refused to pay TV license fee, accusations against BBC who reported the collapse of WTC 7 - 20 minutes before it actually fell. Danish nano-chemist Dr. Niels Harrit Performs a Master Class in Danish High Court about 9/11)
By Derrick Broze -

Dr. J. Leroy Hulsey, Chair of the University of Alaska Fairbanks’ (UAF) Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, is conducting a study into the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 on September 11, 2001.

Dr. J. Leroy Hulsey, of the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and two Ph.D. research assistants are partnering with the non-profit Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth for an engineering study known as “World Trade Center Building 7 Evaluation.” The researchers are using finite element modeling to evaluate the possible causes of World Trade Center Building 7’s collapse.

Although questions still remain about how the two planes that hit the Twin Towers could cause the total collapse of the high-rise buildings, many 9/11 researchers now focus on the mysterious collapse of building 7. A number of 9/11 family members point to the collapse of WTC7 as a possible crack in the official story that could spark a new national conversation on the events of that day. WTC7 was not hit by a plane that day; however, it collapsed at 5:20 p.m. according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the official cause for the collapse was office fires. A growing number of family members, activists, architects and engineers question the official theory for collapse and are seeking a new investigation into WTC7.

Nykredit og det danske realkreditsystem i forfald - deres arrogance er kun overgået af deres uvidenhed om "Folkets magt" (Basel-komité og JP hiver tæppet væk under Nykredits ledelse, mens Kritikere gør klar til retssag. Nyt " lavpris" realkreditinstitut på vej, men hvilket?) 30. Marts 2016

Basel III og den finansielle sektor

Basel-komité og JyllandPosten hiver tæppet væk under Nykredits ledelse

JP har tilsyneladende gjort sig den ulejlighed og ringe til Basel-Komitéen, efter den seneste tumult omkring den udmeldte bidragsforhøjelse i Totalkredit, som ejes af Nykredit. JP har fået et opsigtsvækkende klart svar, som kan læses i JP´s artikel. Nykredit bliver nu undsagt fra værste side – nemlig af den internationale komité, som selskabet beskylder for at indføre nye regler, der tvinger Nykredit til at hæve priserne og gå på børsen. Det er første gang, at den magtfulde Basel-komité blander sig direkte i den danske debat, der har rejst sig som en storm, efter at Nykredit i februar fortalte om de nye tiltag, som ifølge selskabet er en direkte konsekvens af kommende kapitalkrav fra komitéen,” hedder det i artiklen. Det er god journalistik. For udmeldingen fra Basel Komiteen er uhyggelig klar: Den fjerner desværre den sidste rest af troværdighed og tillid til Nykredits ledelse, og det er samfundsmæssigt et stort problem, da Nykredit er en af landets største finansielle koncerner. Netop finansielle koncerner lever i den grad af tillid og troværdighed, og derfor er det nu ved at udvikle sig til et samfundsproblem, at ledelsen kegler rundt i manegen. Lad nu kunderne få den rigtige begrundelse for en eventuel nødvendig børsnotering. Det er sidste chance.


Kritikere gør klar til retssag mod Nykredit

Gruppen af kritikere af Totalkredits bidragsforhøjelser er i dialog med Forbrugerrådet og advokater om at anlægge sag mod Nykredit og Totalkredit. Den massive kritik af Nykredits kommende bidragsforhøjelser for kunder i Totalkredit ser nu ud til at resultere i en retssag.
”Vi er ved at samle ind til en retssag mod Nykredit og Totalkredit,” fortæller Sanne Fonnesbæk Vestergaard, der er en af de aktive medlemmer i Facebook-Gruppen ”Kritiske Interessenter i Nykredit og Totalkredit, der tæller over 40.600 medlemmer.....

Professor saver realkredit-udvalg over: Slet ikke nok

Opgaven til et nyt udvalg, der skal undersøge realkreditsektoren, kradser kun i overfladen, mener professor på CBS Finn Østrup. Realkreditsektoren bør kulegraves helt, fordi den har ændret sig markant, mener han. Allerede inden det første møde er der krads kritik af erhvervsminister Troels Lund Poulsens (V) udvalgsarbejde om forholdene i realkreditsektoren. Udvalget er nedsat som følge af den storm af protester, som Nykreditkoncernens prisstigninger har medført.....

Kundestorm sender Nykredits image i frit fald

Den seneste måneds kundeprotester har sendt Nykredit ud på en imagemæssig nedtur. »Nykredits omdømmetab er både brat og dybt og minder om Danske Banks nedtur i 2012 og 2013,« siger analysefirmaet Yougov. En Facebook-gruppe med flere end 40.000 vrede kunder og hundredevis af avisartikler og TV-indslag har sat sit tydelige præg på realkreditkoncernen Nykredits image...

Stadig stor usikkerhed om regler bag Nykredits prisforhøjelser 

Et nyt udspil fra den såkaldte Basel-komité har langtfra lukket debatten om baggrunden for Nykredits stigende priser. Ifølge en ekspert skubber Nykredit »det store Basel-uhyre« foran sig, men Nykredit fastholder, at udspillet »bekræfter« baggrunden for prisforhøjelserne. Hvad er baggrunden for de stigende priser hos den danske realkreditgigant Nykredit?

Skyldes det, som Nykredit selv siger, forventede skrappe krav fra den såkaldte Basel-komité, som sætter standarderne for finansielle virksomheder? Eller skyldes det, som kritikerne siger, at Nykredit forsøger at gøre sig lækker over for investorer i forbindelse med den kommende børsnotering?

Svarene på de spørgsmål er der fortsat langtfra enighed om, selv om Basel-komiteen torsdag i sidste uge offentliggjorde et foreløbigt udspil til de regler, som Nykredit har brugt som hovedforklaring på de stigende priser.

Where's Denmark's gold? Not Blue or Black, but Pure gold, slightly reddish yellow. The answer will leave you stunned (The Secret Gold Treaty. Owners of Empire - The Vatican, the Crown and the District) - March 27, 2016 CET

Here is 3D matrix of illuion of why's: The Danish mortgage finance system (Det danske realkreditsystem) has been a mainstay of the economy for literally hundred s of years and has performed well in extremely difficult circumstances. Danish covered bonds backed by mortgage loans are: of high credit quality; very liquid; and among the best & largest investment alternatives to government bonds in the world... Covered bonds backed by mortgage loans totaled nearly €360 billion at the end of 2013, second only to Spain (just over €400 billion) in aggregate amount. The stock of covered bonds is equivalent to 143 percent of GDP, more than four times as large as in any other country. The covered bond market is also nearly four times larger than the Danish government debt market. Denmak/IMF Financial Sector Assessment Program. Read the rest of the story here

Ophavsmand til rentetilpasningslånetypen - Flexlån®?

FIAT penge kartellet  6. Marts 2016

Verdens bedste boligfinansiering?
Det danske realkreditsystem er kaldt verdens bedste. Ekstremt lave renter til boligejere og robust nok til at gå stort set uberørt gennem finanskrisen. Men nu vil den sidste forening, Nykredit, omdannes til et aktieselskab. Kritikere kalder det en katastrofe for de 59 procent af landets befolkning, der bor i ejerbolig, og Nykredit er havnet i en storm af vrede kunder

»Vi kom fra en verden, hvor realkreditten var en slags non-profit virksomhed med lave, men faste og sikre afkast. Men det var nødvendigt at transformere virksomheden,« siger Jørgen Nue Møller. Det førte også til, at Realkredit Danmark i 1996 opfandt flekslånet - et lån med en rente, der blev tilpasset kortere eller længere mellemrum. Arkitekterne bag det hyperpopulære lån var i øvrigt Lars Rohde, der i dag er nationalbankdirektør, og Bjarne Graven Larsen, der i dag er investeringsdirektør i den store canadiske pensionskasse, OTTP.

Warning! Global Government Imminent! Agenda 2030, TTIP, TPA, & TPP

Læs også: CETA, FTAA, NAFTA, TPP, TTIP, TISA, GATS, CISPA - Alt-i-Ét løsningen for globale virksomheder, NGO'er, fagforeningers totalitære kontrol af menneskeheden. Globalisternes Bedst Bevarede Hemmelighed... 17. Marts 2016 

Published on Mar 26, 2016
The elite are making a major move towards a one world government, AKA the New World Order. This is beyond conspiracy theory now, it is a reality.

De tre T'er: Telepati, Telekinese, Teleportation - Der findes nogen fantastiske unge talentfulde tryllekunstnere rundt om i verden, så som engelske 'Dynamo' 29. Marts 2016

Udgivet første gang den 27. December 2014 af

Tænk nu hvis, alt det vi ser med det blotte øje, ikke er en illusion, synsbedrag og manipulation, som man til tider kan mistænke de bedst kendte og længst levende legender, så som Siegfried & Roy ( en tysk-amerikansk duo af tidligere nutidige tryllekunstnere og entertainere, som optræder på Mirage Resort and Casino siden 2003)
Eller hvad med  David Copperfield (Airplane Vanish) ( David Copperfield den mest succesfulde tryllekunstner i historien. Vundet 21 Emmy Awards, 30 år indbragte ham 11 Guinness World Records, en stjerne på Hollywood Walk of Fame, og en ridder af den franske regering; og han har fået navnet en levende legende af den amerikanske Library of Congress) 
Men alt det er jo Show Business, en milliard forretning i Vegas kulørte lampeskær. Det imponere os ikke mere, for mig er det blevet lidt mere af en pornooptræden end et magisk tryllekunst, uden Wauv Effekt. Vi så en ny tendens, da David Blaine vidste sig på gaden (Street Magic) og udførte stunts og magi på åben gade. (Mest kendt for "frosset i tid", hvor han blev blevet indefrosset i blok af is i 72 timer, den anden stunt "vertigo", hvor han stod på 100 fods søjle i 35 timer i "Over nedenfor "det var verdens tv-dækning, hvor han blev suspenderet i glaskasse ved Themsen i 44 dage uden mad og mange flere)    
Der findes masser af talentfulde tryllekunstnere, også i Danmark, men den ene tryllekunster som imponere mig mest lige nu, er også en gadedreng som Blaine, nemlig Dynamo Magician Impossible, siden 2009, er han nok den mest jordnære og ukomplicerede bekendskab af en "ægte" tryllekunstner, end nogen anden. (Steven Frayne, almindeligvis kendt under sit kunstnernavn "Dynamo", er en engelsk tryllekunstner, bedst kendt for sit show Dynamo: Magician Impossible. Dynamo blev født i Bradford, England.)

Jeg ved jo godt, vi alle sammen hele tiden vil afmystificere alt det vi ikke forstår eller kan bevise, "det er jo bare trylleri og illusion" - det er da naturligt. Mirror eller dailymail og alle de andre tabloid aviser er da også hurtigt ude med hvordan Dynamos hemmeligheder er afsløret. Vi sætter Autopilot på : skepticisme
Dynamo har vist os han kan udføre en levitation med en kørende London bus og gå på Themsen. Han teleportere også en mobil telefon fra sin egen hånd ned i en tom Cola flaske, får en person til at trække en halskæde igennem Dynamo's egen hals og jeg kunne blive ved...  Så forleden hvordan han sammen med Jamie Oliver kunne "fremvise" en skrevet sætning ud af det blå, fra en dyb tallerken, hvor bunden kun var dækket af vineddike, en opskrift som Jamie tænkte på (Telepatisk)  
... men tænk nu, hvis der fandtes mennesker som kunne bruge Telepati, Telekinese samt
Teleportation... For en del år tilbage, har to Whistleblowers uafhængigt rapporteret omkring teleportering til Mars fandtes, fordi de skulle møde Mars rumvæsener (siden 1970'erne er teleportation anvendt) for blot at sætte en anden surrealistisk vinkel på det hele... gu fanden er det langt ude... men hvis vi fortsætter at blive ved med at forblive i en tilstand, der kun fremmer logik, fysiske beviser og benægtelse, kan det være svært at udvikle os til næste trin i vores evolution...  I vores bestræbelser på, at alle skal være ens tænkende, opdraget på nogenlunde ens vilkår i den vestlige verden, undergrave egne behov og drømme...flyde med strømmen, gør os ikke ligefrem frittænkende individer, og lege med tanker så som, 'tænk nu hvis' verden så anderledes ud. Er det så hammerende nødvendigt, at skulle bevise, at jorden nu også er rund hele tiden og rumvæsener hører kun til i Hollywood filmene?... 

... hvor mange tør springe ud og erklære sig 100 procent upåvirket af vores 3D matrix af illusion?

- Åbensindet, tror på engle og dæmoner, er afklaret med der er mere end hvad øjet ser, gør os fri af begæret, pengebehovet, ligefrem udøvende uselviskhed, selvstændigt, være tilstede i en magt- og kontrolfri zone, at leve minimalistisk, gøre sig fri af forældres faste tankemønstre fra det vi lærte i vores barndom, politikkere og myndighederens konstante træng til at opdrage og bestemme? Jeg ved det ikke... men måske er det blot 2 procent af verdens befolkning som lige nu lever for en spirituel opvågnen, så vi har langt vej endnu...  

Jesus through John Smallman: The awakening of humanity is occurring right now, in this eternal moment

Sananda udsender ugentlige budskaber for tiden, for os som har fulgt Jesus Sananda i længere tid, har det altid været en fryd og opløftende oplevelse for vores forståelse, hvad der sker omkring os. Den Opstegne Mester Sananda / Jesus / Kristus / Jeshua tjener som en lærer af hele verden, og var en af ​​de største Spirituelle healere, der gik på vores elskede planet Jorden/Nova/Gaia. Det er vigtigt at forstå, alle vores opstegne mestre og de galaktiske venner, så at sige, ikke har tilladelse til at bruge Deres beføjelser for at ændre forløbet af civilisationer, kun i yderst sjældne tilfælde. Universets lov. 

Kanaliseret af John Smallman
© 2016

Jesus Audio Blog for Wednesday March 30th

Humanity is precisely on schedule for its imminent awakening. God wills that humanity awaken, and humanity has made the collective decision to awaken, so nothing can prevent it. Do not be discouraged by the mainstream media reportage of bad news. Yes, of course people are suffering in wars and in dire poverty in many places on Earth, but this is nothing new, war and poverty have been endemic on Earth for eons. However, never before have so many cared compassionately about the suffering and poverty that those less fortunate than themselves are undergoing, and never before has so much been done to alleviate poverty and suffering, and to bring wars to an end.

The vast majority incarnate on Earth at this time are ready for enormous changes to occur to bring the way you live into line with the divine Will, which is, of course, utterly in agreement with each of your wills, even though many seem, as yet, to be unaware of this collective will. In fear, many, not seeing the true spiritual trend of human evolution, still cling to judgment and blame, while deep within themselves they are desperately hoping and praying for the change that is imminent.

Sakurajima Major Eruption (ECETI: "Right after major solar event as expected"...) March 29, 2016

Last update: 29 Mar 2016
Typical eruption style: Explosive
Sakurajima volcano eruptions: 1955-ongoing, 1954(?), 1950, 1948, 1946, 1942, 1941, 1940, 1939, 1938, 1935, 1914-15, 1899(?), 1860, 1799, 1797, 1794, 1792, 1791, 1790, 1785, 1783, 1782, 1779-81, 1756, 1749, 1742, 1706, 1678, 1670(?), 1642, 1478, 1471-76, 1468, 778, 766, 764,
716-18, 712(?), 708. stratovolcano 1117 m / 3,665 ft Kyushu, Japan, 31.59°N / 130.66°E
Current status: erupting (4 out of 5)Sakurajima webcams / live data Sakurajima volcano videos

34 Year Old Doctor/Cancer Researcher Found Dead in Field

Posted: 29 Mar 2016 07:00 PM PDT
We are sorry to report that yet another cancer researcher/doctor has been found dead. This young doctor was from the UK (as were a few others we’ve reported on in recent weeks).

by Erin Elizabeth

Despite being found dead in a field by a passerby and the fact that the autopsy was inconclusive, the death is not being treated as suspicious.

This comes as no surprise as many of the doctors who have been found dead have had their deaths ruled out as suspicious right away (including one UK researcher found hanging in a tree in a rubber suit).

Nyheder fra ZAP og andre angående forestående Revaluering af Valuta og TRN - 29. Marts 2016

Finansielle Akronymer


Music lyrics and video are at the end [hey, didn’t I see this posted here?]. A few selected highlights below.

[Poof] “We are more hopeful now than we have been in the past that spigots will open and monies will become a reality. The changing, shifting tides and the movements of those who would count this activity are still on-going, yes, of course. But the efforts to stymie the forceful of their efforts and stem to redirect the tide of funds has been seen for what it is. Now Folks, do the nice thing and add your positive energies to this on-going efforts.
“Now is the time to pay attention to the entire political scene–to know that some ideas and some things are going to be popping through that have been hinted at in earlier times. Now is the time to make good on promises and this is the case. Make your efforts a focused endeavor and remain loyal to the intended outcome.”
[Susan] “Please take advantage of this time of re-birth and regeneration. The next few weeks will be full of our much anticipated resources and will begin a new phase in our evolution of truly improving Humanity..S..”
Greetings and Salutations:

Sheldan Nidle opdatering for Galaktiske Føderation af lys og åndelige hierarki - 29. Marts 2016

Hvem er Sheldan Nidle: Sheldan Nidle er grundlægger af Planetary Activation Organization, en UFO religion. Han siger at han er i stand til former for telepatiske kommunikation, samt er i kontakt med rumvæsener. Han er tit kanal for budskaber og formidler af Det Galaktiske Føderation Af Lys.

Hjælp til NESARA etc: - Finansielle akronymer

Many amazing things are happening. Together, we can ensure that these events are the true beginning of an Age of Light. As a unit of Love and Light we can change this world! Use your incredible energies to permit these wonders to appear.

Ummac Dan ~ Galactic Federation 
Symbol For The Sirian Star System

12 Ix, 7 Mac, 12 Manik

Dratzo! The slight delay around Easter is over and the funds are moving forward again. This cat-and-mouse game of stop/start is related to the concern of the ancient families and royals over the sudden way that the oligarchs strike and how they too often disregard whatever they have agreed to. This wariness is thus reflected in the odd way funds have moved over the past few weeks. We have sincerely questioned these tactics and suggested alternative methods for countering this continued distrust of the way this process is to conclude. In any case, you are to eventually receive your initial funds and are to see the downfall of the rulers who compose their many defacto regimes. In fact, let it be known that the farcical false flags in both Paris and Brussels are just ways used by the dark to show that its days of manipulating you are not over. As long as their puppet governments rule, you can expect even more attempts to scare you. Fortunately, the new American Republic proposed by NESARA is quite close to actual fruition. There are still a few kinks left to work out and a stronger set of agreements to be put in place.

Entire indy film industry has been infiltrated by pro-vaccine group: Sundance, Tribeca, film schools and more

The Health Ranger
In looking more deeply into the Tribeca Film Festival censorship of the "VAXXED" documentary, we've uncovered an extraordinary story that reaches all the way back to the Nazi era.
The Sloan Foundation, founded by Alfred P. Sloan who helped the Third Reich fast-track weapons factories to slaughter innocents in Europe, has financially infiltrated all the top film festivals and film schools across America.
They're using cash handouts to influence and alter film scripts, essentially "buying" influence across the independent film industry, including Sundance and Tribeca.
What's their goal in this? Very likely to portray science and eugenics as the answer to humanity's problems. It's the same twisted realm as vaccines, GMOs, synthetic biology and the use of human children for medical experiments (still happening today under Big Pharma).
I've created a stunning infographic connecting all the dots on this.
And click here to read my well-documented article that will leave you reeling in disbelief that this is still happening in our world.

Massive illegal vaccine scandal in China has citizens asking, 'Is this genocide?'
Experts urge for change in global drug policy after evidence shows 'War on Drugs' has been detrimental to human health and rights

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