Sep 3, 2022

🙏 ~ 💝 (How To Lose Friends & Readers In ONLY 5 moves) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ 💕 | Blogger: A THOUSAND times over... You ARE what you have LEARNED!.. LEARNING TO UNLEARN... A Spiritual Awakening occurs when you begin to SEE the TRUE nature of REALITY. Because it truly is like WAKING up from a DREAM... I have a Ph.d. in BS with 16 yrs of SCHOOL time and TWICE as much EXPERIENCE working hard and being STRESSED out inside the Machine City Banking Matrix business world... Going THROUGH a spiritual awakening can be a CONFUSING, LONELY, and ALIENATING experience... You might FEEL like you’re LOOSING your MIND or that something is WRONG with you. The GOOD NEWS is that a spiritual awakening is actually a SIGN that you’re GROWING and EVOLVING as a person. And without PAIN, there would be no GROWTH... I can SMELL bullshit from a MILE away but it's so much HARDER to detect when it's AROUND you all day. Meaning, I get fooled EASILY with people close to me, because I TRUST people and are GENTLE and a NICE person, the FIRST time, but after some HEAVY research and inner TALKS, spiritual guidance, I stick to my INNER fact-checking-machine whether it's with people CLOSE to me or NEWS. Fool me ONCE, shame on YOU; fool me TWICE, shame on ME. SoTW gets it WRONG every single DAY about lot's of "stuff". I do PRAYERS for STRENGTH to be Spiritually TOUGH and HUMBLE... |


👼 ~ ❤️ ('Sol, God and Gaia trinity') Matthew’s Message, Sept. 1, 2022 💕~ | Blogger: [👉Light-love energy, effects; Sol; Ukraine situation; documents in Trump’s home; chemtrails, weather manipulation; pestilence; ET crews; cellular memories; opinion, judgment; doubles; photon belt; devic kingdom"👈] ... Oh my Lord. Just what i needed today. Outstanding! Also for "newbies" just spirituel awaken and totally confused. A must-read! Thank you Matthew - looove it🥰🍾🎁✨🛐... |

'The removal of documents from United States president Trump’s home is part of the plan he and others in the international group crafted to expose and rid the extensive corruption in that country’s governance. The group includes visiting extraterrestrials and members of the ET special forces.' ~ Matthew

Channeled by Suzy Ward
© 2022 matthewbooks

Blogger's note: This is about channeled information on reincarnation, karma, extraterrestrials, spirituality & metaphysics from Matthew Ward through his mother Suzanne. It's so exciting how Matthew's messages resonates with me and many others. Catch the moment of truth and level of explanation easing to expand our understanding in our low density or world of 3D matrix of illusion. Similar to our Galactic channeled Sheldan Nidle messages and deceased Montague Keen (both Sheldan and Montague has stopped given us updates)  

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Everything in existence is energy vibrating at a specific rate in one of countless frequencies in accordance with the degree of consciousness. From our experience as volunteers like you, we know it’s difficult to think that way about self and what is transpiring on Earth, but that is how the universal laws of physics operate, so let us speak about how that is affecting your world.

The low vibrations of control, greed and deception are being overcome by the high vibrations of self-confidence, optimism and freedom as more and more of Earth’s peoples are absorbing light. Light, the same energy as love, is Creator, the Source of All That Is—that is who you are, who every soul in the cosmos is—and the light you radiate is helping Earth’s peoples awaken into that reality. By observing the ongoing drama of this process but not being drawn into it, you are further empowering yourselves, the peoples, and all other light beings in this universe.

Everything happening on Earth is the effect of how every resident is using Creator’s energy. The light forces’ efforts to remove all darkness still are happening mostly off-stage, so to say, and be assured that everything is moving apace to transform life throughout your world. Our dear sisters and brothers, your contributions are as vital in this moment as they have been all along.

⚔️⛽🛢️🏭 ~ (Don't forget there's ongoing war & what we're up against) Misc. News and Reports 9/2/22 PM (Rumor Mill News) ~ | Blogger: What have you learn in School today?... Sad story - could be, but these are the facts Jack. Every minute in the western hemisphere media circus there's a story that Putin (2nd clone) and the Russian nations (+ BRICS) who's portrayed as the "brutal killers" of the world and USA Inc. NWO with NATO, EU are the BEST never to be defeated, has become "sudden" close neighbor and allies to Ukraine. Yes, U.S.S.R. with their many leaders and 1st original "Putin" could have been really bad for HUmanity. Stalin killed millions - worst man-made famine in History - worse than Hitler (that was a Rothchild)?. Was is really Gorbachev and Reagan's friendship that helped thaw the Cold War? As far as I know, since Reichskommissariat Ukraine and during World War II, was a Nazi German-occupied Ukraine and today still is controlled by 4th Reich Nazies and CIA. That, and of course, Ukraine, has one of the biggest CABAL's hideout, with 40 western funded biolabs, Pyramids, that holds pure evil 4-D entities and DUMBs lair and much, much more. That is just my own opinion (and other truthers). My former wife was from Ukraine, very pretty and clever, but hated the Russians, like the plague. She was taught in the school, family and friends, to hate Russia. I have been both in Russia (Saint Petersburg) and Ukraine (Odessa) on vacation. But she also said to me, that Ukraine, is 100% corrupted and you can't trust the governmental body. Later I've learned, that the Ukraine’s Orange Revolution of 2005 was sparked by the election fraud and US, was behind it. Later, there's so much credible evidence, that Ukraine's 2014 revolution was due to a CIA coup. And we could go on that road, until there's no pavement... The Masters of American propaganda and the military–industrial complex (MIC) cannot STOP Russia (and the White Hats). Not in Ukraine, not what they did after the Kazakhstan fall - second largest Illuminati Capital of the New World Order & Bitcoin stronghold overthrown. Because of all that, the rest of the World, has to suffer. Putin is carrying out the trash together with gold-backed currency BRIC nations. The 13 blood-line banking families, trying, until last-man-standing, to stop them all, but there's no stopping Russia and BRICs (in my humble opinion)... |

Misc. News and Reports 9/2/22 PM

Posted By: GeorgeEaton
Date: Friday, 2-Sep-2022 14:07:15

Iran’s official news agency IRNA confirmed reports of a huge explosion at Abadan Refinery, the largest one in Iran, saying the blast was caused by a technical failure.

Nine ammunition depots and two Russian command posts have been destroyed over the past day.


Americans are struggling as inflation has surged to a new four-decade high because of rising prices for gas, food, and rent.

🔆😨🤯 ~ (Coming Cold Winter Survivalism + Solar Flash + Trumpet Noice + The RAPTURE Event?) An urgent to call all the Star seed guardians of earth (ISMAEL PEREZ INTERVIEW) ~ | Blogger: (SoTW comments) - MARK MY WORDS - this "Cold Winter" as CABAL (baddies) has named their next subproject of the umbrella organization "Agenda 2030" - Plus - Earth Alliance (goodies) the galactical Cosmic Center Solar Flash is gonna HURT (bad wordings) is gonna TOUCH every single ones of Mother GAIA's beloved Earthlings, both on a Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical plane (collapsed timelines). From the poorest of the poorest to billionaire heiresses to spoiled brat teenagers... INSANE world right now... "Janine Morigeau iPhone" newest video is talking about JETSON WHITE character (looks like a Goblin with pointy ears or Frodo - with all due respect - sorry got carried away) in Tom Numbers video and I honestly think, he's lost some nuts and bolts that have fallen out from his brain (pardon me). The “Destroyers of the Earth” in Revelation 11,18 , The bible Rapture, end-time event when all Christian Christ-followers experience death when the rapture hits? - GIVE ME A BREAK!. WAAAAIT FOR IT - its' Sept 3, 12.15 CET time - aaand I'm not dead... OMG! Juan O Savin says Prince William is an Anti-Christ and ruler, in the next 3 year timeline (WHAAAT!?!)... And don't care what Tom, Jetson & Juan thinks. SoTW is true soul of spiritual Service-2-Others belief-system and not a guru follower or have any strong religious beliefs towards the estimated 10,000 distinct religions worldwide. Yes I have once been inside the COBRA SCHOOL, but I'm out and got some teachings from Kriya Yoga and Horoscope (Swami Shankarananda Giri) and 2 Danish holistic doctors and many others and still learning, every day... We are not HUman beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a HUman experience... | 

🥳👵😂 ~ (Hendes Majestæts uhemmelige tjeneste: Hvem vidste hvad hvornår i FE-sagen?) E. 24: Forhud og landsforrædderi (Den Korte Podcast Arkiv Feb 2022) ~ | Blogger: [👉#FindsenGate 17-1-2022 - Lugter af fortielse, for at dække over Mørke-Mettes Syrien-børn, FE-agent Samsam og læk af NSA-dokumenter (kabel-aftale)??👈]... (SoTW) - HVOR er det sindssygt, at dem, som ønsker "Åbenhed", bliver sat i spjældet, såsom Findsen, måske Hjort. Andre efterretningschefer, bliver suspenderet i et år, nu pure frifundet, mens, Simon Andersen, ja, hvad er der sket med ham? Er "Barbamama Bims" Danmarks mest sikret og magtfulde i historien? Og hvorfor er, Poul Nyrup og Bill Clinton, ikke buret inde? (check jægerbog-sagen. + Agent Samsam i linket fra At en RUC-professor har skrevet en artikel (kan ikke finde) om at PET/FE, er en kriminel organisation som aflytter danske borgere og sælger oplysninger videre til USA. PET/FE Overvåger også Tilsynet med Efterretningstjenesterne, er en kendsgerning. Men forrådelsen starter jo i Politiets, PET og Centraladmin. top. Tag bare Coronakrisen og Minkslagteriet samt VakZinerne (KillSh0ts)... "Det som ingen ved" (‎What No One Knows (2008), er nok én af de bedste fiktionsfilm, der kommer tættest på, hvordan et virkelighedsbillede, kan se ud, under ledelse af (livsfarlige) PET/FE-operationer, der udfører og operere, uden overvågning og opsyn, med milliarder i hånden. Minder mig om, når alle kongelige er hævet over loven og ikke kan retsforfølges, er Danmark reelt set ikke en retsstat. Alle unge mennesker burde se denne film, ligesom vi andre, var tvungen til at se tyske og danske film om ungdom og identitet og lytte til NENA - 99 Luftballons, i Folkeskolen... Bramsen, Mette, Nick Hækkerup: ser selvfølgelig på sagen med meget, meget stor alvor. Dog, må eller ønsker ingen, journalister, chefredaktører, eksperter, forsvarets folk eller lignede udtale sig, undtagen, Hans Jørgen Bonnichsen, som har sagt; 📑Statsministeren og hendes depart.chef risikerer at skade Danmarks sikkerhed og det var dem, som fik FE-chef Lars Findsen, fængslet, i sag om læk og nu, Claus Hjort Vader.📑 FE-sagen kan få den danske regering til at gå af, men åbenbart er alle dækket ind under "frimureriets" beskyttelse, må man vel antage. Desværre, har jeg mistet kontakten til min aktive jæger/frømand-ven, ellers var det noget at det første, jeg ville spørge ham om... |

Fagfolk vil ikke finde sig i Mattias Tesfayes beskyldninger: »I modsætning til Mattias Tesfaye har jeg 41 års erfaring med efterforskning« (
Politiets telelogningsfadæse er så skandaløs, at det er svært at vide, hvor man skal begynde | Information
SFeren Mattias Tesfaye: Jeg brugte min ungdom på at vriste mig fri af kommunismen | Kristeligt Dagblad (
PET og FE er på intimideringstur blandt chefredaktører og udgivere : Denmark (


🤜»Kærlighed til fædrelandet er vores lov.« ~ Hemmingsen🤛

(Update: 27-2-2022 - reblogger denne igen, siden det også er kommet frem, at er endnu en Spionsag der omfatter en tidligere chef i Hollands militære efterretningstjeneste, som den Hollandske stat nødtvungen er presset til at grave liget op af jorden, for at undersøge det på ny. For ikke at forglemme, at Danmark grundlagde i 1976 det hemmelige spionnetværk Maximator, der består af fem europæiske lande. Europas fem øjne)

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Poul Nyrup
[👉'Kirsten Birgit, Rasmus Bruun og Malou ønsker hinanden et godt nytår og taler om hvad der er i pipeline. Kirsten har jo fundet på et nyt nyhedskoncept, et nyhedsshow, som på sigt skal finansiere Den Politiske Bivuak og Krænkernes Hjem. Rasmus mener, at Kirsten har stjålet et tweet fra ham, men er det overhovedet det samme? Kirsten har en god saftig bøf om hvem, der kom til at afsløre FE-chef Lars Findsen.'👈]