Jul 25, 2020

🙏 ~ 💝 Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ 💕 | PS: I have always been fascinated with the German Shepherd & Belgian Shepherd. As a kid I was the first to ask all my neighbors to become a dog walker, and for a short while, part of Danish Royal Military Police Force "K9 (Military, Police and Service Dogs)"... |

👤💄👵 ~ Melinda Doubtfire Gates - Welcome To The Grand Illusion! (Shaking My Head Productions) ~ | Blogger: Insaaaane! Robert Williams -- Mrs. Doubtfire transformation -- Melinda Gates!... Blah! BS!... However, according to Ancestry.com, Bill and Melinda Gates Died in 2013 and Hollyweird's satanic Grand illusional world of hidden "Genders" with Deep Fake, Faceapp and Special Effects Makeup - everything is possible... Think about Michelle Obama aKa Michael LaVaughn Robinson & Irrefutable proof that Serena Williams is born a man! - sex reassignment surgery (SRS)... |

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❌ ~ Trump Does The Unthinkable By Liz Crokin ~ | Blogger: [😜DISCLAIMER: This is NOT for the most of danes of Social Democrats Commies or Cabal (Jewish) Rothschild's International Family Banking Cartel countries... Q Anon WWG1WGA Where We Go One We Go All✌️] ... |

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I wrote an article titled Trump Does The Unthinkable in 2016 because I was so disgusted at the lies the mainstream media & loud-mouthed celebrities were spreading about then presidential candidate Donald Trump. No one had anything bad to say about Trump till he made the decision to run for President as a Republican. My goal was to capture the essence of who the real Donald Trump is. This article went viral immediately & recently it’s been circulating a lot again across multiple social media platforms. I decided to turn this article into a video to reach as many people as possible so they too can learn the true heart of our President during a time when it’s still very hard to find honest reporting anywhere in the media.

🥴 ~ 😘 AllesLandsmoder Mette-Mus, kan du mærke jorden er begyndt at brænde under fødderne!? Eller skal spindoktorerne, skyggeregeringen, frimurerne, W.H.O., Bill Gates og Kina, hjælpe dig gennem krisen, igen? Kom nu frem med det, var det den hemmelighedsfulde 'Black Nobility Mafia' som sagde du skulle lukke landet ned? 'Den brede myndighedsgruppe' var en LØGN (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: [👉Uddrag den 25.7.2020 med overskriften; "Kåre Mølbak: Jeg støttede nedlukning af skolerne👉:] ... 📑"B.T. havde fået aktindsigt i en mail fra syv timer før det pressemøde 11. marts, hvor Mette Frederiksen annoncerede nedlukning af blandt andet skoler, dagtilbud, vuggestuer og børnehaver. Her skrev Søren Brostrøm, at Sundhedsstyrelsen ikke ud fra sundhedsfaglige grunde kunne anbefale nedlukningen. I Brostrøms mail står, at den konklusion "har været drøftet med fagdirektør, professor Kåre Mølbak, Statens Serum Institut." Men Kåre Mølbak fortæller lørdag til Politiken, at han ikke delte de bekymringer, som Søren Brostrøm gav udtryk for i den mail. 'Således delte jeg ikke de bekymringer, som Søren Brostrøm gav udtryk for i den mail, som BT har fremlagt', skriver Mølbak med henvisning til B.T.s historie fredag📑 ~ B.T. / Ritzau"... Hvem i hede hule helvede taler SANDHEDEN?... |

⚖️🛸🙉 ~ U.S. Congress & Pentagon briefed that UFOs are not made on this earth (Dr. Michael Salla Exopolitics.org) ~ | Blogger: [👉The New York Times has just released a bombshell article on classified UFO briefings received by members of U.S. Congress and Pentagon officials that the craft involved are “off-world vehicles not made on this earth”👈] ... WHAAAAT!?... WAUV!... |

The New York Times has just released a bombshell article on classified UFO briefings received by members of U.S. Congress and Pentagon officials that the craft involved are “off-world vehicles not made on this earth”. The New York Times (NYT) story cites Dr. Eric Davis, a physicist currently working with the Aerospace Corporation, who gave briefings that classified corporate studies were being conducted on the “off-world vehicles” recovered and held in corporate facilities.

The authors of the NYT story, Ralph Blumenthal and Leslie Kean wrote the following about Dr. Davis’s groundbreaking briefings: (READ MORE)

👐 ~ 💗 Kp Message 7-25-20… “I’m here for ‘Expansion’ not ‘contraction'” 💕 ~ | Blogger: Hear! hear!... |

Holding the Light space for “the contrasts” is what I feel I’m here to do. At least at this moment. On this planet.
Sending and Holding the Light space for all who are currently playing their roles in this dramatically delightful play we are involved in. For myself, at least, that is very important.
I speak with and communicate with many people who have, oftentimes, widely disparate views about “things”… whether that be how the Light is coming into the planet, politics, Trump, Obama, Hillary, etc.
Not going into more details about this, but I’m sure many get the gist.
For myself, doing this, and BEing in this way, allows for Expansion. Expansion = Heaven (in my book, at least).
And that’s why I’m here.

👼 ~ 💓 A Message from my Higher Self: The New Age (TreeOfTheGoldenLight) 💕 ~ |

Channeled by Mike Quinsey

24th July 2020. Mike Quinsey.

Humans are very strong-willed and determined to overcome their difficulties and challenges to get through what will undoubtedly be a strenuous period in their lives. Having experienced two World Wars and many minor skirmishes, they are hardened to accept the many drawbacks that they face now and in the near future.

You will soon be coming out of your enforced lockdowns and other controls intended to keep you as safe as possible. The experience will cause a rethink about how you will live in the future, and how you can improve the quality of life and shake off the issues that still exist from many years ago. Already reviews are taking place to see what can be learnt from your experiences to make life easier and more enjoyable. The New Age is still in its early stages of development and you will have all to gain and nothing to lose.

There are younger generations [who] are ready with untapped skills and eager to put them to use for the general good of everyone. You have everything you need to take a leap forward that will be your first steps into a period of rejuvenation where, the old will be dispensed with and replaced with a new way of doing things. The know-how has been available for a long time and deliberately held back but there is no reason why it should continue any longer.

9️⃣1️⃣1️⃣ ~ 9/11, the JFK Assassination, and the Oklahoma City Bombing as a Strategy of Tension (voltairenet.org) ~ | Blogger: [👉Scholar and former diplomat Peter Dale Scott compares the events of September 11, the JFK assassination and the Oklahoma City bombing. He exposes the existence and continuity of a "deep state" behind the facade👈] ... |

Introduction: Structural Deep Events and the Strategy of Tension in Italy

From an American standpoint, it is easy to see clearly how Italian history was systematically destabilized in the second half of the 20th century, by a series of what I call structural deep events. I have defined these as "events, like the JFK assassination, the Watergate break-in, or 9/11, which violate the … social structure, have a major impact on … society, repeatedly involve law-breaking or violence, and in many cases proceed from an unknown dark force."

👯‍♀️⚖️👑 ~ Judge orders release of documents in Ghislaine Maxwell case & rejects gag order to silence accusers in the trial ~ | Blogger: [🤜Also check out the video: 'UNDERGROUND TUNNELS Secret Submarine Base GHIZLAINE MAXWELL JOE BIDEN'🤛] ... {PS: How MUCH does the danish elites, danish authorities and Joe Biden family knows?} ... According to James Munder's Youtube video at 19 minute marker he explains that Water Island, U.S. Virgin Islands, close to St. Thomas was acquired by the USA in 1917 from Denmark but continued to be owned by the Danish East Asiatic Company until several decades later. Then, the DoD bought this 500 acres Water Island from the danish government after WWII to protect the secret submarine, according to this video and wikipedia. Now used as a tropical gateway and James Biden and his wife, Sara, purchased a one-acre plot on Water Island in May of 2005... And we know for at fact that Jeffrey Epstein bought a second private island in the Caribbean using an unaware Dubai businessman as a front man to disguise his identity! Great Saint James, a 165-acre island in the United States Virgin Islands that neighbors Epstein’s “pedophile island” Small Saint James, was sold for $22.5 million to an offshore company, Great St. Jim LLC, in 2016. The Island was owned by Danish millionaire Christian Kjaer, who "refused" to sell due to Epstein’s reputation as a sex offender and former Henrik, Prince Consort of Denmark and many danish elites used to visit this particular island for many years ahead... Jeffrey Epstein’s New York, Palm Beach Homes to list for $110 Million... |

By request, 41-min video: James Munder - "UNDERGROUND TUNNELS Secret Submarine Base GHIZLAINE MAXWELL JOE BIDEN"
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🦠📶☢️ ~ 5G Radiation Linked To Coronavirus Infection, New Study Suggests (greenmedinfo) ~ |

5G Radiation Linked To Coronavirus Infection, New Study Suggests: A new paper published in the Journal of Biological Regulators & Homeostatic Agents posits there may be a unique, causally connected relationship between 5G millimeter wave exposure and Coronavirus; an idea which though widely discussed early on in the global COVID crisis, was eventually dismissed as “conspiracy theory” by the mainstream media and government officials, resulting in widespread censorship on social media platforms.

☀️ ~ 💗 Sunlight is still the best of disinfectants (Dr. Reiner Fuellmich) 💗 ~ | Blogger: 🤜Yesterday we have heard from an American Doctor Carrie Madej, DO is a Internal Medicine Specialist in McDonough, GA and has over 19 years of experience in the medical field who has EXPOSED the dangerous risks of fast-tracking a recombinant DNA / Nano / GMO / MRC-5 / Aluminum / Tattoo / MicrochipImplants / Etc. Covid-19 vaccine as 50% (164 million) americans has planned to get... 🤜We have also listen to the well known Danish Doctor Vibeke Manniche, PhD, consultant & lecturer EXPOSING the corruption in the danish government in regards to COVID-19 and today, 🤜the German Doctor and Attorney Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, part of the german corona investigative committee will EXPOSE the lies why German authorities used COUNTRY LOCKDOWN as last resort to stop a "harmless virus"... 📑Excerpts: "From a harmless flu virus which the majority of the population wouldn't even notice, face masks would not even help, they said. Suddenly the assessment was reversed from the same people previously declared everything in control, and end of March a LOCKDOWN was imposed in Germany, which I could hardly believe it, in one single stroke suspended all fundamental rights guaranteed (just like Denmark) by the german constitution. Even less could I believe that, initially far more than 90% of the german population had NOTHING to object to, (just like Denmark), but submitted themselves to without asking any question to the anti-corona measures and the mainstream media has fallen into this official line. As a lawyer, one knows of course, there are two sides to every coin and there's always more than one single opinion on anything and everything, actually, non-lawyers knows that too! That is why I looked for other opinions other than just professor Drosten (Dr. Germany's leading virologist and coronavirus expert Christian Drosten on Merkel's leadership) who has changed his views from basically HARMLESS to EXTREME DANGEROUS... 📑(..)... [LISTEN TO MORE] ... |

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