Mar 23, 2019 | 💓 ~ Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos ~ 💕 | Blogger: [🌟The Season Of Love. Your very own Sunshine Equinox Ascension Gateway. Wave-X Bombards the Earth and Frequency Shift. NEW CYCLE for Higher Consciousness HU-manity and processes to shift entire collectives to much higher timelines continually now🌌] ... While we wait on the “Special forces group" from the Light Forces - The Benevolent Alliance... The RV Reboot, the New Quan- tum Financial System, N.E.S.A.R.A & G.E.S.A.R.A, the EVENT, Planet X (the King planet, which Is coming), Spiritual DNA Activation, Spiritual Paradigm Shift etc. etc.... 💘 ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE 💖 ... PS: A traditional wedding ceremony has old religion rituals and implications, and is a 3D concept, but it's still a loving intended process. On the other hand, spiritual marriage (or chaste marriage) comes from the original divine law that marriage should be the union between soulmates who are attracted to each other by divine magnetism and not by the animal magnetism of sexual activity... By the way, i had tears in my eyes after Father Ray Kelly stunned newlyweds Leah and Chris O'Kane with a surprise note perfect version of the Leonard Cohen hit Hallelujah ... My higher self told me that April will be my lucky month to meet a new soul-mate.. can't wait... |

You are the salt of the world. We are the salt of the world. We live on Mother Gaia/Earth, but our base of operations should also include, the Cosmos. The universe seen as a well-ordered whole - a endless cosmos... Eternal, infinite and living, a conscious cosmos....

Giving Unconditional Love: 
Love yourself unconditionally. 
Unconditional love starts at home, with oneself. ... 
Make the loving choice. ... 
Forgive those you love. ... 
Don't expect to shield someone you love from all discomfort and pain. ... 
Be the protector of love, shine light in the ones who’s needed 

So, who AM I ? Where do I even begin? 
You maybe see me outside, a few like you, can also see me within. 
Who AM I? It’s not what others might see, 
Who I AM is not what others think of me. 
Who I AM is who I always was and who I will always be, 
A dreamer that just wants to be free, 
A warrior of light for eternity.

The Rumor Mill | ~ Q-anon: "BLOCKADE REMOVED."; "[They] thought it was coming last Friday. Ammunition spent. Q" ~ | Blogger: [⚖️90,647 SEALED | 8,977 UNSEALED | 185,206 NON-SEALED⚖️] ... Normally I (verdensalt) don't go to much in depth with these things - 3D Matrix of Illusion drama, but i must admit, there's a lot of dirt on 'Rachel Chandler' and some very disturbing pedo-like children pictures... Rachel Chandler's Tumblr (and Midland Agency Chandler & Walter Pearce model photoshoot) is just on the edge of gross and sickening...Q is asking: What is Rachel Chandler's Photography Studio Really Used For?... (if you don't have a good stomach, leave these sites)... Some say Hillary Clinton and Epstein child sex handler is in fact Rachel Chandler -- Emilie Kareh and she is the KEY to open a can of worms of satanic world of disorder... Pictures on '' don't lie... Rachel Chandler is seen in company with the Hilton sisters, Bill Clinton, Matt Rothschild, Britney Spears, Richard Gere, Peter Beard, Warls Ahluwalla, Eminem, Patrick Mcmullan and many more... Prince Andrew is Deeply Connected to Rachel Chandler, acc. to Q... For more info check out Praying Medic, Jordan Sather and or just leave it be... |

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verdensalt | ~ Is Mueller Report Just a Colossal 'Nothing Burger' ? ~ | Blogger: WikiLeaks has launched a fundraiser for $1m goal to “facilitate the full publi- cation” of the long-awaited Russiagate report, as many wonder: why pay for a nothingburger that’s poised to be released to the public anyway? No additional indictments vindicates Trump, so why the fuss?. Will the Mueller Report be made public in full? Of course not, it's a PsyOp..|

Exonews \\ Sputniknews | ~ Antarctic Mountain Rumoured to be ‘Earth’s Oldest Pyramid’ Built By Aliens ~ |

  • Citing the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens TV show, conspiracy theorists and UFO hunters claim that the oldest pyramids in existence may have been erected by extraterrestrials amid the frozen wastes of Antarctica. One Antarctic geological feature in particular draws the attention of conspiracy theorists: a “pyramid-like structure” located near the Shackleton mountain range, whose “four steep sides” make it look somewhat like the Great Pyramid of Giza.
  • American author David Childress speculated that this so called “Shackleton pyramid” might be “the oldest of its kind” on the planet. “If this gigantic pyramid in Antarctica is an artificial structure, it would probably be the oldest pyramid on the planet and in fact it might be the master pyramid that all the other pyramids on planet Earth were designed to look like,” he said.
  • Dr Michael Salla, an ET research expert, author of the “Exopolitics: Political Implications of the Extraterrestrial Presence”(and founder of the Exopolitics Institute, the umbrella organization for thinks that this rocky formation may be merely one node in a global network of power-generating pyramids strategically places around Earth. “One of the theories is that pyramids are power generators and so, if you have these pyramids strategically placed around the world generating a charge, it’s possible to create a general standing wave around the world that is a wireless transmission of energy,” Dr Salla noted.
  • However, Dr Mitch Darcy, a geologist at the German Research Centre for Geosciences in Potsdam, is sticking to mainstream geology’s position that these pyramids are just natural mountain peaks exposed above the ice. “[I]t’s a coincidence that this particular peak has that shape. By definition, it is a ‘nunatak’, which is simply a peak of rock sticking out above a glacier or an ice sheet. This one has the shape of a pyramid, but that doesn’t make it a human construction,” Darcy said.

Love Has Won | ~ Earth-Directed Solar Flare ~ New Light Codes ~ |

ICYMI | ~ #ICYMI: Does mosque massacre livestream show we need online censorship to save us from ourselves? ~ | ~ US airstrikes increase in a secret, secret war in Somalia, and no one’s paying attention ~ | Blogger: Brexit march: Millions join referendum protest - People's Vote campaign... This morning a petition calling for Article 50 to be revoked. Signed by 4.5M - meaning Britain would remain in the EU - became the most popular ever hosted on the Parliament website (Farage: It's not the People's Vote, it's the George Soros vote!) ... That would never EVER happen in Denmark... Except 400 from the organization Hizb ut Tahrir Scandinavia... |

Living Big In A Tiny House | ~ Incredible Small Off-Grid Earthship Home ~ | Blogger: [🏡Oh wauv! reminds me on the new Project that Cobra presented at the Conference in Sao Paulo, called "Island of Light"😇] ... The Island of Light it is a Project guided by Cobra, the brazilian Mundo Meraki Team, and the Light Forces to create a mandala community of Soul Families. It is time for Soul Families to reunite and live together and we have all the support of the Light Forces. In Brazil it will be the first Island of Light community built in the world. Many people from Brazil said YES to this Project and decided to leave the Matrix. They have already bought some land, to start building, the community of paradise. The houses will be build in sacred geometry patterns and in sacred geometry shapes, as required by Cobra. Because we are a soul family, being a part of this Project, willing to crack the Matrix, and bringing closer the Event and kickstart the Golden Age, we should proceed on the actually manifestation. Cobra explained in Brazil conference, that the process of manifestation on this planet is slow, because the forces of darkness do not want people to succeed, because that way they would not follow their program ... Victory Of The Light!... |

This off-the-grid home in Adelaide, Australia is something completely different! An Earthship is a radically sustainable and self-sufficient building which uses a combination of modern off-grid technology, super clever passive solar design techniques and a whole lot of recycled materials (including trash) all mixed with earth building techniques to create an incredible, high performance home. 

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The small Earthship home was built by Martin and Zoe, as a challenge to create Australia's first council approved Earthship. Together (and with a lot of volunteer labour) they have worked within the system to create a truly impressive small home.
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This Earthship is filled with impressive off-the-grid technology, including solar power, rain-water collection, grey water filtration and much more. The home also uses clever passive technologies such as it's passive solar design and even a natural cooling system using underground tubes. Beyond all that though, it's beautiful. The design and finish of this home are sure to leave you impressed! I hope you enjoy the full tour of this amazing small house!
Visit Earthship Ironbank's website to find out more about it's construction. You can even book a BnB stay and experience it for yourself:

ZenLifeRelax | ~ 528Hz Release Inner Conflict & Struggle | Anti Anxiety Cleanse - Stop Overthinking, Worry & Stress ~ |

AskAngels | ~ Programming Crystals for Protection, Creativity, Abundance and More! ~ |

Barbara Goldsmith | ~ Pleiadian Message for New Moon in Aries ~ | ~ New Moon in Aries, April 5th - A Fresh Start! ~ |

👀 Your Must-Listen Alternative News Broadcast 🙏 | Aired Mar 22, 2019 | ~ Connecting Consciousness Update ~ | Blogger: (highlights:) Simon says... | NZ Christchurch mosque shootings = was designed to cause Trauma & Fear | Upcoming deputation of Theresa May - UK might leave EU with no deal at all | "Exotic Technology" from Antarctica has already been divided by Russia and US companies by Trump (Obama) | Trump & Mueller report: no new indictments recommended. They will try to hold the details back in the report for months to come, says Simon | Final Check: Rabbit hole & control system on the planet - very very big changes in White House & Pentagon - STOP to hiring in of old boy satanic network | Trumps Wall: Military has agreed to pay for the wall | The 'coup': Pope Francis has been stripped from power. (No more Pedophile scandals allowed?). Controls is now in 3-4 cardinals of the money making machine and Catholic cover-up | Soft Crash of Economy RV in 2019: Very possible. Trump will not allow a crash. FED (Federal Reserve Board) bank is the critical point | India vs. Pakistan War: Major powers will NOT support of war. India will go to Russia | Three Main Powers on the Planet: Syria has placed billions of dollars to Russia. Vatican and Zionist movement are the 2 other powers | Tidal wave & Earthquake: June/July 2019 mainland US. Not to spread fear | VERY busy time ahead of us. Don't take everything on face value. Question and dobbelt question everything | ... Q&A... READ MORE... |

Simon Parkes is a life long experiencer of aliens, shadow people, elementals and ufo's, these include Mantid (Mantis) beings, Draconis Reptilian, Feline, small and tall Grey creatures, Crystalline beings and other creatures that can't be identified. Simon is an elected local politician in Britain and was elected to office AFTER he went public. Simon's biological mother worked for the British Security Service, often called MI5 between 1965 -1979. However while she was managed by British Intelligence she was in fact working "jointly" for the National Security Agency (NSA) of America. Her job was to type out documents that related to crashed ufo craft that had come down all over the Earth's surface and had then been retrieved by American special forces/recovery teams......

TV2 FNYS NEWS | ~ 70 procent af ny Radio24syv-kanals redaktion skal ud af København ~ | Blogger: [🤦‍♂️Bush: "Mission Accomplished"🕵️] ... {Guld1000 virksomhederne, Kongehuset samt LøkkeFonden 'skal' overleve, koste hvad det vil - finansieret af skatteyderne} ... HOLD NU K*** altså... Mens H.K.H. Kronprinsessen er på dansk fremstød i olieindustriens mekka Texas, klistret fast til dødsdømte radio24syv af Kulturminister Mette Bock, og ser pinsesolen danse med bandet Alphabeat, uden nogen som helst opbakning fra amerikanske medier, nægter H.K.H. Kronprins Frederik, der lige har været på endnu et tålt ophold i Venezuela, at fortælle omverden hvorfor Danfoss-arving fik fornem orden af kongehuset og Hofchefs nye bestyrelsespost, er ikke tilfældig, i det beskidte politiske spil... Min amerikanske kammerat og sjæleven, Jay, ville vende sig i sin grav, da han døde på et hospital i Texas, her bor Bush-enklaven, som den mest modbydelige familie på jordkloden, bortset fra Netanyahu, som er på vej til at blive sigtet for forræderi?... Tror du det er tilfældigheder?... "Pas nu på med at generalisere, vær varsom med kritik, vis din patriotisme, vis nåde med politikere som bare meler deres egen kage, stol på de officielle nyhedsmedierne uanset om de omfatter global censur - vær varsom med tabloid pressen, hold igen med at fordømme, bliv i stedet observer- ende, kærlig og overbærende".. Det virker alt sammen rigtigt og forkert på samme tid!?... 🤔 Tror du det er en tilfældighed, at Bjarne CoryDONG-gaten fik toppost i McKinsey og Den danske Wall Street-bankers-slave-fyrste, One-World-Order repræsentanten, Brian Mikkelsen, blev CEO of the Danish Chamber of Com- merce!???...🔨 ALLE kritiske røster bliver der slået hårdt ned på... Ministeransvar- lighedsloven er hullet som en si... Parlamentarisk immunitet er 'ikke' blot beskyt- telse af et parlaments medlemmer, men også i embedsværkets kringlekroge og private virksomheder... EU's ophavsretsdirektiv, som er et version 2.0 af sessions- logningen og udvidelse af googles og YouTubes censurering... GDPR - den moderne trojansk hest... Overvågningskapitalismen... Borgerforslag er et politisk PR stunt... Smart City Copenhagen med 5G for at øge IoT-enheder i realtid, uanset om det koster menneskeliv... og vi kunne blive ved.. Det hele hænger sammen, som perler, på en snor... PS: Folkets: "Upopulær lov vedtaget mens fokus var på baby i folketinget" -- I tirsdags skete der to ting i Folketingssalen: Folketinget vedtog endeligt en kontroversiel ændring af straffeloven angående såkaldt "ulovlig påvirkningsvirksomhed". Denne lovændring kaldes populært for påvirkningsloven. Lovændringen kan få stor betydning for ytringsfrihedens rammer i Danmark... 🙁Puhhha... nu skal vi puste ud... puuuuuhaaaa.... Det skal nok gå😙... Riskær redder os alle, fra druknedøden... Islamisk Stat besejret og vi kan alle gå hjem og sove trygt, undtagen når IS-krigerne kommer hjem og False Flag forstætter, nu i Tysk- land og nærmere sig med hastige skridt til lille Dannevang, iscenesat af PET og FE, der gemmer rådata oplysninger om danskere ulovligt, igen og igen( ... |