Jun 4, 2016

BREXIT: Telegraph - What will Brexit mean for the City of London? Bloomberg - Brexit Threat Has Euro Outsider Denmark Preparing for Worst (Inside the Cabal's workshop banks are going crazy! Town Hall meetings, IT freeze, fear mongering announcements and preparing for hell. Fear of NASDAQ OMX Nordic all time low and export plummeting...)

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The risk of a British exit from the European Union has the government in Denmark, an EU member that hasn’t adopted the euro, preparing for the worst.

While most polls suggest U.K. voters probably won’t back a so-called Brexit, the June 23 referendum on whether to stay or go still threatens to cause disruption on a scale that is forcing European governments to react. Danish Finance Minister Claus Hjort Fredriksen says there’s no way of knowing what will happen.

“It could be a resounding ‘no’ or a ‘yes,’ or a very narrow decision,” he said in an interview in Copenhagen on Friday. “There’s a whole range of possible outcomes.” For that reason, his ministry is preparing for a “worse” result than estimates indicate will come about.

A Bloomberg poll of polls on Friday put the “leave” camp at 45 percent, with the “remain” side at 44 percent. A probability score based on the polls calculates there’s an 81 percent likelihood Britain will stay inside the EU.

AAA Allure

Danish banks are already warning that the appeal of safe-haven markets will soar in the event of a Brexit. That would drive investors into AAA-rated krone assets and put pressure on the country’s euro peg. And with Danish interest rates already well below zero, the central bank would have less ammunition with which to fight a speculative assault than it did last year, when Switzerland’s decision to abandon its euro ties sent currency markets into turmoil.

Another concern is trade-related, with a Brexit leading to considerable uncertainty on what sort of deals would allow the flow of imports and exports to continue. For Denmark, a British departure from the EU would shave about 0.25 percentage point off gross domestic product growth already in 2016, with that effect doubling next year, the Finance Ministry estimates.

“It will take a very long time to settle the exit, so we’ll have a long period of uncertainty,” Frederiksen said.

The U.K. is Denmark’s fourth-largest export market, measured in goods.

Houston, We Have a Glyphosate Problem (blogger: That's the reason why i'm promoting to detox you system every single day e.g. Personally recommend: 100 pure certified organic, raw, unrefined, virgin coconut oil, colloidal silver, hemp powder, lemon and ginger, Omnimin Pure®, Arla A38® with acidophilus culture, meditate and regular exercise and so on..)

Makia Freeman, Contributor
Waking Times

We all have a massive glyphosate problem on our hands, even if you have eaten 100% organic food all your life. The pesticide chemical glyphosate, Monsanto’s gift to mankind, is totally out of control – not just in the US, but also in Europe, Australia and many other nations that use it. Glyphosate is almost constantly in the news, as study after study reveal just how widespread, toxic and carcinogenic it is. It’s the most used pesticide in the world. Meanwhile, the US, EU, UN and others all argue over how this lethal chemical killer should be classified and labeled – despite the fact it’s showing up in people’s urine, breast milk and blood (yes – even those avoiding GMOs), and despite the fact that it has been found to be, in the words of an MIT scientist, “the most destructive chemical in our environment”.
Although glyphosate used to be the patented chemical solely belonging to Monsanto and used in its RoundUp formula, it is now used by other Big Biotech corporate multinationals such as Dow in their Durango pesticide formula. Now, with the NWO corporatocracy trying to push through the TTIP in secret, backroom deals are being made (such as Big Pharma company Bayer trying to buy out Big Biotech company Monsanto) that could spread glyphosate even further. When is the world going to wake up and acknowledge the uncontrolled glyphosate problem we face?

How Glyphosate Kills Plants – And You

Glyphosate is such an effective killer because it gets into plants and prevents them from taking up their normal nutrients – thus starving them to death. Glyphosate depletesmicronutrients (such as calcium, zinc, magnesium, sulfur and cobalt, just to name a few) which are essential for health in plant and animal organisms. Specifically, glyphosate interferes with the shikimate pathway, a metabolic function in plants which allows them to create essential amino acids or proteins. Without this pathway functioning properly, the plant cannot survive.
Although animals and humans don’t have a shikimate pathway, here comes the glyphosate problem: the bacteria in our gut (microbiome or microbiota) do have this pathway, and we are reliant upon this microbiome in our gut for our health, immunity and our “second brain”. When we allow glyphosate to infiltrate our system, it destroys our gut and subsequently our immune system.

Glyphosate Mimics Glycine

Another particularly nefarious aspect of glyphosate is that it chemically resembles 1 of the 22 amino acids, glycine. Thus, the human body can be tricked into accepting glyphosate in place of glycine, as Tony Mitra writes:
“Pretending to be the amino acid Glycine, [glyphosate] can cross the blood-brain barrier and start interfering in our brain chemistry. It can mis-fold proteins and cause them to behave unnaturally and perform unintended tasks with potential negative effects for us. 
It can and does get into our bone marrow and start producing T-cells and helper cells with this rogue chemical fitted in place of glycine. It can get into our DNA and RNA and be responsible for producing potentially dangerous transgenic mutants in our offsprings that will show negative effects even a few generations down the line.
And once it is into our biology, there is no effective way for our immune system, or for man, to get rid of it and replace it, molecule by molecule, with the original glycine.”