Oct 11, 2021

☀️💥〰️ ~ (BREAKING SOLAR 'SPEEDING UP THE' STORM) Lebanon plunged into darkness, India faces rolling blackouts, NYC pharmacy shelves BARE as global collapse accelerates, leading to rolling blackouts across the USA (SoTW, RT, SP, NN, MSN, DAILY) ~ | Blogger: Finally, Mike Adams, got something right, with all due respect.. SoTW still refuse to bow down to any "alarmist" Solar max 'gloom and doom' or Most Monstrous Comet ever known is headed straight for us - claims - are always overstated. It's a 'scare tactics' and every CEO who "controls" our gas, energy-network or food delivery etc., like British steel bossman are out in dire warning of looming crisis due to SOARING energy prices... What I see is major positive changing coming, if we trust the Alliance, Galactic off-worlders & Elon Musk's underground Texas power-grid that can support the world.. We have been waiting for this.. The incoming cosmic wave is set to hit us soon and has more to do with our Central Sun outside our Milky Way, Tachyon energy particles, Tsunami of Love from Spiritual Hierarchy and Earth rising to fifth dimension... The Schumann Resonance and the flow of data returned to normal just before 3 UTC, the blackout lasted just under 3 days... I will remain calm... no matter what... hold the line Patriots, we're almost there...|

Lebanon power grid down, India blackouts, NYC shelves empty, disruptions accelerate
Mike Adams

Retail shelves at CVS, Walgreens and Duane Reade stores are now "virtually bare" in NYC, warns the UK Daily Mail in a Sunday news story. Also, the entire power grid of the nation of Lebanon has gone down due to a lack of fuel.

India is now reporting rolling blackouts, and the global energy collapse has plunged 20 Chinese provinces into blackouts as well.

The coal supply for America isn't sufficient to get us through the winter without blackouts, and store shelves in NYC pharmacies are already "barren" according to media reports.

The collapse accelerates. Full article and podcast here.


🙏 ~ 💝 ('The Blessing of MANA.') Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ 💕 | Blogger: Can't believe nobody else besides myself and some few goofy bunch of light workers, are listening in and watching to RatnaDewi Jewel's youtube channel. It's really amazing. She is such a beautiful soul... And in case I don't see ya, Good afternoon, Good evening, and Good night! (SoTW)... |

🙋🎖️💖 ~ (OMG! if this is true - joy all over he World before x-mas!) Utsava Updates 10-7-21, 10-10-21… Highlights from “The countdown is on! EBS is on… Everything is go” & “It’s happening!!!” (kpblog.space) ~ | Blogger: In the latest Benjamin Fulford update, he basically calls Donald Trump a (traitor), and not the man to lead the US back to democracy and independence, because he was bailed out by the Rothschilds each time he went bankrupt as a businessman and now, General Michael Flynn has been asked to step in for the job of interim president of the US following the formal bankruptcy of the USA Corporation... Well, snap out of it, BF, that doesn't resonate with me, at all at SoTW... I wanna stay positive, no matter what happens!... We are ready!.. Bing it on!... |



I’m getting these out right away, as I’ve sensed we are very close to big things coming into view, and these two updates share some “Utsava data” about what we are entering into. Aligns with the last 107 interview (related Kp blog post).

Some may be interested in the three images Utsava posted (links at the end of the 10-10-21 update).

As before, I’m only posting a few highlights, with the full articles available via subscription. Feel free to discern for yourself regarding this information.

The full articles are available to those who subscribe to her Buymeacoffee page.


Rescue pictures. The countdown is on! EBS is on. We are back and everything is go,go,go! (highlights)

“Last week there have been mass arrests of voter fraud. I have stated that the US military has been and will be taken [taking] over ‘our system’. Someone has posted a video where they tracked a package of the US post office and it said US military on the tracking number. Since a lot of voter fraud was conducted via the post office, the military can seize it.

“They are trying, right now to shut down pages such as CNN or Facebook without shutting down the internet. The military will be attempting to have the internet on during the EBS, but bring pages down which are part of the Deep state…

“Last monday a lot of sites were down. The routers were removed. A lot of sites have been switched to our new galactic system.

“We need to pray for each other and keep the energy high in a peaceful manner. If we attack another patriot we are only hurting ourselves. PENANCE is coming. JUSTICE is coming. Courts, lawyers, police officer, judges etc. will have to stand down. We will be going back to Constitutional law, to the gold standarts and the Quantum free energy.”


It’s happening!!! Update (highlights)

“…the three gorges dam in China, that is bursting. The other day the dam collapsed and flooded several villages. The flooding and other events reveal that the end is here of the ‘old earth’ and the new earth is coming to the surface. The EBS is near and we are watching several cathastrophic events on the horizen.

“it has been confirmed that Four Tsunami waves are about to hit the east coast. [Kp note: Tarot by Janine has mentioned that her cards told that these waves would “poo out” and not cause major damage.]

“…cathastrophic events… will lead up to the EBS. It will need an emergency in order to trigger the EBS. However, we won’t have another war.

“There will be a peaceful resolution with Taiwan and China. I see them shaking hands and coming to an agreement.

“The Biden Administration is in its final stage. It is almost over (official version). Donald Trump has been back since August 22… It was also confirmed that all Supreme court judges, except one, are gone, as I had predicted would be happening, for a long time. These judges have violated their oath.

“The uprising world-wide is evident. Big fascist pharma is exposed, which is necessary in order to bring real cures to the People. Med beds and other technologies, as well as therapeutics and natural medicine will become mainstream soon.

“[Three interesting images] IMAGE 1 IMAGE 2 IMAGE 3


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💪 🔀💗 ~ (What If...?) Who the hell are these people? The Queen of Denmark was born male, like the Danish PM rumor has it to give them "extra" power in the freemasonic line. Now, PM looks younger, knockers at the right place, smackable butt and legs like heaven with dentures and silicone mask in India. Before and after the "arrest" pictures!?! (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: DISCLAIMER: Please - I don't want you guys to burn down my house but, does illuminati Grand Master Queen Elizabeth II helps keep the world safe from political fools?... That is a question on studioknow... Danish Queen born as male, how can you turn a babyboy into a babygirl. How the heck should I know, but the DDFO illuminati-gang, knows? Yes, I said it, but I didn't mean to say it out loud (nooot!)... After many tarot card readings from one Danish source and Janine below and another, my Danish ND investigations. I.e., 3 different sources, Margrethe II of Denmark is a goner. And we're starting to wonder if the Danish PM has already been picked up by White Hat special forces and so is Simon Cowell (there are many rumors about Cowell, rumors that come from within the Illuminati itself; it seems likely that Cowell is playing a far more significant role within the New World Order than many believe, perhaps a long-term task handed to him by the Grand Masters)... Now, you might understand that as we speak, an estimated 500,000 seal indictment has been unsealed and a estimated 2,7 million awaits worldwide arrest spree? President Trump has declared January 2020 as a Month Against Human Trafficking, though there was already said to be over 144,000 sealed indictments filed in federal courts across the nation, the majority of which contained charges of pedophilia - one of the main reasons for the trafficking of children... London police to take ‘no further action’ on sex abuse allegations against Prince Andrew after review - give me a break - the real Andrew, is dead already, rumor has it... PS: Video was published May 8th of 2021 so the six months has pasted and rumor has it, Denmark, has been cleansed by WH ops 1 month ago... |

Mette Frederiksen defended Joe Biden and criticized the EU. Now the story goes around the world
- (photoshopping added picture - check the shadows)  

Check out the appearing white line when using crop image or made or simple, a actor with silicone mask the right side and blue dress.?? 



"In the past, The Danish Monarch, was a deep state cult, a stronghold, fighting NOT to be taking down. In particular Queen Margrethe II is fighting to have her "lifestyle" and it's gonna take some time, before it could be cleaned out by white hats but will be brought to justice - within 6 months it looks like from the cardsThere's is a lot of children taking out of there, a lot of it is happening underground, as Janine can see. There might be human hunting parties and the land should be taken away from them if their land is used for that purpose. This Queen is born a male and that is a big sign of cult families and it goes back many satanic cult generations. The White Hats are here in Denmark to infiltrate, but it's a big big mess and it took them awhile to get there! The Royal family is really hanging on to their "lifestyle" - their "reality"  and considers us danes as cattle! There's a battle between the Good guys and Bad guys control, and the Good guys still have a  ALOT of work to do there!" ~ Janine


🗣️✊🙅‍♂️ ~ (We The People 'Purebloods' UpRise) VakkZine-anger is suddenly turning on Danish PM Frederiksen in India. Air Traffic Controllers WALK-OUT over Vax Mandate. SouthWest Airlines cancels over 1,800 flights. All Washington commercial flights cancelled Monday 11th. 2021. Hundreds of thousands of U.S. troops have not yet complied. US sheriffs rebel against state mask & nationwide vaxx mandate. Ships stuck out at Sea. (SoTW) ~ | Blogger:... The fight is far from over. This is not only about America, but the Whole World against Draconian Laws and mandatory poisonous vakkZines and Frankenstein medicine. However, the corona-corporation-marching-orders came from Big Pharma U.S. Inc. Agenda 21 (2030) and Chinese CCP Wuhan Lab Bio-Weapon plot industries. Three named countries are the worst in this agenda and has been THE TEST countries; the socialist-communist controlled in Denmark has won with 4,38M 75,2% fully vaxxed up (so they claim). Australia 12,9M - 50,2%. New Zealand 5,62M - 43,7%. Denmark ends all COVID-19 restrictions because they have succeeded on the vaxx-delivery by the commercial contract agreed with Pfizer–BioNTech (Lucifian) masters, but Aussies and Kiwis having the toughest restrictions ever seen in human history and it will stay that way until people UpRise or miracles start to happen in America.. When we officially will see arrest of ‘Go out there and enjoy Halloween,’ Dr. Evil Fauci and removal of fake masked-up Creepy-China-Corona Joe Biden (plus 'Jacindarella', 'ScoMo' & 'Mink-Medico-Mette' of course)... |

"VakkZine poison or saltwater: The world has been ambushed. We are in the midst of a war against Mother GAIA's Earthlings. The vaxxed Holocaust is well underway but HU-manity will prevail. Divinely Contracted people will die to wake other "sheeples". People who got saline-vaxxed will perhaps never see anything is wrong."~ SoTW


Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen (S) gives a keynote speech during a special event with the think tank Observer Research Foundation as host of the Oberoi Hotel in New Delhi, India. Here she was suddenly confronted with vaccine proximity. Mads Claus Rasmussen / Ritzau Scanpix



👩‍🚀🚀🌌 ~ (“Semper Supra”: Psyops programmed to discredit the GFOW') HOW TO SPOT A PSYOP: The Galactc Federation of Light VS The Galactic Federation of Worlds (Megan Rose) ~ | Blogger: I looove Megan Rose (pls don't misunderstand me) she is doing amazing job for HU-manity and the hole concept of MIC-SSP exposure... PS: I just watched the first 40 minutes of (nonsense) out of 3-4 hours by "David Wilcock: The Culmination -- 4D Activation and Being a Spiritual Warrior" until I got a headache and lost interest and after, he told us all, he once again, scored to high on a IQ test, and they turned on him.. Oh man, I followed David for many years, and been to some of his high-priced sessions and also went to 2018 Conscious Life Expo, but not to see him, but others, back in the days, I'll had some money. With all due respect, David is all about book (selling) - me, me me (ego) talk, money, money, money (sorry David)... |

A quick fun video to explain the psyops that are programmed to discredit the Galactic Federation of Worlds. This may answer some questions as to why there is so much confusion, misinformation, and ideas that are planted to distort the truth....

👩‍🌾🗼🤦 ~ (Fra TroelsFar's første 1975 butik i Ringkøbing, til SønAnders DK-rigeste til 'hemmelige' SønNiels i London) "Frimurernes" hemmelige Schweizisk / Kinesisk Datoimperium-selskab, fyringer, manglede huslejebetalinger, mere rigmand, beskyttet og adelig end de fleste? (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: [👉Der blæst' en vældig vind den daw ud' fra vest. (Uha da da, uha da da da da). - Øøøh 'Anders'? Er det ham CEO for Bestseller nede fra øøh... - Ja! - Nå! Uha da da, uha da da da da👈] ... tsk-tsk... F*ck hvor er det fedt at være Anders Kongens Kapitalist egocentriker af store jordejendomme og foretagsomme fabriksejere samt online shops og butikker, som også har solgt ubrugelige MUNDBIND fra kina, til staten og nægtede, at betale husleje til alle de butikker, som modekoncernen lejer sig ind hos på grund af coronaviruskrisen... SoTW aner ikke om Kongehusets darling-Anders er medlem af DDFO, men det undre mig ikke... Vi skal være så EVIG taknemmelig, når Lame Stream Medierne plasker os til med solstrålehistorier, om folk, som tjener KASSEN FRU MADSEN på coronakrisen, som gør vor elskede/hadede regering og magtelite, stuerene, samaritter og medlemmer af venligboerne... Snakkede med én af mine venner i 2020 og han kunne fortælle mig, at hans nabo er leverandører til sundhedssektoren og da Coronakrisen var på sit højeste i 2020 havde regeringen spurgt ham, om han kunne levere mundbind og andet godt fra havet, GRATIS! Det sagde han pænt nej tak til, da har OGSÅ havde en masse udgifter forbundet, herom.. Hvis det har været "metoden" at tigge og bede om hjælp fra virksomheder, selvom Staten har 1.500-2.000 milliarder at lege med hvert år i form af indkasseret skatter, samme som Danske Bank svindlede med, og dermed, vise SAMFUNDSSIND, i en god sags tjeneste, skal jeg lige love for, Dannevang, er på SPANDEN.. Også, Mærsk, der havde doneret og sat 24 fly ind i kæmpe luftbro mellem Kina og Danmark for, at hjemsende MILLIONER af (ubrugelige) værnemidler, som Sundhedsaggregatet Magnus Heunicke og Kongecobraen, Kronprins Frederik modtog, da flyet ankom, som vi ved, "IKKE" har nogensomhelst effekt. Takket være den kinesiske regeringsagent, Jack Ma fra Alibaba... DET ER ET STORT SCAM DET HELE... Man burde i stedet for stille spørgsmålet om, hvad Bestsellers topchef Anders Holch Povlsen, får for sin heltedåd... Der er INTET som er GRATIS!.. |

"Fyrede 750 i sin Bestseller-koncern i 2020 og 2021 overskud på hele 4,6 milliarder kroner før skat. Mens kritikken heglede ned, donerede Holch Povlsen anonymt 36 millioner kroner til statens test-indkøb samt  hemmelig donor af 100.000 antistoftest. Bestsellers partnerfirma handlede værnemidler og tests for 760 millioner."~ SoTW


"Hverken Anders Holch Povlsen eller den øvrige ledelse i Bestseller vil lade sig interviewe. Finans har kontaktet over 100 kilder i forbindelse med udarbejdelsen af en række artikler om Bestseller, herunder nuværende og tidligere medarbejdere. Meget få vil udtale sig til citat. Finans har desuden sendt artiklerne til Anders Holch Povlsen på forhånd for at give ham endnu en mulighed for at kommentere oplysningerne, men han har ikke reageret." ~ Finans.dk

FAKTA: Bestseller-familien er kær ven af kongefamilien og meget, meget, meget diskrete.. 

🧜‍♂️🔱🌊 ~ ('Remnants of Atlantis, Light Forces knows DS attempt for new Earth Quarantine, infamous Nevada Triangle, potential Internet or power outages.') FM 144: AUTUMN UPDATE 💕 ~ | Blogger: And I would add a Cobra-friendly site, like so may others, "respawning" or "recalibrating" (only some) of the intel or esoteric information given by Cobra, the only (Pleiadean) spokesperson for The Resistance Movement, (so he claims) in a more "lighter" way to swallow the red pill. That is how SoTW interpret this stuff, but I could be very wrong. There's so much disinformation "outthere" and SoTW is not in the "know" but after 25 years I'll become better knowing what is bullshit and miracles. However, I do get caught in false intel and I'm not perfect either, like (Teilen) behind the blog, because he/she is a freethinker trying to tread water getting closer to the truth and not only based intel provided, coming from ONE specific source. But of course, the most hardcore (Cobra) 'occultist' or "I belong to a cult," has already discovered this new FM144 blogpost report, and I used to be, not anymore, one of the "disciples" close to one specific core group next to Cobra (out 2018) traveling world around in his name with my girlfriend at that time... To the readers on SoTW, please always use your own spiritual discernment. And repeat after me; I do not belong to any spiritual "cult" - nah - it's up to you guys, with free will and all🙏... |


AUTUMN UPDATE (08.10.2021)


At the beginning of this update I'd like to briefly reassure you, that updates will be posted as intel comes in. There is currently no guarantee of monthly updates. The more the planetary situation intensifies, the greater the radio silence becomes, and publishing posts just for the sake of posting is not my intention.

Also, to avoid repetition and to complete the overall picture, I also plan to only put out information in the future, which hasn't been mentioned by other sources so far.

The last month has been extremely intense. September is considered the month when the Fall of Atlantis took place. So, for the Dark Ones this timeframe always means a favourable window of opportunity to perform negative rituals and advance their agendas.

In the last update, I talked about how they were trying to bring the Atlantis Doomsday Energy into the current timeline. These energies are still resonating, which is reflected not only in the many floods around the world but also in the current volcanic activities. Most recent example: The eruption of the Cumbre Vieja vulcano on La Palma.

The Canary Islands are geological remnants of ancient Atlantis and deeply linked to its energy.
Scientists speculate on whether a landslide (or in the worst case: a shift of the coastline) caused by the eruption could trigger a tidal wave which may extend across the Atlantic Ocean, up to the British Isles as well as towards the U.S. East Coast, the Caribbean and South America. Although such an event is considered extremely unlikely, it is still interesting to note, that the affected locations are connected to ancient Atlantis too, especially the area around New York and Long Island (Montauk).

There was a question in the comment section on how the Dark Ones could manage to set such a scenario into the present. Well, part of these natural catastrophes are created by the Cabal through HAARP, however, the main trigger is located in the occult realms.

🌋💥🏃 ~ (La Palma now: 'Flow of scorching magma, 1,240C (2,264F), destroys the last few properties that remained standing') La Palma volcano: Eruption spews searing hot boulders the size of three-storey buildings (news.sky.com) ~ |