November 15, 2021

🙏 ~ 💝 (To be vaxxed or vexed: What will life for the unvaccinated!?!) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ 💕 | Blogger: (World gets tough on the unvaccinated) -- Updated: record 4.4M Americans quit their jobs in September amid Frankenstien Vaksines - mask mandates... Austria shuts down their country for non-vaccinated and Italy sends employees home without pay... Prospective German government eyes coronavirus lockdown for the unvaccinated and Denmark, could be the next country... In Canada, unvaccinated federal employees not granted exemptions to be put on unpaid leave today... Latvian employers can dismiss unvaccinated employees... Egypt introduces ban on unvaccinated public sector employees... France imposes stricter travel restrictions for unvaccinated arrivals from 16 EU countries... Thailand: Fully vaccinated travelers may quarantine for seven days, while unvaccinated travelers must quarantine for 10 days (weird)... Do you want me to continue this?... |

Fantastic News:

Every Structure We Use as a Society Will Move to Quantum:

Quantum Internet = Transparent and Unhackable

Quantum Voting = No More Voter Fraud

Quantum Financial System = No More Financial Fraud

Quantum Educational System = No More Mind Controlled Education

👩‍🚀🚀🌌 ~ (Semper Supra: For anyone who love SSP &) Intro to Introducing Our Star Family (GAOG) ~ | Blogger: Strange as it may sound, the country i'm vaca, has been blocked by the govt or ISP (full document added had to use my 4G mobile internet sharing many hours of intel).. Nomatter, you might also wanna watch Tarot By Janine with a never-seen-before video on SSP (due to her webadmin "Guy" is crazy about SSP like SoTW)... Other videos of interest has been added like from "Divergent" called "Germany & Antarctica & Agartha" and the history herby (haven't seen this longer video made by this spanish/english speaking or? "fellow") ... A special crop circle welcomes Humanity to the 5th Dimension... Lastly, ITS ALL ABOUT THE CHILDREN - ADRENOCHROME - message from Special Forces from "D.U.M.B.S and Underground War" telegram and a video... |


Download here: Introducing our Star Family at


There are three events that lightworkers are waiting for – the Reval, Ascension, and Disclosure.

The Reval is the re-evaluation of currencies that will provide lightworkers who participate with the funds to begin humanitarian projects. (1)

Ascension is the raising of our collective vibration to a point where one of the Divine Mother’s created environments (the Third Dimension) recedes from view and we find ourselves in a totally-different, love-suffused environment on one of a number of higher dimensions.

Disclosure is the disclosure of the existence and intimate partnership of our star family with us and that brings us to the present book.

This book is about Disclosure but it goes on within an environment that is experiencing a gradual Ascension, punctuated by enlightening events like the Singularity (2) and Ascension itself. (3)

What does our star family tell us about ourselves? We’re a specially designed race of homo sapiens, created by star civilizations like the Pleiadians and Sirians to inhabit a world created by the Mother for her angels to experience love in a physical setting.

👥🗳️🤑 ~ (Korruptionens-skeletterne vælter ud af skabet) Under Mørke-Mette regimet, kommunal- region og folketing: Lortet vælter nedad, og æren vælter opad, som man siger! Alle kneb gælder også brug af Frank Hvam og alle fra Stand-Up Comedy (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: Magt, begær og penge... Det elefantastiske Dannevang - vi elsker det bare - uanset hvor meget fordærv, svindel og humbug, der florerer og lugter af råddenskab på statens mødding... Man skal blot lede et sted og det er hos, - et undersøgende journalistisk medie, som først og fremmest fokuserer på det offentliges forvaltning og dets afholdte udgifter. Bandlyst alle vegne i alle kommuner, inkl på Grønland og hos specialstyrkerne... Fra jetsetternes paradis Frederiksberg elskede kisser's Borgmester med omtalt boligsag: - Min moral bedømmes i morgen... Ishøj-bykongen, der brød ud af Socialdemokratiet, efter at han blev vraget som spidskandidat, står stadigvæk på listen til Kommunal- og regionsrådsvalg 2021... Samme gør Hillerød Forsynings bestyrelse, vand og kloak, som har svindlet i årevis...Hjørring-bykonge gav 12.000 kroner i drikkepenge på ikonisk restaurant – i morgen vil han, genvælges... Sophie Hæstorps valgkamp betales af skatteyderne, Villy søvndahl (sleep valley) vil have millionløn og ministerpension – samtidig. Regionsrådsformand til USA i stedet for at passe sit arbejde, såsom Ulla Astman, der fik USA-turen den konsekvens, at hun ikke kunne passe sit job som mødeleder hjemme hos Region Nordjylland og hvordan kunne hun i det hele taget repræsentere sygeplejerskerne... Og hver eneste kommune, region og sogn er så bundkorrupt, man tror det er løgn og alligevel, kan folk ikke se det, når de stemmer fysisk, fra bilen af, brevstemmer eller ringer og telebestiller tid, når man er coronaramt... |

⚠️🦢🖤 ~ (BREAKING INDEPENDENT MEDIA) Dr Reiner Fuellmich and others, can now confirm, that Klaus Schwab was arrested at his home in Switzerland. Benjamin Fulford saying CEO of Pfizer Albert Boura was arrested last week, nomatter what MSM has told is not true. Simon Parkes predicts Queen of England will die before any military action can take place (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: Madam Maxwell say she's ready to sing like a canary, has been buried in a war of warcraft deep torture dungeon after 15 months ready for trial that could give her life sentence many times over. Where is Bill Gates now? Billionaire 'hiding out' to avoid questions about divorce and ties to Epstein. Others says Gates has been taken to GITMO, others again, he's already dead a long time a go by Indian govt death squad because he killed 450.000 children with polio vaccine ... Now, Colin Powell dies in 2021 with or by COVID (strange). The Black Pope is dead! Adolfo Nicolas, former superior general of Jesuits, dies in Japan of 2020. George Bush Sr.(Scherff) - 4th Reich in the USA - who was Nicola Tesla’s “trusted assistant.”, also a goner... In Tarot by Janine's new video she looks into reports of people seeing a "black swan" in the capital of China just before the flag rising in the morning! A big sign of things to come - a Earth Alliance or White Hat Ops - yes!... So you see, it's going in the right direction for Planetary Liberation, even that some of us thinks, is moving in slow-mo. Everything is divinely planned and SoTW considers to be so, so, so lucky to stick around to watch the amazing Great Awakening, staying in a country with 25 degree sunny swimming in crystal blue water. Even if people here is all masked up, like it was 2020. Had myself a dream where a twin-flame woman or well-known girl friend showed up on my doorstep - pee-a-boo-moment - love those dreams. So in a good mood. Yesterday, CC Simon Parkes meeting, where I got the intel about Klaus Schwab... |

Klaus Schwab arrested at his home in Switzerland as #RemembranceSunday trendsGAVIN NEWSOM, PFIZER CEO ARRESTED!WHAT'S THE REAL DEAL WITH THE BLACK SWAN IN CHINA! (Sign o' Times or Deep Signals?)Ghislaine Maxwell finally goes on trial after 15 months on remand