Jul 4, 2020

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🔴 ~ BREAKING: Toppen i Heunickes ministerie satte plejehjem bagerst i køen til vitale værnemidler (DR) ~ | Blogger: [👉'Vi kunne have undgået rigtig mange dødsfald på plejecentre,' lyder kritik af beslutningen👈] ... MEGA ALVORLIG ANKLAGE... Uanset om os, der sidder tilbage og tvivler på at "værnemidler" overhoved hjælper, er det stadigvæk en alvorlig anklage... For hvem er det som blev mest ramt og døde af COVID-19? De ældre... Både sæsonbestemte influenzavirus (som inkluderer influenza A- og influenza B-vira) og COVID-19 er smitsomme vira, der forårsager luftvejssygdom... Dog, kan en naturlig virus (aldrig) forårsage de dødsfald som vi har set, verden over, alene!- Det kan en muteret ekstra styrket version af et luftbåren coronavirus dog, der spredte sig med al hast (aldrig) set før, fremstillet på et millitær labatorium og det må altså være betegnet som "biologisk terror"... |


👼 ~ 💕 The freedom to be and disagree (Messages from Ann & the Angels) 💕 ~ | Blogger: [👉Message from Ann: "Hi Dear Friends, Tempers are running high on the earth. People are sparking into fiery discussions as quickly as wildfires. The angels talk about why this is happening, and even more importantly, why we get angry. This was an eye-opener for me the first time they said it to me years ago. I'll share a story of how to deal with beings that sting (literally and metaphorically) and some practical tips for dealing with those who disagree. The world is shaken and stirred but we can still choose to live in love, in alignment with our true nature, and to manifest our dreams. Love you all! ~ ♥ Ann👈] ... |

by Ann Albers in Northern, AZ 

Even the beings that sting need love

(Ann Albers:) I started channeling weekly messages from the angels after 9/11/2001, in an attempt to reach as many people as possible with the angels' words of hope and inspiration. I didn't realize at the time that we would become an international community of lightworkers dedicated to expanding our capacity to receive and share God's love in the world.

Each week's newsletter contains an angel message, a message from me explaining how I put the angels' teachings to work in my life, and various other announcements about classes, events, and new products. I would love to help you experience the love, wisdom, and guidance that are available to us all.

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

What an incredible time you are living within! Everything is coming up and out. You're going within, taking inventory of your feelings. You're taking inventory of your life. You're getting clearer on who you are, what you want in your life, and what you don't. So is everyone else.

There is wonderful growth and expansion, as never before. During quarantine you sent tsunamis of desire unto the heavens. "Yes! We are in it together!" "Yes! We love to see our mother earth clear and pure!" "Yes, we want to be safe, healthy, happy and connected." "Yes! We are coming to life as never before, craving to show up in the world in a whole new way!" "We want to live! We want to breathe! We want to experience our unity!"

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James Gilliland is a minister, counselor, an internationally known lecturer, best selling author with the books, Reunion with Source, Becoming Gods, and The Ultimate Soul Journey. James appeared in Contact Has Begun, His Story, The History Channel, UFOs then and Now, UFO Hotspots, ABC, Fox News, BBC Danny Dyer Special, Paranormal State, ECETI Ranch a Documentary, and the new movie Thrive have all featured James and ECETI which he is the founder. He has appeared on Coast to Coast, Jeff Rense, and to numerous other radio shows to mention also being the host of, As You Wish Talk Radio, www.bbsradio.com and Contact Has Begun, www.worldpuja.net. He is a facilitator of many Eastern disciplines, a visionary dedicated to the awakening and healing of Humanity and the Earth and teaches higher dimensional realities from experience


The Latest from ECETI and James Gilliland ECETI.ORG

As predicted in last Newsletter

The Schumann resonances got pretty active as you can see below! 

Facts to know 


👼 ~ 💗 Grounding - What does grounding mean for your quality of life? How to make a bad day better, with small spiritual baby-steps (SoTW) 💕 ~ | Blogger: [🙇I'm sorry beautiful light beings, verdensalt, cannot always hold your hand around the campfire, singing Kumbaya and getting the joy joy joy down in your spiritual beating heart!! 💞] ... 💭I know what you're thinking - it's too darn easy sitting on (my) spiritual keister and post anonymously, day after day, on a blog, without conveying its messages through an open forum, on youtube or holding seminars, like Anthony Robbins, awaken the inner giant in others... It's easier said than done when you are a private person facing loneliness on the spiritual path and a minority in a society that does not praise spirituality, openness, living the art and virtue of defenselessness... In a dysfunctional society, which knowingly rejects the existence of our extraterrestrial ancestors and fact-truth-giving conspiracies. Don't forget that we all hold the truth inside, recovering empath lovely sensitive, introverted or extroverted, but not ego-narcissistic. Verdensalt.dk do (also) writes about things that our "deep (dark) state" does not like. Themes and Topics may appear 'negative' but are just a deep basic understanding of fact giving - in our 3-D Matrix of Illusion, that we all live in. The question that you probably have to ask yourself is: What is Fake News, alternative facts, source criticism, post-factual, lies and rumors? As REIKI healer (although I am not inaugurated REIKI master) I know how hugely important it is to be grounded to Mother Earth / GAIA. I don't always reach every single meditation, every day, but affirmations and positive thinking - is my guide to active positivity manifestations. LET US RECEIVE OUR DAILY SHOTS OF HEARTLY GROUNDING TO FIND 'OUR' OWN INTERNAL TRUTH 💙❤️💚💛💜💗 ... |

Spirituality - the quality of being concerned with the human spirit (with Alien DNA) or Soul as opposed to material or physical things...

Our Spirit Guides has stated it very clearly. We are a Spiritual Being having a human experience, not human beings having a spiritual experience. That means, we are all spiritual beings. If you believe there is more than life itself in the present of now, then in my book, you are becoming aware of one's own spiritual state. Spirituality is not a religion. It does not come from your parents or Jehovah's Witnesses come knocking (just an example). Spirituality arises from somewhere deep inside you (HIGHER SELF or SOUL). It's a inner belief taking root in the heart, without having any visible evidence or proof of why. We have all agreed to stay on earth in this "present-moment-awareness" to experience our Five Senses. That also means, we need to listen to what our thoughts, intuition and gut feeling and act on it. When you learn to actually listen to the inner voice, the result will inevitably be - changes. Because life itself in our 3D Matrix of illusion, begins to fall apart. You begin to questioning everything that surrounds you, what we been taught in school, news media, parents, government and politicians, religion beliefs. Next thing - rollercoaster emotions - angry, fearful, , disappointed, confused, exhausted. Determine to understand. Fear holding You back? Break free from the chains of fear and begin to explore...

Verdensalt.dk (SoTW):

(1-minute grounding meditation -Ask your guides, ascended masters or guardian angels, to assist you)

  • Take a seat with your feet on the ground. Eyes closed and hands were it feels comfortable
  • Take a deep breath in. Feel your body as you inhale
  • Take a long breath out. Notice your body as you exhale 
  • Try incorporating a set inhale-exhale ratio (3 times or as you feel comfortable)
  • Follow your breath in and out
  • Rest your mind on your belly or your chest or at your nostrils
  • Just be aware as you breathe in and aware as you breathe out
  • Kindly ask to be joined with the inner Earthly Star of Gaia and to be grounded with her
  • Say thanks and send LOVE to the healing your have receive from above 

    2. (Extended grounding - Ask your guides, ascended masters or guardian angels, to assist you)

    🕉️ ~ 💗 The Opportunity of This Second Revolution of Love (GAOF) 💕 ~ | Blogger: [👉Good article. SoTW don't always think the world of Steve Beckow who's told us to stop demonizing President Obama👈] ... Well, I can only speak for myself, and I have a set of 'cojones' or Big Dick Energy not to be afraid to talk about the TRUTH on this channel. Nobody is "demonizing" anybody, only, trying to shine the light and truth to help me/us see clearly... Why do some people seem to get offended no matter what you say or how carefully you try to phrase something on behalf of their feelings?... The 33 Gender Identities... Black Lives Matter (#BLM) ... The Me Too (or #MeToo) movement... (Whatever)... To take an offense is an emotional response to something that we think is an injustice or an emotional response toward someone we believe has wronged us. We may even take offense simply because someone does not agree with us; or because someone has dared to critique or change our proposed project or plan. Typically, when we are offended, we have hurt feelings, resentment, anger, ongoing frustration, contempt, or personal outrage. MUCH ongoing conflict in homes, most ‘affairs’ in marriages, and 2 most friendship and fellowship breakdowns in families and churches are rooted back somewhere in an offended spirit... Happy Fourth of July, everyone... Don't be offended if Trump is right... |

    Happy Fourth of July, everyone.

    Brushfires, Coronavirus, race riots…. What next?

    Source (goldenageofgaia)

    Yes, it’s tragic and challenging, all of it. But those behind these attempts to subdue and subjugate the human race forget – or attempt to defeat – the unifying force of the rising love energies on the planet. And they forget our unfoldment in the face of them.

    In fact, this Fourth of July in the United States, recent First of July in my country, Canada, is, in my opinion, a more important Independence Day than any previous. But let me come to that in a moment.

    I’ve said numerous times that Ascension has to be gradual or the human body couldn’t stand the shock.

    Look at how many people are reporting “Ascensionitis” symptoms. There are discussion groups on the matter.

    If we went faster, people would be checking themselves into the hospital with many more symptoms.

    What’s actually happening that’s causing these symptoms is that we’re being bombarded with love energies – appropriately named a tsunami of love – from the Company of Heaven (the Divine Mother, the celestials, and the galactics) – that are slowly transforming our bodies, minds, and hearts.

    📉😜🦠 ~ Dagens coronatal – gaaab – forbliver MEGET lave (Dr. Vibeke Manniche) ~ | Blogger: [👉LIGE NU er der en KÆMPE kamp om HVEM som kender til og fortæller sandheden👈] ...🤔Ifølge det amerikanske Johns Hopkins University, som førte den sløve kniv under operation Bill Gates og Magnus Heunicke's Event 201, CNN og TV 2 Fnys News, viser graffer, hvor vigtigt det var at lukke Danmark ned. "Aldrig har et menneskeligt indgreb reddet så mange liv på så kort tid som under coronakrisen, siger forsker"...🤔Bjørn Lomborg: »Hele coronaindsatsen med at lukke ned er middelklassens måde at se verden på. Det er sådan, de rige gør. Men hvis du ikke er rig, kan nedlukning af samfundet være en rigtig dårlig måde at hjælpe på,« siger Bjørn Lomborg...🤔Hos Politken kan man ifølge nyhedsbureauet Ritzau læse, at regeringen har sat den repræsentative undersøgelse af coronasmittens udvikling i befolkningen på pause. Det viser et notat fra Statens Serum Institut (SSI)... 🤔Danmarks Radio fortsætter tendensen, og kræver du henter Smittestop-appen - Myndighedernes app kan være et effektivt middel mod smittespredning, mener forskningsgruppe... 🤔Dagens.dk har også en BØN - "Folk er nødt til at vågne op. Data lyver ikke. Situationen på Jorden lyver ikke,” udtalte WHOs chef for akutberedskab, Michael Ryan, på en pressebriefing i Genève... 🤔B.T. og BBC har også en lille en historie, hvor smittede corona patienter, mistede smags- og lugtesansen... 💡DER ER BLOT ÉN som stikker ud og beder os Droppe selvfedheden: Danmark er ikke verdensmester i coronakamp. Tage Søndergård Kristensen, professor emeritus og tidligere professor ved Det Nationale Forskningscenter for Arbejdsmiljø, skriver i en kronik i Politiken, at det er 'en absurd misforståelse, at Danmark har klaret kampen mod covid-19 bedre end alle andre'. - Danmark ligger på ingen måde i toppen, når det gælder corona- bekæmpelse. Hvis vi ser på sammenlignelige lande i Europa, Nordamerika og Asien, er der 32 lande, som har haft lavere dødelighed end Danmark, mens der kun er 13 med højere dødelighed. Tage Søndergår opfordrer istedet til, at vi I Danmark lærer af lande som Taiwan, New Zealand og Sydkorea. - I disse lande er man stort set færdig med at bekæmpe epidemien. Der har i over en måned ikke været et eneste covid-19-dødsfald, og der er meget få aktive tilfælde tilbage, skriver han... TAG DEN STIKKPILLE AllesLandsModerMette-Mus😂... |

    Kilde (Dr. Vibeke Manniche)

    I know – Covid19 hænger også dig langt ud af halsen. Hvis ikke det var så tragisk og landet var blevet sendt ud i frit fald, så kunne vi bare trække på skuldrene. Men det går desværre ikke.

    Så lad os tage dagens tal – sølle 17 testet positive ud af 8932 – altså 0,19%!! Meget vel falsk positive blandt tallene. Det er nu over en måned siden, at jeg første gang skrev, at udbruddet var ovre. Det er det sådan set fortsat. Uagtet hvad regeringen har åbnet (og ikke åbnet).

    Der har på intet tidspunkt været sundhedsfagligt belæg for at lukke landet – og endnu mindre for at holde det lukket. Lige nu er der fortsat en vanvittig regel om 6 overnatninger for turister….jeg aner ganske enkelt ikke hvor sådan vås kommer fra. Det er i hvertfald ikke videnskabeligt funderet – men ren politisk beslutning. Men det må jo skyldes, at regeringen hader turister og hader den danske turistbranche. Er jaloux måske. Jeg har ganske enkelt ikke svaret – men at det er en katastrofe for vores turistindustri er der ingen tvivl om. Kæmpe katastrofe – og så endda fuldstændig uden hold i sundhedsfaglig dokumentation eller fundering.

    👎🙅‍♂️💉 ~ (JUST SAY NO) The Danish biotech company Union Therapeutics has been given the go-ahead to begin clinical trials on humans for its coronavirus medicine 'UNI911' which early studies show is more than '40' times more effective than Remdesivir (TheLocal+CPHpost) ~ | Blogger: [👉SoTW would not TRUST anything that comes out right now that Big Pharma and Lame Stream Media trying to "sell" as ""The Miracle Cure""👈] ... {Please use your own Spiritual Discernment} ... As we speak, there's a HEARTBREAKING story about a MAN, same age as SoTW, that has died "with" not "off" Coronavirus. Cecilie Olsen's father died with covid-19 after a course she calls "the worst thing she has ever tried." Her father, Ole Olsen was admitted to Nykøbing Falster Hospital on the last day of March this year with complications following a brain haemorrhage, one of the first things the staff did was to test him for covid-19. The test was NEAGATIVE. Nine days later he was tested again - this time the test was POSSITVE. Ole Olsen's temperature rose and he had breathing problems that were so bad that he had to be transferred to the intensive care unit of the National Hospital and placed in a respirator... AND DIED!...Was it in fact a ERROR? or did Ole Olsen got infected with a COVID-19 at the Hospital. Her daughter seems to think so... PEOPLE, we must wake up!... And Cecilie Olsen's father's case is not the only one that could have gone wrong. According to a data extract made for TV 2, healthcare professionals have reported just under 1.000 ERRORS RELATED TO COVID-19 TREATMENT.... |


    🗣️ ⚖️CRY OUT TO Prince Andrew; "Be a man". "Step forward from your hideout". "Speak up" - Lawyers and Representatives of the victims (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: [👉If You Take the Red Pill: Tucker from FOX, "And We Know" & Liz M. Crokin American Journalist, Columnist and Novelist, Breaks it Down for you. And NO, Trump, was NOT involved, in the Awfulness of Sexual Abuse. He was in fact the ONE that make the Arrests!👈] ... {Best videos from the web as I see it that really cover the TRUTH} ... Question: Does prince Andrew, or do other members of the Royal Family, have diplomatic immunity? No. Only the Queen is entitled to sovereign immunity.... HOWEVER, if a coercive plea bargaining is made with Ghislaine Maxwell and FBI to save her own ass and "protect" 'God's banker', the Mafia, P2 Masons and Vatican fraud and #GlobalPedoGateNetwork, Prince Andrew will go FREE!... If Trump administration, FBI Child Exploitation and Human Trafficking Task Force and other positive entities are able to FORCE out a statement of Maxwell and let her "spill the beans", there will be a KILL order on her, buuutt, Prince, Andrew will NEVER in a million years be locked up in a prison...Q says, "they" will be taken down,ONE by ONE... Maybe, but People have noooooo idea how powerful these Elites are..I have read somewhere that they have "tried" to assassinate Trump 15 times now.... AND yes, Bill Gates hitched a ride (or many) on Jeffrey Epstein's plane - four years after he served time behind bars for soliciting a minor under the age of 18 for sex in 2013... |