December 11, 2018 | Archive | In Our World | Aug 31, 2018 - Dec 11, 2018 | ~ Raniere's NXIVM: Cult or Clinton,Bronfman Child Traffickers ~ | Blogger: 👁‍🗨Can you STILL believe that anno 2018, Hitler's daughter, Angela Merkel and Macron, who represents the interest of the Rothschild family with Theresa May, hanging by a thread, are able to survive prosecutions for treason against humanity... What about the other UNHOLY, like Clintons, Soros, Henry Kissinger and the reptilian, Elizabeth II? ... |

Mum's the word 🤫This is the real deal folks! The NXIVM-Cult is REAL and so is Journalist, David Seaman, reporting about it and 'In Our World'👍 EVERY, B-list actors and actresses, is a either a recruiter of the NXIVM Cult or recruiters of the secret cult, ABOVE, NXIVM. Yes, the Archons and power elites has an agenda!... O-M-G! Sickening🤢 

(Gérard Depardieu Accused Of Rape In France; Actor’s Lawyer Denies Claims) ... This young american dude, is awesome. He's like a new cloned Jordan Sather of Destroying the Illusion. Still a 'unknown' youtuber, but bring up stuff, we all need to listen too... Thanks for exposing NXIVM. The canadian/american actors delight, who are recruiters of the #GlobalPedoGate Hollywood sex cults, sold children to Cabals & Clinton's satanism and witchcraft luciferian lifestyle. They MUST be stopped, even if people do not want to hear about these things...

🚩 PS: (don't kill the messenger) -- Denmark, has put an end to another occultist figure, “Rocket” Madsen who's formally charged with murder of Kim Wall aboard his sub, and member of COPENHELL (so was Kim Wall, people claims). Some even say, that CopenHell, a heavy metal festival in Denmark, which ('also') attracts occultist luciferianism and nazisupporters of the worst kind. Some also say, that Peter Madsen, had associations to or knew people within the inner circle of Danish Order of Freemasons (Den Danske Frimurerorden) and that was the REAL reason, they wanted to lock him up, FOREVER AND EVER (too many secrets - similar to Anders Behring Breivik manifesto & Knights Templar)....

 BUT BUT BUT... THAT'S JUST HEARSAY AND RUMORS - not trying to LINK Copenhell to Kim Wall, NXIVM or the fact, Kim's father worked as a freelance photographer for Google, and she was painted her face in white, corpse-like or Geishas Painted on her social media account (now deleted)... But there's sooooo much stuff going on, you have nooo idea... Do you really still think that 'The 2011 Norway attacks' & '2015 Copenhagen shootings' didn't have some False Flag elements in it (I do)... BY THE WAY -- did you know, during Peter Madsen's murder trial, the inventor wrote blog posts about stabbing women!? 'A female witness who testified “behind closed doors” said that Madsen had sent her a link to a post he had written titled Himmel og Helvede, or “Heaven and Hell”, which he described as “an entrance to my head”, reports Sky News’s Julie Thomsen' (

One of the greatest video's about Peter Madsen was called "..Er Raket Madsen en satanisk morder eller er der en større konspiration bag.."."Is Rocket Madsen a satanic killer or is there a bigger conspiracy behind .. " - now censored... |


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Raniere's NXIVM: Cult or Clinton,Bronfman Child Traffickers 

NXIVM is not a one off cult but one of many child trafficking rings used by the creatures of Jekyll Island to entrap their slaves and torture children. The Media has barely touched the actually charges. This is the big-lie theory, they tell us about Stormy Daniels but Not Jefrey Epstein, they tell us Keith Ranierre enslaved women but not children, the court DOCs show he was enslaving children as well they won't touch it because as soon as the people know, its all over.

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... Fantastic reading, 100 percent truth (in my opinion) 😱😱😱 Have you awaken from the beauty sleep, this fact comes as a CHOCK and our EGO power center, shaking out of fear. Imagine if you could convince the Conscious Compartmentalizing, that 'our controllers' has manipulated us for a century... Before you play jack-in-the-box, swearing its all FAKE, perhaps even manufactured by Gray Cardinal (Putin ) & 70-Year-Old Toddler (Trump) and their Administration, please reconsider... 

Humans Are Free | ~ Everything is Fake: Top 40 Pieces of Fakery in Our World

Everything is fake in our society today – or at least a great many things are. Our world is filled with an extraordinary amount of lies, deception, disinformation, misinformation, fakery, fraud, facades, mirages, propaganda and brainwashing. 

The good thing though is that once you awaken to the deception, you can use it as a tool for raising your consciousness. The idea that virtually everything is fake can be empowering rather than depressing. 

Sure, we’ve all felt overwhelmed, sad, angry and impotent at times when we’ve seen just how easily our (mis)leaders can fool the masses with sophistry and empty rhetoric, but they’ve all been placed there to challenge us to wake up more quickly and fully, and reclaim our world.

Here’s my list of the top 40 pieces of fakery in our world today:

1. Fake News

Let’s begin with the MSM (Mainstream Media), better called the lamestream media, and their “news”, which is essentially corporate infotainment. The MSM waters down the news and makes it entertaining to further distract people from things of real significance. 

There is nothing balanced, impartial or fair about MSM news. In the US, Australia and many other Western nations, the news is dominated by a handful of for-profit corporations who are legally bound to provide a return on investment to their shareholders. 

This means running “news” pieces which either promote the agenda of the corporate owners (especially the military agenda) or censoring stories which would hurt political allies and advertisers (like Big Pharma, who is the biggest contributor of funds for advertising on MSM according to former US Senator Robert Kennedy Jr.).

Additionally, the news is literally fake – remember the CNN green screen stunt where they pretended they were being bombed in Saudi Arabia but were really in a studio? What about lying news anchos like Brian Williams and Bill O’Reilly (Bill O’Leilly)?

Evidence that the Main Stream Media is fabricating news for propaganda reasons:

1. CNN caught producing fake news during the Gulf War;
2. CNN caught producing fake news during the Syrian conflict;
3. CNN caught producing fake news during Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon "Bombing";
4. Former CNN journalist: "CNN is paid by foreign and domestic government agencies for specific content";
5. FOX News - and all other news agencies - are 'corporate persons' and can LEGALLY LIE their viewers;
6. New York Times openly admits MSM stories are scripted by the White House;
7. MSM censored/ignored a shocking admission of highest level Turkish false flag against Syria, which would have triggered a war between the two nations;

2. Fake Journalism

Alongside fake news, of course, comes equally fake journalism. MSM journalists today are not the true investigative reporters of yore. There are exceptions such as journalists who used to work for the MSM Big 6 and are now working independently (either leaving of their own volition or having been fired) such as Ben Swann and Sharyl Attkisson

However, they are few and far between. Most journalists function as little more than parrots repeating the corporate party line, and are too scared to rock the boat for fear of losing their jobs. 

The White House strictly controls who has “access” to the President and other officials. In general, if you want more access, you have to toe the line and ask easy, softball questions that make politicians look good.

Additionally, the Government admitted it made video news releases or prepackaged news for the MSM, which then broadcast these releases as “news” without disclosing to its viewers that the pieces were premade by the Government!

3. Fake Entertainment

On the topic of media, let’s turn our attention to Hollywood and the entertainment industry. If you’re looking for fakery and superficiality, look no further, because Hollywood and certain parts of southern California are about as shallow as it gets. 

The dominating culture there dictates that it’s more important what you look like than who you are; more important who you hang out with (and are seen with) than what you know; and more important how big your Botox lips or silicone breasts are than how big your heart is; and more important what you own and what’s in your bank account than what gifts you’ve given to the world.

Hollywood’s film and music industries are imbued with Satanism. This is easily seen with its influence on heavy metal, rock, hip hop and these days even pop (take a look at the Illuminati symbology in the music and videos of Madonna or Katy Perry). 

Actresses such as Rosanne Barr and many other Hollywood insiders have exposed how mind control, prostitution (turning up-and-coming stars into prostitutes or forcing them to have sex to “make” it) and pedophilia are rife throughout Hollywood. 

Michael Jackson suffered from mind control and attempted to tell the world before he was killed. Many others such as Mariah Carey and Britney Spears show obvious signs of mind control.

Read more about the fake entertainment industry here:

4. Fake Corporate PR and Advertising

Another aspect of visual media (TV) that makes you sick are these generic “we care” fake feel-good commercials made by slick marketing departments of the corporatocracy, trying to get you to associate them with happiness, caring, giving, equality or any other value they choose from a list. They use marketing as a kind of weaponized psychology. 

Did you ever wonder why Big Pharma always shows beautiful models, happy retired people, bouncing dogs or smiling babies to peddle its poisonous, side-effect laden drugs? 

Corporations are soulless entities and legal persons – the epitome of fakery in many ways since they are fake persons with the rights of people and the responsibilities of none.

5. Fake Medicine

Big Pharma is the force behind Western Medicine, and Rockefeller is the force behind both of them. With its smorgasbord of synthetic drugs, vaccines, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, Western medicine or allopathy has earned the dubious honor of killing hundreds of thousands of people every year. 

2000 study by Dr. Barbara Starfield, MD, found that allopathy kills 225,000 per year in the US, while a 2003 study by Dr. Gary Null, MD and others, found that allopathy kills 783,000 per year in the US. Starfield concluded that Western Medicine in America causes:

– 12,000 deaths from unnecessary surgeries;

– 7,000 deaths from medication errors in hospitals;

– 20,000 deaths from other errors in hospitals;

– 80,000 deaths from infections acquired in hospitals; and

– 106,000 deaths from FDA-approved correctly prescribed medicines.

Null et al concluded that Western Medicine causes:

– 37,136 deaths from unnecessary procedures;

– 32,000 deaths related to surgery;

– 98,000 deaths from medical error;

– 115,000 deaths from bedsores;

– 88,000 deaths from infection;

– 108,800 deaths from malnutrition;

– 199,000 deaths related to outpatients; and

– 106,000 deaths from adverse drug reactions.

Now, with its antibiotic drugs becoming more useless in the face of rising super bugs, you have to really question whether an entire medical system that is based on masking symptoms, “managing” illness, and getting patients on a hamster wheel of pill after pill after pill, can really constitute true healing – or whether it’s just more fakery.

6. Fake Scientific Research

RT | ~ 'This is a great surprise’: NASA’s OSIRIS-REx has already discovered water on Bennu ~ | Blogger: 🛸80 years of cover-up, above top-secret material, let us just say - many “Military Faction” to the Secret Space Programs exist, aggressive in nature, but also benevolent alliances and White Hats, who are winning🌌... |

  ... Waaaauv.. They found water on Bennu!... What a surprise - NOT! 🤔... AND, russian cosmonauts will set foot on the dark side of the Moon for the first time in the early 2030s as part of an ambitious project to set up a base on the surface of Earth’s satellite, a roadmap by Russia’s spacecraft maker, Energia, revealed...

You want the TRUTH? ..

David Wilcock and Corey Goode: History of the Solar System and Secret Space Program - Notes from Consciousness Life Expo 2016:
"There' a group that is out there in our solar system, right now, which is colonizing space. And this group is run by people on Earth. This group has already done what seems impossible, like in movies such as Star Trek and Star Wars. Portal travel, faster than light travel, is all possible and a well-established reality, that has been kept hidden. What we’re talking about here is a secret space program (SSP) that has been kept hidden from the public. But a program that was paid for by the public. When you look at the Apollo moon missions, the Vietnam war, etc, it was all money laundering to fund these programs. Lower level secret space program is funded from money laundering operations on Earth, but the higher level programs are self-funded via their own trading platforms with other groups and ET races. [These higher level groups would be called breakaway civilizations because they are no longer dependent on society to achieve their goals.] During the crash at Roswell New Mexico in 1947 the government grabbed technology and reverse engineered it, but kept it secret so it can be exploited by this hidden group. But one person broke through the ranks and is spilling the beans, as an insider and whistleblower, that’s Corey"... | ~ Words related to fear. 6 commonly words associated with fear, that we use, very day ~ | Blogger: [WELCOME TO THE GOLDEN AGE OF ENLIGHT- ENMENT... 'TO HOPE' = powerlessness, no action - reverse and turn it into something positive - 'I am looking forward to or I WISH for.. Or simple, send JOY to the things that you "do not want" and the things you want to come, your way🤯😵😇] ... |

JFK21 - JordenFrihedKundskab | ~ JFK News ~ | Blogger: Mads Palsvig: "Der er iiiingen korruption i Daaaanmark.....vel?" - 'There's no corruption in Danish govt'... you think?... Mads Palsvig. Chairman of the political party: JFK-Jorden Frihed Kundskab.... My name is Mads Palsvig, I have several degrees and have been an international investment banker for nearly 30 years, including advising the privately owned Federal Reserve at numerous meetings in London, New York, Paris, Geneva and Lissabon. | | Archive | ~ Dear Fellow Lightworkers and Light Warriors pls make this go Viral To WAKE UP SHEEPERS! AND THE REMAINDER OF HUMANITY TO Bring ON THE EVENT SOON !!! ~ | Blogger: 🎁"It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas"🎄 ... |

... (as we just learned from our Angels ´The heart naturally seeks joy. The mind easily negates it´) ... 

This is a STRONG reminder, like a total recall for YOUR personally spiritual detoxification process, removal of implants (or programming) that creates cracks in the Matrix and surrender to “I AM Soul Presence” with the importance of doing “Meditation with Goddess to Neutralize Negative Rituals”, "Buddhic Column Meditation" or whatever you feel so guided with WLMM on specific time intervals or by yourselves. Speak out loud or do inside work from: "Spiritual (soul) Contracts Revocation" & “0010110 Decree Meditation”, many, many more exist...

Before we can help others, we need to do affirmations, declare and decrees, to disconnect and nullify all our agreements and contracts to the dark forces... If you feel so guided... 🙏💜😇🤗🐬🦋🦄🌹🌸🌎🌔🌟🌈 ...

🔦 PS: 11:11 / 12:12 / 12:21 / 12:27 has/will be sooooo important and powerful date(s) of this decade, to finally liberate our planet from the Archons & Globalists planing to destroy us all. The frequencies which trigger an accelerated migration occur between the 12-12 and 12-27. It unlocks magnetics within Gaia’s core, which shifts all energy flows to the crystalline grid system, causing expansion.  The shifts created by this energy release may accele- rate earth-changes, which also accelerates unity. Let us recognize that deconstruction of the old includes physical changes in these realms.. WHAT did you expect? That our galactic family and Light Forces will do all the inner & outer work to liberate our body and mind from our FEARS, EGO, CONTROL and SELF-DEFENSE MECHANISM... LET'S GO ALL OUT!!...

Most important is to surrender... To surrender to the guidance of pure light of the Source, and the pure light beings... Let light guide you... No attachments of ANYTHING or ANYBODY and all your worries, will disappear... You are a star being of pure light, a STARSEED/ HUMAN ANGEL with divine mastery skills to fix and love yourself, unconditionally... Let it all sink in ... THINK about it, and you know this is true...

I AM here to remind you, that you are beyond wonderful being of light, and not everything has to be on your shoulders, just surrender...🙏

NEW: I Declare and Decree

Lightworkers & Lightwarriors and everyone who feel so guided; Say out loud:

  • "I surrender to the guidance of pure light, of the Source and the pure light beings.
  • "I now invoke of the Presence I AM that I AM":
  • I AM devoted to get rid of any attachments of anything, anyone and of any kind, and I'll will not have any worries... 
  • I AM a star being of pure light, a STARSEED/ HUMAN ANGEL with divine mastery skills to fix and love myself, unconditionally...
  • I AM first and foremost for my higher purpose, mission, openly listening to my higher self... 
  • I AM in possession to spread courage that means, I don't let fear stop me...
  • I AM confident every second, but allow myself to be vulnerable and receive help...
  • I AM full of love, compassionate loving intent...
  • I AM Unity consciousness 
  • I AM Christ consciousness 
  • I AM the Soul 
  • ~
You don't need to be strong' and 'tough,' living in a survival mode - you can can be soft, sensitive and vulnerable. Is a strength and not a weakness.... Because we shine more and more light, we're open for attacks, but it doesn't mean, we need to give up and let go.... The greater your peace, the easier it becomes to feel the God's or Source presence...