Jul 8, 2015

'F*ck that!' Finally, a guided meditation for the realities of the modern world (VIDEO) - July 8, 2015

Tired of the day-to-day grind we call life? Stop googling “how to battle depression” and start living by the “f*ck that” mantra. The instructions are easily detailed in a new meditation guide – just “breathe in strength” and breathe out you-know-what.

While some may spend hundreds, even thousands, on a counselor to get them through tough times, this online guide won't cost you a penny.

Accompanied by soothing music, the guide begins as any typical meditation video would – with a soothing voice and words that encourage the listener to “sit or lie comfortably and quietly.”

But in reality this guide is much more down to earth than most others, which becomes apparent at the 23d second.

“Let the horsesh*t of the external world fade from your awareness,” the narrator instructs with confidence protracting the R-rated inspiration throughout the rest of the meditation.

The guide was published by storyteller Jason Headley, who has a number of other witty films in his repertoire.

Headley – who says he's “more handsome in real life than he is on camera” but is “still not actually handsome” – has also written several screenplays and a novel.

He credits his sense of humor to his father and David Letterman – but it could also be down to the fact that he “comes from a long line of yarn-spinners and bullsh*tters.”


Visit Norsecorp.com - America as hard target are being bombarded with cyber attacks from China and Russia and SEAMS two be Europe somewhere. The US is lit up like a Christmas tree


Most intricate crop circle yet warns of alien invasion - July 8, 2015

Binary code encoded in Crop Circle at Torino Airport on June 23, 2015 reads “timeo ET ferentes!” which means “beware of ET bearing gifts!”

We’ve all seen crop circles and heard various theories about them: they are naturally occurring, they are the work of pranksters and, most believably, they are the work of aliens from another planet marking out landing coordinates for the inevitable invasion and colonisation of our world.

But this latest one really takes the biscuit for creative design.

The intricate crop formation appeared seemingly overnight in Torino in Italy in late June – and has baffled locals and experts alike.

If it was the work of moonlighting pranksters it is estimated it would have taken a team of up to 15 people to etch it out in the space of a night.

And very quickly at that.

That’s 15 tight-lipped people, of course, who wouldn’t want to brag about their handiwork after a few glasses of vino.

Which brings us back to the most likely theory – that of an impending alien invasion.

I, for one, welcome our new extraterrestrial overlords – and applaud them on their attention to detail.*

*Please don’t eat me when you arrive.


Read more: http://beforeitsnews.com/paranormal/2015/07/most-intricate-crop-circle-yet-warns-of-alien-invasion-2492480.html 

Ten Years Ago: The 7/7 London Bombings. The Official Story is a Lie - July 8, 2015

Ten years ago On the 7th of July 2005 London was hit by a series of explosions. You probably think you know what happened that day. But you don’t. The police have, from the onset of their investigation, chosen to withhold from the public almost every bit of evidence they claimed to have and have probably lied about several aspects of the London Bombings. 

The mainstream news has willfully spread false, unsubstantiated and unverifiable information, while choosing to completely ignore the numerous inconsistencies and discrepancies in the official story. The government has finally, after a year, presented us with their official ‘narrative’ concerning the event.

Within hours it was shown to contain numerous errors, a fact since admitted by the Home Secretary John Reid. They have continuously rejected calls for a full, independent public inquiry. Tony Blair himself described such an inquiry as a ‘ludicrous diversion’. What don’t they want us to discover?

Ludicrous Diversion London 7/7 Bombings Documentary by Peter Preswick


NYSE halts trading in all securities & US air flights grounded (ALL UNITED FLIGHTS) nationwise due two computer problems - July 8, 2015

Published: July 8, 2015 11:47 a.m. ET

By  Anora Mahmudova Reporter

Trading in all securities has been temporarily suspended on the New York Stock Exchange. The exchange posted the news on its website, saying "additional information will follow as soon as possible." The halt began at 11:32 a.m. Eastern.

United Airlines resumes flights delayed by computer glitch


Rihanna and a video that should turn all mothers’ stomachs: The song that glorifies murder, torture, drug-taking, guns and racial stereotyping - July 8, 2015

Editor Note: How sickening it is to watch this video, another thing, to find casting of Mikkelsen as the accountant it becomes more than just a ploy for views; it becomes a statement!!. A Danish actor best known for playing Hannibal Lector in NBC’s recently cancelled Hannibal, Mikkelsen is usually the one in control. As a wealthy white man, his character’s degradation as “the bitch” and his murder by a Rihanna – a black woman – is a strong symbol, that sits within an extremely progressive type of revenge fantasy. Mikkelsen gotta get looooots of dough out of making this music video, Rihanna is unstoppable making hits, race is important as gender (maybe)...but what kind of signal would Rihanna even sent out to our teenagers? That, the song glorifies murder, torture, drug-taking, guns and racial stereotyping?....Several of Madonna video's are alike, check out satanic work by Madonna - Bitch I'm Satanic Illuminati Madonna The ft. Nicki Minaj EXPOSED and Miley Cyrus

Daily Mail (By Sarah Vine): When I first watched Rihanna’s repulsive new video for her repulsive single, B***h Better Have My Money, it had only had a couple of million views. It was last Wednesday, in fact, shortly after Nick Grimshaw had mentioned it on his Radio 1 Breakfast Show.

Even Grimshaw seemed a little bit shocked — and he’s not exactly a prude. It had made him feel ‘proper’ sick, he said. Hmm, I thought to myself. Better check this one out. Not out of some desperate, sad-sack desire to keep up with the young, you understand. But as the mother of a 12-year-old girl, I need to know about these things.

What was it General Monty said? ‘Time spent in reconnaissance is seldom wasted.’ Never were truer words spoken.

And since motherhood these days seems to involve fighting a losing battle against the endless stream of filthy, violent and downright misogynistic images being rained down on children’s heads from all variety of different media, I make it my mission to know about these things. Even at the detriment of what remains of my sanity.

So after I’d finished the school run, I made myself a cup of strong coffee and logged on to Vevo — the free-to-view, uncensored music video streaming channel used by most pop artists — to watch it.

Like I said, by then it had received ‘only’ a couple of million hits (a mere bagatelle in terms of the reach of a global ‘superstar’ such as Rihanna); but it didn’t take me long to realise it was going to get a lot more. As I watched, I actually felt my pulse quicken in anger. By the time it had finished, I wondered whether I ought not to report her to the police. Charges: pornography, incitement to violence, racial hatred.

Deep breath now: I shall try to describe it without completely ruining your morning.

A rich, blonde, white woman with expensive hair and even more expensive breast implants is putting the finishing touches to her toilette. She strolls through her beautiful apartment, scoops up her Pomeranian pooch, kisses her husband goodbye and steps into the lift. As the doors close, we see Rihanna, styled like some sort of voodoo fashion victim in black lipstick and hallucinogenic eye make-up, pouting away ominously next to her in possession of a large trunk. The doors open again, and the blonde is gone: beaten up, one assumes, and put inside the trunk. Rihanna is holding the dog. From then on in, it’s like Grand Theft Auto, but without the gentle romance or subtlety.

The Greek Crisis - What You're Not Being Told - July 8, 2015

Sheldan Nidle opdatering for Galaktiske Føderation af lys og åndelige hierarki - 8. Juli 2015 CET

Hvem er Sheldan Nidle: Sheldan Nidle er grundlægger af Planetary Activation Organization, en UFO religion. Han siger at han er i stand til former for telepatiske kommunikation, samt er i kontakt med rumvæsener. Han er tit kanal for budskaber og formidler af Det Galaktiske Føderation Af Lys.

Finansielle akronymer

Be aware of your abilities and seize this power to express your love for Gaia and for all of humanity. This great reservoir of Love and forgiveness can literally move mountains!

Ummac Dan ~ symbol of the
Sirian Star system

6 Lamat, 6 Kumku, 11 Ik

Selamat Jarin! Your world continues to move forward with the manifesting of the new financial system. This system is to reduce or eliminate the stealing that was common under the old system. In addition, several adjustments are to be made that make money laundering practically impossible. Transparency in all kinds of transactions is to be the rule of the day. In the coming weeks we expect a great number of deliveries to occur. Thus, the time for you to receive your blessings is fast approaching. This grand transfer of wealth is to lead quickly to the downfall of the cabal and its many hidden associates. Thus, new governance under the aegis of NESARA is not very far off. These facts allow us to know that our period of announcements is swiftly approaching. This means as well that your needed lessons by the Ascended Masters are looming. Many of you have patiently waited for the time, which is now upon you. Others have occasionally succumbed to the rigors of this prolonged wait. In any case, remain positive and be joyous for what is happening around you. The time is approaching to at last let go and begin your many projects to aid humanity!

Long ago, before the last two great year cycles began, Lemuria reigned supreme as the benevolent steward of Gaia and her numerous eco-systems. Lemuria had first spread across planet Gaia to soothe and turn positive the energies, which governed the surface realm. Then, these dedicated souls went inward and established an inner global land that in her language became the realm of Agartha. Our settlers had made Gaia an inner and surface realm paradise filled with endless animal and plant life forms. About 300,000 years ago a group of special settlers migrated here from the Pleiades. This group was a remnant of a whole section of rebels who had come to believe that being the mediator between the dark Ancharan continuum and a number of groups that opposed them was a useful means for spreading Light in this galaxy. This belief had become somewhat perverted by the time they first arrived. As with previous settlers, they initially chose a surface territory upon which to become acclimated to life on Gaia. This first stage was to last for an unusually long period of nearly 250,000 years.

The IMF Has Made €2.5 Billion Profit Out of Greece Loans (Who do You feel sorry for? - IMF/GoldmanSachs/Banksters who makes a huge profit or starving Greece) - July 8, 2015

By Jubilee Debt Campaign / jubileedebt.org.uk
Ahead of the payment of €462 million by Greece to the IMF on Thursday 9 April, figures released by the Jubilee Debt Campaign show that the IMF has made €2.5 billion of profit out of its loans to Greece since 2010. If Greece does repay the IMF in full this will rise to €4.3 billion by 2024.

The IMF has been charging an effective interest rate of 3.6% on its loans to Greece. This is far more than the interest rate the institution needs to meet all its costs, currently around 0.9%. If this was the actual interest rate Greece had been paying the IMF since 2010, it would have spent €2.5 billion less on payments.

Out of its lending to all countries in debt crisis between 2010 and 2014 the IMF has made a total profit of €8.4 billion, over a quarter of which is effectively from Greece. All of this money has been added to the Fund’s reserves, which now total €19 billion. These reserves would be used to meet the costs from a country defaulting on repayments. Greece’s total debt to the IMF is currently €24 billion.

Tim Jones, economist at the Jubilee Debt Campaign, said:
“The IMF’s loans to Greece have not only bailed out banks which lent recklessly in the first place, they have actively taken even more money out of the country. This usurious interest adds to the unjust debt forced on the people of Greece.”
Copyright Jubilee Campaign, 2015


Tyler Durden's picture

The Biggest Winner From The Greek Tragedy

For every loser there is a winner, and in the case of Greece and its tragedy, just as millions are about to lose everything, a few not only made billions but quietly, under the guise of "sovereign bailouts" transferred their entire risk onto the taxpaying public.

Dave Schmidt Update:Program Interview with The Ambassador and a Review of Previous Programs - July 8, 2015

In this week's program we will discuss the continuation of the programs from the last two weeks and I will also have an update fron The Ambassador. In the pre-recorded interview we will discuss 4 topics, 1) The recent vote in Greece, 2) An update on the True Vision of Peace project funding, 3) The recent announcement of the quiet release of the jubilee, and a review of Jade Helm. Other topics may come forward at The Ambassador's discretion.



Dave Schmidt Update: July 1, 2015 (The Liberty Debt Elimination Program "ONLY For Creditcard & Unsecure Debts Issured By US Bank Systems", Pump-and-Dump Stock Manipulation Scheme, Michael Tellinger takes Banksters to court)  

Finansielle akronymer

Dave Schmidt has a unique background in banking and finance, plus as a State Senator and a seminary graduate. Dave looks at politics, money and world affairs from a different paradigm, with passion for uncovering the truth about government and political issues in conjunction with how they impact our lives. In fact, Dave Schmidt has been a "whistleblower" on two different Discovery Channel TV programs as an expert on how government covers up and lies about what really goes on.