Mar 26, 2022

🙏 ~ 💝 (The Riddler, Trump-Batman. Mister Vengeance AKA Putin & One 'Thumb' drive!) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ 💕 | Blogger: Back in March SoTW visited Gothenburg IMAX! And for years I’ve said that “The Dark Knight” is the one great comic-book movie. However, the new Batman film that need to be seen in a movie theater and I personally think, is one the BEST ever made, because it is, a new version of the famous comic book hero where a mysterious masked man calling himself The Riddler, The Penguin and new history of The Wayne Family... I guess Janine just went onboard and deep dived into the Batman-movie as well and totally a White Hat (once a BH) overtaken flick, like so many others, lately (Matrix, The 355 etc.). Janine is also saying, that Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock are clones (Brad they used AI voice trickery, CGI, younger version etc.) since they do not look as themselves (after the lost party-substances) are all rounded up and facing justice after they were into some nasty stuff (cabal of pedos is crazy with party substances). Netflix as a company and the CEO's who started it, is facing justice, could be hidden some very devious stuff and has been taken over by WH and belongs to the people... |

💛💙🤞🤫 ~ (Psst... Hey Kid, over Here!) Question... Everything... You've been LIED to!... No un'scapes the Tru Tru! (SoTW) ~ |