August 02, 2021

🙏 ~ 💝 (Ignoring The Pink Elephant In The Room...) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ 💕 | Blogger: [🌟This is a short clip from my most recent live event in my Patreon Community. We are programmed to follow the herd, to do..🌟] ... PS: Strange, Isn't It? SoTW follows Arnold Schwarzenegger and on he's 74th birthday, and I'm not kidding, millions of likes and comments, in every post that was pushed out. When SoTW (used) to post stuff in regards of my articles etc. on ‘Zuckerbucks’ - ZERO no HERO - of likes, no comments or dislike - nothing!. People do not know or wish to see the Pink Elephant - Arnold Schwarzenegger is part of the blueprint illuminati programming... German newspaper APOLOGIZES for pushing CO_VID lockdown hysteria and harming society, in the German news outlet Bild, but at the same time, 600 protesters are getting arrested, beating up with police brutality, as we speak in Berlin, but nobody cares... Four presidents who opposed CO_VID VakkZines have conveniently died – replaced by pro-vaxxers - One of them was Haitian President Jovenel Moise, who was assassinated at his home in Port-au-Prince recently by a group of mercenaries and nobody seems to see the Pink Elephant in the room... There's nothing-over-here-don't-look-mentality... I'm sorry beautiful light beings, SoTW, cannot always hold your hand around the campfire, singing Kumbaya and getting the joy joy joy down in your spiritual beating heart... It's time for you to take a stand and tell them that things need to change... Oh obvious not you readers, but 99% of world population😉... 1% is 76 million lightworkers is that enough to wake the rest of the sheeple?... |

※🔴🔺~ ('Elders of Zion, Rothschilds, Rockefellers and Asian secret society') Benjamin *FULL* Report & weekly geo-political news and analysis ~ | Blogger: PS: "Next week I will talk about how I met David Rockefeller. I will also discuss meeting such groups as the Black Sun, the Illuminati (in two flavors), the secret space program Nazis, the Russian FSB, and former MI6 head Dr. Michael Van de Meer. Please stay tuned"… ~ BF... |


Who is this Benjamin Fulford? BF (born 1961) is a journalist, author of Canadian descent, who lives in Japan. He speaks 4 languages, including Japanese. He worked in Japan as a correspondent for Knight Ridder, The International Financing Review, Nihon Keizai Shimbun English Edition, and South China Morning Post, before his days at Forbes Magazine, where he was the Asian office manager from 1998 to 2005. His investigative reports persecuted scandals in the Japanese government and business. After leaving Forbes, he wrote a number of Japanese books, some of which became best sellers, and began to publish on the internet. He surrendered to Japanese citizenship in 2007. He gained some popularity on the internet after he conducted an interview with David Rockefeller in November 2007.

Getting To Know The North Koreans

Blogger: A far-fetched story!?... Yes I agree... Verdensalt has been following Fulford’s reports for some years, reading them should probably be done with a large grain of salt. There's NOTHING right or wrong in this storytelling, other than some entertainment, some are properly truth or false claims, hard to factcheck. As always, use your own spiritual discernment. BF seems to share information directly from alleged sources within the Pentagon, CIA, White Dragon Society, and so on. Often the data presented is contradictory on the surface, but underneath in the intelligence services apparatus or underworld, more likely. It would probably be more productive to consider his data as one possible perspective on what is happening on Earth at this time.. With that said, the world is unbelievable corrupted and nasty, it's sometimes hard after a man swallowed The Red Pill...

Published by Benjamin on Aug 2, 2021

Notice to readers. So that I may take my annual sabbatical in the Canadian wilderness, the next several reports will be pre-written. They will focus on the history of how I got involved in fighting the Khazarian Mafia. Hopefully, this will help readers get a better understanding of what is happening now. Of course, if something really big happens, we will issue an emergency report.

The assassination attempts against me and the murder of many of my colleagues were part of a Nazi coup d’etat that took place in the U.S. after 9.11.2001. This Nazi faction, led by Fuhrer George Bush Sr., was a sub-group of the Khazarian Mafia. They were killing journalists as a part of an attempt to control the narrative, the story by which Western society was led. However, I did not figure that out until a North Korean princess showed me the evidence.

Here is how it happened. I was running into serious censorship at Forbes. This started after I had run the story about the murder of the banker, that I detailed in last week’s report, brought me to the attention of the people who gave orders to the Forbes family.

For example, a story about Citibank (a Rockefeller company) being kicked out of Japan because it was money laundering for gangsters was killed even though my source was the Japanese Finance Ministry speaking on the record. The last straw for me came when I found out that an anti-virus software company was making viruses. Forbes killed the story, telling me I was “unreliable,” when in fact the story was killed because Steve Forbes had been given $500,000 by the anti-virus company, according to a Forbes whistleblower.

👼 ~ 💗 ('Surprises, Creation and Instant Transformations') August 2021 Energy Update 💕 (LeeHarris) ~ |


Lee Harris has monthly forecasts via 15-30 minute intensive videos and he works with energies that are truly rewarding and very real bids on how we are influenced by the energy fields and energy streams that exist everywhere in nature and around us. Lee Harris describes the current situations that all people and children should relate to and how we restore the balance.

Personally i think his mindfulness of things is a uplifting experience and actually, very appealing. Will also say, Lee Harris, is at an awareness level I also share, many things he tells us are pretty much many of the topics I describe on my blog...

Source (LeeHarrisEnergy)

The August Energy Update has arrived! One thing that came to me very strongly when I started bringing the themes through is that this is very much a year of two halves. June began the new energy for 2021, and we'll be entering into it in a deeper way in August. A few of the headlines for this month are: 💫 We are Becoming New at an All New Speed 💫 Planetary Sustainability is coming into Sharper Focus now, and in the months to come. 💫 Surprises, Creation and Instant Transformations will be the bright spots energetically in the month of August and beyond. Watch the for the full Energy Update for a deeper look at these themes and more... Big love, Lee

🕉️ ~ 💗 ('As mentioned previously, life is a kaleidoscope of moving parts, nothing staying the same, everything changing.') Monthly Astrology Forecast for August 2021 (EraOfLight by Sarah-Jane) 💕 ~ |



We all have potential. We all have possibility. Even when we feel lost, confused or alone, when we take a breath and go within, we find the potential to grow, evolve and blossom, even when times are challenging. Life, by its very nature, is inherently uncertain. As much as we might want to be sure of the outcome of our choices, we can never really know as life simply doesn’t work that way.

As mentioned previously, life is a kaleidoscope of moving parts, nothing staying the same, everything changing. Change is the one true constant in life and we can fight it, resist it or dig our heels in, but change still happens whether we want it to or not. It therefore seems important to create a positive relationship to change, to learn the empowerment of acceptance and to realise that true growth often comes when we face dead-ends, brick walls or potholes of challenge. Life rarely works out as we expect, and we can either choose to live each day in cautious fear, holding back for a better moment that’s unlikely to come, or we can choose to throw our hats into the ring and dance wholeheartedly with the ebb and flow of the uncertainty of life.

It’s important that we continue to honour, love and be compassionate, to not be isolated islands and to reach out to unify and unite. We shouldn’t focus on the things that divide us or tear us apart, we should focus on the things that can bring us together as one. It does take courage and resilience to be the lighthouse in stormy seas, it also takes strength to weather the storms, but if we can’t be there for each other then who can we be there for?

👩‍🚀🚀🌌 ~ (Ingen nationer må eje rummet, undtagen, 1930's og indtil dato, hemmelige rumprogrammer) 2,3 trillioner dollars manglede der i Pentagons "kaffekasse" sagde Donald Rumsfeldt den 10. september 2001. Næste dag den 11. september 2001, forsvandt Pentagons revisionsafdeling, andre Three-Letter Agencies og 300 millioner dollars guld med et sprængstoflignende nanotermit brag i en sky af røg, sten, papir og glas, og et enkelt krydsermissil og 2 fake fly (SoTW Arkiv) ~ | Blogger: [👉Rummet er allerede en benhård kampplads, hvor jordens militær, private firmaer og rumnationer, udkæmper territorier. Engang var det måske tanken om simpel minedrift på asteroider, nu er det Star Wars versus First Order, med tusindvis af avancerede civilisationer👈] ... {OMG! Tænker du, har du røget pot eller tror du selv på det ævl?}... OM DET NU hedder, billioner eller trillioner, er vel ligegyldigt, for de teknisk imbecile, pointen er, at pengene, forsvandt sporløst, ned i et sort hul, sandsynligt "black budget" program, som ingen, kan spore (Den menneskelige hjerne er ikke beregnet til at tænke på billioner af dollar)... Rumsfeld sagde, der manglede $2,3 billioner fra Pentagon. Næ, det er nærmere $21 billioner (samme som det amerikanske budgetunderskud)... Til dem som følger lidt med på sidelinjen, den rå mængde af pengetilførsel som 'black projects' har givet skyggeregeringen og militær kontraktere, så som Lockheed Martin Skunk Works, er blevet brugt i årtier gennem det hemmelige rumprogram (SSP) og krige, samt oprusting...[LÆS VIDERE]... |

"Det er med 100% garanti, at R4DIO's Den Nye Rumalder, Danmarks Radio,, Andreas Mogensen, Danske rumforskere, DTU Space samt Terma A/S og de fem danske virksomheder - GOMSpace, Space Inventor, Gatehouse, Quadsat og Force Technology, ikke kommer til at snakke om SSP-programmerne. Når man først begynder at suse ned af SSP-rutschebanen, er ALT, hvad der sker af DRAMA på Moder Jord, ligegyldigt, til sammenligning. Og drop nu det med at jorden er FLAD, Ole Lochmann, og hans titusindere af følgere, med al respekt" ~ SoTW... 

Hentet fra:


☝️PS: LIGE nu under sommerferiens argurketid, RØVKEDER tabloidaviserne sig og har sat sig for, at dække "konspirationerne"; om nu Jeffrey Epstein, virkelig blev fundet død i sin fængselscelle i Metropolitan Correctional Center i New York - det mener Miami Herald-journalisten Julie K. Brown, ikke. LIGELEDES, omkring, John McAfee, kongen af hemmeligheder og mystik. I sin død efterlod han en sidste gåde... Så kan SoTW vel også bare fyre noget af - eneste forskel er, jeg tror på det jeg skriver om, men har naturligvis ikke altid ret og har jo svært ved at fremføre klare beviser, når alting, ligesom CO_VID-Agendaen, er så fordækt og forræderisk. Der er jo ingen mennesker på Moder Jord, som kender til alle hemmelighederne... |  

2016, lækkede Edward Snowden oplysninger til Washington Post, at budgettet for "sorte projekter" var på $52.6 mia. kr. 

Det militær-industrielle kompleks, interessefællesskabet og samarbejdet i USA mellem det militære apparat og de store virksomheder, så som RAND Corporation, kan man vel betagtes som 'The Galactic Empire' i Star Wars sagaen. 

Flere nationer har deres eget SSP og Solar Warden, såsom Rusland og Kina...

Mange konspirationsteoretikere har mistanke om et udenjordisk cover-up, som daterer sig tilbage til Nazityskland, der indsamlede fremmede teknologier fra faldne ufoer og brugte dem til at bygge avancerede fly og rumfartøjer før og under Anden Verdenskrig, som derefter blev opbevaret i hemmelige underjordiske baser i Antarktika, Sydamerika og USA.

Denne proces er kendt som 'reverse engineering', hvilket betyder at få design information og viden fra ikke jordiske teknologier og reproducere det til menneskeskabte produkter... 

TR-3B sort trekant kodenavn: ASTRA, er et godt eksempel...

Tror slet ikke vi kan begribe hvor omfattende SSP programmet er og hvor højt avanceret teknologi der findes derude.. Hvis man nu tror på den slags... 

👮⚔️😟 ~ ('John Moore: Getting the sh0t means death' . 'Attorney Tom Renz…now 45K dead from the Jab - (VAERS) only report 1 & 10%') Two bombshell interviews: John Moore reveals military knowledge of civilization-ending global event, while attorney Thomas Renz warns of coming tidal wave of vaccine mandate lawsuits (NN) ~ | Blogger: [👉"If you’re wondering why corrupt, criminal governments of the world seem to be in such a hurry to mass “vaccinate” everybody with a deadly, experimental, non-approved gene therapy injection... " ~ Mike] ... 😮Whaaaaat!!!? - VAERS only report 1 & 10% according to Attorney Thomas Renz from, there's 12 different mechanisms how they are collecting vakkZine injuries and deaths, that is reported and it's all hidden, except VAERS -- ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!!! Tom Renz, is the attorney behind the recent whistleblower lawsuit alleging the U.S. government has proof of at least 45,000 deaths from covid vaccines (so far) and rising... (SoTW) ⇨ The globalist puppets from police in Germany, Berlin and France, Paris and elsewhere with more footage of brutality attacking youngsters, elderly and woman protesting against the tyranny & draconian laws. ⇨ UK, will soon begin vakkZine booster shots for 32 million and is open for tourist, but Denmark, is still RED and warns Danes NOT TO GO to the country. ⇨ Italy has now put kill sh0t into 60% and ⇨ Austrian soldiers are going from door-2-door in Sydney to help the police ensure that CO_VID restrictions. ⇨ Local government in Philippines declares that unvaccinated people are barred from purchasing FOOD. ⇨ Pfizer, Moderna, hike prices for their Covid jabs by up to a QUARTER for the EU according to a new report by Financial Times, and the two are making TENS OF BILLIONS of dollars in pandemic profits... LORD God Almighty, help us all... |

"My Lord, Source Light Jesus, there are people in this world who have not yet experienced your incredible love. Some of these people seek to harm others because they are different, out of vanity or vainglory, greed as avarice or covetousness, and wrath as anger. I ask you kindly, that you focus your love on our enemies. Please show them what they are missing without you in their lives. Protect the innocent from the harm of others. In Jesus' and Divine Source, name, Amen.... So be it, and so it is!.. SoTW 🙏

Bombshell interview: Military sources reveal extinction-level event, globalists scramble

Mike Adams

If you’re wondering why corrupt, criminal governments of the world seem to be in such a hurry to mass "vaccinate" everybody with a deadly, experimental, non-approved gene therapy injection, one of the most shocking answers may be simpler than you think.

According to my interview guest, who has many contacts with high level U.S. Navy officers and scientists, a global extinction level event is approaching and the globalists are desperately trying to cull the human population before people figure out what’s about to happen.

See the full article and interview here.


👁⃤ 🔱📐~ (Tilbage til fortidens fremtid) Fra 70ernes gamle danske til 2019 med uskyldig børnereklame fra Scandic, til Mads Mikkelsens 'Druk', der promovere toppens nummer 2 af 10, af Illuminati signaler, som støtter Beyoncé Triple 6 eller djævelens tegn, dødens mærke, Six Six Six, Circle Eye, OK Sign, Okay. Nu også AdrenoChrome-sammensværgelsens Black Eye Club (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: [👉Uskyldige reklamer, bilen og båden for millioner - Okay tailor made by sidelin - Preben Kaas👈] ... Det er utroligt hvad man kan hive frem på sekunder fra det store world wide web. Gennemtrawlede fake nyhedsstrømme i går på min Ipad og PC og stødte på denne reklameblok, som tydeligvis, (helt) 'ubevidst', formår at promovere eller fremmer, illuminati agendaen... 🎭Vi ved med garanti, at danske reklame- underholdnings - og filmindustrien m.fl., har været pålagt meget strenge og (hemmelige) regler fra det amerikanske HOLLYWEIRD, som er detailstyret fra visse underafdelinger af USA's centrale efterretningstjeneste CIA, med 20.000 ansatte... 👌Hold nu op SoTW, det er bare uskyldige børn, som spejder efter det danske Kongeriget og skal lokkes ombord på Scandic Hotellerne og i 1970, kendte man INTET til "Råddenschild Illuminati frimueriet". Okay (uheldig ord) men på en meget uheldig måde, at de viser "satans tegn 666" ville du ikke sige det hvis man kender baggrunden!?.. 📍Det er INGEN tilfældighed, at man kan blive bachelor i Beyoncé på Københavns Universitet. Vi må ikke være for blåøjet. Beyoncé og andre Divaer - er SELVESTE frontfiguren, for én af de største og mest magtfulde P2 Freemasons Illuminati fraktioner, som findes i verden. Så må du tro, hvad du vil. Lidt ligesom, den mest efterspurgte og eftertragtede skuespiller, Tom Cruise, engang 'born-again Christian,' nu købt og flyttede ind for millioner af kroner i Scientology dynastiet's hovedsæde, Florida... 🧟I 1999 havde en anonym kilde hemmeligt filmet Angelina Jolie, hvor hun i en alder af 23, talte til to nære venner om Illuminati initiation ritualer, hun for nylig havde deltaget i, mens hun forsøgte at etablere sig i Hollywood. Check hendes tatoveringer - de siger alt.. 😟OG jeg ved godt hvad man siger om Disney, som er præget af illuminati's Hyper- seksualisering af udsatte børn og pædofile og sataniske rollemodeller, ligesom Netflix, men der findes ikke noget fra den amerikanske underholdningsindustri, som ikke er syltet ind i det, univers, desværre. De ejer jo Lucasfilm, Marvel og udgiver, de bedste tegnefilm.. 📺Tag du ind i DDR-byen eller under TV 2 FNYS NEWS-hustaget og se på alle de Sofie Linde grove sex-afpresnings-sager og lignede, som findes i disse mediehuse og det er ikke tilfældigt, der bliver lagt låg på og sexkrænkerne, stadigvæk løber frit rundt på de bonede gulve... 🧥PS: Historien om frimureren Napoleon Bonaparte samt Pave Francis "skjult hånd" (hand-in-waistcoat) samt AdrenoChrome-sammensværgelsens Black Eye Club, kan man selv læse om... |

"Illuminati opstod, da Europas klogeste hoveder i dyb hemmelighed forberedte at indføre et samfund uden konge og kirke. Idéen var livsfarlig, og Illuminati blev hurtigt forbudt, som har regeret siden den blev indviet 1. maj 1776, af den dengang 26-årige professor i kirkeret og praktisk filosofi, Johann Adam Weishaupt., bosiddende i Ingolstadt, Bayern, Tyskland. 

Vi ved dog i dag, at der er omkring 6 millioner aktive frimurere rundt om i verden. 

Vi ved ydermere, at der næsten er 10.000 danske medlemmer, via DDFO, Foreningerne Det Danske Frimurerlaug og Johanneslogeforbundet er tilsluttet Den Danske Frimurerorden. Og at, Johnnie La Fontaine, tidli. ridder og kommandør i ordenen med den højeste 11. grad, samt tidl. direktør i flere år i Mærsk-koncernen, har engang været ledende, sammen med overlægen, enevældige stormester Walter Schwartz, der sammen med Mogens Mortensen, med ordenen prestigefyldte post som tilsynsmester, tid. direktør i den skandaleombruste og krakkede Tønder Bank, styrer(ede) landet. 

Ifølge, Folkets Ret, Det danske parti (rettenpaavrangen) påstår de, at Kongehuset styrer Den Danske Frimurerorden og frimurerne styrer alle ministerier og styrelser. De har et horn i siden på retspræsident, Alex Elisiussen, som de påstår, er én af de værste og farligste frimurer i Dannevang. 

Kan du fortælle mig, hvad alverden, Amin Jensen, komiker, entertainer & ikke mindst opera sanger, laver som fuldtidsmedlem i mere end 6 år, i DDFO?"