Mar 27, 2017

Activist Post | Mar 27, 2017 | By Claire Bernish | $10 Trillion Missing From Pentagon And No One — Not Even The DoD — Knows Where It Is |

By Claire Bernish

Over a mere two decades, the Pentagon lost track of a mind-numbing $10 trillion — that’s trillion, with a fat, taxpayer-funded “T” — and no one, not even the Department of Defense, knows where it went or on what it was spent.

Even though audits of all federal agencies became mandatory in 1996, the Pentagon has apparently made itself an exception, and — fully 20 years later — stands obstinately orotund in never having complied.

Because, as defense officials insist — summoning their best impudent adolescent — an audit would take too long and, unironically, cost too much.

“Over the last 20 years, the Pentagon has broken every promise to Congress about when an audit would be completed,” Rafael DeGennaro, director of Audit the Pentagon, told The Guardian recently. “Meanwhile, Congress has more than doubled the Pentagon’s budget.”

Worse, President Trump’s newly-proposed budget seeks to toss an additional $54 billion into the evidently bottomless pit that is the U.S. military — more for interventionist policy, more for resource-plundering, more for proxy fighting, and, of course, more for jets and drones to drop more bombs suspiciously often on civilians.


Because, without the mandated audit, the DoD could be purchasing damned near anything, at any cost, and use, or give, it — to anyone, for any reason.

Officials with the Government Accountability Office and Office of the Inspector General have catalogued egregious financial disparities at the Pentagon for years — yet the Defense Department grouses the cost and energy necessary to perform an audit in compliance with the law makes it untenable.

Prepare for Change | Mar 27, 2017 | UN Declares Israel As Having World’s Worst Human Rights |

The U.N.’s top human rights body has officially declared Israel as the world’s worst human rights violator- beating Iran, North Korea, Russia and China for the number 1 spot.

According to the U.N.'s top human rights body, Israel is the worst human rights violator in the world today. That’s the result of the latest session of the UN Human Rights Council which wrapped up in Geneva on Friday by adopting five times more resolutions condemning Israel than any other country on earth.

In its history, the Council has condemned Israel more often than any other of the 192 UN states. Comparative totals after this session’s pogrom tell the story: Israel – 78 resolutions and decisions, Syria – 29, North Korea – 9, and Iran – 6.

The “Human Rights” Council is now the principal U.N. engine of “BDS” – the campaign to boycott, divest and sanction Israel. The Council has sponsored the creation of a blacklist of companies around the world ‘directly or indirectly’ doing business with Israeli settlements.

After learning this shocking facts we need to ask ourselves some questions. It is well known Israeli MOSSAD and Saudi Arabia orchestrated the 9/11 twin towers terrorist attacks so, why are Israel and saudi Arabia not included in the list of terrorist watch states? why is the US Government giving 38 billion dollars of foreign Aid to Israel? This amounts to more aid than all other countries of the world combined!

You must be wondering why is the US Government is pledging "Total And Unconditional Support" to the rough State of Israel! The answer lays in one of the best kept secrets in Washington D.C: Because of pedophilia and ongoing rampart corruption, the MOSSAD controls most US politicians via blackmail and most important, The US Congress, The US Senate And The US Supreme Court have been highjacked by Israeli Dual Citizens Agents.

PIOPIO | Presset Løkke | Der er atter gang i spekulationerne om, hvorvidt Lars Løkke Rasmussen er på vej ud af dansk politik. Der er en hel række af grunde til, at statsministeren er presset | 1. Løkkes person er et problem for Venstre | 2. Kommunalvalget nærmer sig | 3. Vennerne er skuffede | 4. Forholdet til Dansk Folkeparti knager | 5. Udlændingepolitikken samler ikke længere |

Der er atter gang i spekulationerne om, hvorvidt Lars Løkke Rasmussen er på vej ud af dansk politik. Der er en hel række af grunde til, at statsministeren er presset.

Benjamin Fulford Partial Report | Mar 27, 2017 | Immortality and exponential expansion into the universe will come after final cabal defeaty | ※Weekly geo-political news and analysis | Blogger: Excerpts outside the report..... George Bush Sr. and his Nazi faction of the Khazarian mafia. These were the people linked to 911 and the Nazi take-over of the United States in 2001. From there the trail led to P2 lodge in Italy and the worshippers of the black sun. Since then the White Dragon Society, the Pentagon and agency white hats and their Asian allies have systematically dismantled the top ranks old Western power structure. It started in 2013 with the resignation of Pope Maledict, followed by the abdication that year of Queen Beatrix of Holland, Sheik Al Thani of Qatar, King Albert II of Belgium and King Juan Carlos of Spain in 2014. Then the Clinton/Bush faction lost power in the US last November and are being pursued for their crimes. Now the Japanese Emperor has announced his abdication and his secret controller David Rockefeller has died. Queen Elizabeth of England and King Carl Gustaf of Sweden remain on the throne because they were not part of the genocidal plot, CIA sources say.... |

Hvem er så denne Benjamin Fulford? Benjamin Fulford (Født 1961) er journalist, forfatter af canadisk afstamning, der bor i Japan. Han taler 4 sprog, herunder japansk. Han arbejdede i Japan som en korrespondent for Knight Ridder, Den Internationale Financing Review, Nihon Keizai Shimbun engelsk udgave, og South China Morning Post, før hans dage på Forbes Magazine, hvor han var den asiatiske kontorchef fra 1998 til 2005. Hans efterforskningsmæssige rapporter forfulgte skandaler i den japanske regering og erhvervslivet. Efter at have forladt Forbes skrev han en række bøger i japansk hvoraf nogle blev bedste sælgere, og begyndte at offentliggøre på internettet. Han overgik til japansk statsborgerskab i 2007. Han fik en vis popularitet på internettet, efter at han gennemførte et interview med den sky David Rockefeller i november 2007.

Til tider, kommentere David Wilcock på Fulford's blog. Virkelig spændende nyhedsstof, en vinkel, som bliver mere valid eftersom de begge har informanter og indgange til den virkelige agenda, uden censur, der aldrig når ud i de officielle medier. 

Immortality and exponential expansion into the universe will come after final cabal defeat

Udgivet af Benjamin den 27. Marts 2017

Last week somebody hacked into my computer so that the video at the link below started playing as soon as I turned it on. It purports to show the destruction of the Black Night Satellite that many people in US intelligence agencies like the NSA insist has been stopping humans from leaving the planet earth.

This news coincides with announcements by NASA of age reversing pills and faster than light travel technology that will allow us to go to visit newly discovered earth like planets.

CIA sources are also saying a secret presidential order was given to release free energy technology as well as existing anti-aging technology.

The only thing that is blocking humanity from this future of immortality and exponential expansion into the universe is now a small group of people clinging to control of financial computers at the Federal Reserve Board, the Bank of Japan, the European Central Bank and the BIS. These computers need to be physically seized in order to allow the issuance of unlimited funds to let humanity spread its wings and fly.

The individuals who have been forensically identified as blocking the funding for a new age are Janet Yellen at the Fed, Mario Draghi at the ECB, Haruhiko Kuroda at the BOJ and Agustin Carstins at the BIS. Special Forces need to go and seize these individuals and occupy the computer centers at the central banks ASAP in order to ensure the liberation of funds for the planet earth.

If these computers and the parasites who control them are removed, multiple sources in various charitable foundations are saying that not just trillions but actual quadrillions of dollars could be released to finance an end to poverty and environmental destruction as well as research into immortality and unlimited expansion into the universe.

The battle against the controllers of the Babylonian debt slavery system these central banks oversee is continuing towards final victory. Former US President Barack Obama has vanished from public view and is probably undergoing interrogation. Also last week the body of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s long term associate Vincent Foster was exhumed and was found to have two bullet holes to the back of his head meaning the cause of his death was changed from suicide to murder. Pentagon and CIA sources say this finding will lead to the Clintons being prosecuted for murder.

The death of the big Kahuna, David Rockefeller, was also formally announced last week by his family. CIA sources say Rockefeller was kept in stasis in a vegetative state for months at an Antarctic base before the family finally gave up and announced he was no longer with us.

When this writer was first informed by the Japanese authorities of a plot by the Western elite to kill 90% of humanity through disease, starvation and nuclear war, they handed me material showing that Rockefeller sat at the head of the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission and other top groups of Western power brokers. Thus he was a prime suspect as the originator of this fiendish plan.

However, when I actually met Mr. Rockefeller I had the impression that, deep inside, this man thought he was doing good for the planet. The question that upcoming truth and reconciliation investigators need to answer now is how was how his vision for a united planet earth in harmony with nature got distorted into a nightmarish genocidal plan.

The forensic trail that started with Rockefeller led to…

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The full report will be posted in 3 days

NESARANEWS Blog | Mar 26, 2017 | Tough Job! | Trump wants to make America great again? Tough Job! Here is a sample of what he has to work with! | Blogger: I'm sorry, we're all created from pure energy and in the light of our creator, but this is "hilarious".. Only in America...:-) |

Destroying The Illusion | Mar 26, 2017 | The Missing D.C. Girls Will Be The Tipping Point In Mass Public Awareness About Human Trafficking | Blogger: Repost, but it's important... |

With public outrage growing and the inability of the mainstream media to hush Pedogate, the story about the missing black girls in Washington D.C. may be the tipping point to get the public to take this issue seriously.

The Free Thought Project: "500 Kids Have Gone Missing in DC in 2017 — Sex Trafficking Fears Have Officials Asking FBI for help" -
Fox News: "Lawmakers call on FBI to help find string of missing black girls in Washington" -
HuffPo: "A Number Of Police Have Been Arrested For Human Trafficking — Could They Be A Part Of The Missing Girls In DC?" -
YourNewsWire: "D.C. Pedophile Epidemic – Police Warn Kids To ‘Stay Home’" -
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ZeroHedge | Mar 25, 2017 | McCain: "The New World Order Is Under Enormous Strain" |

It was a bumper day for John McCain when on Friday Donald Trump's Republican nemesis gloated as Trump's "art of the deal" collapsed in the last minute, after the President and Ryan-led effort to repeal Obamacare suffered what appears to be a terminal setback. In the wake of Trump's misfortune, McCain renewed his calls on Friday for a return to a legacy neocon status quo, when speaking at the Brussels forum, said that the world "cries out for American and European leadership" through the EU and Nato, and said that the EU and the US needed to develop "more cooperation, more connectivity".

In a "new world order under enormous strain" and in "the titanic struggle with forces of radicalism … we can't stand by and lament, we've got to be involved," said McCain who is now chairman of the armed services committee in the US Senate, quoted by the EU Observer. "I trust the EU," he said, defending an opposite view from that of US president Donald Trump, who said in January that the UK "was so smart in getting out" of the EU and that Nato was "obsolete". He said that the EU was "one of the most important alliances" for the US and that the EU and Nato were "the best two sums in history", which have maintained peace for the last 70 years.

Further attacking Trump's global worldview, McCan said that "we need to rely on Nato and have a Nato that adjusts to new challenges." He noted that "the EU has too many bureaucrats, not much bureaucracy," but added that "it's not the only place on earth with that problem." He said that he was "still wondering what the overall effect of Brexit will be" and that he did not know "if this is the beginning of a serious problem for the EU". McCain did not disagree, however, with Trump's demand that European countries increase their defense spending for Nato.

McCain also revealed he hasn’t met the President Donald Trump in person since he took office, and he urged Trump to reach out to his opponents—Democratic and otherwise—ala Ronald Reagan if he wants to repeal Obamacare. “Do some outreach. Get to know some of these Democratic leaders,” he said. “You can find common ground.” McCain said he’d met Trump “some years ago” when he was a businessman, but had not met him since. McCain said he did speak “almost daily” to National Security Adviser Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, however.

City News | Mar 27, 2017 | Report: Marijuana could be legal by Canada Day 2018 | Liberal Video: Team/l'Équipe Trudeau -- Marijuana |

Cured flowers of cannabis intended for the medical marijuana market are seen at a licensed producer facility in Moncton, N.B., on April 14, 2016. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Ron Ward

The federal Liberals have reportedly set a date to officially legalize marijuana.

The CBC reports the government will unveil legislation the week of April 10 and that the recreational use of marijuana is set to be legal by Canada Day of next year.

According to the Globe and Mail, the federal government is scrambling to draft legislation ahead of April 20, the day when pro-weed groups publicly “light up.”

The minimum age to buy pot will be 18, but provinces could set a higher limit. It’s also up to the provinces to control distribution and sales. Also, four marijuana plants will be allowed in each household.

Last year, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had signalled the legislation would be drawn up this spring to make good on his campaign promise to legalize pot.

All storefront marijuana dispensaries are currently illegal while the federal government drafts legislation to legalize and regulate recreational pot.

Dispensaries have been frequent robbery targets over the last few months. Several shops have been held up, often at gunpoint, and in some instances shots were fired.

Earlier this month, police arrested Marc and Jody Emery – the owners of the Cannabis Culture brand – and raided a number of Cannabis Culture dispensaries across Canada.


Prepare For Change | Mar 18, 2017 | AMAZING UFO OVER MELBOURNE | Filmed by Peter Maxwell Slattery |

Original Footage:

Second Link closer view:

Thanks to James Gilliland for this link;

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ECETI Newsletter | Mar 26, 2017 | by James Gilliland | The Liberation of Planet Earth |

The Liberation of Planet Earth

by James Gilliland

March 26, 2017

As many are feeling the impact of what is happening in their daily lives, very few know the source. It is like the world has gone mad yet the world has always been mad. People are now becoming more aware of it. The rabbit hole is a place few dare to venture, and the deeper one goes they have two choices: total denial and stay with the status quo or brutal honesty; which also means they have been willing participants in a very sick and twisted world, some knowingly, some unknowingly.

Almost everything the societal engineers and programmers have told you is wrong. Your history you have been taught is wrong. Your religions have failed miserably to bring inner and world peace as well as a closer connection to God. This includes many new age philosophies - which have also been usurped and compromised. Your politicians have become self serving and failed to protect your basic human rights, help the planet evolve and live in harmony with each other and the Earth. The schools have failed to educate the children concerning their divine heritage, moral values, higher ideals, cooperation verses competition, and critical innovative thinking.

The science in most schools is for the better part barbaric; some teaching Darwinism - random mutation totally unsupported in the fossil record. Others are teaching a singular God with a beard created the heavens and the Earth in 6 days. "Of course the Earth is 6000 years old", rather than the 7.5 billion with extremely advanced civilizations going back more the 600 million years. We have not evolved much beyond the be lie f it is flat. By the way, I have flown around the Earth, never saw an edge? "The chain of succession" mainstream archaeologists and scientists would like us to swallow is there has been a progressive evolution from Apes to modern man. This is despite the fact that ancient builder races built stone monuments that cannot be duplicated to this day by modern methods. They are built upon leylines; which in many cases have even older ruins beneath them. Let's not mention the star gates and wormholes left behind - that’s "conspiracy stuff" certain agencies don’t want us talking about.

YouTube -- Jason A | Mar 26, 2017 | Tim Allen Exposes the Illuminati in Hollywood! | Blogger: My hero Tim Allan aka Timinator... I've been enjoying his channel, like so many others - it's a little bit end-of-time-pessimistic-religious in nature, but he is offering up some good and current footage from US news outlets and unexplained events... |

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Tim Allen Exposes Liberals in Hollywood 2017...The Entertainment Industry Exposed Illuminati Jason A

Ugebrevet A4 | 27. Marts 2017 | ATP PÅ AFVEJE? | SF vil trække ATP ud af Goldman Sach-fonde i skattely - og flere partier er på nippet til at gå med | Blogger: ATP tjente massivt på Goldman Sachs' DONG-investering. Den danske pensionskasse ATP er nemlig medinvestor i en af de fonde, hvor Goldman Sachs gennem et kompliceret system har placeret sine aktier i det danske energiselskab, igennem lande som Luxembourg, den amerikanske stat Delaware og på Cayman Islands. Det var tilbage i 2014. Dengang, afviste ATP, at pensionskassen med investeringen begik skattespekulation og at ATP betaler dansk pensions-afkast-skat på alle deres investeringer. ATP forsvarede også med, deres medinvestor, Dong, betalte den skat, de skulle.. Vi ved godt, at pensionsselskaber i en vis forstand, ikke har nogen moral og etik fordi, som ATP selv siger det: ".. Loven pålægger selskabet at sikre maksimalt afkast..". Grundet de komplicerede pensionskonstruktioner, hiver de enorme summer hjem på administrationsgebyr og ugennemsigtig gebyrpolitik, mens der investeres på olie- og gasforretninger, samt en række Goldman Sachs fonde i skattely. Det er »cool business«. Har du nogensinde haft et møde med din pensionsrådgiver og fremlagt krav om, at du ønsker, at pensionsselskabet fra nu af, skal investere dine penge i guld og ædelmetaller (eller Fx Bitcoin), frem for aktier i fonde i skattely og lyssky virksomheder som olierørledningen Dakota Access Pipeline? Jeg har forsøgt, det kan simpelhen ikke lade sig gøre. Rådgiveren står helt modløs tilbage og fortæller mig, at de er tvungen den investeringsportefølje, med primært obligationer og aktier (noterede og unoterede selskaber over hele verden) som er vedtaget pensionsvirksomhedens bestyrelser, retningslinjer for ansvarlige investeringer, der bl.a. sikrer, at de lever op til FN's konventioner og giver kunden 'gode' afkast.. Det giver jo mening, men det er ikke altid butendiek vindmølleparker, og A.P. Møller - Mærsk A/S, der investeres på. Naturligvis har pensionsselskaberne en positiv-og negativaktieliste, hvor der typisk bliver investeret i amerikanske, canadiske, japanske og tyske virksomheder, fordi det giver bedst afkast. Der er sikkert ingen som tør at investere i det militær-industrielle kompleks, fordi det giver dårlig omtale, men denne branche, giver som regl, bedst afkast... |

De danske pensionister er sikkert glade for, at ATP investerer en del penge i Goldman Sachs fonde i skattely-lande, for afkastet er pænt, og det gør pensionen større. Men det rumler på Christiansborg, for de hel- og halvrøde politikere kan ikke lide fidusen.

SF vil sætte en stopper for ATP’s investeringer til 7,2 mia. kr. i en række Goldman Sachs fonde i skattely. Loven pålægger selskabet at sikre maksimalt afkast, lyder forsvaret fra ATP, men nu kalder SF til samråd for at få svar på, om den fortolkning er korrekt. S og DF vil afvente ministerens redegørelse ved samrådet, inden de tager stilling til, om ATP-loven skal ændres.

Læs hele artiklen:

Fox News | Mar 25, 2017 | Judge Jeanine: Paul Ryan needs to step down as House speaker | ... President Trump put his faith in you on health care and you didn't have his back ... |