Feb 7, 2017

Simon Parkes Update: Connecting Consciousness | Q&A with Wolf Spirit Radio Short Show (Simon Says: Misunderstandings regarding Trump's executive orders on Dakota Access and Keystone XL. Trump has stated its up to both groups to challenge the decision in the DC Circuit Court, not Trump to intervene.Trump wants to study how to build pipelines using only US steel | Antarctica -- Trump will make sure that some of the exotic technology (Alien Technology) will be released to the public. Why? In order to make America number one again, and to make the US states successful again. Trump cannot use fossil fuels it would take 7-10 years to put America back into top positions, if he uses hidden technology he can do it in 18 months. No major announcements will come from Trump (about Antarctica secrets) | In Antarctica, meetings took place with state leaders, many different races has been discovered for decades ago, both negative and positive races. (More info Simon Parkes on Ted's Out of this World radio Jan27, link enclosed) | Top newspaper, UK DailyMail, "Tech billionaires are building boltholes in New Zealand because they now fear social collapse or nuclear war. So what do they know that we don't?" -- Peter Thiel, former Facebook and PayPal inventor, 'bought' himselves to citizenship and a 477-acre estate in New Zealand (due to economic crash in 2017) | Doomsday prep for the Super-Rich bying bunkers etc. - ready for the crackup of civilization | The power elite has been advised by bankers and alike to be prepare for a breakdown, but normal people has no clue | Quiet in February, nothing will happen, March will give us far-right party on Dutch elections(Geert Wilders), upcoming France elections (Le Pen), potential Italian elections, and Greece | Prof. Ted Malloch, Trump's EU ambassador pick. 12-18 months there will not be any European Union (EU) | Lots of info from Q&A )

Simon Parkes is a life long experiencer of aliens, shadow people, elementals and ufo's, these include Mantid (Mantis) beings, Draconis Reptilian, Feline, small and tall Grey creatures, Crystalline beings and other creatures that can't be identified. Simon is an elected local politician in Britain and was elected to office AFTER he went public. Simon's biological mother worked for the British Security Service, often called MI5 between 1965 -1979. However while she was managed by British Intelligence she was in fact working "jointly" for the National Security Agency (NSA) of America. Her job was to type out documents that related to crashed ufo craft that had come down all over the Earth's surface and had then been retrieved by American special forces/recovery teams......

Links as a reference point to what Simon are mentioned in below interview:


Empire Beneath the Ice ~ Command and Control for the New World Order ~ Steve Quayle and Dave Hodges: The Creation and the Perpetuation of the Nazi Empire (VIDEO) -- Feb 7, 2017

It is a talk show host’s dream to cover breaking news which imparts a dramatic effect on society as a whole. In my most recent show, I experienced such a novelty when I interviewed Steve Quayle
regarding his best-selling book, Empire Beneath the Ice: How the Nazis Won World War II.

Revisionist History

Steve Quayle joined Dave Hodges for the last two hours in what Dave called the fastest two hours in the history of the show. Steve discussed how his new book describes so many things that are going on today and they all owe their origin to the fact that the Nazis actually won World War II.
Steve Quayle reveals why most of what you learned about World War II and the defeat of Nazi Germany is historically wrong.
Steve further  documented how the hidden evidence proves Adolf Hitler and many from his high command didn’t die before Germany surrendered following WW II and how he eluded capture. Hitler did not commit suicide and many notables such as Eisenhower and Stalin cast serious doubt on that particular assertion. Nazi SS members, top Nazi scientists, and top military leadership escaped with Hitler to create colonies in other parts of the world to continue their Satanically inspired and very perverse reseach.
As an aside, did you know that in 1947 Admiral Richard E. Byrd warned that the US should adopt measures to protect against an invasion by high-tech aircraft coming from the polar regions, adding, “The time has ended when we were able to take refuge in our isolation and rely on the certainty that the distances, the oceans, and the poles were a guarantee of safety.”

NASA Is a Fraud

The American pilots called them Foo Fighters. This Nazi-created advanced technology, the Nazi saucers, were able to easily defeat the US military, even after the end of World War II.
My father told me, based on his work with captured German scientists, that NASA was a cover for the secret space program which was militarized. Did you know that most of the observed UFO’s are piloted by Nazi pilots? Steve Quayle’s book validates this notion.

The Creation and the Perpetuation of the Nazi Empire

From Prescott Bush, President George H. W. Bush’s father, to IBM leadership, did you know that top-level government, corporate, pharmaceutical, financial leaders, and politicians helped Hitler come to power? There was an decidedly international conspiracy that helped  the preservation of Nazi wealth and power following WW II.

Secrets Revealed

Danmarks absolut rigeste blev 129 milliarder rigere sidste år . . . 7. Februar 2017 (".. Den gyldne tiendedel står derved for 41 procent af den samlede stigning i danskernes nettoformue, som på et år er vokset med 315 milliarder kroner. Lars Benjaminsen, forsker ved Det Nationale Forskningscenter for Velfærd, mener, at udviklingen skubber til uligheden i Danmark.. På trods af, at den gyldne tiendedel har formue svarende til de 70 procent fattigste, mener Liberal Alliances skatteordfører, Joachim B. Olsen, ikke at tallene i sig selv er problematiske. - Når vi opdeler befolkningen i tiendedele og sammenligner på tværs af år, så er det ikke de samme mennesker, vi kigger på. Det er en meget vigtig nuance, at mennesker flytter sig mellem grupperne. Det er ikke statisk, siger han.. Den opfattelse deles ikke af 3F’s formand, Per Christensen. - Når de rige får mere til sig selv, skaber vi en ødelæggende ulighed i vores samfundet. Han henviser til, at 65.000 børn lever 'i decideret fattigdom'. - Alligevel arbejder regeringen på at gøre Porschen billigere, lette topskatten og hæve støtten til privatskoler, siger Per Christensen..")

Knap halvdelen af den samlede formuestigning sidste år er tilfaldet den rigeste tiendedel af danskerne.

Til dem, der har, skal mere gives, står der i Biblen. Helt præcist 129 milliarder danske kroner.

Så meget steg formuen nemlig for den rigeste tiendedel af danskerne fra 2014 til 2015, viser nye tal fra Danmarks Statistik.

Den gyldne tiendedel står derved for 41 procent af den samlede stigning i danskernes nettoformue, som på et år er vokset med 315 milliarder kroner.

Lars Benjaminsen, forsker ved Det Nationale Forskningscenter for Velfærd, mener, at udviklingen skubber til uligheden i Danmark.

- Den ressourcestærke del af befolkningen, får klart størst andel i velstandsstigningen. Samtidig er nogle grupper koblet helt af, siger han.

Lars Benjaminsen henviser til, at den fattigste tiendedel i samme periode har fået formuen beskåret med 3 milliarder kroner. 

Mursten og aktier

Western MSM Fear Warmongering Propaganda ~ FAKE NEWS EVERYDAY ALL DAY ~ Reuters told their reporters to cover Donald Trump like a dictator :Who Owns The Media? Are you really getting the truth? (Blogger: I have NEVER in my short lifespan, heard about a world media, politicians and alike, intentionally, using blame-game, condescending behaviors, verbally assaulting, threatening and mocking a sitting US president -- NEVER!! | Two pictures that prove Donald Trump is lying about how many people attended his inauguration | Frank Dahlgaard, cand.polit., economic journalist, Member of Parliament, a debater, provocateur calls Mr. Trump a 'narcissistic psychopath' (Huxi Bach - Gode Gamle Folketing) | John Bercow told MPs Trump will not be welcome to address Parliament on his state visit to the UK | Fox News host Bill O’Reilly who called Vladimir Putin “a killer” | Nazi-themed cartoon of Trump & Bannon aboard ‘Titanic’ published by Chinese paper | Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei says Trump ‘shows real face of America’ | Der Spiegel editor-in-chief defends ‘beheading’ cover, says Germany should ‘stand up against’ Trump | Almost 100 US firms, including Apple & Google, lean on Trump travel ban in court | Trump is a ‘fraud’ who’ll ‘sell out middle & working class’ – Bernie Sanders | #HoldTheFloor: Democrats stage desperate 24hr filibuster against Trump Ed Sec pick DeVos | )

 countdowntozerotime.com - on February 7, 2017

Steve Adler, editor in chief of Reuters news agency, has written a memo for all Reuters journalists instructing them how to cover Donald Trump’s administration.

In the memo, Adler acknowledged that Trump’s presidency is an entirely new challenge for United States political journalists, in that they are dealing with an administration that has already actively spread disinformation.

He pointed to the outlet’s history in covering dictatorial regimes in ZImbabwe, Russia, Egypt and Turkey:

To state the obvious, Reuters is a global news organisation that reports independently and fairly in more than 100 countries, including many in which the media is unwelcome and frequently under  attack.

I am perpetually proud of our work in places such as Turkey, the Philippines, Egypt, Iraq, Yemen, Thailand, China, Zimbabwe, and Russia, nations in which we sometimes encounter some combination of censorship, legal prosecution, visa denials, and even physical threats to our journalists.

He continued:

We don’t know yet how sharp the Trump administration’s attacks will be over time or to what extent those attacks will be accompanied by legal restrictions on our news-gathering.

But we do know that we must follow the same rules that govern our work anywhere.

Endnu en dag med Flid, Fedt & Snyd -- Rapporten, som altid får mig til at smile! ~ Historisk overskud i de GULD 1.000 største selskaber og ledere, mellemledere samt direktørerne spinner guld på lønninger, bonuser, aktieoptioner, incitamentsordninger og himmelråbende vanvittige aftrædelsesordninger (Blogger: Ønsker ikke angribe nogen som helst, blot anskue den lederudvikling og virksomhedskultur i Danmark (private samt NGO- statslige- organisationer og virksomheder) der vil være mig magtpåliggende at fremhæve, grådighedens skyggeside. Vi kan blive forarget eller blot trække på skuldrene af de private virksomheders misbrug af pengene. Men, når det kommer til misbrug af skatteyders offentlige midler, NGO'er, statsstøttet organisationer og virksomheder, er det en helt anden snak. Dog, virker det på mig som om, det også er i orden, måske fordi vi selv er en del af problemet? (stillesigende accept). Fx. Non Governmental Organizations(Red Barnet, Unicef osv.) som ingen tør snakke om, er private foreninger og organisationer, der har snablen nede i statskassen. Det er en hel industri af private virksomheder og sære privatpersoner, der bruger løs af skatteydernes penge. Mange af dem laver uden tvivl et godt stykke arbejde. Men i mange tilfælde går det helt galt. Man kan simpelt hen ikke stole på folk i pengesager. Offentlige midler og indsamlede penge har det med at havne i forkerte lommer. Hvor der er penge, er der plattenslagere.. Vi er efterhånden blevet tudet ørerne fulde af Danmarks Radio's misbrug af licensmidler, hvad med centraladministration og kommunerne? Det stopper kun, når vi starter med, at stoppe alle embedsmænd og politikere, som fordeler og omfordeler skatteydernes pengestrøm til det offentlige cirkus, der også dækker over den private sektor og magteliten... Psykopater, narcissister og magtbegærlige ledere trives fint i moderne virksomheder. Enticementet for at holde lav profil, slavisk følge generalernes anbefalinger, gennemføre omstruktureringer, omskrive historien og tage æren for successer eller fraskrive sig ansvaret for fiaskoer, lyve lodret og hele tiden er fløjtende ligeglade med den skade, de gør på andre mennesker, er -- Penge, magt, dominans, prestige, berømmelse og succes -- “I dag har både private og offentlige virksomheder en vis grad af kaos over sig. Den typiske moderne organisation er præget af fleksibilitet, omstilling og udskiftning, og den er som skabt til personer med psykopatiske træk”, siger Sanne Udsen, ph.d. i erhvervsøkonomi, konsulent og bogaktuel med “Parasitter i habitter” om personer, der forgifter arbejdspladsen. “De kan udfolde al deres charme og karisma og bliver samtidig hjulpet af, at deres sande adfærd bliver usynlig, fordi viden går tabt i et miljø, der er præget af konstant forandring. De nøglemedarbejdere, der kan huske en sag eller et forløb, har for længst trillet deres rulleskuffer et andet sted hen”. Tillid er udbredt på danske arbejdspladser. Vi stoler i det store og hele på hinanden. Vi fortæller helst sandheden, vi taler nogenlunde pænt til og om vore kolleger, vi får ikke pludselige raserianfald, vi forsøger at holde, hvad vi lover. Helt anderledes fungerer Sanne Udsens parasitter i habitter m/k. Parasitterne udnytter andres arbejdsindsats og gode idéer. De misbruger andres penge og fortrolighed, og de lyver. De tænker typisk kortsigtet og først og fremmest på sig selv..)

  Endnu en dag med Flid, Fedt & Snyd 

Danmarks absolut rigeste blev 129 milliarder rigere sidste år

  • Fire fyrede Mærsk-direktører får 153 mio. kr. 
  • Joachim scorer 22 mio. på nyt hussalg. Prins Joachims formue bugner efter endnu en ejendomshandel i millionklassen
  • Millioner til Pandora-chef: Tak fordi du blev..det historisk stærke regnskab 12,5 millioner kroner i bonus til topchefen. Det overgår hans faste løn på 8,8 millioner kroner og løber inklusiv aflønning i aktier op i et samlet vederlag for det forgangne år på 24,7 millioner kroner.
  • Udskældte Nykredit hiver stort milliardoverskud hjem på 5,3 mia. kr. -- tjener også 5 mia. kr. midt i kundestorm 
  • Rebien Sørensen, Novo Nordisk, løn på 22,7 mio. kr. samt gyldent håndtryk 65,7 mio. kr. 
  • Christian Clausen forlader Nordea og kriserne - med 140 millioner i hånden
  • SAS i krise - men topchefen scorer lønforhøjelse på 35 procent, 10,8 mio. kr.
  • Mindst 35 forsvundne millioner kroner fra mystisk russisk bankkrak er kanaliseret gennem Jyske Bank 
  • Kæmpe millionbonus: Så meget tjener Danske Banks topdirektør – 50.000 om dagen – bonus på knap 2 mio .kr. og løn på 18 mio.kr. 
  • Et år som direktør = 175 mio. kr. i bonus. 
  • Sprogkonsulent forgyldes: Evalueringsinstitut bruger 5.448.750 skattekroner på korrekturlæsning 
  • Byråd med telefonitis : 313.920,60 kroner brændt af på et år
  • Nets-medarbejdere skal dele mere end to milliarder kroner
  • Dong-chef scorer over 30 mio.kr. på børsnotering. 2017 og 2018, særlig børsintroduktions-bonus på 20 pct. årlige løn på 9,2 mio.kr. 
  • Samtlige DONG-lederer score op til 1,5 milliarder på børsnotering 
  • DR-chefer skummede licensfløden i 2016
  • Lønfest på genbrugspladsen : Vestforbrændingens direktør tjener langt mere end Lars Løkke. Vestforbrændingen – Vejle Havn version 2.0
  • NGO-chefernes lønfest: Helle Thorning - årsløn på 2.5 mio. kr. -- Dansk Røde Kors: 1,23 mio.kr. -- Unicef 1,2 mio. kr.....

US govt agency manipulated data to exaggerate climate change – whistleblower (Blogger: In other news: Absolut Most-See: GaiaTV: Open Mind Conference 2016 - watch or re-watch the lectures: Dana Durnford (CA) "FUKUSHIMA - The Biggest Betrayal Of Academics In History & Death of The Pacific..")

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, Former US President Barack Obama, French President Francois Hollande and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Paris Climate Conference in 2015 © Ian Langsdon / Reuters
RT - Published time: 6 Feb, 2017 21:44Edited time: 7 Feb, 2017 03:25

A recently-retired top scientist from the America’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has accused his superiors of fudging data to hide a slowdown in the rise of global temperatures ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference in 2015.

John Bates told the Mail on Sunday that Thomas Karl, the head of the climate change department at the government agency, authored a paper based on doctored data, “rushed” it into publication, and then saw his work used to make international commitments to fight global warming worth hundreds of billions of dollars.


Absolut Most-See: GaiaTV: Open Mind Conference 2016 - watch or re-watch the lectures: Dana Durnford (CA) "FUKUSHIMA - The Biggest Betrayal Of Academics In History & Death of The Pacific (Blogger: Actually, i got sick hearing about this - really! Ofcourse i was uptodate on the matter in hand, however listen to Dana Durnford on Skype, sitting in the room at open mind conference while Dana was pouring his soul out, his life and blood by diving in oceans and the oceanic life - dead and gone -. He got ridiculed by his former teammates, treats to his life by all authorities, arrested many, many times for speaking the truth about FUKUSHIMA! He was seriously injured in 2001 after 128 days of open ocean diving. He has devoted all his time and all his money researching nuclear and depleted uranium in military conflicts. He was simple trying to explain, why, one of 'the most' devastating tsunamis caused Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear world wide catastrophic impact to every single species in Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and beyond. Also insects, birds, mammals and marine life has been affected. But, it was too much for me. I almost burst into tears... If You want to know the REAL truth, listen carefull to Dana Durnford testimony.. you will understand the importance to love nature, fight back and preserve life on this planet, for good...)

(Translated from Danish) Now you can watch or re-watch the lectures from Open mind Conference 2016 via our online archive. The address is - http://www.gaiatv.dk/da/omc - where you click on the "File" then click on "Open Mind Conference DK 2016" and then click on one of the lectures in the submenu:

It is important that you click fully into the submenu or you will not see a lecture. The summary page shows yet the lectures, so use the submenu.

We will send right now live from the conference's second day (Sunday) and you can follow here: https://omc.gaiatv.dk

Dana Durnford (CA) "FUKUSHIMA - The Biggest Betrayal Of Academics In History & Death of The Pacific Ocean"

Dana Durnford (CA) (Skype lecture) 


Dana"Fukushima – The Biggest Betrayal of Academics in the History & Death of the Pacific Ocean" Directly from Canada on a 45 min. Skype lecture, activist and researcher Dana Durnford will explain how the Fukushima Nuclear accident has affected all life in the Pacific Ocean and how it continues to do so.
Dana Durnford currently lives in Canada and calls himself a Nuclear Proctologist. He has been studying the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans for over 25 years. He has been the skipper and lead diver on over a dozen commercial diving vessels and has done over 14,000 commercial deep-sea diving hours.
For the past 8 years, he has been researching nuclear and depleted uranium in military conflicts. Dana Durnford is an activist and researcher on the Fukushima impact on the Canadian pacific coastline.

From 2014 to 2015, he spent 260 days exploring and documenting the British Columbia tidal pools in Canada, covering over 15,000 miles boat. What he discovered was that insects, birds, mammals and marine life along the British Columbia Coast are being threatened with extinction.
Dana Durnford has a live show on YouTube 6 days a week, which aims to educate people worldwide and to use knowledge and compassion to empower them.


Fukushima Radiation Has Contaminated The Entire Pacific Ocean – And It’s Going To Get Worse

Credit – NOAA

Let the cleansing begin! -- #PedoGate #PizzaGate Update - 70 Politicians & Elites In D.C., NYC, VA, To Be Arrested Next Week! - use discernment


#PedoGate #PizzaGate Update - 70 Politicians & Elites In D.C., NYC, VA, To Be Arrested Next Week!

Kent Dunn Pizzagate

February 3, 2017 Quote from a DOJ / FBI Insider - PizzaGate Anonymous (ID: vUCvjosj) 02/02/17(Thu)23:48:48
Dropping a small piece of information, take it however you may. I will not provide any picture's for proof as I don't feel like clearing metadata. I likely will not reply back to any questions, unless they are questions I do not mind answering.
Information was finally submitted from the FBI to the DOJ today at 3pm. Mr. Sessions was briefed 3 weeks ago as to the investigation in its entirety. Once assumes his position, arrest warrants will be signed, and arrests will be made. This is also why the Democratic Party in DC has been fighting the Sessions vote. Panic.
Furthermore, starting Monday or Tuesday of next week, you will begin to start seeing arrests of individuals. Over 30 politicians (many are household names), and over 40 other individuals throughout DC, VA and also a handful in NYC. Some may off their selves before they are apprehended, so keep a eye out for that over the weekend, and you will know they are involved in some manner.
The child pedophilia ring / sex trafficking arrests California was not related, at least no evidence yet to suggest that it was. May be wrong has people begin to talk, or make deals on the matter. 4Chan source of above quote
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Let the cleansing begin! -- Controversial investigator in the Madeleine case wins in court: I know, what happened to her . . .(".. 'Forældrene er ansvarlige' Selv benægter Goncalo Amaral, at der skulle være tale om bagvaskelse. I stedet har han tidligere forklaret, at han har skrevet bogen baseret på sagsoplysninger, der var tilgængelige for offentligheden. Sidste år fortalte han i et interview med norske Dagbladet, at han var sikker på, at Maddie døde i lejligheden den aften. »Det kan have været en ulykke knyttet til medicinering og sygdom. Forældrene er ansvarlige for dette,« sagde han dengang.. Ifølge ham var der flere spor, der pegede på forældrene som skyldige, men som ikke blev undersøgt til bunds. Blandt andet undrede han sig over, at de to forældre angiveligt var upåvirkede af situationen, da han skulle afhøre dem om det. »De havde en påfaldende afstand til forsvindingen. Det var en kold optræden. Jeg studsede over dette. Hvis min datter var forsvundet, havde jeg været desperat og kun haft en tanke i hovedet: 'Hvor er hun',« sagde han til Dagbladet. Det undrede ham også, at de med det samme slog fast, at Maddie var blevet kidnappet. Hun kunne jo være vågnet op om aftenen og have opdaget, at forældrene ikke var i lejligheden og være gået ud for at lede efter dem. Vil udgive en ny bog om sagen Det engelske medie The Daily Express skriver, at den tidligere efterforsker arbejder på en ny bog om sagen. Denne bog vil omhandle hans kritik af, hvordan Scotland Yark efterforskede sagen. Han mangler ifølge mediet kun at færdiggøre de sidste kapitler..")

Police have not yet found out what happened to Madeleine McCann after she disappeared in the summer of 2007. Photo: DAVID MOIR
Tabolid B.T. - Maria Christine Madsen - 7. Februar 2017 kl 6:58

Omstridt efterforsker i Maddie-sagen vinder sag: Jeg ved, hvad der skete med hende

Benjamin Fulford FULL Update: The long awaited arrests of cabailsts are supposed to start this week - February 7, 2017 (※Weekly geo-political news and analysis) (Excerpts outside the report:.. “in New York working on taking over the global financial system without Pope Francis’ OK and the Vatican Secret Service discovered this dirty game.”.In other words, efforts to yet again fraudulently create countless trillions of dollars on a part of some of the old bloodline families were thwarted, the Vatican sources say. Now there are high level negotiations continuing between Russia, China and the US over the future of the financial system, the sources say. The British, Germans and the Israelis are also involved, they say. Sources involved in the negotiations are saying that the people behind Trump want 50% control of the new financial system as a price....[READ MORE])

Hvem er så denne Benjamin Fulford? Benjamin Fulford (Født 1961) er journalist, forfatter af canadisk afstamning, der bor i Japan. Han taler 4 sprog, herunder japansk. Han arbejdede i Japan som en korrespondent for Knight Ridder, Den Internationale Financing Review, Nihon Keizai Shimbun engelsk udgave, og South China Morning Post, før hans dage på Forbes Magazine, hvor han var den asiatiske kontorchef fra 1998 til 2005. Hans efterforskningsmæssige rapporter forfulgte skandaler i den japanske regering og erhvervslivet. Efter at have forladt Forbes skrev han en række bøger i japansk hvoraf nogle blev bedste sælgere, og begyndte at offentliggøre på internettet. Han overgik til japansk statsborgerskab i 2007. Han fik en vis popularitet på internettet, efter at han gennemførte et interview med den sky David Rockefeller i november 2007.

Til tider, kommentere David Wilcock på Fulford's blog. Virkelig spændende nyhedsstof, en vinkel, som bliver mere valid eftersom de begge har informanter og indgange til den virkelige agenda, uden censur, der aldrig når ud i de officielle medier. 
PS: Reading Fulford's reports should probably be done with a large grain of salt. That is to say, he seems to share information directly from alleged sources within the Pentagon, CIA, White Dragon Society, David Wilcock and so on. Often the data presented is contradictory on the surface.... 

Information reports are usually filled with 30%-40% truth and the rest is designed to misinform. If (Cabal) can get you to focus your attention and mental thought energy on a mistruth, then that is what it will produce; mistruth. They want you to believe the disinfo, the lies. They want you on the "hopium" train, always hoping, hoping for something to come about that will not transpire. The old saying "energy flows where attention goes" has never been more true. If your energy is on disinformation, then it will produce disinformation. I call most of this disinformation 'gossip porn.' It's just a bunch of talk, talk, talk that never or rarely transpires to action or truth. It's like porn, it draws you in, gets you hooked, gets you excited thinking about it and you get all excited in talking about it with others, but there is very little substance behind it. It's not the real thing..... Always use your spiritual discernment....

The long awaited arrests of cabailsts are supposed to start this week

Udgivet af Benjamin den 6. Februar 2017

Multiple sources confirm that about 70 arrest warrants will be served on power brokers and politicians in Washinton DC, Virginia and New York this week shortly after Jeff Sessions is confirmed as US Attorney General. Among those to be arrested are Democratic Senators Chuck Schumer, Richard Blumenthal and Hillary Clinton’s vice-president pick Tim Kaine, Pentagon sources say. These arrests will follow 474 arrests that took place in California last week as a pedophile ring that served Hollywood and West Coast elites was taken down. It is interesting to note the California arrests were only reported by local news outlets and completely ignored by the big corporate networks.


Former US President Bill Clinton is also reported to be “singing like a canary” and has provided evidence that will lead to the arrest of Hillary Clinton and many others, Pentagon sources say. Here is what a Pentagon source had to say on the matter “Hillary is toast as Obama refused to pardon, Bill snitched on her, and her prosecution has been ordered by Trump.” There are credible tabloid news reports that Hillary was caught trying to flee to Bahrain and stopped.


There are also preliminary reports saying a raid was made on Jeffrey Epsteins’ Caribbean sex slave Island and that 32 kids were freed and 8 traffickers were arrested.


There is also going to be a more hidden and brutal power struggle going on in the secret agencies as “CIA Deputy Director Gina Haspel was chosen to rendition to black sites and torture cabal, drug cartel and ISIS guys,” a Pentagon source says.

There is also, as is often the case, high level intrigue and skullduggery going inside the Vatican. This has been widely reported by the corporate media in the form of news that Pope Francis fired Grand Master Mathew Festing of the Knights of Malta in a “dispute over condoms.”


If you look at the membership list of the Knights of Malta,

https://www.biblebelievers.org.au/kmlst1.htm it reads like a who’s who of the globalist elite full of names like Rockefeller, Bush, Rothschild etc. so you can tell that this is about more than just “condoms.”
In fact, according to sources in the Vatican Secret Service, what really happened was that the Knights of Malta’s top brass were caught

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