March 21, 2018

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March 21st, 2018
Guest writer for Wake Up World
So much of what I’ve been writing about — especially since the election times of 2016 and the aftermath of what has followed in our political climate, the #MeToo movement, and many other divisive issues — has focused on dissolving the story of separation and bringing us back together in love; not a “spiritual bypassing” kind of fake love, but the real love that comes when you’re brave enough to ask What’s it like to be you? and really care about the answer, generously listening in a way that opens your heart and evokes genuine compassion.
I am an empath, so when we as a culture are so divided, I feel it in my own body, as if my physical body is being pulled apart. I’m learning to have better psychic boundaries so I don’t have to feel so deeply the pain that does not belong to my personal body, but I still think it’s important that we’re willing to feel the pain of the collective so we can respond to it, recognize that something hurts inside, and tend to what hurts, so it can get healed.
With this as one of my primary missions here on earth — to help dissolve the story of separation and reunite us into a real, genuine love — you can imagine how my heart leapt wildly, with intense “YES! YES! YES!” gratitude, when one of my 2018 Visionary Mentoring Clients, Noelle Newby, sent me what she had just written. I’ve never published someone else’s writing before, but sometimes, your Inner Pilot Light just says “Now. This.”
So… without further ado, I feel grateful to be able to broadcast this message of love from Noelle to her high school sweetheart. Take it away, Noelle!
I loved you before:
Before Twitter, Trump, “I’m with Her,” “Build the Wall,” MSNBC, Fox News, and #fakenews.
Before I knew there were wars to wage, sides to choose and casualties to count.
Before either of us could cast, much less comprehend the impact a checked ballot box could have on connection, community, and consciousness.
Before vitriol became the primary, preferred means of collective communication.
Before cell phones, selfies and Bro Country; the latter of which I imagine you hate, almost as much as you hate me.
Our love was once pure, flawed, gut-wrenching and gorgeous, living long after we were each other’s one and only. Through decades we morphed from star-crossed, to friends, to a kind of family. You taught me many a tender tenant; to love and be loved with reckless abandon, that heartbreaks both hurt and heal, to laugh until I cry, that “chicka-ba, chicka-ba, no chi no” were not lyrics to Charlie Daniel’s “Devil Went Down to Georgia,” and that no matter the scars, love endured.
For 25 years, I’ve kept every penned letter, picture and playbill with your likeness or name; not because I longed for you, but because remembering us erases age. The part of me that loves you is forever seventeen — innocent, vibrant and alive with the hope and promise of a life well lived and loved. Of course, there’s a woman here now too. She’s wiser, wider, and worn. Her love is more fierce than frivolous. She craves control and comfort in her sweet, hard-manifested life, fracturing with fear at the ultimate undoing of it all. We’re an enigma, this woman-child. Together we see this world in Technicolor, both for what it is, and what it’s meant to be. Better or worse, our world includes you.
Even though we’re now the “other” in your existence, a grey-glob comprised of half the country and all you loathe. No longer unique. No longer cherished. A once cosmic connection, evaporated in a social-media-minute.

SGTreport | Mar 11, 2018 | ~ Q: WE ARE NOT ALONE ~ |

Q Posts:

Q is dropping BOMBSHELLS. Including breadcrumbs which indicate that Angela Merkel, Germany's treacherous leader, is part of the Nazi World Order conspiracy going all the way back to Hitler - it's all far darker than you can imagine. And Q says as it pertains to Barry Soetoro, "When we're done, it'll be like you were never even here." This and much more, thanks for tuning in.

StrangerThanFiction | Mar 11, 2018 | ~ Hollywood`s DIRTY Little Secrets Are COMING OUT! It`s Just The BEGINNING! (2018) ~ | .. Hollywood`s Casting Couch Fully Exposed! Terry Crews Tells How He Was Sexually Assaulted By Adam Venit! Other Celebrities Spoken How Harvey Weinstein (Hollywood`s Producer /Actor/Writer) Was Assaulting Models & TV Stars Aswell! .. |

Disclosure News Italy | Aggiornato il 20 March, 2018 | ~ Schumann Resonance Update ~ | Blogger: MASSIVE spike of White ... |

Schumann Resonance Today 3/20/2018 We will try to keep you updated about the variations of the Resonance with this page. The great variations that nobody can explain but that give us a clear sign that the planet is changing. The Earth is vibration higher and higher, just like us!

RS Base Frequency 7.83 Hz.

Schumann Resonance Today Peaks:

  • Yesterday in UTC time the activity has continued with a strong overshooting of the 40 Hz chart limit happened from 18:00 to 21:00.
  • Today the few spike shown on the chart were at 3:00 UTC with frequency above 40 Hz and at 4:00 UTC with frequency very close to 40 Hz.
  • As suggested we arranged the images in an Archive page where all of them are arranged in chronological order for and easier consultation, you can find the link in the banner below.
The Chart time is based on Tomsk – Russia – UTC +7



The Ancient Indian Rishis called 7.83 Hz the frequency of OM. It also happens to be Mother Earth’s natural heartbeat rhythm
Schuman resonances are named after professor Schumann who was involved in early German secret space program and was later paperclipped into the United States. The frequencies of Schumann resonances are fairly stable and are mainly defined by the physical size of the ionospheric cavity.

The amplitude of Schumann resonances does change and is bigger when ionospheric plasma gets excited. Ionospheric plasma excitation happens because of solar activity, thunderstorms, use of scalar plasma weapons and HAARP and lately also when the Light forces are clearing the plasma anomaly.

Yahoo Singapore News \\ David Icke | 21. Mar 2018 | ~ Salisbury attack probably linked to Russian election: Britain's Johnson (during the live speech at the Foreign Affairs Committee) ~ | Blogger: In other news: (RT:) - Theresa May accused of repeating ‘lies’ over police spending in parliament ... |

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson holds a joint news conference with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg (not pictured) at the Alliance headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, March 19, 2018. REUTERS/Stringer/Files
LONDON (Reuters) - The timing of an attack using military-grade nerve agent against a former Russian spy in England was probably connected to the weekend election won by President Vladimir Putin, British foreign minister Boris Johnson said on Wednesday.

"The timing (of the attack in Salisbury) is probably more closely connected with the recent election in Russia," he told a committee of lawmakers.

"And as many non-democratic figures do when facing an election or facing some critical political moment, it is often attractive to conjure up in the public imagination the notion of an enemy."

(Reporting by William James, writing by Elizabeth Piper; editing by Stephen Addison)



David Icke talks to Russia's national Sputnik Radio on the demonisation of Russia and why | Indland/Fyn | 20. Marts 2018 | ~ Politiet på hemmelig aktion: - Vi øver os på angreb, der kan ske i virkeligheden ~ | (In English:) -- Danish Secret Service in Action: DENMARK - The Island of Funen with Odense and Danish police forces, Preparedness Funen and a host of other authorities simulated Tuesday a CHEMICAL ATTACK, at the Odense Congress Center and an terror accident at Odense University Hospital. The exercise will make all involved parties better to cooperate and coordinate the effort, if, a similar attack would happen in the Future and in Real Life (acc. to the newspaper) .. "The plot of the OCC is that an Islamic critical man named NASER KHAN is lecturing here at the convention center, as this explosion suddenly occurs. In the exercise today (Tuesday, ed.), Chemistry and explosion will be included as two of the elements, Bjarne Puggaard told during the exercise ... | Blogger: [Keeping Up Appearances - Attempts To Prove Their Social Superiority - By Fooling Everyone. Police & Military Drills Offers A Future Glimpse - BEFORE IT'S IMPLEMENTED LIVE] ...🔫 💣🔥 I am not crazy... I am not a nut job... I don't wear tinfoil hats... QUIT Calling me names... If you think is a cartoon character from looney tunes, that's fine by me 🤪... The all-seeing eye that understands nothing, but i don't believe in coincidences ... (Black Operation or False Flag) - Islamist terror plots has CHANGED to white angry men, but still consist of drills, before LIVE event happens ... Sorry, do NOT want you to 'shout' at or by muscle reflex, switching the channel, but MAYBE you ""might"" wanna reconsidering the corporate media's blasphemy and baloney narrative about terror incidents. It's not always, by de facto, carried out by a muslim-male, yelling 'Allahu Akbar' (this is for Allah) ... Normal template of a 'staged' TERROR INCIDENT(bogeyman:) --- 👳Immediate comprehensive narrative & national news coverage, including a convenient culprit (easily identified by saturation media coverage) - once again a “lone wolf” male attacker - recently CONVERTED TO ISLAM (or WHITE SUPREMACY - on psychedelic drugs). Sounding Muslim name - big dark eyes, prominent noses, distinctive large black beard - affiliated with either ISIS or Al-Nusra - terrorist shouted Allahu Akbar - likely radicalized inside US (wherever) and STRONG supporting Islamic State (IS) 👳 --- ... I'm still stunned, that about 90 percent of Scandinavians, still believe the MSM media reality of terrorism... Example is: - 2015 Copenhagen shootings (Krudttønden - meaning "The powder keg" - Gunpowder Plot - first of The British Empire plots) and 2011 Norway attacks (Oslo and Utøya island) ... Did you know, that Netflix has made a movie about the 2011 Norwegian attacks (Anything Else but the Truth - right?) ... PS: FYNEN - Facebook & Apple building massive data centers on danish island... |



An Interactive Timeline of Islamist Terror Plots Since 9/11


(***) - 2015 Copenhagen shootings - Krudttønden attack - later deleted FB post about a danish drill,
poster on Nørrebro train station, 20-30 days before it actually happens, LIVE

List of ""known"" terrorist attacks where terrorist Emergency Drills/Exercises, was held at the same day:
  • 1994 - The Estonia disaster 
  • 1995 - Oklahoma City Bombing
  • 2001 - 9/11 (**)
  • 2004 - Madrid train bombings
  • 2005 - London bombings (7/7)
  • 2011 - Norway attacks
  • 2012 - Aurora shooting (Cinema shooting in Aurora USA)
  • 2012 - The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting
  • 2012 - Boston Marathon bombing
  • 2014 - Shootings at Parliament Hill, Ottawa
  • 2015 - Copenhagen shootings (***)
  • 2015 - Charleston church shooting
  • 2015 - November Paris attacks
  • 2016 - Brussels, Nice, Syria, and Orlando (cannot be sure)
  • 2017 - Stockholm attack
  • 2017 - MGM Las Vegas massacre
  • etc.


On 9/11, an agency of the Department of Defense and the CIA was conducting a terror scenario in which an imaginary airplane from Washington's Dulles International Airport was to crash into one of the four towers of the suburban campus of the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) in Chantilly, Virginia, just a few miles from the Pentagon. The plane that allegedly crashed into the Pentagon, American Airlines Flight 77, departed from the same airport at 8:20 a.m. on 9/11.

When the terror scenario became real in New York and at the Pentagon, the NRO exercise was cancelled and nearly all its three thousand employees, the people who operate the nation's "eye in the sky," were sent home.

As the agency that operates the nation's spy satellites, the NRO personnel come from the military and the CIA. When the attacks occurred, however, most of the three thousand people who work at the agency were sent home. Why would they do that?

The fact that the spy agency had planned such a drill was casually leaked in an announcement for a Homeland Security conference in Chicago in 2002. In a promotion for speaker John Fulton, a CIA officer assigned as chief of NRO's strategic gaming division, the announcement said:

On the morning of September 11, 2001, M
r. Fulton and his team ... were running a pre-planned simulation to explore the emergency response issues that would be created if a plane were to strike a building. Little did they know that the scenario would come true in a dramatic way that day.

You Are Free TV | Mar 20, 2018 | ~ DEPLOYING 5G: The Elite’s Weapon of Mass Genocide. #TREASON #HHG ~ |

5G is a weapons system, not a communication system. It is not the next step up from 4G, but instead, is an entirely different milliwave technology that will have devastating effects on humanity. Which is the point. This is the continued assault on humanity by the elite technofascist globalist cabal, who are attempting full-spectrum domination of the human sphere. 5G will allow you to be surveilled, tracked and monitored in real time, in your home, while simultaneously cooking you from the inside out.

The blog with links and videos: We need a petition immediately to stop 5G. Can YOU be the one to create the petition? To sign the petition to disband the Senior Executive Service:

Nyhedsbrev fra | 21. Marts 2018 | cand. jur. & markedsøkonom, Lars Bjørknæs | ~ DR mørklægger millionbonusser til tidligere chefer ~ | .. Hvad har afgåede DR-chefer fået i bonusser og gyldne håndtryk i forbindelse med deres fratrædelser? Det har forsøgt at finde ud af, hvilket DR ""nægter"" at oplyse .. | Blogger: Endnu en dag med Flid, Fedt & Snyd i centraladministrationen.. DR - det er dine skattekroner de brænder af!! ... |

I programmer som Kontant kræver DRs journalister, at dem der undersøges, skal lægge alt frem. Men sådan forholder det sig ikke, når det er DR selv, der undersøges.

Det kan blandt andet ses ud af det forløb, som har haft med DRs juridiske afdeling om de bonusser, som er blevet udbetalt til tidligere chefer. Her lovede man fra DR Juras side, at der ville ske fuld oplysning om, hvem der havde fået hvilke bonusser.
Et løfte DR dog efterfølgende løb fra. | Mar 21, 2018 (published 6 months ago) | Duration: 2:40:25 | ~ Inside the Secret Space Program w/ Randy Cramer (Captain Kaye) & Elena Kapulnik ~ | Blogger: There has been so much confusion along the lines of "Alien Technology", the government cover-ups, interstellar space travel, time travel, and everything else pertaining to these matters. This information connects the dots to a lot including, "Point Zero", speculation about different species of ET's, the countless versions of what is truly going on, and to now be able to distinguish the facts from fantasies ... |

Brad Johnson, the Reality Whisperer, interviews Randy Cramer (aka: Captain Kaye). Coupled with 20 years of experience from a very hands on military career. Inside the Secret Space Program is the first episode of this recurring monthly series where information is shared regarding the behind the scenes knowledge of. Brad Johnson Interviews Elena Kapulnik. Elena Kapulnik is known as a star traveler. She was once a part of the Secret Space Program where her encounter. EMN in association with “CONTACT TV” presents the FIRST OF THREE interviews featuring Captain Cramer. 

Matrix World Disclosure | Mar 20, 2018 | ~ IN TIME: Time Travel Possibilities | Official Video ~ | Blogger: [SSP = xx different levels of compartmentalization (above top secret). On Earth = "Above Top Secret" - either Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) or special access program (SAP). Highest you can have in the United States] ... I'm sure, that Secret Space Program communities have a say in the matter ... Corey Goode (in Cosmic Disclosure - Sphere-Being Alliance) has described the age regression and time travel technologies used for his “20 [years] and back” tour of duty in several secret space programs ... |

How many times did we ask ourselves: “What time is it?” How many of us can answer this question? Time is one of the fundamental concepts of physics and philosophy. It is a measure of the duration of events and has different meanings depending on the context in which it is defined. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin. – Mother Teresa In physics, time is a dimension of nature and can be seen as a measure of change. In terms of classical physics, time is a continuous one. Modern physics (more precisely quantum mechanics theory) disputes this quality, suggesting that there is only a continuous space-time. In philosophy, time is defined as an uninterrupted, irreversible flow that can only flow in one direction. It is, therefore, a “continuous” event in which facts follow from past and the present into the future. Defining time accurately is a difficult task both in philosophy and in science. Traditionally, time is seen as measuring the distance between events. It is composed of past, present and future. The past is considered as something that has already happened and can not be changed. The future, on the other hand, is considered as being available for a multitude of possibilities. Time is a created thing. To say ‘I don’t have time’ is like saying, ‘I don’t want to. – Lao Tzu.....[READ MORE]

RT - Russia Today | 21. Marts 2018 | ~ US learned nothing from Iraq war – Ron Paul ~ | Blogger: [General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned - Seven Countries In Five Years] ... Fogh i krig for sit eftermæle: Løkke og Thorning blegner ved siden af mig. Mantra: ""Der er intet at komme efter""... Jeg er ked af at sige det, Anders 'Fog of War' Rasmussen er en farlig mand (Mogens Lykketofts egne ord) ... Tænker det samme om 'Phoney' Tony Blair og Bush'erne (imperalisterne) ... Vil Mr. Trump gøre en ende på det hele med hans præsidentielt dekret om at fjerne al korruption og oprette en “militærdomstol”? ... "if the American people knew what we have done, they would string us up from the lamp posts," by George H.W. Bush... "That is a famous 1992 quote by George Herbert Walker Bush to Sarah McLendon, a Texas journalist who Bush had known for years and who was the grand dame of the White House press corps at the time. McLendon had asked Bush: 'What will the people do if they ever find out the truth about Iraq-gate and Iran contra?'" ... |


TV2 NYS | 20. Marts 2018 | ~ Løkke: Man kan købe sig til kontakt med mig gennem Venstres erhvervsklub til et møde - men ikke indflydelse ~ | .. Hvis man vil købe sig til et møde med landets statsminister, er det ikke helt umuligt. Sådan lød det fra Lars Løkke Rasmussen, da han tirsdag blev spurgt til en række historier, der netop insinuerer, at det skulle være tilfældet .. | Blogger: Andre uheldige overskrifter: ⚖️ "Lars Løkke Rasmussen (V) skal under ministeransvar svare på en række nye spørgsmål om Løkkefonden fra Socialdemokratiet, når der onsdag 28. marts er spørgetid i Folketinget." | 💰 "Kommune har brugt flere millioner kroner hos Løkkefonden: 'Det er enormt utroværdigt'" | 👦 "LøkkeFonden dropper de omstridte 'læringsår'. På baggrund af heftig kritik dropper LøkkeFonden at opgøre fagligt svage elevers progression i løbet af et sommerkursus i enheden 'læringsår'. Hvad der skal stå i stedet er endnu ikke besluttet." | 💸 "Slagelse har købt for mindst 750.000 kroner af LøkkeFonden."(Slagelse, ikke alene) | 🐟 "Over halvdelen af de indsamlede midler til LøkkeFonden kommer fra 12 storfiskere og fiskerivirksomheder.." | 🏫 "Ritt revser Løkke: Du praler af LøkkeFonden, men sparer på erhvervsskolerne. Det klinger hult, når statsministeren ustandseligt fremhæver sit arbejde for udsatte drenge i Løkke-Fonden, samtidig med at han svinger sparekniven på erhvervsskolerne. Det er kortsigtet og uklogt, mener Ritt Bjerregaard." |