Mar 3, 2019 | 💓 ~ Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos ~ 💕 | | Archive | ~ Saviors of Zion. Matrix's Machine City - Everything Have Begin And End ~ | Blogger: [🗺️Deep State Mapping Project - Q-MAP / Q-WEB📌] ... Just wanna share the new posters i got hanging on my wall and inside the machine room of (artwork can be picked up many places)... PS: Thanks Galactic Connection, for posing the newest QMAP at March 3, 2019 (V10)... |


Left: A Cartography of the Globally Organized Corruption Networks
Middle: The Great Awakening Map is the quintessential red-pill navigational chart for Escaping the  Matrix and Returning to Source.
Right: The Cult of Baal Map - "The Sephirot Map of the Pharaonic Death Cult."
Left: Star Wars Insider - The Galaxy Map
Middle: Star Trek - United Federation of Planets
Right: MUFON - Mutual UFO Network est. 1969 - 2018 map

The Latest From ECETI & James Gilliland ECETI.ORG | March 3, 2018 CET | ~ 📰 ECETI News 📰 ~ | Blogger: Could it be? .. The mad chinese fortune cookie predic- tions coming from Saxo Bank's crazy secret think tank, was right, all along?... Danish Saxo Bank traditionally publishes its annual list of “outrageous predictions” that may really shake up the world if the listed events ever happen.. 1. X-Class solar flare creates chaos and inflicts $2 trillion of damage... |

James Gilliland is a minister, counselor, an internationally known lecturer, best selling author with the books, Reunion with Source, Becoming Gods, and The Ultimate Soul Journey. James appeared in Contact Has Begun, His Story, The History Channel, UFOs then and Now, UFO Hotspots, ABC, Fox News, BBC Danny Dyer Special, Paranormal State, ECETI Ranch a Documentary, and the new movie Thrive have all featured James and ECETI which he is the founder. He has appeared on Coast to Coast, Jeff Rense, and to numerous other radio shows to mention also being the host of, As You Wish Talk Radio, and Contact Has Begun, He is a facilitator of many Eastern disciplines, a visionary dedicated to the awakening and healing of Humanity and the Earth and teaches higher dimensional realities from experience

ECETI & James Gilliland

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Volcanic eruptions on the rise. Climate urgent news 7: Ecuador, China, Australia, Japan, Canada 
Finally a Global Movement We Can All Support.

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Exposes Bill Gates & His Relationship With Big Pharma
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Fatal Flaw In Climate Change Science
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A “Mini Ice Age” Is Coming Soon Says Math Professor’s Solar Cycle Model That’s 97% Accurate
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Secret Presidential Memorandum issued to Declassify Anti-aging & Free Energy Technologies
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BBC Producer Blows The Whistle & Admits The “Gas Attack” Footage From Syria “Was Staged”
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Saxo Bank's crazy predictions: Apple buying Tesla, Netflix stock crashing & solar flair causes chaos

Real ‘obscene masquerade’: How BBC depicted staged hospital scenes as proof of Douma chemical attack

Matt Kahn | ~ The Universe Wants You to Know...The Absolute Is NO BIG DEAL! ~ | .. So here we are. Living expressions of Absolute Source energy waiting for a realiz- ation of ourselves, hoping it makes the difference that nothing else has. We are destined to feel better and have every opportunity to feel more empowered, alig- ned, passionate, loving, and free than ever before, and it occurs the moment we contemplate, “What if the Absolute is no big deal?” .. |

Matt Kahn is a spiritual teacher, mystic, and intuitive healer. His spontaneous awakening arose from an out-of-the-body experience at the age of 8, and his direct experiences with Ascended Masters and Archangel throughout his life. Matt serves as a bridge between the mysterious empires and the journey of awakening. Many spiritual seekers have experienced amazing, inexplicable physical and emotional healings, and have awakened their true nature through Matt's deep and loving teachings and transmission of holy heart wisdom. Matt and Julie offer their clear intuitive guidance and loving presence, removing all perceptions of obstacles in your life and too energetic to support you through all aspects of the spiritual journey and experience of awakening.

Did that title get your attention? It certainly did get mine when I received the download this morning. It actually made me laugh. I hope you at least chuckled, whether realizing the gravity of truth that rests behind such a response or not. As we explore this, may laughter and light-heartedness be our guide, which is more helpful a tool than most degrees of intense spiritual seeking. No matter how deeply our existential fact-finding mission takes us, the true holistic benefits of our soul’s evolution begin to dawn as we dare to come back into our bodies and anchor our light into physical form.

In order to realize the Absolute truth of reality, the Absolute must be seen as no big deal. Otherwise, you are likely to blame a lack of Universal Awareness as the reason why the things you want appear far away, while the things you never wished for seem so up close and personal.

The reason why the things you want aren’t here yet is so simple, it has the potential to throw you off your chair in a fit of laughter.
Why aren’t things the way you want them to be? It simply is not time for them to occur.
What is or what isn’t is solely a journey of being in harmony with time, while having absolutely nothing to do with how universally aware you seem to be. Equally so, it’s not as if things aren’t going your way because you aren’t in harmony with time. That would make life a cruel game of reward and punishment. While this might be the way you were raised by your family, it isn’t how the Universe operates.

It is simply the case that everything you want, wish for, need, and desire are already destined to enter your field of reality at specific moments in time. Being aligned doesn’t necessarily make those things come faster, but allows you to live in greater harmony with the Universe, so you may enjoy each moment of growth, evolution, and expansion from the perfection of your soul’s perspective. This is true in the same way that watching a movie in a state of pure stillness doesn’t improve the story line, or make each character suffer worse the more you resist. It is simply a matter of never-ending relief and eternal enjoyment that remain the invitations to awaken and embody the bliss of heart-centered consciousness.

neverlosetruth | ~ Undeniable - Chemtrails Captured by Pilots in Cockpit ~ | Blogger: Oh wow!... VT Today: ".. As the CIA is managing the global roll out of the climate control at least since 1960 and to enable this, manipulates the common education, the research at universities and institutional science, the public opinion by news in the media and its NGOs and straw men, the CIA is factually the top organization of Global Climate Control Governance (GCCG) . . Dear readers, the monster may not like to be named like that, but other creative names exist: . Solar Radiation Management Governance (SRMG) . Earth System Governance (ESG) . Climate Geoengineering Governance (CGG) .Carnegie Climate Geoengineering Governance Initiative (C2G2) . New World Order (NWO) – At least this may wake up some people! 🙂 . Weltregierung, “Die 5 Säulen der Macht!” (World Govern- ment, the 5 pillars of power) . It doesn’t matter how we name it or how it names and describes itself, it is decisive that we are able to recognize, describe and name the imperial monster! Words form thoughts and with suggestive thought humans are programmed! .. " |

CIA 1960: Memorandum for Climate Control

By Enkidu Gilgamesh for Veterans Today

  1. Comprehension of the uncomprendable!
  2. Why Climate Control?
  3. ClimateControl results in ClimateChange!
  4. Explaining some notions.
  5. Truth with the labyrinth of lies.
  6. The CIA-Memorandum
  7. The “good” CIA job.
  8. Other Historic Documents
  9. Sources
  10. Other Papers confirming ClimateControl!
  11. Geophysical Warfare in practice!
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Verdensalt | Archive | ~ Alex Collier’s List of ET Races ~ |

Blogger: Just amazing and intriguing person Alex Collier...Meet him 'in person' first time at 2015 "Mt. Shasta Summer Conference - Interplanetary Cultural Exchange"..... His very first appearance in public domain for 6 years or so...

bibliotecapleyades: Alex Collier claims to be a 'contactee' with a race of Nordic looking humans from the constellation of Andromeda. He has had a number of contact experiences since his childhood and this developed over the years as he was given more and more information by his Andromedan contacts. I have analyzed Alex Collier's information, had phone interviews with him, and also interverviewed him over a four day period in September 2005. I have witnessed some physical evidence he has provided to support his testimony. I have also spoken with a direct witness verifying various aspects of Alex's contact experiences. Alex has also revealed that he was the recipient of threats from shadow government agencies and abruptly chose to stop disseminating his information in 2000. Furthermore, Alex has give face to face interviews with veteran UFO researcher Paola Harris who has had the opportunity to examine the evidence supporting his testimony and concludes he is credible. My conclusion from my investigation so far of Alex is that he is very credible and very likely a genuine contactee with a 'friendly' extraterrestrial race. I therefore recommend taking the information he has to reveal very seriously. All those interested in galactic diplomacy and understanding a variety of extraterrestrial races interacting with humanity, will find Alex's work to be very helpful. 

The list below is Alex’s first release of information from planned ET-22 series. This release contains a brief list of E.T. races, their body types and the inhabited solar systems by those ET groups. 

Sky NEWS TV24h | ~ The Queen Elizabeth's purple hand in official photo signaling to meet God ~ | Blogger: [🎵The Twilight Zone: Purple rain, purple hand! What a coincidence. Purple colored hand, @QueenRania dressed up in purple. The Queen's 90th B-day cake was purple, same day Prince died!💜] ... {Elizabeth II Queen of the United Kingdom - Monarch of the British Commonwealth, Supreme Governor of Church of England, head of International Freemasonry, head of the Order of the Garter, head of Committee of 300, owns 1/6th of worlds landmass, connected to most crimes and fraud in the world. Abdullah II of Jordan is the reigning King of Jordan, a country subservant to England and thus the wishes of Zionist Israel. King Abdullah is one of the richest men in the world with an estimated $18 billion U.S. Dollars in total wealth. He is married to one of the most beautiful women in the world, Queen Rania. He is also a prominent member of the Committee of 300} ... Back in 2014, i think it was, the rumor goes, that President Putin claimed Queen Elizabeth “was not human”... A Danish taxi driver described driving past a group of VIP guests at the 2014 Bilderberg meeting in Copenhagen and seeing some of their faces turn reptilian and some of their hands and feet take on a reptilian look.... 2019 02 22 Connecting Consciousness - Simon Parkes: (marker 58.30) -- Simon says don't be afraid of our reptilian cousins on Earth. Key members of humanity like the Royals, a reptilian overlay, Putin referred to George Soros, as the old reptile. Then we have newscasters, or other people, which eyes change, becomes more slick like, but that doesn't mean, their reptilian. It means they maintain a proportion of reptilian energy.... Yeah, yeah... C'mon people! - Let's get crackin'... It's just for fun or IS IT!? du du du du du du... |
Startribune | Aug 26, 2018 | ~ Prince's family suing doctor who prescribed him pain pills ~ | .. Dr. Michael Schulenberg failed to treat the star's addiction, lawsuit argues ..
President Putin Claims Queen Elizabeth “Is Not Human” (".... A Danish taxi driver described driving past a group of VIP guests at the 2014 Bilderberg meeting in Copenhagen and seeing some of their faces turn reptilian and some of their hands and feet take on a reptilian look..")
👀 Your Must-Listen Alternative News Broadcast 🙏 | Aired Feb 23, 2018 CET | ~ Connecting Consciousness Update ~ | Part 1&2, due to attacks - no subs | Blogger: [🐍PS: My danish friend, very short, had a special experience, weeks ago, similar to Simon talks at 58.30 marker, possessed her eyes/body with snake pupils, briefly switched to serpent-shape offering her unlimited 4rd dimensional power. Some time ago, her female danish friend had a experience with a work-interview, a danish manager, changed reptilian, shapeshifting, for a few seconds🦎] ... | ~ Flere tusinde støtter Kamilles borgerforslag: Afskær ikke-vaccinerede børn fra offentlige institutioner ~ | Blogger: [🤯Brainfarts from a Woman: NO vaccination, NO kids in public institutions and 8000 agrees in a petitions, with a fast growing numbers. Danes ready for vaccination: An opinion poll conducted by DR in 2015 showed that many Danes are ready to take the step further and intro- duce, compulsory vaccinations. In the survey, 75 percent responded that they were fully or partially agreed that there should be a mandatory vaccination, so that all parents are required to have their children vaccinated with the MFR vaccine (from the article)😜] .. O-M-G!. Jeg får det dårligt, af disse "fantasister" 🤢... Mage til uvidende nonsens... Hvad bliver det næste i perlerækken, fra andre feminine opbl- omstrende copy-cat MeToo debattører, George Soros og Rockefellers velbetalte uvidende medicinal institutioner? Tvangsvaccinering eller tvangsopdeling, diskr- imination og apartheid??? Schhh ... ikke vække dem der sover, af tiltagende døsig og bevidsthedsvækket ego-drama af fornægtelse... og dem der er bange og frygt- somme... fordi, når de vågner op fra Deres mareridt og ser et røgslør af vor 3D Matrix af illusion, en dag, er det for sent at gøre noget ved det... Til den tid, har de bragt Deres egne børn i livsfare, og fortryder så "bitterligt" at de lod sig rive med, af en sponsoreret medievirkelighed af pengemaskine propaganda mafia, for at forgifte deres børn med Aluminium i vacciner samt andre neurotoksiner... Jamen, hvad skal jeg ellers sige, til dette her her???... Skal ikke-vaccinerede voksne kunne benytte bus og tog? Modtage lægehjælp, tage på sygehus og gå på gaden og i forretninger? Hvad med overvægtige mennesker? Den voldsomme vækst i antallet af overvægtige mennesker i Danmark gennem de sidste 50 år skyldes ændringer i samfundet, der har ændret vores livsstil... Det er da et relevant spørgsmål, fordi, de smitter jo også andre voksne og børn, med mæslinger og andre sygdomme, og svært overvægtige, belaster økonomien... Vi er alle blevet bakterie forskrækket af den elefantastiske fortælling fra et korrumperende fællesskab af lobbyister, polit- iske interesseorganisationer og den farmaceutiske industri, samt Sundhedsstyr- elsens ENORME indflydelse, i stedet for at kigge den alternative vej mod andre behandlingsformer, som, traditionel kinesisk medicin, traditionelle plantelæge- midler, metafysiske årsagsforhold og 'Den medicinske seer' (bog) af mediet og Anthony William, som med sine utrolige psykiske evner kan ’se’ menneskers helbredstilstande og give dem indsigt i, hvad der skal til for, at de kan genvinde deres sundhed...🔦PS: verdensalt går aldrig ind i enkeltsager, eller revser nogle former for mennesker med en direkte hetz eller andet negativt. Betragter verden fra helikopterperspektivet og lokalisere årsagsforholdet og bevæggrunde, hvorfor vi tænker og føler som vi gør. Det 'kunne' være, at Kamille Mette Mathiasen, skulle 'starte' med, at kigge indad, og fokusere på, hvorfor hun besidder frygten, havde leukæmi som barn med nedsat immunforsvar og tror hun dør, hvis hun var blevet smittet med eksempelvis mæslinger. Dernæst hendes barnetraumer, opvækst, fobier, chok m.fl og se og få renset kroppen, så hun ser lidt mere klart og nøgtern, på problemstillingen... 🙏💙✌️ |

22-årige Kamille Mette Mathiasen har siden onsdag fået over 8000 støtter til sit borgerforslag, der vil forbyde ikke-vaccinerede børn i offentlige daginstitutioner, medmindre de af sundhedsmæssige årsager ikke kan blive vaccineret.