January 14, 2020

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📉 ~ David Stockman on What Triggers the Next Financial Collapse 📈 ~ | Blogger: Excerpts: "Gold is the enemy of the state... Trump is simply demanding that the Fed become more aggressive in the race to the bottom... The trade chaos that Trump’s creating is probably the catalyst that will bring down the whole house of cards. At end of the day, it’s about the Red Ponzi. The world economy would be not nearly as good as it looks had the Chinese not been borrowing like there’s no tomorrow and building regardless of whether its efficient or profitable. This has kept the global economy inching forward on a totally artificial basis. You could track it; some people call it the “China credit impulse.” Every time they get into trouble, they turn on the printing press. That causes commodity prices to rise and industrial activity and trade to pick up. It shows up in the GDP numbers, and then everybody gets all excited. The fear of recession that we had a while back has now abated. We’re back to another global reflation meme, but none of this is sustainable... Also, you’re competing with the likes of the ECB [European Central Bank], which now, has a new leader, Christine Lagarde, who is even crazier than was Draghi when it comes to money printing. And competing with Japan, which is basically drowning its economy with money printing." ~ David Stockman... |

International Man: You have sounded the alarm on a coming financial crisis of historic proportions. How do Trump’s trade policies figure into your view that a crisis is coming?

David Stockman:
Trump’s trade policies only create more risk and rot down below.

They’re just kicking the can down the road. With this latest move by the Fed, they have cut the interest rates three times and short-term rates are back at 1.55%. They’re pumping their balance sheet back up—it’s up $300 billion just since September.

The Fed has reverted to all of the things that have created the underlying rot—and that means when finally things break loose, it’s going to be far worse than it would have otherwise been.

Given that they’re kicking the can down the road, they’re building the pressure in the system to really explosive levels.

The trade chaos that Trump’s creating is probably the catalyst that will bring down the whole house of cards.

At end of the day, it’s about the Red Ponzi. The world economy would be not nearly as good as it looks had the Chinese not been borrowing like there’s no tomorrow and building regardless of whether its efficient or profitable.

This has kept the global economy inching forward on a totally artificial basis. You could track it; some people call it the “China credit impulse.” Every time they get into trouble, they turn on the printing press. That causes commodity prices to rise and industrial activity and trade to pick up. It shows up in the GDP numbers, and then everybody gets all excited.

The fear of recession that we had a while back has now abated. We’re back to another global reflation meme, but none of this is sustainable.

And yet that’s what has happened about three times since 2011. Each time, we have to remember the rulers in Beijing are digging themselves deeper into the hole. They’ve got an economy now that they claim is worth $13 trillion of GDP, but it’s got $40 trillion of debt on it. That’s just bank debt! I’m not even talking about the other forms of debt, such as trade debt, bond debt, so on and so forth.

👑 ~ Harry and Meghan stand firm: Queen Agrees 'Transition' ~ | Blogger: Hear! Hear!... (Don't shoot the messenger) - It's a well-known fact that homosexual people are deeply devoted to (British or Danish) or all the monarchies in the world. SoTW has one very old friend and we have talked about the Danish and Thai monarchy, and we both respect each one's unique perspective and opinion on the subject, without fighting or dueling. But for the british and danish people, it's a veeery touchy subject that not too many enjoy talking about, because they see it as an attack on their own Nation. Abolition of monarchy is a no go, but as Simon Parkes says, the younger generation has had it.. We're all sick and tired of hearing about Epstein's escapades and also in regards to Prince Andrew's connections with the power elites who are also engaged in devious sexual activities. Especially why, Prince Andrew has not been investigated and the case hasn't been brought before the courts... |

Source (Simon Parkes Official)
Harry and Meghan stand firm!!!
Queen has no choice and agreed to them living both in Canada and U.K.
Queen calls for a transition period - This is a face saving move in the eyes of the public - In point of fact it means nothing.
The young people are done with the poison of Epstein, done with the nonsense of the newspapers, done with the petty politics, done with the racist and top down culture -
I’m not surprised at all.
Nostradamus predicted that Prince Charles will be the last King of England - it’s looking that way more and more......


👑 ~ The Cost of a Kingdom is 400 mio. kr. yearly: Danish Court announces events celebrating Queen Margrethe’s 80th birthday ~ | Blogger: [🙋‍♀️Congratulations on your well-deserved success🤗] ... {Will the 2 princes be there? One in France another in Switzerland} ... There is a flip side to that coin. What if one month - 30 days of (nonstop) celebrations would cost around 100 million danish kroner of taxpayers hard-earned money - is that okay?... If you knew all the secrets, you wouldn't pay a penny ... Instead of Mr. and Mrs. Jensen of peasants is forced to pay for the whole feast, how about we leave it to the 80,000 Danes today, who earn between one and two million Danish kroner yearly - the 85 percent of the highest paid men. Or better yet, let Denmark's richest man and the 99 others from the country's 100 most affluent families pay for the festivities? How about we leave the payment to the 2 richest of everyone in the country and good friends to the Royal Family, the Kirk Kristiansen family, Kirkbi and Lego with a total wealth of 135 billion and the Holch Povlsen family, bestseller with a total wealth of 51.1 billion kroner.?? ... Buuutt, that's NOT the way the cookie crumble - it doesn't work that way - nope - we ordinary Danes have to pay and are so brainwashed, we would gladly pay with joy and by heart - with no remorse... |

Source (royalcentral)

"Prins Joachim has has fled the country - I'm on a mission for Denmark here in France, he said. Never to return, some say, very upset, anybody has asked him why he "illegally" took millions out from Schackenborg Castle, also sold villa in southern France in Mont-auroux, and bought one the most expensive houses on Zealand, helped by the danish elites. Even so, still upset, why anybody has asked why he "illegally" still receiving millions in apanage to a foreign country in France, and why he wasn't crowned by King Blood" - SoTW

"The (speaking in tongues) Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark, the heir apparent to the throne of Denmark, has also fled the country, down to Dr. Evil's new lair, one of many unknown houses around the world, engaged in a secret military cult, a scandal that can't be ignored any longer, the awkward silence from him, the politicians and the power elites" ~ SoTW

👼 ~ 💗 Gaia Reborn: The Rainbow Serpent 💕 ~ | Blogger: Thx for sharing this new blog site - SoTW... Cobra and the Resistance Movement friendly. But, as long as it operates on a higher frequency and possess positive energy (vibrations)... |

Source (gaiareborn2020.blogspot.com)

As the massive astrologocal conjunctions of the year 2020, the energetical initiation has been started at the early stage of January (saturn-pluto-mercury-sun).

At 12th of January, we reached a critical mass effect of the global consciousness through global meditation, which has been triggered the Age of Aquarius transition process. This will really water all "death life" here for sure.

At that day, as the surface lightworkers successfully anchored quite much Rays of the Cosmic Central Sun, so that Mother Gaia received enough energy to began to emerge her pure soft Goddess energy from her 5D Chrystal heart core, and started to flow through her Merkaba and Chackra system's and energy body lines (ley lines).

This liquid light blue energy flows through all energetic lines including the main power places as well.

During this energetical activation which has reached into great effectiveness, a new quantum leap has began regarding to the fifth dimensional transition.

It is important to note, at the same time the Australian Uluru (Ayers rock) and Kata Tjuta (Mt. Olga) places (Gaia's solar plexus) started to activate their energetical healing into a new phase. It is worth to know that this place has been closed for tourists since their healing has started at october of 2019, during their healing period of the cosmic umbilical cord of planet Earth.

The australian native lore tribes named this place as the ,,Rainbow Serpent" (this represents the divine feminim) and at 12 of January (UTC+9) they held a sacred ceremony named as: Ngaltawaddi. This ceremony is about to activate the Earth's solar plexus to connect with the Sun, and more deeper level with the Cosmic Central Sun.

⚖️ ~ Judge Pirro Mocks Pelosi: “The public humiliation of Nancy Pelosi is an embarrassment to watch” (VIDEO) ~ | Blogger: Ouch.... If you don't know this already, Fox News, is Trump’s TV booster. A Trump-friendly news outlet, nomatter that he sometimes furiously attacking Fox News, Trump is not the bad guy in the room, the pink elephant is (hint)... |

Saturday during her “Opening Argument” Fox News Channel’s Jeanine Pirro embarrassed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Source (newsthud)

She hit Pelosi where it hurts and said she was being publicly humiliated in her handling of the impeachment, especially since she caved to Mitch McConnell.

Pirro went on to say it was embarrassing watching Pelosi and the hapless Democrats bungle their way through this impeachment.

As Jonathan Turley continues to ask – why don’t the Democrats try to compel witnesses to testify through the courts like normal politicians? Why must they rush this show trial through?

As Pirro explains it is because they know they have a weak case.

“The public humiliation of Nancy Pelosi and her democrat caucus of sycophants who dare not oppose her, is actually an embarrassment to watch” she started.

🕎 ~ The People's Britain: Mehdi Hasan takes down fmr Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister ~ | Blogger: Still unsure who Israeli governmental body is all about? Benjamin Fulford calls them Messianic Jewish crazies or Zionists... you be the judge..."May all men, women, children, animals, and all elements of Earth be rescued, resolved, replenished, rehabilitated, reborn, and respected as the Divine I AM now.” ~ Matt Kahn🙏... |

✌️ ~ 💗 One Day - Matisyahu: PEACE is all we need. Not war! ~ Koolalum 💕 ~ | Blogger: [☮️"Singing and dancing with tears in my eyes this morning" ~ SoTW😌] ... {#OneDay #IranvsUSA - make it VIRAL. > 5M views. 4.4K likes. 3.3K comments. 249K shares} ... Such a amazing and powerful video! Wish this video reaches out to the leaders of both fences! We should not be the era of war anymore. Our world is dying. We should be the era of recovery, abundance and property!🙏... |

🌎 ~ 💗 A Dance with Gaia - for World Healing 💕 ~ | Blogger: B-E-A-utiful...🥰... (Earthing & Grounding) - GAIA is our endless healing source after the spiritual paradigm shift from 3D towards 5D. Novo Earth has become a powerhouse of healing potential. Our own Mother Earth, as we have entered a Golden Age of Gaia, the Earth Goddess (SoTW)...

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🦢 ~ 💗 Injured Swan Doesn’t Want To Stop “Hugging” The Man Who Saved Her 💕 ~ | Blogger: This is (true) unconditional love... Not from cabal leftist, genetically modified politician organisations and robots, artificial intelligence, that don't have emotions or any (unconditionally) love, to give... |

Source (truththeory)

In a touching act of gratitude, a swan hugged the man who had helped him recover from an injury. A few years back, Richard Wiese had visited the Abbotsbury Swannery in the UK. He was there to host a show called “Born to Explore”. This was the first time he met this injured swan.

Abbotsbury Swannery has the largest collection of the wild swans and its aim is to rehab the injured fowls... (READ MORE)

🍯 ~ 💗 Bees Have Been Declared The Most Important Living Thing On Earth 💕 ~ | Blogger: Thx to Anne for sharing... |

Source (unilad.co.uk)

Despite what Piers Morgan would have you believe, he’s actually not the most important living thing on Earth.

👊 ~ [1.13] New Jersey Vaccine Win! - Free Iran! - Epstein Docs - Veritas #Expose2020 & More ~ |

Jordan Sather (born 1990) in Bremerton, WA, is committed to empowering individuals through sharing knowledge of self and the cosmos. He is passionate about health, and coaches clients who want to become stronger individuals. He also writes for alternative blogs and news sites about new discoveries in regards to science, history, and geopolitics.

☠️ ~ Regeringen vil foreslå delvist forbud mod sprøjtemidler ~ | Blogger: [🤗Åhhh... Hvor er de søde alle sammen: " delvist" forbud mod sprøjtemidler - støtter ikke et fuldstændigt forbud. “Børnenes statsminister” med ’Barnets lov’. Ellemann med hård kritik, men åbner kattelem. Pernille Rosendahls perfekte timing og kærlighedserklæring til Kristian Jensen, der smutter ud af bagdøren, uden karensperiode, gyldne svingdør til private, overvejer formandspost i DIF🥰] ...Åhhhhh... Den følelsesladet politiske centraladministration, der lefler for vælgernes følelser, er den seneste trend blandt spindoktorer og kommunikations- bureauer. Følelser sælger billetter. Samtidig forsvinder fakta og fornuft fra den demokratiske samtale... gud fader bevares... 13 AF REGERINGENS 20 ministre har aldrig arbejdet en time i den private sektor, men kan gå fra et politisk topjob over til det lukrative private, i det eneste EU-land, hvor regler for folkevalgtes vej fra politik til lobbyisme, er ikkeeksisterende... Hvad hjælper et borgerforslag om forbud mod at bruge sprøjtemidler i private haver, eneste borgerforslag som er taget op i Folketinget, når det offentlige, landbruget og virksomheder udleder giftstoffer og benytter sig af tonsvis af sprøjtemidler?... VIDSTE DU, at Banedanmark (statens samlede brug af sprøjtegiften) er den offentlige organisation, der står som den suverænt største forbruger af sprøjtegiften Roundup??? Vidste du, at Landbruget bruger i alt 2.617 ton sprøjtegifte om året. Hvert år sprøjtes 21.710 km² med gift, det svarer til 50,7 procent af Danmarks samlede areal og der bliver brugt over 150 forskellige sprøjtegifte herhjemme???... |

Folketinget skal behandle et borgerforslag om forbud af sprøjtemidler. Foto: Ole Lind
Kilde (JP.dk)

Borgerforslag om forbud mod privat brug af sprøjtemidler har fået 53.000 underskrifter og behandles tirsdag

🖖 ~ Patrick Stewart (Picard) New Star Trek Show a Response to Brexit and Trump-Hollywood continues anti-Trump sentiment in movies and TV ~ | Blogger: [📝"You should keep out of politics, Brexit and the anti-Trump sentiment Mr. Stewart. It doesn't suit you" ~ SoTW🤔] ... "Actor Patrick Stewart announced he would reprise the role of Jean-Luc Picard in a revival of Star Trek, and he’s doing so as a rebuke to President Trump and Brexit." ~ newswars.com... Oh man! Breaks my heart to read this, since i'm the biggest fan of Star Trek and Star Wars, however we can't ignore the illuminati influenced Hollywood and all their actors (if you ask me)... |

Posted By: RumorMail [Send E-Mail]
Date: Monday, 13-Jan-2020 10:04:09

Patrick, Patrick, Patrick.. Star Treks main theme has always been globalism/socialism and you're pushing the lib buttons to stay on the airwaves.. Stewart himself has been a lifelong socialist..

Quote: "I wrote in an e-mail to somebody the other day that in a way what I'd like to do now is write another article, listing all the great things I got from my father: discipline, organization, ambition, storytelling and socialism."



By Newswars.com Sunday, January 12, 2020

💉 ~ VACCINE BOMBSHELL as U.N. health experts admit toxic vaccine ingredients are harming children worldwide – see video, transcript ~ | Blogger: [👍Veeery important to watch this 10 minute video👎] ... You may not like Natural News and many is harassing conservative scholar Mike Adams for his pro-gun views, his net worth of ‎$15 million, Apocalypticism christian religious beliefs etc. etc... This is not about Mike Adams from NN... This is about how we expose a trillion dollar big (cancer) vaccine program, who spans around the word like a dark web and killing people... Love & Light makes up the universe - yes - and we all need to help in the transition... SoTW is not all about politics and dark forces, but i'm sorry beautiful light beings, I cannot always hold your hand around the campfire, singing Kumbaya and getting the joy joy joy down in your spiritual beating heart!! We also need to talk about the Light vs. the Dark.. The dark, still exist out there - you know that right?... |

Secretary European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance (EFVV) shared an update on Respect, promote and protect freedom of informed vaccination consent throughout Europe Check it out and leave a comment:

Petition Update

The WHO on Vaccine Safety

On Dec. 2 2019, the WHO hosted the Global Vaccine Safety Summit. Cameras captured top health officials admitting... they don’t know if vaccines are safe! This is worth a watch:


Read full update


Vaccine bombshell as UN officials caught warning about dangers of vaccine adjuvants - transcript

(Natural News) A Dec. 2, 2019 World Health Organization “Global Vaccine Safety Summit” video has been found and leaked to the world, revealing shocking admissions of the health hazards posed by vaccines and their toxic ingredients.

A first-wave compilation of some of the more damning quotes was created by Del Bigtree’s “Highwire” organization, which posted the video to YouTube. Knowing that video would quickly be banned, we posted it to Brighteon.com, where “Highwire” is expected to launch a channel very soon.

You can watch the full video at this link on Brighteon. For a related article that covers this, see this link at TheHighWire.com.

A full transcript of this video compilation is offered below. Watch the video here, via Brighteon:

Some of the highlights:

🆘 ~ Taal volcano: Lava spews as 'hazardous eruption' feared ~ | Blogger: [⚠️This is getting VERY serious folks!⚠️] ... WLMM has no urgent mediations ready - but i encourage everybody sending love and light, which is a powerful Lightworker technique, down to the Philippines... "May prayers of Calm go out to the legend of Taal volcano & Lake Tagaytay, the Tale of Lakan Taal, Bathalas, magical beasts, and creatures" ~ SoTW🙏 |

Source (BBC)

A volcano in the Philippines has begun spewing lava, as authorities warn that a "hazardous eruption" is possible "within hours or days".