January 25, 2015

Montague’s Message for Sunday January 25, 2015

Kanaliseret af Veronica Keen 25. Januar CET
© 2015 Montague Keen

Hver søndag, bringer Montague et budskab om håb og støtte til alle, der er villige til at lytte. Han snakker tit om Cabal og Deres evindelige konstruktive adfærd. 

Today, I call to all my friends on Earth to come together as one, in order to remove the blockages from the ley lines in California and the surrounding area. This is most important as there is a great need to release this energy for humanity. This ley line energy in California is being used to hold you in bondage. Look at how far you have come since Veronica initially asked you to release the ley line energy.

It all began on the 2 February 2014, when Veronica, D and M, climbed the Tor at Glastonbury, to release the energy for humanity. Many of you have continued this work in your own countries. Look at how far you have come since then. Look back at 2014 and you can see how much of what was hidden from you for generations, is now out in the open. You achieved this by simply taking back the energy that is rightfully yours. Now, I ask all of you, in all the countries that read my message, to put your hearts and souls into releasing the energy specifically in California and the surrounding area. Let's see the results you can achieve.

There are those on Earth whose plans do not include you. By your inaction, you are agreeing to be part of the destruction of the human race. Have you ever wondered why history repeats itself ? It appears that the same people pop up over and over again. They have different names and bodies but they do not die in the true sense of the word: they are recycled. There are places where bodies are available for them to enter, so that they can continue their takeover of the Earth and the removal of all human beings. They are doing everything possible to prevent this information from becoming public knowledge. Consequently, Veronica suffered a severe attack on Thursday. It is difficult to recover quickly, as she is not in the first flush of youth.

They want what you have. But you have the power to say NO. You are the 99%. When you open up to that power, you will be unstoppable.

YourNewsWire: Fox News, ISIS Video Faked. Mainstream Finally Admit The Truth!!!!!!!!! (what about the other ISIS beheadings?)

The deadline by ISIS demanding $200 million in exchange for the Japanese hostages has now passed. The Japanese government have not given in to their demands and reports, yet to be confirmed, say the hostages are now dead. However, many sources including Fox News and the Japanese government themselves are seriously questioning the authenticity of the video. Many are calling the ISIS video a fake.

ISIS took to Twitter to say that the hostages had been killed “because of Japan’s choices.” They then warned that a new video was “being sent to production.”

Fox News reports:

Intelligence sources told Fox News the claim the hostages had been killed could not be confirmed, but said the situation is being monitored as they await release of a new video.

Earlier in the week the Japanese government issued a statement doubting the authenticity of the video saying they believe the video of Japanese hostages to be doctored.

Fox questions authenticity of video too

Fox News reports:

The hostage video showing the hostages wearing orange jump suits and kneeling before a masked, black-clad jihadist may have been faked, experts said. New analysis of the video appears to reveal the message was shot indoors using a “green screen,” and a phony backdrop, according to Veryan Khan, editorial director for the Terrorism Research and Analysis Consortium. She told The Associated Press the light source on the men in the latest videos appears to be coming from two different directions — as opposed to one bright sun, and said if the video was made outdoors in natural light, the shadows behind them should be going in one direction. Instead, they converge. 
“The hostages are visibly bothered by” the bright light, she said.
 Although one of the hostage’s jumpsuits flutters in a breeze, Khan said she believes a fan caused the movement and noted that wind in the desert would be noisy and affect the sound quality of the statements being made by the knife-wielding man. It would also kick up dust, and none seems apparent, she said.
Experts poring over the slickly-produced videos believe they were made in an area south of Raqqa in northern Syria, the self-declared capital of the Islamic State group. The killings of the five other hostages took place between August and November. The U.S.-led coalition began targeting IS militants in Syria in mid-September, and has gradually intensified its aerial bombardment of suspected IS infrastructure in both Syria and Iraq.

- See more at: http://yournewswire.com/fox-news-isis-video-faked-mainstream-finally-admit-the-truth/#sthash.aEmK8mEA.7Utu2BZQ.dpuf

Video: Paul Craig Roberts Speaks Clearly and Distincly on Character of Corporate US Predator State

Published on Jul 25, 2014

CIA officer Paul Craig Roberts makes its clear about Ukraine

Anti-NWO Documentary - Gray State: The Rise (Rough Cut) Directed by David Crowley - Working Youtube Video!!!

Published January 25, 2015 by Verdensalt.dk

Gray State: The Rise (Rough Cut) Directed by David Crowley ( one of few Youtube link that works)

I'm feeling left in the dark here! Two movies same topics..Anti-NWO movies... One movie theater version about the aftermath when Policestate and FEMA takes effect and one documentary about the movie

Facts(as we know of): Documentary David Crowley was working on 'Gray State' full public movie theater version since 2010 AND one supposedly teaser 'Documentary RAW UNCUT' movie which was released this week, both in the name of 'Gray State'. The Documentary movie "The Rise" made in 2014, and created for the public to get an idea on directions before the REAL deal (movie) came out in the movie theaters - RIGHT? David Crowley, then supposedly killed his wife, 5 year old child and himself. Friends, family and co-workers have said they do not believe it. That he was a great person, with a promising career and an extremely happy homelife. They believe he was murdered

I don't care about the allegations and speculations about, its was all CIA bait and switch -  Crowley (helped start Satanism) etc. etc.  

Why The 'Rough Cut' DOX is so great, well, they dare to speak up, when the rest of us is silenced. Movie picks up on highly contaminated subject like ...... (read the hole blogpost)

If NWO minions wanted the story writer dead, it was because of this DOX not the suppose Hollywood movie, soon to come out... besides VT.com and policestateusa.com, eclinik.com follow-ups, i have no clue what's going on here!!!
David Crowley, an Army veteran, said on a Alex Jones interview in 2012 that the film will not portray the military as an evil force but will take place after a societal collapse.
Think FEMA camps, martial law, guillotines, revolution, mind control and you’re in the right ballpark.
(Thats the movie his is talking about? not the Documentary)
I have watch the movie trailer and also personally watched the documentary 'Gray State: The Rise (Rough Cut) '  I can honestly say, this DOX, puts the government right in the spotlight and this proclaimed truth which implicates NWO government would be very hard for them to deny... there's not physically evidence in the documentary, but, have not personally stumbled on one thing, that in my book, are wrongly stated by 'truthseekers' insinuations from the many people who have been interviewed.

Do You want the truh, hole truth and nothing else but the truth! Its a absolute must-see Documentray. The DOX and Movie "Gray State" are not to be confused and are not the same movies.  

This DOX Gray State: The Rise is not only about USA!!!...It's about governments arround the world, holding us "The People" sedated under their rullings, media outltes, to keep us getting around the actual truth, decapitated our freedom and human rights of living freely,  uncontrolled and self independent... But if You do seek the truth and turn your back against the government.. they will find you and destroy your life, cause they are the masters and we are the slaves....
"In the 20th century alone, 262 million people have been killed by governements. Not in wars or defensive operations, this goverment vs. unarmed people."
"One death is tragedy; one million is a statistic." Joseph Stalin
 "The individual matters - not a thing - that's why they define peace, as the silence, imprisonment or death of their enemy" (on of the people interviewed) 
- Slavery all boil down to one word - dependence...

The Terrifying $250 Trillion Time Bomb, Gold And Escalating Currency Wars

Businessinsider: US - If you add up all debt (private, financial, government, etc.) we're at about 350% debt-to-GDP. - Government debt is close to 100%. - Household debt is around 80%. - Total assets are around 1300%. - Domestic net worth is around 550%. - foreign holdings of credit market debt is less than 20%

Today a legend who was recently asked by the Chinese government to give a speech to government officials in China sent King World News a powerful piece that warns about a terrifying $250 trillion time bomb. John Ing, who has been in the business for 43 years, also discussed parallels to the Great 
Depression, gold, and escalating currency wars.

By John Ing of Maison Placements

January 24 (King World News) – Ireland, Italy and Portugal all have public debt to GDP ratios in excess of 125 percent. European growth is anemic. Rhetoric has not matched the reality. Greece faced yet another election and Greek shares plunged over fears of a Grexit, reminiscent of only four years ago. The reality is that Greece and the other Eurozone members only deferred their problems while their debt crept higher.

Central banks should be listened to but investors would be wise to follow their actions, not their rhetoric. The slump in oil prices, and easing of German inflation has prompted the European Central Bank to conjure new euros to buy bonds with newly minted money despite the lowest returns ever. The successive rounds of money creation are to be shoveled into the system.

Reminiscent Of Great Depression

Negative interest rates exist in Switzerland, Germany and Japan reminiscent of the Great Depression. Money is not money any more. Sub-zero interest rates are the norm. We believe that sooner or later, there will be a need for money and rather than a mass produced fiat currency, capital will flow to that store of value that can be created without a push of the button.

Ironically, six years after the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the same conditions that triggered the financial crisis are in evidence today. One difference however is that while the private sector is recovering from a heavy debt load, the government sector has borrowed ever more, piling on debt to record levels using that credit to prop up anemic economies and prevent a global collapse.

But that debt failed to revive the private sector despite Keynesian-style low interest rates. Instead that debt boosted the balance sheets of central banks. Little trickled down to the economy. The problem is that the debt is secured by the faith and credit of the respective sovereign balance sheets. In more distressed nations like Greece, Venezuela and even Russia this now becomes a problem. Gold anyone?

Terrifying $250 Trillion Time Bomb

Karma-Sanskara-Vasanas 24. Januar 2015

Sjælens software
Posted on May 11, 2013 by Chris Evans (oversat fra Engelsk, hans sprogbrug er ikke det bedste)

I livet har vi uendelige mange valg at træffe hver dag; fra de simpleste ting som, "hvad skal jeg have på i dag" til komplekse valg som, "hvad skal jeg være, når jeg bliver stor?" Vi tror, at vi frit træffer valget. Men i virkeligheden er det modsatte ofte tilfældet. Vi har mellem 60.000 - 80.000 tanker om dagen. De fleste af de disse tanker er samme tanker, vi havde dagen før og dagen før den.

Det samme gælder for de valg, vi træffer. Vi tror måske, at vi frit vælger mellem forskellige muligheder, men vi gentager ofte bare det samme valg, om og om igen. Ayurveda har en forklaring på dette.

Ifølge Ayurveda, de valg du foretager, er baseret på dine tidligere handlinger, som har skabt dine minder og ønsker samt afstedkommer dine fremtidige handlinger. Derfor kan man sige, vi går soverende gennem meget af vores liv.

Se det på denne måde; Karma (handling) - Sanskara (hukommelse) - Vasanas (begær). Dette er svinghjulet af Karma. Ifølge buddhismen binder det os til, at vende tilbage til en menneskelig inkarnation igen og igen. Men for nu, lad os fokusere på de "små ting" Hvis du er tilfreds, og ikke kan få nok af dit liv - er det jo bare fantastisk! Mange mennesker, har det dog ikke sådanne. De føler tomhed, tristhed, frustreret og de ved ikke, hvorfor eller hvad de skal gøre ved det. Sommetider har de en ide om, hvad problemet er, eller godt klar over, de tager usunde valg, men er ikke i stand til at stoppe.

Lad os bryde Karmaens svinghjulet i mindre dele og se hvordan det virker. Det kan lade sig gøre med alle tre dele. Lad os starte med handling eller Karma.
Som eksempel bruger vi en person, der gør noget, som de ved ikke er godt for dem, men de føler sig ude af stand til at stoppe; Lad os sige de ryger. Her starter selve 'handlingen', personen vågner op om morgenen og tager sig en cigaret. Her kommer selve 'handling' eller 'Karma'ind - at ryge en cigaret. Lidt senere på dagen 'husker' personen (sanakara) hvor skønt og afslappende det føles, at ryge den cigaret. Dette fører til et 'trangen/begæret' (vasanas) at få en anden cigaret. Personen afslutter den anden cigaret og straks føler anger og siger til dem selv, at de skal holde op. Senere på dagen, har stress ophobet sig fra jobbet. Så kommer kaffepausen, straks huskes den afslappende følelse cigaretten gav dem (sanakara). Du kan sikkert gætte, hvad der sker. Vores cyklus fortsætter - Karma-Sanakara-Vasanas.

Dette sker også med dele af vores liv, som ikke er direkte skadelige. Nogle gange kan vi finde os selv i en "rutine" at gentage de "samme vante ting". Igen er vi fanget i svinghjulet af vores Karma. Vi længes efter noget nyt i vores liv, men vi sidder fast i rutinen. Rutinen består i hvad vores hukommelse (sanakara), gjorde før, så vi vælger eller trængen (vasanas) fastholder os til, at gøre det igen (karma).

Hvordan kan vi bryde ud af denne cyklus og foretage nye valg? Svaret er, at vi er nødt til at vågne op og blive bevidste. I stedet for vi er søvngængere gennem vores liv, kan vi bevidst bryde denne cyklus på hvilken som helst tidspunkt. Mindfulness er et nyttigt værktøj i denne henseende. Alt, hvad der øger din bevidsthed vil hjælpe.
Min egen kommentar: Sagt på en mere jordnær måde. De fleste ønsker udvikling, mens de færreste ønsker forandring. Forandring er en forudsætning for udvikling, men hele vores psykologi er bygget op til at have faste rutiner, stabile forestillinger om os selv (selvbillede) samt en kultur omkring os, der ikke ændrer sig for hurtigt. Uden en rigtig god grund til at forandre dig, vil det aldrig ske, men nogen gange stikker livet os en lussing, der gør, at vi ikke kan lade være med at forandre os. Måske ved du, at du er havnet i den forkerte relation – arbejdsmæssigt eller privat – men at det er svært at finde modet til at gennemføre den nødvendige forandring. Vi skal nu bryde ud af vores fastforandret tankemønstre og vaner for at se lyset forenden af tunnelen.
Her er et eksempel på at bryde en cyklus af en usund adfærd. Personen i vores eksempel, vågner op om morgenen og rækker ud efter en cigaret, men denne gang har personen en "ny" hukommelse. Personen husker, at det er besluttet, at stoppe med at ryge. Nu spekulere personen over alle de ting, man ville være i stand til at gøre med de penge, man sparer også følelsen af en tilfredsstillelse.

Kort sagt, cyklussen er afbrudt. Med tiden bliver trangen (vanasna) stærkere, for een til at stoppe med den indlejring af den nye hukommelse (sanakara), til det bedre. At kunne udføre ting, som de ikke kunne udføre førhen (handlinger eller karma). Cyklussen styrker det selv over tid.

Så jeg udfordrer dig, hvis du er i en skure, eller i et ulykkelig stadie, der ikke tjener din velvære, at bevidst, tag kontrol over dit liv. Bliv opmærksom på, de forandringer du ønsker dig, som du bruger din tid med, vågne op til, hvad der end sker i dit liv og ændre din karma!
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