Aug 19, 2021

🏳️‍⚧️🤘 ~ (Det er bar'...) en mave. Det er bar' pir'. Det er bar' samtykkebaseret voldtægtslov! Det er bar' Me-too Danmark. Det er bar' 'Lives Matter'. Det er bar' en Baphomet-transseksuel, transkønnet, LGBTQ+, singularity, transhuman agenda (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: Og Sofie Linde, Helle Thorning og hele socialistkvartetet falder PLADASK for Dr. Leo Lummerkrogs kalapøjser parodi, så vi gennemskuer Deres okkulte rødder... Og SoTW har dybeste respekt for voksne eller børn som er stærkt hæmmet af deres sexualitet og fysisk, som vil skifte køn m.v. Min bedste venner er homoseksuelle. Men der ligger en meget ubehagelig 'agenda' bagved... |



"In the past, The Danish Monarch, was a deep state cult, a stronghold, fighting NOT to be taking down. In particular Queen Margrethe II is fighting to have her "lifestyle" and it's gonna take some time, before it could be cleaned out by white hats but will be brought to justice - within 6 months it looks like from the cards. There's is a lot of children taking out of there, a lot of it is happening underground, as Janine can see. There might be human hunting parties and the land should be taken away from them if their land is used for that purpose. This Queen is born a male and that is a big sign of cult families and it goes back many satanic cult generations. The White Hats are here in Denmark to infiltrate, but it's a big big mess and it took them awhile to get there! The Royal family is really hanging on to their "lifestyle" - their "reality"  and considers us danes as cattle! There's a battle between the Good guys and Bad guys control, and the Good guys still have a  ALOT of work to do there!" ~ Janine

🗯️⛓️✋ ~ (What the heck is going on?) BLOCKADE EVERYTHING! (TheCrowhouse) ~ | Blogger: DISCLAIMER: you have been warned... Video by Max Igan, researcher, radio host, and film-maker, going berserk, pissed off in a angry rant (again) is not uncommon to most, but what is going on in NZ and Australia is unfathomable. He's discussing lots of things of course, one is, the alleged 24.000 children being forced into a stadium to get the jab. And the unlawful lockdown in Canberra and Aunty Cindy has put the entire country under lockdown after just one single case of COVID was discovered... I must say, the NZ PM is no better or worse than socialist-communist Danish PM's corona laws, that are unconstitutional, to say the least... SoTW has said it before, countries like Denmark, New Zealand and Australia was handpicked by the Cabal, because, these countries has the best ties to the biggest, most secretly and oldest freemasonic royal societies.. Think about it - 78% of the danish population has now received their vakkZine. What does that tells us all - that the majority feel they comply with Plan[Demic] CV[AI] rules, do not ask any questions and do not care, if their freedom has been swept away. And that is okay. Many people are leaving the earth plane right now, because they have voluntary contracted their Souls by divinely obligations to help the rest of earthlings, to wake up. But what about our children's rights and unborn babies?... People all over the world, has reported heart inflammation, or myocarditis, others experienced distressing symptoms, fainting, dizziness, or nausea. Is that normal?... |

💫 ~ 📖 (‘22 represents the ‘Master Builder’: transform dreams into concrete reality. Charts of doers, leaders, and visionary inventors.') Cosmic 22 (Meg Benedicte) 💕 ~ |


As we continue to integrate and adjust to the transformative Lionsgate activations, a rare Cosmic 22 Blue Moon lends a helping hand. A Blue Moon occurs when two consecutive full moons fall in the same sign. Like lunar sentries, the two full moons in Aquarius surround and enhance this year’s Lionsgate. The first full moon at 1° Aquarius happened on July 24 and the second full moon (a Blue Moon) occurs at 29° Aquarius this Sunday, August 22.

Since the extraordinary global timeline bifurcation on December 12, 2019 (12-12-12), the world has been adjusting to the New Earth Timeline in the Aquarian Era. It requires a gradual extraction of our entire energy from the old Atlantean Armageddon timeline and reincarnational trap, plus the subsequent trauma-clearing and core wound healing. This process can be challenging and tumultuous, will take time and perseverance, but the rewards are well worth it.

⚔️💣💥 ~ ('Taliban have been fighting for 1000 years'.'We have 40,000 potential hostages, a minimum'.'The fact is our country was paying the Afghan soldiers a fortune.') Trump: Biden's withdrawal is the greatest embarrassment in US history (Fox News) ~ | Blogger: [🤜"When I came to office, I inherited a deal cut by my predecessor—which he invited the Taliban to discuss at Camp David on the eve of 9/11 of 2019—that left the Taliban in the strongest position militarily since 2001 and imposed a May 1, 2021 deadline on U.S. Forces." ~ I'm Creepy-Corona-China Joe Biden and I approve this message.🤛] ... We are with you President Trump (protected by Archangel Michael royal blue, purple and golden light, as I have heard it. Trump is a wild card - a starter - not the finisher. A woman from outside the political corrupt system, will be leading as the last president of U.S. inc., or the first president of the new republic, according to my HS)... |


Trump rips Biden's Afghan actions: 'Our country has never been so humiliated'; 'blows Vietnam away'

Trump said scenes of terrified Afghans clinging to departing aircraft 'blows the helicopters in Vietnam away'

🛡️ ~ 💞 (Protect basic HU rights taken away for 1000's of yrs. Stop perpetuating divide. Keep you're eyes and heart open. Love more. Have compassion & empathy) Global Message: this isn’t about sides (Lorie Ladd) 💕 ~ | Blogger: (Comments in Danish outside this report - sorry) ... 🤑En Nordjyde har lige vundet 158 millioner i Vikinglotto... 🛐Vil personen donerer det til velgørende organisationer, foreninger, fonde, stiftelser, institutioner og religiøse samfund, eller, gøre alt for, at få danske afghanere hjem igen?. Højst sandsynligt ikke. Det ligger nemlig ikke lige til højrebenet og alle danskers natur, nu hvor PENGE, har spillet en central rolle i alles liv, siden ca. 6000 år gamle (Sumeria). Faktisk siden Annunakierne, kom til jorden, og de selvbestaltede guder's indflydelse på globale samfundsorden, præstestyret og vores Bankkonsortium... 💸Det der højst sandsynligt vil ske, er, han/hun, vil holde op med at arbejde. De fleste mennesker hader enten deres chef, jobbet eller et eller andet. Nye og "gamle" venner og familiemedlemmer dukker pludseligt op og vil ha' en bid. Så køber man huse til hele familien, betaler alt gæld ud, en bedre bil måske og planlægger eventyrlige feriemål. Resten vil stå på en bankbog, dvs. en Digital Konto, for der findes ikke længere kontanter og rådne op eller blive mindre værd, nu hvor storbanker som Jyske Bank, Ringkjøbing Landbobank og Sydbank, indfører negativ rente, fra første krone. Nåååå, det vidste du ikke... 🙏SoTW sidder med en følelse af, vi snart ser, det såkaldte, STORE solar event. Kærligheds-tsunamien over alle. Den massive positive kosmiske energiforskydning som skal til for, at åbne vores junk-DNA, vores energisystem, balancere meridianerne og vores aura, sætter de 2 billioner hukommelsesceller i overdrive, med floder af energi i din krop samt de 7 centre (chakraer). En unik begivenhed som skaber en dynamisk situation, en fælles skabelse af lys og kærlighed, fra os alle lysarbejdere af de 144.000, inklusiv de opstegne mestre, en beslutning på et kollektivt niveau... 🚧 Der er blot et lille bitte bump på vejen - vi mennesker som engle i forklædning - skal også ville dette... ⏰Nej, det er ikke alle, der vil vågne op. Det er ikke alle, som ønsker, godt for andre medmennesker. Det er ikke alle, som beder til, at nogle tager behovet for eks. vis. grådighed væk, der skyldes en angst for at miste. Det er ikke alle, som vil smide egoet ud, selvrealisere og bortskaffe 1000's af reinkanationers sorg, krise og traumatiske hændelser, der er en næsten uundgåelig og smertefuld del af livet... 🕯️For, at se lyset, skal man gennemgå obligatoriske (mørke) spirituelle udrensninger. For, at blive genfødt ind i en ny virkelighed, ledet mod en Ascension, være forandringsparat, skal vi være kærlige, eftergivende, og modtage alle vores medmennesker, som vi selv, ønsker, at blive modtaget.. Frihed og lighed, er en føderet... 😌PS: Beklager, der er stavefejl og sjusk m.m. jeg er ordblind og arbejder på det, selvom min holistiske ND, skulle have fjernet episoden i min barndom, hvor jeg blev til grin, ved tavlen... |