Feb 16, 2022

🙏 ~ 💝 (Krænkelses-anmeldelse) Dagens Spirituelle Motivationscitater eller Livets Sandheder (SoTW DK) ~ 💕 | Blogger: Se-Mig-egoismen, krænkelsesparatheden og krænkelsesdiktaturet! ... Ordet 'krænke' kommer fra det middelnedertyske krenken: at gøre svag. En krænkelse er med andre ord en handling, som gør nogen 'svag'. Sååå, alle går rundt og føler sig krænket! Det kan være de ting jeg skriver og mener, på min blog eller meme om Mads Mikkelsen, som værende bejlende til Frimureriet! Eller, når landsholdet synger 'store patter' igen eller Janni Vræææ hyldes af Fede Finn og Funny Boyz! Det kunne være når Activision Blizzard fik anklager om sexisme, krænkelser og overgreb eller regeringen ønsker MÆNDENE, hen hvor pebret gror med #Me-too bevægelsen. Vi bliver dagligt bombarderet med indtryk, nyheder og sladder gennem såkaldte "moderne medier.". Folk kan komme helt op i det røde felt når fænomenet blackfacing opstår! Eller, når jeg kalder flødeboller for 'negerboller', fordi, det har jeg lært fra barns ben, som sætter tingene i kog hos mine 3 niecer og nevø. De flegner helt ud og diskussion starter en helt kædereaktion og provokation fra min søsters kæreste, som kører den helt, til dørs. Vi alle, føler os krænket. Næsten, jeg gør ikke. Gider slet ikke selv går ind i sådanne nogen banale konflikter. Det er jo følelserne, der snakker, og man skal bare blive godt og grundigt fornærmet. På den måde har krænkelseskulturen overlevet med stor tiltrækningskraft. Enhver kan være med, det gælder bare om at finde sin indre puritaner eller svinehund frem, så kan man frygtløst kaste sig ud i debatter med selv de klogeste hoveder, som i sagens natur ikke har mere ret, fordi alle argumenter er følelsesbaserede. Husk, man skal ikke tage tingene personligt! Hvis man er et ordentligt og sobert menneske uden ego, går man ikke på sociale medier og laver "ballade" eller starter en krænkelses-slogskamp, fordi, man spiller med på violinen om; 'se mig, jeg er krænket', for at få opmærksomhed - IMHO... |

fundet på nettet...




🐸🍭🤪 ~ (MEMES) For Shits and Giggles (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: Bizarre world right? Are commies the most dangerous species around? Teen-Predator, Kofod, NATO Operation Gladio and warmongering countries and Denmark, has become a belligerent nation! In recent years, Denmark has been engaged in wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and West Africa (other countries that are secret). And now we come to participate in another war, namely Cyber-War, Surveillance-State & Aggressor towards the TRUTH-movement! The possibility of American soldiers on Bornholm arouses anger in Moscow, while PM Mette F. has brought herself and her government on a potential dangerous path! We stand by America, all the way - also down the drain! Our elected officials, politicians and elites AKA "The Establishment" do not care about any lives, because, they, the only lives, that matter! Head of the Danish Defence Intelligence Service Mr. Findsen, in custody over suspected information leaks with unknown and secret release date and charges! Ex- Danish Minister for Defence, before Kofod, Claus Hjort Frederiksen, has been charged after one of the Criminal Code's rules on country trials for treason, but nobody is allowed to discuss it! We are to understand that Denmark with Greenland and Rothschilds in our backpocket, is the shit! At least, we're one of the biggest freemasonic, false-red-flag and money-making-laundering countries, on earth and people, seems to not care. God, helps us all!... |


💋🦾🤖 ~ (Getting so realistic you think it's all Human) Sonantic has created the first AI that can flirt with you and me. Robots are soon part of daily life as in the movie I, Robot (SoTW) ~ |

📜💼👔 ~ (Aaaand now...) A Word From Our Trusted Sponsors (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: THAT includes the original Illuminati plan for world domination (Rothschild’s 25 Point Plan For World Domination)... Psst! - over here! I used to work for these guys - exactly, 23 years inside the Danish “Golden Slacks” HQ IT Banking (mafia). Have lost all my friends (colleagues) go figure! Had to leave. Been through really good years as freshly new Network Engineer. Worked gladly 24/7 to create one of the biggest Cisco infrastructure in EU, my bank had unlimited amount of money to spend and Cisco themselves, gave away tickets to concerts, business trips and sumptuous dinners, it all stopped and no more employee benefits or x-mas gift. Neither in IBM or Banks (worked for 2 biggest banks), we where now under supervision by management to earn cool cash for stockholder and shareholder and as a Project manager (also as coordinator etc.), never ever in my life been so stressed out and anxious. Then, I suddenly discovered the last 8-10 of my working life, I was only a (peasant/slave mosaic) and did nothing good for people, only working to serve some unknown slave-masters stealing, cunning and lending money out that didn't existed only in a digital form, created out of thin air and deception. The bank went through one catastrophic scandal, after another with every 3 months Employee Development Interviews, no pay raise, no benefits and mandatory e-learning courses, under surveillance by the bank and state with mandatory business code of conduct guidelines, to ensure all employees didn't cheat or money laundered, anything. But the CEO was LMAO - they were the guys doing the stealing. When the money laundering scandal engulfing Denmark's biggest bank, Danske Bank, it was the final straw, for me. People were crying, sick, stressed and burned out. I had to leave and become free and independent, signing off from the money-scheme and brainwashed narcissistic and sociopathic leaders. It has been a hurtful trip starting from highest energetic to least energetic, low vibrating frequency density environment to serve under. I mean talking about pressure every day, surrounded by sad people because of all the shit we're been through... |

Rothschild’s 25 Point Plan For World Domination

Above - From a private telegram group linked to another private group 
 - many have seen it before!

💌🥰🤳 ~ (ARE we still a GO? April - release the DEADTH-CODES that's all we have to do!) APRIL WILL BE HUGE - Hold on Tight! ( Alexander Quinn - Starseed + SoTW) ~ | Blogger: Is April still a GO? We are still viewed as an effing hostile planet - why? Here is a 15 min. excerpt until the end of a very substantial talk with LINDA GOOD McGILLES and Alex Quinn... As you know, there's NOT gonna be a US / NATO / EU / Russia China / Ukraine-war or whatever the (Cabal, DS, Shadowgovt) are pushing, after The Digital COVID-AI PlanDemic is over!.. Putin calmly declared Mondays troop exercises over and ordered units back to barracks (says Simon Parkes)... Below my own Higher Self predications made in January (blogpost in Danish and English - click the lnk)... In the meantime, get yourselves a immunity "BOOSTER"-shot with cinnamon added for a more pleasant taste (I personally use organic lemons and ginger in my Tea)... PS: ZEROHEDGE is out in dire warning, that on top of the rival troop build-up between Russia and US-NATO forces in Eastern Europe over Ukraine, both sides are set to hold massive rival war drills further south in the Mediterranean and Middle East areas (what's that all about)... |

How is the world situation right now and my higher self want to share with my "awareness" the next many months ahead that become landmark for our 3-D Matrix 'Illusion' asked by and through my natural doctor and by kinesiology? 

English translate from Danish from my higher self and my 50 years experienced holistic ND

🙋 Is there more subsequent "viruses" being thrown out among the population to scare them?

     - NO. 

🙋 In other words, is the "Corona" and its variants, the LAST Man-Made "virus" and LAST  part of the Dark Ones? "

    - YES! And will there be some new "viruses"? - NO