February 08, 2016

David Wilcock Update via Fulford's Blog - February 8, 2016 (We will be very happy to see disclosure at all, since it will include 9/11 truth, Cabal exposure, some history, some space program stuff, some UFO stuff, et cetera… but there are many problems with the partial narrative and we must not let it go that way)

Hvem er David Wilcock: David Wilcock er en professionel foredragsholder, filminstruktør og forsker af gamle civilisationer, bevidsthed videnskab, og nye paradigmer af stof og energi. Hans kommende Hollywood-film CONVERGENCE afslører bevis for, at alt liv på Jorden er forenet i et felt af bevidsthed, som påvirker vores sind på fascinerende måder. Divine Cosmos er den officielle Internet side, hvor derfindes tusindvis af gratis sider af videnskabelig og spirituel information om åndelig vækst, Ascension og udviklingen af bevidsthed. David kommentere til tider hvad Benjamin Fulford udgiver, fordi meget giver mening.

Thank you! There is so much going on now that even the most brainwashed individuals must sense time of a huge change is upon us.

I had a long conversation with a couple of people who were into alternative media but only one of them knew about my work. Neither of them were tracking the story of how the Cabal is on the verge of defeat.

I felt badly about this as I realized there must be many more who are in the same boat. Folks like Ben and I can only do so much, and the Cabal has taken on a mythical power in many people’s eyes and seems indestructible.

Getting the blow-by-blow here each week can blind us to the fact that most people studying this are completely unaware of how close the Cabal is to the edge.

Then I realized this is programmed into the universal mind we all share, via the Hero’s Journey archetypes. Everyone has to go through that “All is Lost” moment, the “Dark Night of the Soul,” where nothing seems salvageable but then it actually works out.

It does appear that we are almost upon that point. The negotiations of how to make the final moves are still undecided right now within the alliance, which is quite a conglomerate of different factions.
However, once it does happen there will probably need to be an economic collapse, at least temporarily, and we may see some momentarily shocking military activity in major cities and particularly NY and DC.

It does not appear the Cabal has enough support or financing to successfully counteract the final move. They know it is coming and their plan seems to be more focused on trying to run rather than sticking around for it.

The public will be so furious, all the “Real Americans” out there, that the Cabal will be much safer in a mass-arrest scenario than if they were still around. They know this.

Message from Montague on Sunday Feb 8, 2016 CET (THE GREATEST BATTLE THE EARTH HAS EVER WITNESSED- Good against Evil, Light against Dark, call it what you will; but be assured, it is one battle that every one of you will be part of, and it is already raging all around you. This is a fight for your very existence)

Kanaliseret af Veronica Keen
© 2016 Montague Keen

Hver søndag, bringer Montague et budskab om håb og støtte til alle, derer villige til at lytte. Han snakker tit om Cabal og deres evindelige konstruktive adfærd.

The 7 February was always a very special day for you and I, as we celebrated my birthday on Earth. I thank you, my dear, for always making it so special for me.

What your world is facing now is AGENDA 21, THE DEPOPULATION OF THE WORLD. Their plan is first to depopulate Brazil, by poisoning the whole country. Brazil is the biggest user of pesticides in the world, so it will be easy for them to achieve this. Remember, my dear, I was very much against pesticides when I was on Earth. I foresaw the great dangers of such chemicals being unleashed indiscriminately on the Earth. Those, plus the Chemtrails, were a prescription for disaster, just as you are witnessing now. All the VIRUSES are produced in their laboratories. They are released when it is necessary to bring humanity to its knees by creating FEAR through the scare stories they release. The people who discuss matters on TV and who write what they are told to write in newspapers, are guilty of a grave criminal offence against humanity. They are as guilty as if they had physically administered the viruses themselves.

The cult that rules your world has used you to create wealth and power for them. NOW THEY WANT IT ALL. They no longer want you, in what they now consider to be their world. They planned every step of this takeover meticulously over the centuries. Every war was orchestrated by them, every illness was created by them. Money, the scourge of humanity, was created by them. They have taken humanity hostage, and you have sleepwalked into ever scam they have created for you. They were experts at selling an idea to you. You never looked for the pitfalls. They now run every government, own all banks, and own the pharmaceutical industry. They produce the food necessary for life on Earth. You were blinded to their motives, as they used language (magic speak) to confuse you, so that you handed all control to them. They use you to produce the chemicals that KILL YOU. They use you to kill humanity through the wars they create. They use you to inject poisons that will eventually kill you. You, yes you, are assisting them in their great takeover of the Earth.

Benjamin Fulford Update - Feb 8, 2016 (※Weekly geo-political news and analysis)

Hvem er så denne Benjamin Fulford? Benjamin Fulford (Født 1961) er journalist, forfatter af canadisk afstamning, der bor i Japan. Han taler 4 sprog, herunder japansk. Han arbejdede i Japan som en korrespondent for Knight Ridder, Den Internationale Financing Review, Nihon Keizai Shimbun engelsk udgave, og South China Morning Post, før hans dage på Forbes Magazine, hvor han var den asiatiske kontorchef fra 1998 til 2005. Hans efterforskningsmæssige rapporter forfulgte skandaler i den japanske regering og erhvervslivet. Efter at have forladt Forbes skrev han en række bøger i japansk hvoraf nogle blev bedste sælgere, og begyndte at offentliggøre på internettet. Han overgik til japansk statsborgerskab i 2007. Han fik en vis popularitet på internettet, efter at han gennemførte et interview med den sky David Rockefeller i november 2007.

Til tider, kommentere David Wilcock på Fulford's blog. Virkelig spændende nyhedsstof, en vinkel, som bliver mere valid eftersom de begge har informanter og indgange til den virkelige agenda, uden censur, der aldrig når ud i de officielle medier.

First meeting between Pope and Russian Patriarch in 1000 years aimed at Khazarian Satanists

Udgivet af Benjamin den 8. Februar 2016

The first meeting between the head of the Russian Orthodox Church and the Pope in 1000 years is aimed at cementing an alliance against the Satan worshipping Khazarian mob, Russian and Pentagon sources say. This is important because forensic research by this writer has shown the Pentagon ultimately reports to the Roman Empire (as publicly headed by the Pope) and the power behind Russian President Vladimir Putin is the Russian Orthodox Church. “Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church agrees to meet the Pope in Cuba on Feb 12 as East-West unite to fight [the Khazarian mafia],” was how a Pentagon official described the planned meeting. Rockefeller stooge Henry Kissinger was “forced to accept a multipolar world and declare Russia not a threat but essential partner,” the official continued.

Another sign of Russian, US rapprochement is the fact that ex-Defense Intelligence Agency Chief Lt. General Mike Flynn is advising US presidential candidate Donald Trump. According to the Pentagon source, Flynn was “key to bromance between Putin and the Donald.” Military backing is why Trump and others can now safely and openly accuse Khazarian mob candidates like Hitlery Clinton and Ted Cruz of stealing elections.



In any case, the Russian/US alliance against the Khazarian mafia is producing many results, especially in the Middle East. Khazarian top level mobster German Chancellor (and Hitler daughter) Angela Merkel is flying today (February 8th) to visit embattled Khazarian Satanist Turkish President Recep Erdogan following major defeats of their proxy armies in Syria. Both leaders are being targeted for removal, according to Pentagon sources. Somebody should tell them their fuhrer Bush is no longer in control and that surrender is their only option.

Furthermore, Saudi Arabia, in a bow to Russia as the new power broker in the Middle East, arrested 33 ISIS supporters, including 9 American CIA agents, based on Russian intelligence tips, multiple sources agree. This makes it likely the Saudis will soon follow Iran and Russia in a move to stop selling their oil in Khazarian controlled so-called US dollars.

There are also reports Saudi Arabia has begun dumping its $8 trillion in US Treasury bond holdings. Many Saudis interpreted snow falling on Mecca as a sign from Allah that they were on the wrong path, which may explain their sudden change of tone.


Pentagon officials confirm that Russian Intelligence ties in the Middle East now include the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Egypt. Israel, facing a global boycott and UN sanctions, is also now bowing to the Russians. This means that, if Saudi Arabia also leaves, as it seems to be doing, Turkey will be alone and will face disaster and partition as a result of Erdogan’s stupid attempt to use military force to recreate the Ottoman Empire. Already, 1300 Turkish hotels have been put into bankruptcy sale by the drop in tourists and severe fighting has erupted inside Turkey.

Also, in an exclusive to this news-letter, Indonesian officials are reporting that 4000 armed terrorists financed by Khazarian mobster George Soros were................

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Den forhenværende Novo-kronprins og nuværende topchef i Lundbeck, Kåre Schultz, har fået et gyldent håndtryk, der sletter alle tidligere danske rekorder i den disciplin. Ifølge Novo Nordisk har Kåre Schultz fået en samlet fratrædelsespakke på 72,7 mio. kr

Begæret efter penge, magt og anseelse
Kåre Schultz slår alle rekorder med gyldent håndtryk på 73 millioner.

Hverken Laurids Jessens afgang fra Skako til en værdi af 55 mio. kr., amerikanske Lisa Drakemans afsked med biotekselskabet Genmab til godt 50 mio. kr. eller Henning Dyremoses exit fra TDC til 46 mio. kr. kommer i nærheden af den nuværende Lundbeck direktørs niveau.


Læs også: Lone Vitus - Danish Organic Farmer - at the Open Mind Conference 2015 ( Acc. to the farmer, one third of all Danes will be diagnosed with cancer cause there's much more money in producing pharmaceuticals rather than producing proper food.. thats a fact. Monsanto Biotech Corporation (widely recognized as the most hated and most evil corporation on the planet) has close strings/partnership to Denmark by Novo Nordisk/Novozymes A/S (same company) - Newly report shows, that each person exposed to pesticies has 60 procent increase risk of diabetes...Denmark allows feeding of our animals with GMO label crops with VERY high residues of pesticides, which then are eaten by humans .... )

1.279 - Ramløse Skole: Bevis på hvem politikere beskytter (læs: tjener)!

Hvis du ikke kender til EMF Pollution og hvor farligt det er, så findes der en del facts på internettet efterhånden (Mobil, WiFi router, WiFi babyalarmer, DECT-telefoner, tablets, SMART målere, mikrobølger ). Cobra afslørede for nylig, at verdens mobiltelefoner, bærbare computere og wifi routere består af en "plasma-enhed" som NSA/Cabal benytter flittigt som et redskab for spionage, uanset om den er slukket eller batteriet er fjernet. Eller, "Chemtrails" som bryder den blå himmel med gift og tungmetaller eller metalpartikler til at understøtte / forstærker trådløs WiFi-netværk og kontrol. Debatten om mobilmaster startede i 2003 og masser af politikere, lobbyister og mobilindustrien har sablet det ned, for at undertrykke danskere, se blot denne artikel:

Udveksling af uvidenheder: "Debatten om mobilmaster og faren ved stråling har nået nye højder. Flere kommuner har forbudt opstilling af nye master, og lagt op til civil ulydighed overfor myndighederne. Samtidig spreder frygten sig til stort set alle former for radiokommunikation. - Det næste bliver, at folk piller TV-antenne af deres eget hus, siger teleanalytiker som mener hysteriet må stoppe" - Problemet er, at ingen forholder sig til proportionerne i denne sag, siger Torben Rune, og tilføjer, at situationen naturligvis ikke bliver bedre af, at man rent faktisk ikke har information nok til at fastslå, om mikrobølger fra mobiltelefoner påvirker mennesker....

Published on Jan 12, 2016
Se "En fælles FJENDE - kun ved at stå sammen kan den besejres! (nov. 2010): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2G5RU...

Se "Sandhedens time" (2005) hvor Ramløse Skole indgår: http://www.Sandhedenstime.dk
Lyt til fhv. lektor Sianette Kwee: http://www.MitFrederiksberg.dk

Se interview fra Familiekanalen fra november 2015:
Kort version (20. min.): http://familiekanalen.tv/?portfolio=m...
Lang version (43 min.): http://familiekanalen.tv/?portfolio=m...

GAIA TV - Som noget nyt kan du nu også abonnere på arkiv mappen for at se eller gense de mange udsendelser - 8. Februar 2016

Hvis du gik glip af KROP-SIND-ÅND Helsemesse i Københavnd. 5. - 7. februar 2016, har GAIA TV en del Interviews fra messen som er gratis - her
Her kan du også genopleve Mads Palsvig - Whistleblower - Investment banker taler ud om pengesystemet. Du kan se eller gense den fulde version - her - via kommentar feltet, giver Creatrix13 en meget god skildring og teorier om hvad Mads Palsvig beretter omkring. 

Som noget helt nyt, er det muligt, at få et abonnement på Arkiv mappen. 1 måned eller 3, 6, 12 måneds adgang til arkivet giver det dig helt unikt mulighed for at se udsendelserne på Gaia TV før de sendes live.

GAIA TV is a brand new online TV station, which is free to use. All broadcasts can be seen on various tablets, smartphones, and computers. It makes GAIA TV for a unique offering that reaches far. GAIA TV's vision is to be the first place where people seek information about health and wellness. GAIA TV's mission is to inspire and inform people about healthier living.

GAIA TV er en helt ny online tv-station, som er gratis at bruge. Alle udsendelser kan ses på diverse tablets, smartphones og computere. Det gør GAIA TV til et unikt tilbud, som når langt ud.
GAIA TV's vision er at være det første sted, hvor folk søger oplysning om sundhed og velvære.
GAIA TV's mission er derfor at inspirere og oplyse borgerne om en sundere livsførelse.

Hjertet hos GAIA TV banker for at udbrede kendskabet til begrebet 'sundhed' til alle borgere i Danmark. Og i vores udsendelser stiller vi høje etiske krav til troværdighed og objektivitet.
"Du er det du spiser" er et udsagn vi ofte hører. GAIA TV's udsendelser skal skabe bro mellem krop og sjæl dvs. en sund sjæl i et sundt legeme. Efter GAIA TV's mening er der tre betydninger i denne sætning:
- Den ene betydning er sund ernæring - dvs. det du spiser og drikker.Økologiske produkter indeholder ikke alle mulige tilsætningsstoffer og har derfor stor betydning for sundhedsbegrebet i sætningen "fra jord til bord".
- Den anden betydning er kendskab til alle former for behandlinger af fysiske og mentale ubalancer, som ikke fremgår i det etablerede sundhedssystem. Eksempelvis kan nævnes akupunktur, zoneterapi, forskellige former for massage, forskellige metoder til øgning af selvbevidsthed m.m.
- Den tredje betydning er oplysningsvirksomhed, hvor GAIA TV lægger vægt på udsendelser, der med informationer, bidrager til at udvide borgernes viden og indsigt i begrebet sundhed.

Cancer Was Cured By This Brilliant Man In 1934, Then He Was Killed (American Medical Association(AMA) Rockefeller & Carnegie Foundation - The Big Pharma Killing Machine)

Also read: BREAKING: Murdered Holistic Doctors Had Discovered Autism/Cancer-Causing Enzyme Intentionally Being Added to All Vaccines (Several Videos) - Nov 22, 2015

Also read: thrivemovement - Drug (Rx) Money: Making a Killing 

Cancer industry is making revenue of more than one hundred billion dollars a year but it is still unclear why the actual cure is nonexistent. Many people are trying to find the cure for cancer, yet until this date it is unknown. Yet the name of Dr. Raymond Rife is quite familiar within the industry.

Dr. Raymond Rife was born in 1888 and he contributed a lot to technology in the area of optics, electronics, radiochemistry, biochemistry, ballistics and aviation.

In 1922 he started the research in cancer. In 1932 he managed to isolate a cancer microorganism known as VX Virus. A year after he designed the Universal Microscope that could magnify an object 60,000x their normal size. He used light frequency resonance to destroy organisms using a natural frequency without destroying adjacent tissue. He named this process Mortal Oscillatory Rate.

Within two months in 1934 he was able to cure 14 out of 16 terminally ill cancer patients, while the other two were cured after subsequent six weeks. Despite his 100% cure rate, he was deprived of any acknowledgment for his accomplishment.

Sådan er kapitalismen - Danmarks Radios nye dramaserie, ’Bedrag’ (der minder uendeligt meget om Vestas!)

Sådan er kapitalismen
Danmarks Radios nye dramaserie, ’Bedrag’, der handler om økonomisk kriminalitet, er både spændende, velskrevet og velspillet. Den har potentialet til at blive en begavet udstilling af det danske samfunds mere uheldige sider

Advokater: Virksomheder melder oftere ansatte til politiet

Vindmøllegiganten Vestas politianmeldte sin bortviste finansdirektør Henrik Nørremark i 2012 for påstået mandatsvig, og den sag er langt fra enestående. Danske virksomheder bruger i stigende grad politianmeldelser som et skarpt våben i tvister med tidligere ansatte - Foto

Surfing legend Slater presents ‘eco-friendly’ solar powered wave pool (VIDEO) - Feb 8, 2016

Original newz story - Click here
A professional US surfer, Kelly Slater, has combined two of his passions, wave riding and the environment, to come up with an alternative to catching ocean waves – a solar powered wave pool.
When Slater first unveiled his wave pool, which creates an almost perfect wave, he received criticism from people who questioned water wastage and energy usage.

Now, the world-class surfer has unveiled a solar powered wave generator system that will emit no greenhouse gases.
“We are committed to encouraging sustainable development at any site using our technology,” Noah Grimmett, of Kelly Slater Wave Company said. “As part of this commitment, we are pleased that our first site in Central California is 100 percent powered by solar energy.”
Grimmett said this allows them to be a pioneer in wave technology and support sustainable power initiatives.
The wave pool however runs on well water, which some have pointed out as being not very green considering California’s drought issues.

source:  http://newzsentinel.com/surfing-legend-slater-presents-eco-friendly-solar-powered-wave-pool-video/

Jesus through John Smallman:You are, each one of you, incredibly powerful energy fields of Love - Feb 8, 2016 CET

Sananda udsender ugentlige budskaber for tiden, for os som har fulgt Jesus Sananda i længere tid, har det altid været en fryd og opløftende oplevelse for vores forståelse, hvad der sker omkring os. Den Opstegne Mester Sananda / Jesus / Kristus / Jeshua tjener som en lærer af hele verden, og var en af ​​de største Spirituelle healere, der gik på vores elskede planet Jorden/Nova/Gaia. Det er vigtigt at forstå, alle vores opstegne mestre og de galaktiske venner, så at sige, ikke har tilladelse til at bruge Deres beføjelser for at ændre forløbet af civilisationer, kun i yderst sjældne tilfælde. Universets lov. 

Kanaliseret af John Smallman
© 2016 johnsmallman.wordpress.com

Jesus Audio Blog for Sunday February 7th

On Earth chaos seems to be erupting in many places like volcanoes! Change is accelerating as awareness also erupts due to whistle blowers and alternate news web sites publishing information that has long been kept secret as part of the intention by the very few to control and enslave the rest of humanity. This new awareness cannot be contained. There are organizations intent on crushing it or ridiculing it in order to prevent the old order from collapsing.

However, due to the ongoing enormously expanding communication abilities allowing anyone to communicate instantly with anyone else anywhere on the planet, dark and sinister secrets can no longer be kept hidden. Consequently those who have for eons been used and abused by those who have taken power by stealth and corruption are now becoming evermore aware of how their trust in authority has been exploited and used against them. And they are refusing to allow it to continue.

(Intel Report) Historic Overview: Private Placement Platforms and Historical Bonds (Dark Nobility "cabal" vs. Sovereign Elders (Keepers of Global Collateral Accounts)

Blogger: Quote by Oscar Wilde: 'Religion is like a blind man looking in a black room for a black cat that isn't there, and finding it.'...Same goes for our financial system and RV/GCR
theory/history to back it up. There's many theories behind how we dismantle the Khazarian Financial System and mafia's Babylonian debt trap and it's no secret anymore - everything is rigged. However, did HB and program redemption for these bonds become a favorite tool of scam artists or still very active part of sovereign nations gold backing future? It really depends whether you beleive in TNT dinar guru, Zap office of poofness, Dave Schmidt, karen hudes, neil keenan, landachinaglobal and many more sources. Everyone seems to understand "the lay of the land" is shifting... You need to ask yourselves - Does M1 exist? Dragon Family is that the Sovereign Elders (Keepers of Global Collateral Accounts)? Do you beleive in the Illuminati All-Seeing Eye represents the demonic god (our destroyer) - OR - St.Germain World Trust and the benevolent Forces who are supporting NESARA (our saviour)?

I'm more like Agent Mulder - I Want to Believe.......


Historic Overview:

Private Placement Platforms (PPP) & Historical Bonds (HB)

Historical Bond
(Education Purposes Only)


Several revolutionary humanitarian central banking mechanisms were embedded into the modern financial system after the 1944 Bretton Woods Conference. A benevolent hydration system was created by the Sovereign Elders (Keepers of Global Collateral Accounts) along with all Allied Forces governments (controlled at the time by Dark Nobility families of Eastern Europe ... aka the "cabal:); in order to rebuild the world after two very brutal wars--WW1 & WW2.

Private Placement Platforms (PPP)

PPPs were created primarily to initiate and facilitate the trade of Sovereign Bonds (SB) between two good standing nations backed by third party gold (Sovereign Hun & European Elders)--in order to generate infrastructure, reconstruction and humanitarian capital for all of humanity.

In good faith, the Keepers kept their end of the bargain and physical placed gold bullion in variety of central banks worldwide in the fall of 1944 through the summer of 1946, depositing over 11 metric tons of Au (temporarily via a 50 year lease agreement, with a 5 year grace period ending on September 11, 2001).

The PPP / sovereign bond liquidity system was successfully used to rebuild Europe, EuroAsia and Southeast Asia under the Marshall Plan, as well as fund all ever growing infrastructure needs of North America thru the late 1960's. But everything was not as harmonious as it appeared, and when USA/USD officially was taken off the gold standard in 1971, it signaled a diplomatic and sovereign schism that has lead to the all out currency war for control of the world's financial system.

In fact, this is precisely why the US military casually advised, then invaded Korea and Vietnam because their presence covered up an invisible war being waged by the Dark Nobility "cabal" to plunder Sovereign Elder gold holdings throughout Southeast Asia--with and end goal of absolute control of planet earth.