Jan 10, 2021

🎖️⏰⚔️ ~ (THIS IS NOT A DRILL! The most important thing since WW) 10th January Update... (Simon Parkes) ~ | Blogger: [👉PS: "those who know me I don't go live unless, I have two indepenent reports, saying the same thing ~ Simon"👈] ... {#ITALYGATE! Italy, Berlin, Pakistan, Quebec, UK & California} ... Simon says... [READ MORE]... |

SoTW Transcript:

PLEASE - to avoid misinterpretations that can lead to many horrible misunderstandings - watch the "show"...  

🚩General Electric Defence contracts sold to Chinese investor for $5 billion. Organised in Pakistan - why the blackouts in that country. Trump was on to them through Nancy Pelosi's laptop and others! Simon cannot confirm the italian PM has been arrested, but it's true that a italian judge signed a warrant for his arrest and one high ranking leading general who was responsible for the Leonardo(i) da Vinci' satellites!... 

🚩Local Berlin power outage, removing admin staff, as we know, in Frankfurt, there used to be the Dominion servers now removed into safety!... 

🚩Quebec now officially under curfew - random car check at borders U.S./Canada if a particular "group" tries to escape into Canada!.USAF are watching the skies, Coast Guard and Navy are watching the sea!... 

🙏 ~ 💝 (CV-19[84] on Steroids) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ 💕 | Blogger: [🌟Jason A This Will Shock You! (2021 EVENTS)🌟] ... |

Source HAF


🌬️🛸🔺 ~ (TR-3) Emails Show Navy's 'UFO' Patents Went Through Significant Internal Review, Resulted In A Demo (TheDrive) ~ | Blogger: Is this 'soft disclosure' of "TR-3" technology of 'the electro gravitic propulsion capabilities' of these craft being seen worldwide??... |


The War Zone continues to dig into the bizarre U.S. Navy patents authored by enigmatic inventor Dr. Salvatore Pais and the seemingly unusual circumstances of their approval by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). As part of our investigation, we recently obtained a tranche of internal emails from Naval Air Systems Command, or NAVAIR, which appear to have been sent between Pais and personnel in different NAVAIR offices. While the Navy's exotic energy production patents remain as mysterious as ever, these emails add to the backstory surrounding the inventions of Salvatore Pais and suggest that the patents went through a more rigorous internal evaluation process than was previously known. The emails also seem to indicate that the research program that emanated from the patents did in fact result in an experimental demonstration of some sort.

Last year, the publication of several unusual patents assigned to the U.S. Navy raised eyebrows due to the seemingly radical and unconventional claims found within them. These patents included bizarre technologies such as a “high temperature superconductor,” a "high frequency gravitational wave generator," a force field-like "electromagnetic field generator," a “plasma compression fusion device,” and a hybrid aerospace/underwater craft featuring an "inertial mass reduction device." They truly sound like the stuff of science fiction and seem to describe the theoretical building blocks of a craft with UFO-like performance.[READ MORE] ... | 

📢✊⚖️ ~ (Mæætte, #RETSOPGØRET kommer snart!) Lov vil permanent lade politikere bestemme kritiske sygdomme! Demoer i KBH og AAL: '- Vi er vrede, og vi er trætte, og vi er ved at blive sindssyge. Hvor er den virus?' (B.T. + E.B.+ TV2 + DR + Policywatch) ~ | Blogger: [🤜Hvad sagde jeg på SoTW - det hele er et politisk show fra start til slut. Smittetalene falder, massevaccinationer og restriktioner stiger! Om der findes en virus er ligegyldigt, den er ikke farlig! Tænk på WEF/DK-aftalen! Planen er en evig nedlukning indtil 100% vaxx! 1000 mennesker var samlet på rådhuspladsen, men blev splittet, slået på og Otte mænd fremstilles søndag i grundlovsforhør🤛] ... Mine forældre kimede mig ned, var jeg nu med til én eller begge af "Men in Black" demoer. Det var jeg nu ikke, men massemedierne gennemførte en lynaktion over hvor ELEFANTASTISKE et godt stykke arbejde, politiindsatsen og "Men in Blue" gjorde sig bemærket i går. Typisk, at de kommer frem med alle de negative aspekter - så du den kvinde B.T. har lavet en video af, hvor hun bliver knippel-slået over armen og hendes fakkel røger til jorden og derefter, skubbet, BAGFRA? Der har været beviser på, at fuldstændigt uskyldige sagesløse mennesker er blevet mishandlet under politiets aktioner, foruden alle dem, som kom i karambolage med politimagten og blev anholdt. Også civile betjente, har anholdt folk, mens der blev lavet en jernring, rundt om københavn... [LÆS VIDERE]...|


Jeg kæmper for min frihed, det kan jeg love dig. Det her er fucking sygt

Diana Hansen, dagplejemor og demonstrant



Blogger: Fortsat

Som også Elisabeth Tuxen Rubin og Malue Montclairre fra VALGFRIHED på facebook i hendes video siger: 'Vi gør INTET, som i intet, intet, intet...Det er EKSTREMT provokerende og aggressivt af politiet' ~ siger Malue...  

👼 ~ 💓 (vibrations have lifted up and more souls are awakening to their true selves and seeking peace and friendship) A Message from my Higher Self (Tree Of The Golden Light) 💕 ~ | Blogger: [👉Excerpts: It must be apparent that much of which you had previously taken for granted was inadequate for your future experiences so change was inevitable. Politics had become a measure of who could “afford” to bankroll the schemes that the Illuminati had planned, and the Pandemic was one such scheme. Be assured that greater forces than those on Earth oversee your progress and in a period of change, nothing and no one will be allowed to interfere with the plan for your future👈] ... POWERFUL messages from Mike Quinsey... God bless... |


Channeled by Mike Quinsey

8th January 2021. Mike Quinsey.

We can understand your concern at the continuing problems arising from the Covid19 virus and we acknowledge the confusion and agitation that is being caused. However, as muddled as everything seems, we assure you that the problems will disappear as quickly as they first appeared.

The demanding times have been a test of your endurance without the knowledge of where it is all going, and how it will all end. From our panoramic view of everything we see a quick ending to the effects of the virus but exactly when is uncertain. 

There are certain aspects that have to be played out before the problems cease and even with your own predictions it will take some months to clear. We are loath to make predictions particularly at this time, as there may yet be some unexpected moments to come.

All we can say with certainty is that the changes that have taken place will be a precursor for greater and more acceptable events. There had to be a momentous shift from what you were used to so that you were forced to re-think the direction in which you were going.

🦠🧬🥴~ (You are being punk'd! Socialist takeover) Bombshell Evidence that COVID is Chromosome 8 Human DNA (Photo Concept Photography) ~ | Blogger: PS: Think about it - how would our cells, DNA and immune system, respond, if a 'known' chromosome to our system, would enter, created in a Chinese biolab and altered in several other labs outside China?... CONFUSION... chromosomal disorder, chromosomal anomaly, chromosomal aberration, or chromosomal mutation... Our body would consider Chromosome 8 as a new enemy and attack it... |


Bombshell Evidence that COVID is Chromosome 8 Human DNA Faulty PCR Test designed by Kary Mullis is not for viral infections. https://yummy.doctor https://healingwithDMSO.com https://yumnaturals.com Thanks for support: https://www.patreon.com/yumnaturals 

Covid is said to be encapsulated RNA which is used to copy DNA to take it out of the nucleus. DNA cannot leave the nucleus. So this connection may be simply a coincidence. What we do know is when we inject RNA or DNA into us that mimics our own DNA, we get auto-immune diseases and we know that vaccines will cause these problems. Let's keep researching and learning... 

🕉️🥰🤳 ~ (There's No Place to Hide Anymore) Dialogue with my Higher Self: What does my “best self” predicts that affect us globally? (SoTW 24-12-2020) ~ | Blogger: [🤙Higher Self, Atma, the inseparable ray of the Universe and one self, passing information down through The Silver Cord to my physical body🙌] ... To make this blog post short and precise, little did I know, that one is not able to heal oneself (alternative therapists knows this - including myself as REIKI-healer)... So, therefore as usual, I drove straight down to my friend 400 km away and Denmark's most professional experience holistic naturopath, healer and Kinesiologist and at the same time, received a message, given by my own Higher Self, that is to be considered the Inner God and the source of intuition and the right motives... I had a few issuses this lifetime and in the fourth Chakra: Heart Chakra (Anahata) as a philippine male, living 300-400 years ago when I lost kids and family in a tsunami... 🙌My higher self, told me (us) that the 8 days before 2021 Trump will tell the world how much The medical-industrial complex (MIC) gross income or earnings will be, due to the so-called "The COVID-19 pandemic"... 2️⃣The presidential 2021 inauguration will not be with Joe Biden or Donald Trump - 'unknown' woman outside the GOP / DNC parties will be the LAST president (second time my higher self tells me this)... 3️⃣The USA was once a republic for 169 years, from its founding in 1776, until the end of World War Two in 1945 and it will return to a "Republic" again... 4️⃣February of 2021, our 'galactic friends' will show up and increased to such an extent, that mass media, is forced to write about it... 🤫Btw, rumor has it... My danish naturopathic doctor's very high Spiritual Guru in India, who is advisor to the indian government etc. of 2020, told one woman, recently, normally never ever reveals detail of our present or future timelines, but told a disciple, that The Corona pandemic, will be over, January 21, 2021... Strange date... |


🔮✨🙏 ~ (Sit back, relax, don't be fearful & violent) CHARLIE WARD & RDS ON MILITARY IN MOTION, DECLASSIFICATION, PEDO BOOK 4, CYNTHIA MCKINNEY (Robert David Steele #UNRIG) ~ | Blogger: According to my understanding on SoTW, it is and has been all along, a very, very simple planned out Military Sting Operation, has been 'activated'. Similar to Cobra's 'Delta Operation', humanitarian request for resistance movement, military and civil defence assets, as a last resort or emergency... Evidence and takedown of #TheBigTechImpire, #BankstersGlobalistElites, #GlobalPedoGate, #Back2Republic, #45thLastPOTUS, #BombshellEvidenceCOVID19 - #IsChromosome8HumanDNA, is taken place in America, as we speak... With 220,000 sealed indictments, special forces are on the move to find, isolate and then, arrest, people around the world... I have said this for many years, and finally, we are actually going to respond, with our 5 senses... This is what we have been waiting for and wishing for, for a looooong time... Prayers goes out to the positive military, resistance movement and all the freedom fighters, on high alert... |

♟️🐈‍⬛ ~ (BREAKING) Massive Blackout in Vatican Following Release of Affidavit Revealing Italian Interference in US Election (Welovetrump) ~ | Blogger: #Blackout is trending because both Pakistan, The Vatican in Italy, Berlin are having a total blackout right now... | ⚠️PS: Simon Parkes: I don’t know the order or timings - Could be US next or U.K. or Germany - But special teams will operate over the next few days - Key names in the US will be resolved later in operation. Pakistan sides with China - While India sides with Trump - And a strong reason why action is taking place there... ⚠️⚠️PSS: VERY important informations from SP's blog at the moment. You might wanna check it out.. |

Simon Parkes Official 

05.41 GMT

In Pakistan a massive power loss covered much of the country - As hidden assets were collected - this is just the start.

I don’t know the order or timings - Could be US next or U.K. or Germany - But special teams will operate over the next few days - Key names in the US will be resolved later in operation.

Pakistan sides with China - While India sides with Trump - And a strong reason why action is taking place there.

05.42 GMT

just been told that the huge American company General Electric which has Defence contracts was to be sold to a Chinese investor for over 5 billion US.

The deal is being organised in Pakistan - And now it becomes clear why the blackouts in that country


Massive Blackout in Vatican Following Release of Affidavit Revealing Italian Interference in US Election

As news of an international conspiracy involving the Italian government to remove President Donald Trump picks up steam, a massive blackout just hit the Vatican.

The timing of this suggests something very big is happening, especially following the release of a sworn affidavit revealing the Italian government played a huge part in the US presidential election.

Vatican in black out after affidavit was leaked of the Italians involvement in US election Interference

RED 2?

Timing would fit.

May just be coincidental pic.twitter.com/whQNmRSUtc— † Ady Betambeau (@adybetambeau) January 10, 2021

👊❌😮 ~ Twitter Censors Trump, Flynn & Half the Q Movement - THE BATTLE IS ON!! ~ | Blogger: Great stuff👍... But of course, if you're a Trump hater and or, QAnon denier, non-truth-seeker, don't watch this... |


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