May 14, 2018

BUMI YANG TERCINTA (2) | May 14, 2018 | ~ EXCELLENT MESSAGE OF AIRCRAFT MH370 AND MH17 (translated) ~ | Blogger: According to BF, this Malaysian-language website shows they know exactly what happened to Malaysian Air Flight 370 (In other words, we are going to have a world leader publicly state that the plane was taken to the U.S. military base on Diego Garcia, flown to Tel Aviv, then flown to Florida and repainted as Malaysian Air Flight 17, then flown to threaten world leaders in Holland before being blown up in the Ukraine in an attempt to smear Russia) ... |

8 March 2014

00.35am: Flight Malaysia Airlines (MAS) MH370 carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew members has departed from KLIA Airport and is due to arrive to Beijing at 6.30am.

1.19am : MH370 was able to communicate with the control tower at KLIA for the last time.

1.35am : One hour after departure, Flight MH370 was hijacked by Mossad (Israeli Intelligence Agent) using a remote control from a military aircraft called AWACS.

All Boeing aircraft have been installed with a chip called "QRS-11 gyro chip". this facilitates the aircraft to be controlled via the remote control.

AWACS military aircraft

The AWACS military aircraft managed to control the entire MH370 aircraft by using the remote control and then starting to turn MH370 towards the sea.

2.00am : Fariq Abdul Hamid, a flight attendant of the flight MH370, has tried to contact someone through telephone calls as it flies as low as 5000 ft in Penang's airspace on that day. It is understood that the Boeing 777-200 ER aircraft was flying at a fairly low altitude to allow mobile phone signals to be detected by a land-based telecommunication transmitter. The call was interrupted before the connection was successful.

4.00am : Residents of the Maldives islands have told reporters that they have seen an airplane flying too low and they say that the color is the same as the Malaysian Airline System.

Benjamin Fulford Partial Report (Video Full Report) | May 14, 2018 | ~ Trump Iran sanctions aimed at forcing Middle East peace, Pentagon sources say ~ | ※Weekly geo-political news and analysis | Blogger: Excerpts from Full Report:) ....(..).. Pentagon sources say that leading Western politicians who are implicated in bribery related to this deal include … former French President Francois Hollande, current French President Macron, Germany’s Merkel, former U.S. President Barack Obama, and former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. (By the way, we were told by reliable sources that Kerry has not been of this earth since late 2016, and we suspect that recent videos of him in Tehran are recycled footage.) In any case, what is especially interesting about this Iranian move is that it shows signs of deep-level coordination between the Trump regime and the Chinese government. If you adhere to the old adage “Follow the money,” or the even older saying “Qui bono” (Who benefits?), you will notice that Europeans will suffer the most and Chinese gain the most from the new sanctions. In particular, it looks like the Chinese state-owned oil company CNPC (China National Petroleum Company) is about to take over French Total’s massive gas operations in Iran. This means the Chinese would join the Russians as major suppliers of European gas. The timing also coincides with the opening of major new Chinese rail and transportation links with Iran, providing Iran with Chinese substitutes for any lost European business (the Americans have been minor players in Iran in recent years). The Zionists, for their part, acted like Hitler did when he started World War 2 by attacking themselves and then blaming another country. To be exact, the satanic Nazi regime of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attacked Israeli positions in the Golan Heights so they could have an excuse to attack Iranian interests inside Syria, according to Pentagon sources. Needless to say, this latest criminal move failed (yet again) to start World War 3 as desired by the Zionist fanatics. Of course, all the brouhaha about Iran drew world attention away from events in Malaysia that are likely to be even more devastating for the warmongering Zionists. Here, former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad took power from Zionist pawn Najib Razak in an election upset last week. This means the still sleeping section of the world is about to learn what really happened to Malaysian Air Flight 370. In other words, we are going to have a world leader publicly state that the plane was taken to the U.S. military base on Diego Garcia, flown to Tel Aviv, then flown to Florida and repainted as Malaysian Air Flight 17, then flown to threaten world leaders in Holland before being blown up in the Ukraine in an attempt to smear Russia. This Malaysian-language website shows ... [LISTEN TO MORE] ... PS: (blogger:) ⚠️ It would seem, that BF is attacking COBRA after the 2 posts about 'Entry Protocols', since Japanese police alerted BF and his team...(..).... BF: "To a lot of us, this sounds like taking a ride on Comet Hale-Bopp or drinking Kool-Aid at Jonestown"... (..)... BF: "Maybe, but personally, the idea of entering a “shower room,” and then losing all contact with the outside world brings up associations with places like Auschwitz, Poland." ... PSS: Perhaps we need to be VERY careful, not to again, ridicule, discriminate and denigrate the spiritual communities and creates distraction and separation... Perhaps it will help a little bit to read the latest COBRA blog called 'Entry Protocols Update' first.... As someone said, invite to the Inner Earth / mass recruitment campaign for the Resistance or NOT - Cobra's message, is really about helping us put things in perspective, what we are tied to, everything what belongs to the old world and what needs to go to make room for the new reality... 💖. Always take the best What resonates with your soul and use your own spiritual discernment... Don't let your spiritual ego or narcism, take control over you ... |

Hvem er så denne Benjamin Fulford? Benjamin Fulford (Født 1961) er journalist, forfatter af canadisk afstamning, der bor i Japan. Han taler 4 sprog, herunder japansk. Han arbejdede i Japan som en korrespondent for Knight Ridder, DenInternationale Financing Review, Nihon Keizai Shimbun engelsk udgave, og South China Morning Post, før hans dage på Forbes Magazine, hvor han var den asiatiske kontorchef fra 1998 til 2005. Hans efterforskningsmæssige rapporter forfulgte skandaler i den japanske regering og erhvervslivet. Efter at have forladt Forbes skrev han en række bøger i japansk hvoraf nogle blev bedste sælgere, og begyndte at offentliggøre på internettet. Han overgik til japansk statsborgerskab i 2007. Han fik en vis popularitet på internettet, efter at han gennemførte et interview med den sky David Rockefeller i november 2007.

Til tider, kommentere David Wilcock på Fulford's blog. Virkelig spændende nyhedsstof, en vinkel, som bliver mere valid eftersom de begge har informanter og indgange til den virkelige agenda, uden censur, der aldrig når ud i de officielle medier.

Trump Iran sanctions aimed at forcing Middle East peace, Pentagon sources say

Udgivet af Benjamin den 14. Maj 2018

The battle for the planet Earth has heated up again with major movements in the Middle East, Malaysia, Indonesia, Europe, the U.S., and elsewhere as a final showdown approaches between the Zionist fanatics who want World War 3 and the rest of humanity who want world peace and friendship.

On this front, the renunciation by U.S. President Donald Trump of the Iran nuclear accord is, on the surface, a major victory for the Zionists. However, Pentagon sources say, “The endgame is to force both Iran and Israel to de-nuke after North Korea, and then have permanent peace in the Middle East.”

The Trump move on the Iran nuclear agreement has certainly triggered open, public bickering between the regime of Donald Trump and various European governments. Thus we have EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker saying the EU had to “replace the United States” …

…while German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Europe could no longer count on U.S. military protection.

Of course, French President Emmanuel Macron and UK Prime Minister Theresa May also denounced the Trump move. This clear and obvious split between the U.S. and Europe is unprecedented in the post-war era.

However, Pentagon sources insist that, “Trump is pulling out of the Iran deal to take down corrupt EU and U.S. officials who may have been bribed, along with globalist French companies like Airbus, Total, Renault, and Peugeot, as well as German companies like Siemens.” Interestingly, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif backed up this Pentagon claim by threatening to reveal the names of Western politicians who had been bribed in relation to the nuclear deal.

Pentagon sources say that leading Western politicians who are implicated in bribery related to this deal include …

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PFC and the Global Movement We Support | May 14, 2018 | .. There's reports falsely state that Cobra’s blog is being written by Artificial Intelligence (AI) or a reptilian, the Cabal or an illuminati operative. Or someone or something. Nothing could be further from the truth! .. |

Recently, certain well-known websites and individuals within the awakened community have made claims that somehow Cobra’s blog, has been hijacked and that he has been cloned and/or replaced by agents of the dark. These reports falsely state that Cobra’s blog is being written by Artificial Intelligence (AI) or a reptilian, the Cabal or an illuminati operative. Or someone or something. Nothing could be further from the truth!

We are in Taipei, Taiwan with Cobra

I, Edward Morgan, your humble servant and one of the contributors at , am, at this very moment, sitting in a room, with Cobra himself and with a small group of the most dedicated and powerful Light warriors on the face of our beautiful planet. We are chanting powerful mantras that are making some of us cry. The love and dedication that Cobra is showing to all those present, all whom have made the effort to come to Taipei, Taiwan, to his conference, is most humbling!

I am a physical living witness of Cobra’s 2018 Taipei weekend conference, which started on May 12, 2018 and which is still going on as I write this. I can report in clear conscience that Cobra has NOT been cloned, that he is still the same dedicated, gentle, humble and tireless individual, fully dedicated to the total Victory Of The Light! I, with many other committed workers of the light who have personally known Cobra for a long time, who are currently present in his conference, can vouch for this.

We Will Soon Meet our Cosmic Brothers and Sisters

To all those who have decided to participate in this Cobra-attacks drama, I have this to say: Every one of us has known for a long time that at some point in our human journey we would face our cosmic brothers and sisters. We all know by now that it is part of our individual soul journey to eventually meet our soul families who also reside beyond this Earthly realm. This is what First Contact is, and Cobra is just starting to release information to emotionally and mentally prepare the surface population for this experience and future First Contact encounters.

COBRA | May 14, 2018 | ~ Entry Protocols Update ~ | Blogger: As a (funny) side note, are using the favicon (URL icon - Don't Panic) from the movie - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - love that movie .. |

Hvem er Cobra: Stifter af bloggen ; Denne blog er den officielle formidler af kommunikation fra modstandsbevægelsen.

Eftersom jeg for længst har givet efter på disse højst usædvanlige fænomener og trosberetninger for vores forfædre samt galaktiske venners færden, er det en god ide som nybegynder, at læse eller slå tingene op via (google søgeord og vælge dette site) eller ( for at forstå hele sammenhængen.

Cobra is a Pleiadian contactee and has been in contact with the underground for over 35 years. He has been told to remain anonymous by The Resistance and has ongoing communications with beings from Planet X that assist The Resistance Movement. As an earthly representative of the Agarthan network and the light forces, he strives to prepare humanity for the up and coming event horizon.

Entry Protocols blog post has triggered strong reactions and so it requires an update.

First, it was never claimed that pre-Event entries into the Resistance will happen. It was stated that they may, or may not happen. Entry protocols were given to the surface population so it may be prepared in case they do happen.

Second, if pre-Event entries do happen, they might not happen in the immediate future (days, weeks or even months).

Third, these entries are only intended for a very small number of people, between 20 and 200 individuals. This is NOT a mass recruitment campaign for the Resistance.

Fourth, these entries are only intended for two categories of people, the first category being very advanced Lightworkers / Lightwarriors with minimal attachments to the surface population that require a well deserved rest in a more beautiful and loving environment and the second category being Lightworkers / Lightwarriors with practical experience in cultural anthropology, communicology, sexology, counseling psychology, cultural psychology, sociology and social work. This second category will help the Resistance in future interactions with surface population, as Resistance members are many times at a loss how to interact with often reactive surface humanity.

Fifth, these entries will very seldom be presented to surface members with strong family attachments. Surface population will experience many surprises in their personal relationships after the Event and needs to distinguish between emotional attachment and unconditional love:

Sixth, candidates for Resistance entry will go through a process of inner preparation so if and when the entry does happen, they will be able to trust the process through inner Soul connection with their inner voice of truth and with the Resistance. People with excessive amount of fear and mistrust are not considered as candidates.

A Message from my Higher Self | May 11, 2018 | ~ Channelled through Mike Quinsey ~ |

Kanaliseret af Mike Quinsey
© 2018 treeofthegoldenlight

Many things are happening on many different levels and some are so secret that the facts may never be revealed.

These situations come about through the competitive nature of the different countries who try to lead the way, particularly in respect of technological advancements. So the race to get their hands on advanced technologies that are buried in the Antartic sites that are under the ice is causing a great deal of secrecy as to their findings.

However, the whole matter is so big it is beyond any one country to keep it secret for very long. You learnt in the early days of discoveries that bodies of very tall humanlike beings were found frozen just as they were when they were overtaken by a “quick freeze.”

They were exceptionally tall, more so than the tallest humans are now and are a race apart from any that now exist. For you the finds are not disclosed and details are deliberately kept secret. However, in time the facts will be revealed, as the whole subject is far too big to keep absolutely secret for any length of time.

Rumours abound in respect of the end times that are coming along with Ascension, and some are expecting “doomsday” signalling the end of everything. Changes are coming but they will follow a logical sequence of events that will ensure progress for all of you. There are of necessity some major changes coming that allow those who have lifted up their vibrations to ascend. They are ready and would no longer benefit from remaining in the lower vibrations of the present Earth.

Ascension is an automatic process that is open to those who are ready. Those souls who are not ready will also experience changes, and continue their evolution at an appropriate level suited to their needs. They will experience another cycle and in time they will again be given the opportunity to ascend. It is a fair and just system that ensures you find the right level of experience that will further your evolution.

Dr. Michael Salla | May 14, 2018 CET | ~ QAnon on How Ending Iran Peace Deal Thwarts Deep State Plans for Nuclear False Flag Attack ~ | Blogger: Maybe there's an answer to everything... Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything (42) |

The military intelligence group that comprises QAnon continues to make extraordinary revelations about behind the scenes efforts to displace and remove U.S. officials that make up or have been compromised by the Deep State. Most recently, QAnon has been focusing on why President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the July 14, 2015 Iran nuclear deal is a positive development, and how this is connected to Trump helping free North Korea from Deep State control.

On the Iran issue, QAnon has made many posts that suggest the Iran deal was a cover for Iran to secretly develop a nuclear weapons program in northern Syria, with funding being facilitated by the Deep State working through a multilateral international peace framework.

QAnon has previously described how the Deep State’s puppet masters – Rothschilds, House of Saud, and George Soros – use the enormous funds at their disposal, to manipulate national elites, organizations and even nation states.

The Deep State plan was to secretly assist Iran in building nuclear weapons using uranium that could be linked to Russia, and subsequently used in a false flag attack on U.S. territory.

BREAKING NEWS 🔴 Terrible massacre’: Israel kills 41, injures 1,700 Gaza protesters | Middle East Eye | May 14, 2018 | ~ UN urges Israel to stop Gaza killings as Amnesty raises war crimes concerns #Occupation‘. Amnesty says Monday's killings may constitute war crimes as UN committee calls for 'immediate end to use of disproportionate force' .. | Blogger: While Western so-called 'leaders' are silent, and Trump is a 'Peace Enforcer'?? (how can Trump force a peace treaty in The Middle East when he opens embassy in Jerusalem?) ... Bibi Netanyahu, the operational head of the KM (Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia) kills until there's no more Palestinian demonstrators (so it seems) ... In the same time, The White Helmets has been exposed a Fraudulent organization and new story has revealed, that the British government has given the self-described ‘impartial’ Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) £194,769.60 for a project to help fund “communications equipment and cameras,” according to journalist Peter Hitchens... |

UN anti-racism committee urges to put an end to the disproportionate use of force against Palestinian demonstrators in , to respect humanitarian law and to lift the blockade: 


Slate | May 14, 2018 | ~ Crowns, Nun Habits, and Rihanna in a Pope Hat: The 2018 Met Gala’s Most Memorable Looks ~ | Blogger: Queen Pope Rihanna and her Illuminati wannabe friends with clearly obsessed satanic princess costumes... |

Pope Rihanna at the Met Gala on May 7, 2018, in New York.
Hector Retamal/AFP/Getty Images

Engineered Arts | May 14, 2018 | ~ (Mesmer: Beyond Animatronics) The future of robots - that looks just like real people ~ |

The Daily Wire | May 12, 2018 | ~ Mueller Indicted A Russian Company That Didn't Even Exist, Court Transcripts Say ~ | .. This week, one of the Russian companies accused by Special Counsel Robert Mueller of funding a conspiracy to meddle in the 2016 U.S. presidential election was revealed in court to not have existed during the time period alleged by Mueller's team of prosecutors, according to a lawyer representing the defendant .. |


NWO Report - Nwo News, End Time, World News and Conspiracy News | May 13, 2018 | ~ Tsunami warning accidentally broadcast in Alaska ~ | .. (By BNO News) .. A tsunami warning was accidentally broadcast in Alaska on Friday, causing confusion among local citizens, officials say. It marks the third mistake this year involving the U.S. warning system. The incident happened just after 7 a.m. local time when a message from the Emergency Alert System was aired on radio and TV channels in Alaska, advising that a tsunami warning was in effect. “The National Weather Service has issued a TSUNAMI WARNING for the following counties or areas: Alaska, at 7:02 AM on May 11, 2018,” the message on TV said. The alert caused confusion among local residents. Jennifer Williams, the news director for KSRM, said the radio station was receiving calls from residents who asked about the warning .. |

READ MORE: | 13. Maj 2018 | ~ Californien sejrer over Monsanto i retten – glyphosat skal mærkes som kræftfremkaldende ~ | Blogger: [Det var ikke sejren, jeg ville, det var kampen] ... I andre nyheder: Monsanto har appelleret Delhi's højesteretsdom, som er baseret på nationale love, der forhindrer verdens største GMO frøproducent fra, at kræve patent på sine genetisk modificerede bomuld sorter i Indien.... |

En californisk appelret tog torsdag d. 19. april staten Californien og det amerikanske center for fødevaresikkerheds (CFS) parti og bekræftede hermed, at Monsantos pesticid glyphosat kan opstilles som et kendt kræftfremkaldende stof i henhold til den californiske lov ”Proposition 65”. Det skriver Sustainable Pulse, den 20. april 2018.

Monsantos retssag udfordrede en bekendtgørelse fra 2015 fra Californiens miljøstyrelse, Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA), om at staten agtede at opliste glyphosat, som er den aktive ingrediens i Monsantos herbicid, Roundup, under Californiens skelsættende Proposition 65. | 13. Maj 2018 | ~ Hemmeligholdte notater: Regeringen ville beskære dagpenge for nyuddannede ~ | .. Dagpenge til nyuddannede skulle ifølge en hemmeligholdt regeringsplan halveres. »Uærligt og usmageligt,« lyder kritikken .. | Blogger: Selvfølgelig, bagte Løkke på trylledej og var klar med dagpenge-kniven. Er du stadig i tvivl om, hvordan dansk politik, er for en fisk? Tror du også på at regeringen forbarmede sig i (den) ellevte time, udskyd OK 18 konflikten, pludselig, ud af det blå havgus, blev der indgået forlig for alle ca. 750.000 offentligt ansatte i både regioner, kommuner og staten ... INDGREB: Tusindvis af læreres mistanke om, at regeringen stod bag lockout i 2013 får nu ny næring efter udtalelser fra tidligere statsminister Helle Thorning-Schmidt. ”Det er en ren tilståelsessag,” siger lærerformand Anders Bondo Christensen. (RETTET: Thornings citat om lærerkonflikt ændret.) ... Og i 2018 - hvor hospitalspresset er på et springende kogepunkt, går sygepersonale grædende hjem fra Deres arbejdsplads og Hospitaler forfalder (strømsvigt og lignede), mens Ambu-direktør, Lars Marcher, står til at score over 500 mio. kr., mens ATP-direktør Christian Hyldahl lægger klar afstand til det sindssyge ’supplement’ til Marchers faste løn (men kan INTET gøre) ... Kære venner, der sker INTET tilfældigt i politik og ALT er aftalt spil... |

Regeringen ville have nyuddannede til hurtigere at finde et job efter endt uddannelse. Her er dimittender på jagt efter job i Aarhus. Foto: Casper Dalhoff

Light On Conspiracies - Revealing The Agenda | May 13, 2018 | ~ Support Hervé Ryssen, Court of Appeal 23rd of May, Paris ~ | .. Like Alfred and Monika Schaefer, Ursula Haverbeck, Sylvia Stolz in Germany and Alison Chabloz in UK and many more, Hervé stands for the Truth. He is example and inspiration for those who really want to serve the Truth and humanity. We need to support our warriors on the frontlines, please share this information as much as possible. Please share this message as much as possible and come to Paris on the 23rd to support Hervé .. |

Hervé Ryssen gives a latest update regarding his upcoming trial on the 23rd of May in the court of appeal in Paris. Chances are that he will be (re-)imprisoned directly after. So active support is very much needed in his battle in the jungle of “laws according the traditions of men”. He was already sentenced for 11 months alone for tweets and facebook posts for which he served 2 months. There is no clear charge but, as Hervé explains in this short video, it probably will be about words he used in his tweet “the Jews played a terrible role in Bolshevism and killed 30 million Christians between 1917-1947" in which he should have said some Jews. And/or about his comments in the video “Jews, incest and hysteria” in which he merely quotes Jews themselves. And/or in his little red book “Understanding the Jews, Understanding Anti-Semitism”, which is a summary of six 400 page books written by Hervé Ryssen, published between 2005 and 2010, constituting the most important study on the Jewish mind ever published.
It is not yet clear what charges will be created this time according the “traditions of Men” but PRO-
ACTIVE support is very much needed. Please come to Paris to support Hervé on the 23rd of May. Location: Palais de Justice Ile de la Cité a Paris Salle Jule Grévy, pole 2
Time: 13:30PM, be 30 minutes earlier for consideration of queue
Like Alfred and Monika Schaefer, Ursula Haverbeck, Sylvia Stolz in Germany and Alison Chabloz in UK and many more, Hervé stands for the Truth. He is example and inspiration for those who really want to serve the Truth and humanity. We need to support our warriors on the frontlines, please share this information as much as possible. Please share this message as much as possible and come to Paris on the 23rd to support Hervé

ECETI - Enlightened Contact with ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence | May 14, 2018 | ~ THE ANATOMY OF THE FALL ~ | Blogger: [👼Healing Negative Influences (Clearing) - The entrapment by negative entities due to denial, spiritual ego or narcism😈] ... |

Many have asked me to cover this topic and clear up some of the fallacies present in todays spiritual and UFO community. This also bleeds into other aspects of life, politics, business and religion. Many start out on the right track yet due to events, childhood on, end up under the influence of unseen negative influences. This can also be due to past lives where they participated in the black arts, sorcery and the dark side of witchcraft upon which surface or are called upon during times of great stress. There are those who also profess these influences do not exist which unknowingly becoming an expression of these influences. This article is to address some of the pitfalls and how to avoid them. If you are feeling resistance to these works chances are there are unseen negative influences working in your fields.

The chain of events in many cases begins with childhood. Many time there are abuse patterns, physical mental or emotional. There are some cases where an event triggers a past life that opens the door to unseen negative influeces as well. Traumas that can activate past connections because of the desire to change an event, a person, or even the desire to manipulate another against their will. The core issue in most cases goes back to childhood, the need to get what you didn’t get as a child. The steps that lead to the fall in most cases go from an unhappy childhood seeking love acceptance and approval outside of self, what you did not get as a child. Then the wounded ego seeks to heal itself and understand the source of their unhappiness.

The journey begins to fill the void which can lead down many paths. After trying again and again to fill that void externally eventually one comes to the realization that no matter how many material acquisitions, women or men one engages the void is still there. No matter how famous they become in seeking external love acceptance and approval again the emptiness remains. At this point there are two choices go within and make one’s own personal connection to God/Creator/Great Spirit and maintain and attitude of humility and service. The other choice is to continue in denial and seek more material acquisitions, notoriety, fame, after all if enough people love and accept you then you don’t have to deal with any of the past life or childhood wounds, traumas or wrong conclusions from past experiences. This is where the division occurs within self as well as an opening to unseen negative influences. The ego takes control, humility is lost, followed by the spiritual ego, eventually leading to narcisim. When you get to the narcism state in most cases people are not open to hearing anything from anyone, they are all inferior and you are the only one who knows the truth. But who’s truth is it?

Daily Mail Online | May 13, 2018 | ~ Huge new 1,000ft fissure opens on Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano sending 'lava bombs' 100 ft into the air with ear-piercing screeches 'louder than a 747 taking off' - sparking fears of an imminent 'explosive eruption' ~ |

  • Massive new fissure opened on Hawaii's Kilauea volcano, hurling bursts of rock and magma into the air
  • The fissure was the 17th to open on the volcano in Hawaii's Big Island since it began erupting on May 3 
  • Dozens of homes have been destroyed and hundreds of people forced to evacuate in the past 10 days 
  • Three new fissures opened on Saturday, piling lava as high as a four-story building 
  • The 16th fissure is located in pasture land about a half-mile from the Puna Geothermal Venture plant
  • This week, plant workers removed 60,000 gallons of flammable liquids as a precaution, officials said 
  • Another fissure, the 17th since the lava flows began May 3, opened about 6pm local time, venting gases
  • An 18th fissure was reported near Hale Kamahina Loop Road along Highway 132 early Sunday morning 
  • Video released on Saturday by the US Geological Survey shows footage of the Pu'u 'Ō'ō crater of Kīlauea 
  • The crater's floor collapsed on April 30 after magma drained to the east along the east rift zone
  • More than 2,000 people have evacuated area, while 27 homes have been destroyed by Kilauea's eruption
  • President Donald Trump issued a presidential disaster declaration for Hawaii's Big Island Friday
  • Estimated cost to protect residents over the next 30 days is expected to exceed $2.9million, officials said 


COBRA's Spanish Support Group Site | May 14, 2018 | ~ Notes of the Budapest Ascension Conference, April 2018 ~ |

Hvem er Cobra: Stifter af bloggen ; Denne blog er den officielle formidler af kommunikation fra modstandsbevægelsen.

Eftersom jeg for længst har givet efter på disse højst usædvanlige fænomener og trosberetninger for vores forfædre samt galaktiske venners færden, er det en god ide som nybegynder, at læse eller slå tingene op via (google søgeord og vælge dette site) eller ( for at forstå hele sammenhængen.

Cobra is a Pleiadian contactee and has been in contact with the underground for over 35 years. He has been told to remain anonymous by The Resistance and has ongoing communications with beings from Planet X that assist The Resistance Movement. As an earthly representative of the Agarthan network and the light forces, he strives to prepare humanity for the up and coming event horizon.

Here I share, dear ones, my notes about the Budapest Ascension Conference with Cobra on the 14th and 15th of April 2018.

While I have taken extreme care, first writing by hand, and later transcribing my notes for digital sharing, I have to make clear that this text should not be taken as the exact words of Cobra. You will be guided.

You are encouraged to share the link to this document.

14 May 2018
Version: 180514-0

Saturday April 14th


This is the first conference in a new time line which will lead to The Event, many surprises, requires more direct participation in ways not planned.

We have come from various ways and will align with meditation. Take your personal notes and share them. Personal info no. Intel yes.

Note: We did here a short meditation to unite the group in one being, breathing in a brilliant white light, and breathing out a brilliant white light, one time per each of our bodies (physical, etheric and mental bodies). Then we sang the mantra OM three times.

I am not alone doing this, there is a whole Pleiadian fleet here since Thursday, working to create a breakthrough this weekend. Isis Astara is with us, working, we dedicate her memory and the presence of the Goddess with this video (video The Goddess Spiral Meditations)

We will continue our mission until the victory of the light, every moment matters, do not forget that.

Until now we have been subjected to different layers of programming. I think everybody came here with the purpose to assisting to transform this planet.

Layers of programming:

1st layer, as we entered the quarantine we have surrendered to implantation of our minds to distort the perception of reality.
2nd layer is trauma based for many lifetimes of this time, shocking events transformed personality. If the consciousness cannot handle it... your awareness consciousness cannot access it because it is subjected to intense programming.
3rd layer from parents, we received emotions from our mother. If mother is afraid we accept it as our own.
4th layer school
5th layer media, press, tv, radio, newspapers, Facebook, Whatsapp
6th layer scalar program
No wonder everybody is so messed up. We need liberation from these 6 layers of programming.

Ascension means becoming one with yourself. A divine marriage between personality and the soul. Will not happen until erasing all programs. We will work to remove them, I may unlock parts you didn't know existed.
The mission by the Pleiadians is to unlock and release a lot and will bring us closer to our mission, and will assist the planetary ascension process. You will use your own brain, I am not giving you another layer of programing, learn with your own head.

Picture: Maybe if we tell people brain is an app, people will start using it.

Since January 27th, the planetary situation update is not in the Internet. Time to prepare yourself for the changes, it is of the highest purpose.
The Event will be televised and you will take part of it. You will be contacted. You need to discover what to do. You need to go inside and discover your mission, and then you can talk to me. Before we are wasting time.

Why were you born here? 9-5 job? House? Find out now. What is it, it is a priority find NOW. Each day matters, we have a finite amount of time.

What we see is a very small part of reality (of 100 billion galaxies). Expand to include more of reality.

Picture: Cobra beyond the veil.
Cobra´s near space flight on a Russian airplane led to the discovery of the chimera group, toplet bombs connected to the hostage surface population

Questions and answers:
How is it the feeling of being beyond the veil? Liquid, light, feel it with your body as a pleasant energy.
External attacks come from weak spots, your loved ones need to learn how to protect themselves.

-Galactic Alignment and Galactic Super-wave

The Galactic Central Sun is emanating a strong energy field. One form is tachyons which were the first matter created, and are of the highest vibration possible. Tachyons cannot be corrupted or misused for negative purposes, they transform the primary anomaly. First chamber was build 14 years ago. There is a network of developed products with tachyons. Beyond the veil felt wonderful because there were tachyons everywhere.
Products brought here about tachyons, protection for the house, against electromagnetic radiation. Fluoride for 5th dimension. Moldavite connection with Pleiades.



Zero Hedge | May 12, 2018 | ~ The Skripal Affair: A Lie Too Far? ~ | .. (Authored by Michael Jabara Carley via The Strategic Culture Foundation), On 4 March 2018 it was a foggy day in southern England, and the MI6 Russian spy Sergei Viktorovich Skripal and his daughter Yulia stepped out for a stroll, stopped at the local pub in Salisbury, went to lunch at a nearby restaurant, and then took a walk in the park where they collapsed on a park bench. What had happened to them? Did they suffer from food poisoning? Or was Sergei Skripal involved in some dark affaire and the object of a hit by persons unknown, his daughter being an accidental victim? .. |


Zero Hedge | May 12, 2018 | ~ Congress Is Planning To Spend Millions On Search For Aliens, UFOs ~ | .. (Via, A new bill in the House of Representatives related to NASA’s funding proposes $10 million a year to search for signs of life out there .. A climate denier may be the reason the S-word is back in vogue in Congress. Oh yeah, not that S-word, the other one: SETI. That’s right, Congress is talking about spending a bunch of money on the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (or SETI) for the first time in 25 years. In 1992, a huge NASA SETI initiative was launched with the construction of two radio telescopes (one in Puerto Rico and the other in California) to comb the cosmos for signals from alien civilizations. Just a year later, however, Nevada Sen. Richard Bryan shut it down, and “SETI” became an unmentionable. [Greetings, Earthlings! 8 Ways Aliens Could Contact Us] .. |

READ MORE | 13. Maj 2018 | ~ Tiggede i S-toget: Fængsel og udvisning ~ | (In English:) - A 30-year-old Bulgarian has been sentenced in prison for 20 days and is also expelled by Denmark with a ban on entry for six years after he has acknowledged begging on the S-train .. | Blogger: [👮Dumb Laws in Denmark. How to Stay Out of Jail👮] .. How many laws and paragraphs are there in Denmark? On you can read that there are a total of 1437 different Danish laws and decrees (hereinafter called "love"). But since a law can contain a very large number of different sections (§), it doesn't really matter about where things really should be known. In Denmark, it is the duty of the citizen to know the law, in the sense that you are not usually acquitted, because you did not know the law ... First of all, NEVER travel to Denmark and then beg for money, that's jail time... One may not be charged for food at an inn unless that person, by his or her own opinion, is “full”... Next, Offenses involving illicit drugs carry strict fines. Marijuana is considered a soft drug in Denmark, and penalties for possessing it won't be nearly as strict as they are for carrying a substance like cocaine... Denmark's burka ban could also forbid masks and fake beards... There is a penalty of 20kr for not reporting when a person has died... Attempt to escape from prison is not illegal, however, if one he is caught he is required to serve out the remainder of his term... Danish police 'stop-and-search zones' are real, but has little effect... Basically, if your not a genuine citizen of Denmark, don't bother coming (ruling by Danish Government) ... |

Det giver fængselsstraf at tigge i S-toget.
LÆS VIDERE: \\ \\ 24syv Nyheder \\ Forbrugerrådet Tænk | 14. Maj 2018 | ~ Bankgebyrer er steget knap 55 procent siden 2008 (Bankernes gebyrer stiger fire gange så hurtigt som almindelige priser) ~ | .. Selv om finanskrisen for længst er tonet ud, og storbankerne igen præsenterer milliardoverskud, bliver kunderne i stigende grad afkrævet gebyrer for almindelige bankforretninger. Det skriver Politiken .. Niels Arne Dam, cheføkonom og underdirektør hos Finans Danmark, der er bankernes og realkreditinstitutternes brancheforening, mener ikke, tallene fra Danmarks Statistik er retvisende .. Christian Lindeskov fra Danmarks Statistik oplyser, at de danske banker selv er med til at udvælge relevante gebyrer til brug for statistikken. Han ser ingen grund til tvivl om, hvorvidt tallene er retvisende .. | Blogger: Spørgsmålet er hvem LYVER?🤥🤥🤥 ... Danmarks Statistik har FØRHEN haft misvisende tal, det er beviseligt, mens bankernes talsmand, Finans Danmark, ønsker af naturlige grunde, at neddrosle SKANDALEN.. I andre nyheder -- Gebyrkrig: Pensioneret revisor går til kamp mod bankgigant. På tre år blev de årlige omkostninger hævet med 428,5 procent på en ratepension tilhørende Erling Krog Jensens hustru. Så havde den gamle revisor fået nok ... PS: Er du stadig i tvivl om, det er Rothschild & Rockefeller, som styrer verden og Banksters har finansieret samtlige krige og revolutioner i de sidste mange hundrede år? ... |

Gebyrerne har simpelthen taget overhånd nu. De afspejler næppe de reelle omkostninger. Et gebyr skal som hovedregel dække over udgiften ved at producere. Og bankernes udgifter er jo ikke steget


Bø | 11. Maj 2018 | ~ Tidligere Zealand-chef ude af amerikansk biotekselskab efter private køb med firmakort ~ | (In English:) - David Horn Solomon, (former) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Akari Therapeutics (NASDAQ:AKTX), resigns after personal charges on company credit card, while the CEO of Ambu A/S, Lars Marcher, is able to snatch, DKK 500 million on option programs (besides his normal salary) .. | Blogger: 💸The Big Pharma SCAM!!! 💸 ... Who is Akari Therapeutics, Plc? A clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, focuses on the development and commercialization of therapeutics to treat rare and orphan autoimmune and inflammatory diseases ... Who is Ambu A/S? A Danish company that develops, produces, and markets diagnostic and life-supporting equipment and solutions to hospitals and rescue services... |

David Solomon nåede kun at være topchef i Akari Therapeutics i otte måneder

Ken O'Keefe | May 14, 2018 | ~ Attempt to Shut Down Ken O'Keefe Derry Talk May 14 - FAIL! ~ | Blogger: Bio: Ex-US Marine, Gulf War veteran, renounced US citizenship in March 2001. Human Rights activist, filmmaker, author... |

There was an attempt to shut down the Ken O'Keefe talk at Sandinos in Derry on May 14th. The event was cancelled on the night of May 12th and thanks to the integrity of several people this attempt has failed. If you have seen word to the contrary ignore it and come to Sandinos for 7pm on Monday, May 14th Water St, Derry | Apr 27, 2018 | ~ Doctors Who Discovered Cancer Enzymes In Vaccines Found Murdered (VIDEO) ~ | .. Cancer enzymes in vaccines .. Doctor Bradstreet was working with a naturally occurring substance that may be the single most efficient thing in the immune system for eliminating cancer cells .. Thankfully, when administered GcMAF, the body immune system can become more powerful and can fight cancer by itself, without more invasive treatments like radiation or chemotherapy .. | Blogger: This is NOT breaking news, but we still need to be aware of the fact, Big Pharma kills people to protect their assets, production of toxic vaccine adjuvants and 'low' vibrational medicine ... |

A number of holistic medical professionals who had found cancer enzymes in vaccines have been found dead.

Each of the deceased doctors appears to have died in apparent, yet suspicious suicides.

The medical community is left speechless due to the timing of their deaths, based upon that they were all scientists working on an advanced breakthrough cure for cancer.

Prominent autism specialist, Dr. James Jeffrey Bradstreet, was researching cancer enzymes prior to his death in July 2015.

His body was discovered floating in a North Carolina river with a single gunshot injury to the chest.

Suspicions swirled that the medical professional may have been killed as an outcome of his groundbreaking research study.

Cancer enzymes in vaccines

Bradstreet and his colleagues had actually found that the immune system is being jeopardized by nagalase cancer enzymes

Dr. Bradstreet’s research found that these cancer enzymes are being introduced through vaccines.

Doctor Bradstreet was working with a naturally occurring substance that may be the single most efficient thing in the immune system for eliminating cancer cells.

Nagalase interferes with an important protein in the body that eliminates cancer cells, discussed Dr. Ted Broer in an interview on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report.

This brand-new development treatment, which you can discover more about in the video below, consists of the human protein GcMAF (globulin part macrophage triggering aspect).

Breakthrough discovery

NN Newsletter | May 14, 2018 | ~ BOMBSHELL: Corrupt CDC diverted $3 million in taxpayer money to radical left-wing causes having NOTHING to do with science ~ | .. (Natural News) A Republican running for office in California’s 37th congressional district is sounding the alarm about some shocking information he recently uncovered concerning the gross misuse of taxpayer dollars by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Ron Bassilian, an information technology (IT) guru who specializes in Microsoft’s Exchange enterprise email solution software, has offered up solid proof that the CDC knowingly diverted at least $3 million in taxpayer funding to leftist groups that have nothing to do with science. But what, exactly, is the South Los Angeles Healthcare Organizing Project, and is it really centered around improving public health? According to Bassilian, it’s actually a political advocacy group that functions as just another of many thinly-veiled Democratic campaign-pushing liberal causes – almost none of which have to do with public health .. |

CDC caught defrauding taxpayers
Mike Adams
At every level, government has been weaponized against the American people.
The latest example involves the CDC, which has been caught red-handed, funneling taxpayer resources to left-wing political causes that have nothing to do with science or infectious disease.

The CDC is a corrupt, criminal organization that defrauds the U.S. taxpayer.

P.S. I've just posted two more videos with Michael Snyder, a pro-health freedom candidate running for Congress in Idaho. See both videos here.

Destroying the Illusion | May 13, 2018| by Jordan Sather | ~ Q: Stay The Course ~ | Blogger: [🎣Who are these infamous Cabal/Illuminati fractions trying to infiltrate the spiritual / UFO / Holistic communities?🙇] ... Who can you trust these days? Why do people cherry-pick which science or spiritual belief system they accept? Why do we admire celebrities & idolize famous (rich) people? Bowing and curtsying to the Royalties? ..., as a alternative spiritual news site, are not obsessed with one belief system, one specific narrative or Guru. Wanna bring out the TRUTH to the world. I don't think that Benjamin Fulford, David Icke or David Wilcock is the shit, and only sources, we need to listen too..!! Sometimes we've misguided or triggered to fall for the wrong people... Like David Schmidt, who makes money from his meetup and the Dong/Dinar/Zimbabwe spin ... (RV/GCR - disinformation or claims about the 'public' RV/GCR has taken place already and MANY people really think that they all are going to be "Overnight Millionaires") ... Can we trust INFOWARS/Alex Jones/Jerome Corsi?? ... Benjamin Fulford and Neil Keenan are dogfighting... OOM2 ridicule Zap of Poofness, all the time (sorry, the money scammers of DinarGuru is a joke)... Mike Adams (NN) and dollarvigilante's bitcoin war on words... Wolf Spirit Radio vs. Connecting Consciousness (JP vs. Simon Parkes) ... The many attempts to break Divine Cosmos... Attack on The GoldFish Report Blog... Censorship by YouTube and GG... Latest in the holistic doctor series, shot 5 times in front of family (World Famous Healer)... etc. etc. ...

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