January 25, 2019

Full Disclosure Project | ~ #FULLDISCLOSURENOW ~ | .. Without the cross examination of whistleblower testimony our knowledge of black ops programs, their technology, their agendas and their crimes against humanity would collapse. Whistleblowers must be offered a community in which their testimony will be properly considered without character assassination based on the lack of evidence the programs they experienced are designed to omit .. | Blogger: I Say Amen to That... |

A Message from Saul | Channeling through John Smallman | ~As Being, As Pure Consciousness, There Are No Needs ~ | Blogger: [😇 your Source, the divine field of Consciousness, Love – or, if you wish to personalize It, Mother/Father/God – in Its infinite Love and Wisdom wills for you nothing but everlasting Joy, and thus set up the plan for your reawakening into eternal life as soon as you entered into the unreal state that you are experiencing as separation. And the divine Will is always achieved. No other outcome is remotely possible ~ Saul🙏] ... Saul is an ascended Master just like Jesus, Buddah, Mother Mary and many many more. BTW, you are all on your ways to becoming ascended masters so STAND UP and celebrate your greatness... |

Channeled by John Smallman
© 2018 johnsmallman

As you wait expectantly for the dramatic shift in personal feeling experiences, and in outside events, to demonstrate absolutely conclusively for you that awakening is occurring in this now moment, be cheerful and spontaneous as you go most positively and hopefully about your daily human lives.

You know, deep within yourselves, that the tipping point has been reached, and that the human collective is awakening rapidly and most enthusiastically, despite all the negative mainstream media news reporting which is most definitely suggesting otherwise. Your awakening, as you have so often been told, is a done deal!

There is no going back, and increasing joy and wonder lies before you because you are opening to your natural human state of being – Christ Consciousness – the divine state from which you can and will operate consciously and lovingly in each and every moment. You have been heading back towards this, your completely natural state, since the moment that your sense of separation from your Source filled you with fear.

This is because your Source, the divine field of Consciousness, Love – or, if you wish to personalize It, Mother/Father/God – in Its infinite Love and Wisdom wills for you nothing but everlasting Joy, and thus set up the plan for your reawakening into eternal life as soon as you entered into the unreal state that you are experiencing as separation. And the divine Will is always achieved. No other outcome is remotely possible.

So, dear readers and listeners, as the awakening process becomes firmly established, and the essential changes that result become increasingly apparent to all of humanity, make a point of shining your light on high. You are all intensely bright beings – as all sentient beings, all humans are – and by choosing to shine brightly in every moment you are extremely effective in assisting and encouraging others to become aware that they too are beings of light, brilliant beings of light. How could you not be, since you were created perfect, and all that is created is, by definition, perfect in every way?

PFC | ~ Message to Humanity from Grandmother Butterfly ~ |

Dear Sweet Children of Mother Earth,

I am here, I never left, for over 80 years we, from what you know as the Agartha Council, have been liaising with your leaders on Earth. Saint Germain and I have been working with chosen individuals, who were preordained before birth, you know who you are in this great lunar eclipse crossing. We call forth your name, to be written in the Book of Life! Be your good works! Find your brothers and sisters of like-mindedness for joy!

Thank you sweet brothers, men of valor, integrity, love, virtue and nobility, thank you for negotiating peace, for resolving differences, for being the model of peace & justness! Thank you for the great role you play, during this transition on earth, as we implement and award those who are stewarding Life, for all!

Thank you beautiful Sisters of the Rose, our hearts feel your pure hearts beating with ours. We facilitate messages from your future children, to guide and direct your hands towards good will, endeavoring the future generations to be stewards, compassionate, intelligent in mind, heart, body & being. Women hold the future of the world in their wombs!

You will begin to notice your timeline shift, change, reality begin to bend towards more benevolence, empathy, resolution, all the beatitudes of Glory! Trauma and suffering which you experienced in your past, or your youth, begin to make sense as lessons, opportunities to obtain the skills, education, wisdom and knowledge to fulfill your purpose on Mother Earth.

I would like to thank COBRA especially, thank you sacred one for working with the Redeemer the last two years, in confirmation, coordination and what ultimately kept all the trusted beings, we have called forth, to be able to coordinate safely, effectively, diligently, successfully in bringing honor of the feminine within all of us, to rise.

Earthly Patriot | ~ PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD ARE NOTICING OUR CRAZY SKIES AND WEATHER! ~ | .. THE EARTH BECOMES A POWERFUL ELECTRO- MAGNETIC GENERATOR. ✨🌎 .. | Blogger: [💜A large Nibiru or Brown Dwarf Object entering our Solar System? Pleiadian purple skies? Extreme weather - volcanic eruptions - earthquakes, the Sun solarflares and the Earth's magnetic field🖖] ... Don't forget to read the description and links at Earthly Patriot post... |

Blogger: excerpts from latest Cobra post: 
..(..).. Now it is time to release certain intel that might be shocking to some, but deep inside you already knew it.
At a certain point after the Event, there will be a physical polar shift of the Earth rotational axis, which will be triggered by our Sun becoming a micronova / T-Tauri star, being triggered by the activity of the Cosmic Central Sun and the Galactic Central Sun.
 The triggered Sun will then emit a huge plasma wave that will create the crustal displacement, rotational axis will shift and create a tsunami wave about 1 mile high.
This mile high tsunami wave will effectively purge from the surface of the planet all impurities that still need to be purged.
Needless to say, all Islands of Light and all Areas of Light will be completely unafftected by the tsunami wave, as they will be protected with advanced technologies given to us by positive races after the Event.
As all this will only happen a few years after the Event, there is nothing to fear...(..)..

Polar på Netflix | ~ Gallons of blood, severed extremities, and a particularly disturbing hyper-violent, unsimulated sex scenes Netflix thriller drowns in gore and stupidity. A wasted Johnny Knoxville and baddest performance from the child actress, Vanessa Hudgens, her High School Musical, Disney Channel's most watched film ~ | Blogger. [🎥At what age can my teen watch horror or Quentin Tarantino movies? Violent media, games and movies = aggressive behavior in children?😟] ... In these feverish days with ONLY world men's handball champion- ship on the telly, which i don't watch, since i haven't any tv subscription at all, but once in a while, i like a good non-blooded action thriller, or enlightening spiritual movies or tv-series like Star Trek: Discovery... 53-year-old Mads Mikkelsen has taken the No. 1 spot on People With Money's top 10 highest-paid actors for 2019 with an estimated $46 million in combined. However this is the worst film serie he has ever appeared in and i simply don't understand him and his love for hitman movies. Everyone this hitman meets are drowned in a sea of blood and guts as Åkerlund stuffs his film with wall-to-wall violence and if Polar had been released theatrically and rated by the MPAA, it surely would have bordered on NC-17. Which is a sobering reminder to parents just how easy it is to get around Netflix profile restrictions and that maturity ratings for Netflix movies are less regulated in general... |

Maya Magik | ~ SOLAR REVOLUTION ~ | By Dieter Broers | .. Full Movie “Solar Revolution” - (R)evolution 2012 Documentary .. | Blogger: [🔌Instead of battle or trying controlling Solar Disturbances, Earth’s Geomagnetic Field and Global Ecology - Embrace the humanity consciousness evolutionary leap & future dawn of a New Age] ... Some say, he already knew 10 years ago that our consciousness changes our reality: Dieter Broers, German biophysicist, made a movie about how electromagnetic changes in our cosmos and earth change our perception of 'reality'. Great movie!!... |


In 2009 I directed a documentary film called (R)evolution 2012 with Dieter Broers which later got updated and which got named Solar Revolution. The movie had a huge impact on various circles. The documentary Revolution 2012 is available here in full extent. Watch the full movie below.

The movie “Solar Revolution” is based on the documentary “(R)evolution 2012” although is got vastly extended and other topics had to be removed. For marketing purposes, the date 2012 had been left out of the title since people might think the content is out of date after the year 2012. If you watch the content you will understand that this is not the case at all.

On this website, I am only allowed to show you the original “(R)evolution 2012” version of this movie, because the production company is eager to compensate for the investments they put into the updated “Solar Revolution” version.


In Solar Revolution, German biophysicist Dieter Broers presents a compelling case, pointing to a pile of scientific evidence that shows a tremendous correlation between increases in solar activity and impact in our creative, mental, and spiritual abilities. What he describes ist, that we are in the midst of a dramatic increase in solar disturbances, which have the capability of disrupting our earth’s geomagnetic field and, as an outcome, our global ecology.

Broers, however, sees this not as an impending doom, but rather as the dawn of a new age. Drawing on research from a large variety of disciplines, he explains how erupting solar activity carries the potential to alter our brain capacity and expand our minds in ways we could never imagine before. Mankind is going through an evolutionary leap, insists Broers, and the process has already begun.

🔴BREAKING | Ni News | ~ Tidligere PET-chef skal i fængsel ~ | Blogger: Danish intelligence chief & whistleblower, as never seen before, in 'any' spy-agency in the western world, confined to prison, according to danish newspapers... Back in 2016 the ex-head of the Danish security and intelligence service PET decided to come in from the cold and publish his memoirs. Today he was sentenced to four months' imprisonment for breaching his duty of confidentiality in connection with the book "Seven years for PET". Ex-spy chief revenue in connection with the book is also confiscated. It is about 400,000 kroner and he has to pay for all court expenses... |


🔴 Mads Palsvig | ~ Mads Palsvig: Er 5G farligt? Er der en MEGET bedre løsning? (Is 5G Dangerous? Is there a MUCH better solution?) ~ | Blogger: [EXTENDED DOCU- MENTATION IN JFK21 NEWSLETTER] ... Record-breaking 1.9 Gbps Internet Speed achieved over 5G Mobile by TDC. Not EVEN the plague, Vaccines & Chemtrails, comes CLOSE, to how dangerous this technology is 😮. (2017:) - Did you know, that DENMARK with TDC, Huawei & Telia, has been handpicked & chosen (perhaps by globalist or Bilderberg Group), to be THE TEST country, for lightning fast 5G networks?🤯😞 (2018:) - The Nordic prime ministers have agreed at a prime ministerial meeting in Sweden, may 2018, that Scandinavia, The Nordic region, MUST be the first integrated 5G region in the world.... ARE THEY INSANE??? ... |


Hvorfor skal vi have 5G?

Fiber-optik er en milliard gange hurtigere en MW (MicroWave) teknologien kaldet 5G.
Fiber-optik har også en million gange flere kanaler at kommunikere på end 5G.
Fiberoptik kan sende en milliard gange mere data end 5G kan - uden at være sundhedsfarlig, som mikrobølge teknologien 5G.
Jeg gentager: "Fiberoptik er IKKE sundhedsskadeligt".
Man har kendt til fiberoptik i over 40 år.

5G kan bruges til at kontrollere menneskemængder, det kan fiberoptik ikke.
5G og anden mikrobølge kommunikations signaler kan bruges til at sterilisere mennesker, det kan fiberoptik ikke.
5G kan let hackes af terrorrister eller fjendtlige fremmede magter, det kan fiberoptik ikke.

Ikke kun WHO og 10.000 peer rewieved studier viser at 5G er sundhedsskadeligt, nu har også retssager i England og Italien fastslået det.

Hvorfor vil forsikringsselskaber ikke forsikre telekomindustrien for skader påført af deres mikrobølge teknologi (5G)?

Folketingskandidat Mads Palsvig, cand jur, HD Finansiering, CFA


Mads Palsvig: Er 5G farligt? Er der en MEGET bedre løsning?

Mads Palsvig (ENG): Is 5G dangerous? Is there a much better alternative?

Forsikringsselskaber advarer imod at forsikre telekom industrien for skader de påfører mennesker med Mikro Bølge Stråler EMF (elektromagnetic fields), 4G og 5G:

Major insurance firm, Swiss Re, warns of large losses from “unforeseen consequences” of electromagnetic frequencies

A leading Fortune 500 insurance firm has warned the industry that “unforeseen consequences of electromagnetic fields” could lead to a raft of claims and significant liability losses.

Dr. Martin Pall To The NIH: "The 5G Rollout Is Absolutely Insane."

Why We Must Stop the 5G Network


Dr. Martin Pall:
"At rulle 5G ud er et forsøg med mennesker og en forbrydelse imod menneskeheden".

DR Nyheder | ~ Ny vejledning kan lukke munden på offentligt ansatte (old 2014 whistleblowing legislation takes effect: 800.000 public servicemen to the danish govt body, has to be silent) ~ | .. Justitsministeriet vil ændre vejledning for offent- ligt ansatte. Eksperter mener, det kan stække ytringsfrihed ..| Blogger: [🦗Tidl. elskede populistisk propaganda politiker, den enøjede justitshævner, overvåg- ningsminister og "sherif i byen" Lord Sauron Pind navnebroder, Søren Babapapa Pape Poulsen - et barn du ikke kan nå, har overtaget 'rollen' som får Orwells uforlignelige mesterværk, til at ligne, toiletpapir og folket, krumme tæer. Vi ser også Støjberg som hunulven Ilse fra SS samt Kristian (Brubaker) Jensen - en bombe under systemet, kvæle retten til menings- og ytringsfriheden i Danmark (øgenavne fra seniorkorrespondent Kirsten Birgit)🤫] ... (JFK21: Justitsminister Søren Pape's lovforslag om at fængsle alle der kritiserer NATO i op til 12 år) ... (Altinget: “Justitia frygter ringere retssikkerhed med ny digital forvaltningslov”) ... (Folkets.dk: S ud- spil undergraver folkepensionen) ... (Berlingske: Akedemikernes A-kasse anmelder whistleblower, der afslørede fråds, snyd og pamperi) ... (BT: Forsvarer om overvåg- ningsbillederne: Papes forlovede udviste interesse for min klient. Slovak ender ulovligt i varetægtsfængslet i 50 dage og udvises for evigt) ... (TV2: Danske Bank-whistleblower: - Jeg modtog 150.000 kroner for at tie stille) ... (Berlingske: »Fuldstændig uacceptabelt« sagde Frank Jensen. Nej, fastslår Ombudsmanden nu)... |


Vi stopper overvågningen! (ulovliglogning.dk:)

Den europæiske totalovervågning af dine internetvaner og bevægemønstre er ved flere lejligheder kendt ulovlig. Det bryder de danske politikere sig ikke om, så mens andre lande er stoppet, har de bedt telebranchen fortsætte ulovlighederne.
Vi er en broget flok af privatlivsentusiaster og menneskerettighedsforekæmpere der nu går til domstolene med simpelt budskab: Overhold loven og respektér vores fundamentale rettigheder!
Da vi nåede vores første delmål, 100.000 kr, skrev vores advokater en udførlig stævning. Med pengene fra det næste delmål, 250.000 kr, har vi råd til at stævne justitsminister Søren Pape. Vi er dog ikke i mål endnu.
Vi ved ikke hvor meget det vil ende med at koste, så vores næste mål er 400.000 kr. Selvom det lyder af meget, er det kun en brøkdel af hvad staten vil bruge. Det er dyrt at sikre vores rettigheder, og vi har tænkt os at gå hele vejen!

I kølvandet på den Universelle Periodiske Bedømmelse (UPR) fik den danske regering (tidligere udenrigsminister Kristian Jensen) en række anbefalinger – heriblandt at ændre reglerne for familiesammenføring for flygtninge. Men de er nu blevet afvist, og det ærgrer Amnesty....

”Det er ærgerligt, at Danmark ikke har ladet sig påvirke af de centrale anbefalinger, der kom frem under den universelle periodiske bedømmelse ved FN’s Menneskerettighedsråd, men blot fastholder, at alt er i den skønneste orden. Vi havde særligt håbet, at kritikken havde givet anledning til at ændre familiesammenføringsreglerne for krigsflygtninge, men også her fastholder regeringen hårdnakket, at der ikke er noget at komme efter”, siger Stinne Bech, teamleder for policy hos Amnesty.

Derudover ærgrer det Amnesty, at:
  • Danmark fortsat ikke har ratificeret FN’s konvention om tvungne forsvindinger og ikke indikerer, at det snart sker
  • Danmark ikke vil underskrive Protokol nr. 12 til EMRK og på den måde åbne for helt generel beskyttelse mod diskrimination
  • Danmark ikke forpligter sig til at styrke lovgivningen mod diskrimination uden for arbejdsmarkedet, der i dag blandt andet ikke omfatter diskrimination på baggrund af handicap og seksuel orientering
  • Danmark afviser at gennemføre en ordentlig undersøgelse af CIA's fangeoverførsler i dansk luftrum og territorium
  • Mæglings- og klageinstitutionen for ansvarlig virksomhedsadfærd er det eneste, som regeringen fremhæver som respons på anbefalingen om virksomheders involvering i menneskerettighedskrænkelser begået i konfliktområder
  • Danmark ikke sikrer, at EU-forordningen om handel med konfliktmineraler bliver så forpligtende for europæiske virksomheder som muligt med fokus på flere importører og producenter
Se alle anbefalingerne fra UPR her og Danmarks svar på anbefalingerne her

"OBEY" CLOTHING & BIBLE = Romans 13 -  All of you must obey the government rulers. Everyone who rules was given the power to rule by God. And all those who rule now were given that power by God. So anyone who is against the government is really against something God has commanded. Those who are against the government bring punishment on themselves. People who do right don’t have to fear the rulers. But those who do wrong must fear them. Do you want to be free from fearing them? Then do only what is right, and they will praise you....

Det medrejsende danske politi vil ikke lade mig tale med Said Mansour, men Mansour gav mig denne seddel.

RT EXCLUSIVE | ~ ‘How many people just disappear?’ Iranian journalist recalls arrest & questioning by FBI ~ | .. The US-born Iranian journalist snatched up by the FBI and held for 10 days without charges. “It’s mind-boggling that you can be arrested, detained, shackled, not charged with a crime, and I definitely saw it firsthand,” she said, encouraging supporters to take action to “demand an end to this type of activity.” .. | Blogger: [🐘Oh my lord!. "Forced Disappearance": Confr- onting the White Elephant. People are uncomfortable with the term “privileged white or social privilege”. JFK, MLK, RFK, 50 years of suppressed history👮] ... Just think about it... If you belong to black or minority ethnic groups, muslim in religion or a country which the privileged white rich western (fascist, sorry but true) society has determined to be the enemy, or just a 'threat' like Robert F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, whoever, there's no limit, how cruel your can be treated or be target for assassination hitsquad. If you are targeted by FBI, MI5 or CIA, and other foreign intelligence service apparatus, they can do whatever they want with you: in the Name of National Security and Counterterrorist Measures... We have seen it with transporting of CIA prisoners to Guantanamo Bay detainment camp and in Poland (Former Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski admits his country let the CIA run a secret prison on its territory following the 9/11 attacks) in which Denmark, and many other country has allowed to happen.. And people disappears forever, EVERY day, it doesn't matter if its a journalist or social status... In the false flag Skripal case, they haven't been allowed to contact any family members in Russia by UK authorities... Danish police ordered to not let China 'lose face' from wrenching Tibetan flags from the hands, but authorities goes free of any charges... Hundreds of Danes disappear each year - 1100 have never been found (tv2)... Not to mention the missing children’s statistics... Don't get me started... (One Missing Child Is One Too Many) - In Germany, an estimated 100,000 children are reported missing each year. In the United Kingdom, an estimated 112,853 children are reported missing every year. In the United States, an estimated 460,000 children are reported missing every year. THIS, however, is only a snapshot of the problem. In many countries, statistics on missing children are not even available; and, unfortunately, even available statistics may be inaccurate due to: under-reporting/under-recognition; inflation; incorrect database entry of case information; and deletion of records once a case is closed (globalmissingkids.org)...