Feb 23, 2019

Press For Truth | ~ Global 5G WIFI: You Won’t Believe What They NOW Have Planned For Humanity! With David Icke! ~ | Blogger: ONE of the best interviews with David Icke, to understand the 5G, Smart Grid, DARPA Developing Brain Chip, control of human minds, fear etc. etc.... |

Star Trek: Discovery | ~ S2E6: The Sounds of Thunder ~ | Blogger: [⚠️spoiler-alert, #SoftDisclosure!? The mysterious Red Angel entity saves the day and is in fact, a humanoid, wearing a mechanized suite, exhibiting technology, far beyond, present Federation capabilities🦸] ... {This whole Red Angel plot is very interesting, my guess is that it's going to be soft disclosure about the Central Civilization as 'highly advanced shepherds, Blue Avians, The Pleiadians or could even be 'Q' of the galaxy or something!?} ... Chasing the 'signal, brings the USS Discovery to Kaminar, the planet of Saru's Kelpien species. Using information gathered by the Sphere, USS Discovery finds that the Ba'ul once lived on the planet with both pre-vahar'ai and post-vahar'ai Kelpiens. The post-vahar'ai Kelpiens were the predator species... By the help from the USS Discovery, they started a complete planetary liberation from one evil faction, a predator species entities 'spider' race, which had enslaved the other part with superior highly advanced technology and FEAR. These predator species were not showing themselves to the enslaved ones at all and had installed all-seeing surveillance pylons everywhere to observe and control the planet's population. The enslaved one called these towers "the eyes". The liberation came when the slaves lost their 'pain implants' due to the Federation and Saru, sending a signal from the USS Discovery, which deactivated these implants through the predators technology. Knowing they lost, the evil ones were ready to wipe out the entire population, using the tower pylons and advanced tech (5G?), and in a last moment, the Red angel appeared as the savior, and deactivated the explosion and all evil tech with a unseen electromagnetic radiation, disabling all weapons and shields in the Baul structure... Sounds familiar doesn't it... On our prison Earth planet, suppressed and fear based highly advanced tech Serpent Archons, CIA and NSA, helping and all their Cabal henchman... |

Sarah Westall | ~ Whistleblower shares "Standard Practice", Central Banks System of Control w/ Mads Palsvig ~ | .. Banking Whistleblower, Mads Palsvig, joins the program to share his experiences working with the top Central Banks in the world. He mingled with the top politicians and bankers in the world while working in London and Hong Kong. He learned that central banks systematically take down countries for their own benefit and ultimately control the resources and people of the country. He says its a standard practice for central banks to pillaged countries for the benefit of it's private owners. Palsvig is determined to end this horrible practice and to implement healthy practices around the world. He is starting in his home country of Denmark working on a new Political party .. |

🔴 danjohannesson.dk sendte live | ~ For få dage siden lancerede regeringen på en pressekonference, en vanvittig plan om at Danmark nu skal have udrullet et gigan- tisk 5G netværk over hele Danmark - det største forsøg med Dansk folkesundhed - nogensinde ~ |

🔴 TV2 FNYS NEWS | Feb 23 2019 | ~ (DK) Politiet efterforsker seksuelle overgreb i Liberal Alliances Ungdom ~ | (ENG) - Seven female members of the Liberal Allian- ces Youth (LAU) from 14 - 21 of age, report in anonymous testimony of rape, sexual offenses, and sexual advances, committed by male members of the youth party ~ | Blogger: [👯The Liberal Alliance is a liberal and right-libertarian political party in Denmark. Following the 2015 general election, the party has 13 seats in the Folke- ting. The party is a component of the centre-right bloc in Danish politics🦸] ... (2016:) - Liberal Alliance Youth Chairman: Yes, I advocate pedophilia ("..The chair- man of LAU, Stefan Roy Frederiksen, answers in an internal debate with the youth party" yes "to the question" do you favor pedophilia "." It is taken out of a context ", says Stefan Roy Frederiksen, former chairman of (LAU) 🥴 Oh my lord... IS this really happening In Denmark!!!.. ☿️ Feminist & MeToo campaign to take down a political party in Denmark? I DON'T think so... During 2018 there was a HUUUGE story about a running candicate (Per Zeidler) for erection - Danish local politician embroiled in 109 gangbang scandal. Events, where multiple men, had sex with foreign invited women, sharing picts of 16- year old young girls as well as for the spread of child pornography... For REAL: Disgusting..😖a Creeper and a Satanist Sex Trafficking of Women and Girls (Boys) with Pizzagate, Global PedoGate among Elites, Politicians, Music and Movie Industry. Mindblowing Seeds of Breaking Bad, you couldn't even imagine in a lifetime, but you must, to really understand the world in living color... Over the centuries, many sex scandals have involved incum- bent United States federal elected politicians, as well as persons appointed with the consent of the U.S. Senate.. Westminster sexual misconduct allegations - eight Conservative MPs & four from Labour have been named since claims of unwanted sexual behaviour emerged (...) ...[READ MORE].. |

Kilde: Politiet efterforsker seksuelle overgreb i Liberal Alliances Ungdom

..(...)... In Denmark, sexual ""predators"" that has been caught within the governmental body is low, but several high profile people from the Danish entertainment industry has been accused of horrific conducts against minors and women in particular..

 "Lust for power and lechery operates the plantation - Susan Simonsen's odd situation report about The Danish Parliament (Christiansborg and political geography regions). ~ She experienced sexism and political sabotage...

Verdensalt.dk 🤢 begins to get a bitter or bad taste in the mouth, that soon rings for the worldwide #PedoGate takedown of 'the establishment' obviously uses sex cases as a means of power and bribes on all tycoons, judges, directors and politicians sitting high up in the system of the power pyramid...

In 1997, the left-wing politician Anders Møller got quarantine indefinitely from Køge swimming bath...

In 2005, we saw yet another party-soldier, Flemming Oppfeldt, who was charged with having sex with a 13-year-old boy...

2008, Jeppe Kofod's sex case with the 15-year-old girl, still active politicians as MEPs - European Parliament...

At the end of 2011, acting Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, Frank Jensen, a.k.a Frank the tank!, made himself unpopular among his female colleagues during the Christmas party at the capital's town hall.
The Mayor's licking mouth was not the only problem for his own party, in the last months of 2011.

At a Christmas party at the Copenhagen Jazzhouse venue, reason at Carsten Hansen, former minister from The Social Democrats, failed.

Not to mention Mimi Jakobsen, who reveals his father's great secret needs back in 2016: He was obsessed with sex...

The Icelandic worldly star Björk, accuses Danish instructor, Lars von Trier, and the things he did to her during some film recordings ..

Anyone can remember Zentropa: "The eel" is the king of controversy..

Sexual abuse cases reaching public eye is very rare in the Denmark, because the court system with protecting Echelon network, is hiding the facts and of course, NOBODY is talking. There is a sea of ​​cases that never reaches the ether of mainstream media, fear of being either frozen out or overthrown from the stool. Studies show that sexual harassment at work causes sickness absence to rise... |

Verdensalt.dk | Arkivskabet | 23. Feb 2019 | ~ Finansielle Akronymer og forkort- elser som anvendes når der snakkes om RV/GCR/NESARA m.fl., udenfor de almin- delige kanaler ~ | .. Use this blog post as a 'mini' Wikipedia .. | Blogger: [🖖Star Trek's future treats money like “filthy lucre.” – the pursuit of money is depicted as unevolved greed👛] ... 💡PS: Tror ikke længere på, at en fremtidig RV via Dong, Dinar og Zimbabwe kan gøre os til millionærere... Det handler om noget LANGT større ud over Gode Penge og Mads Palsvig's værdigrundlag. At skabe og fremstille et nyt finansielt system, for menneskeheden som en helhed, præges af kærlige intentioner af Vortex of Abundance. I fremtiden, findes papirpenge ikke længere og ingen tjener på flere manipulerende digitale systemer, en dag går vi Star Trek i møde, hvor penge = VÆK..! |

Udgivet første gang den 6. August 2014 af Verdensalt

Sidste Opdatering: 28-12-2015 : Gæld og obligationer

Dette blogindlæg kan benyttes som en 'mini' Wikipedia

Her finder du både faktuelle akronymer i den finansielle verden som du kender den i dag, samt en opstillet hypotese, når den Globale Valuta Revaluering / nulstilling stadfæstes, det 'nye' monetære system implementeres og frigivelse af humanitære støttefonde m.m. Du vil opdage, der ikke altid findes officielle optegnelser via vores mainstream nyheder eller bankernes portaler - undtagen det almindelige "officielle forklaringer". Oplysninger hentet fra DinarDong Guru'sTNT TonydinarnewsZAP – The Office of POOFnessDave Schmidt på internettet skal du tage med et gram salt! (Pengescammers) Samme gælder sider så som videnskab.dkneil keenanbeforeitsnews.cominfowars.comKaren Hudes. Alle de nævnte beskæftiger sig med dele af sandheden, men er Cabal's håndlangere og dermed en del af 'systemet', derfor en del af mængden af misinformation og vildledning. Efter flere års analyser, leder min egen BS pendul til mennesker som er tro mod sig selv og på ingen måde lader sig forføre af (penge) og magt og kontrol - David IckeRon Van DykekauilapeleDavid Wilcock and Corey GoodeRob PotterCobraDr.Michael Sallacosmicvisionnewsalun.dkvisdomsnettet og i den dur...... Der findes faktisk mange....  

Leder du efter en eller flere vidensportaler, så begynd med disse danske og udenlandske:

nyhetsspeilet.nooom2.comblacklistednews.comgoldenageofgaia.comvisdomsnettet.dk180grader.dkrumormillnews.com , bibliotecapleyades.netascensionwithearth.comselvet.dkin5d.comzerohedge.comzengardner.com, x22report, alun.dkparadigmet.blogspot.comactivistpost.com, http://www.heaven.eu.com/roserambles.orgfourwinds10.com/ osv. osv. Der findes også en del Cobra's support grupper..

Vil det monetære system fortsætte eller kollapse og erstattet med guldstandarden

Tillid til pengene, og den værdi, de besidder, er helt fundamental for vores samfund. For at sikre os, findes der skjulte sikkerhedselementer, vinduestråd og hologram på samtlige af vores pengesedler. Det er ikke nok, fordi papirpenge( FIAT-penge) er misbrugt i alle afskygninger som et magtmiddel, mens det rent fysisk, blot er et stykke papir som et lands regering har bestemt værdien af. Siden 1971, hvor Bretton Woods-systemet brød sammen var valutaerne enten bundet til dollar eller direkte til guld. Hele fundamentet med en RV/GCR(**) og et nyt monetære system er at nulstille samtlige valutarer, især i verdens fattigste lande, revidere Bretton Woods-systemet, genindføre Guldstandarden i en vis form. Det er ikke nok, det er bidende nødvendigt også at 'vælte' Wall Street monopol, afskaffe 'Electronic trading algorithm' - (Algoritmisk handel, også kaldet automatiseret handel, black-box handel eller algo handel, High-frequency trading(HFT). 

Guldets storhedstid i det monetære system varede fra 1870'erne til første verdenskrigs udbrud. I denne periode etableredes et verdensomspændende fastkurssystem baseret på en fast definition af de enkelte valutaer i forhold til guld og klare regler for guldindløselighed og gulddækning. Da guld var en knap ressource, blev det kun i mindre omfang anvendt som direkte transaktionsmiddel i form af mønter. I stedet fik pengesed lerne en større rolle, hvormed sedlernes guldindløselighed blev det bærende element. I mellemkrigstiden forsøgte nogle lande at strække guldreserverne længere ved at indføre guldbarrefoden, hvorunder alene beløb svarende til hele guldbarrer kunne indløses. Guldet spillede således kun en begrænset rolle for den enkelte borger, men var alligevel det bærende princip i det monetære system. I begyndelsen af 1930'erne måtte flere og flere lande ophæve guldindløseligheden.

De officielle Finansielle Akronymer og forkortelser samt deres 'virkelige' betydning

Fremtidige forventninger efter RV/GCR (**):

XXXXXXX   -  Eksisterende (del af det nuværende monetære system)
XXXXXXX   -  Udgår, opløses eller reformeres (formodning)
XXXXXXX   -  Fremtidige efter RV (konspiratorisk)

RV - Revaluering
IQD - Iraq Dinar (nuværende valuta)
IQN - Iraq Dinar New (erstatning efter RV)
VND - Viet Nam Dong (nuværende valuta)
VNN - Viet Nam New (erstatning efter RV)

GCR - Global Currency Reset (nulstilling & afvikling af samtlige landes valutas værdi af den globale valuta )
FRN - Federal Reserve Note
FRB - Federal Reserve Bank
TRN - Treasury Reserve Note (**) Efter RV US$ Dollaren forsvinder 
UST -The Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligencee - David Cohen - Amerikanske Finansministerium
USD - United States Dollar
NDA - A non-disclosure agreement NDA "RV"
IRAQ PM - Prime Minister ( "Cabal" Nouri al-Maliki er ude, ind kom Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi)
CBI - Central Bank of Iraq ( samme som FED og vores nationalbank)
PPP - People Prosperity Programs (uddeling af trillioner til velgørenhed over hele verden)
F & P - Fines and Penalties
IMF - International Monetary Fundation
CL -  Christine Lagarde Direktør for IMF
NWO - New World Order
TTM - Time To Market

Udvidet forklaringer til de finansielle udtryk og opstillet hypotese:

RV - ( er ikke en svækkelse eller deprecieret eller nedskrivningen af et lands valuta. Det er en afvikling og revaluering af et 'lands' nuværende valuta værdi, for at gøre den mere attraktiv på det globale valutamarked, men samtidig understøttes/opbakkes af til enhver tid gældende reservebeholdning af det enkelt lands Guld, Sølv, ædelsten, mineraler m.m. Dermed får papirpenge sin rigtighed igen, i form af råvare penge (penge som er baseret på en værdifuld handelsvare) 
TRN - Treasury Reserve Note (**)  Nuværende US$ Petro Dollar (Cabal's FED Dollar) som vi kender den i dag udgår og bliver erstattet med Treasury Reserve Note seddelen... Det siges den allerede er i omløb.. TRN ejes og administreres af den amerikanske finansministerium regering, uden om den private ejet Federal Reserve (FED).

BRIC alliance: Bilaterale forbindelser og strategiske partnerskab (Kina, Indien, Rusland, Brasilien og Sydafrika) - Venezuela, Argentina, Cuba, Eurasian Economic Union
SWIFT versa IBAN - Den væsentligste forskel mellem en internationale bankkontonummer (IBAN) og en Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) kode ligger i, hvad de identificerer.
= SWIFT - nuværende - Udgør et netværk, der gør det muligt for de finansielle institutioner rundt om i verden, at sende og modtage information om finansielle transaktioner i et sikkert, standardiseret og pålidelig miljø. SWIFT sælger også software og tjenester til finansielle institutioner, meget af det til brug på SWIFTNet Network, og ISO 9362. Business Identifier Codes (BIC) er populært kendt som "SWIFT koder". Hver bank har sin egen BIC. På denne måde, nå europæiske og internationale betalingsordrer automatisk frem til den rigtige bank og filial. BIC kaldes også en SWIFT adresse eller SWIFT-kode. BIC kan være 8 eller 11 tegn afhængigt af, om det leverer gren oplysninger.
= SWIFT - fremtidig scenario - SWIFT et amerikansk kontrolleret system, vil blive erstattet, hele fundamentet med at få indført et nyt finansielt system afhænger af SWIFT som bliver brugt af Cabal (Petro Dollar system). Rusland gik allerede i forhandlinger med Kina for alternative SWIFT Bank-system, da Rusland blev udelukket fra SWIFT i 2014. SWIFTnet er en af Ruslands vigtigste forbindelser til det internationale finansielle system. Det ved USA og Cabal banksters godt. De 'gode' har snart et modsvar med et 'hurtig pengeoverførsel system' parat. Samtidigt med et nyt energisk Asiatisk Infrastruktur-Investeringsbank (AIIB), bliver gjort klar til at omgå det nuværende uhåndterlige banksystem. Cabal er ved at indse, at dens mægtige "FED dollar" er begyndt at kollapse.
CIPS (Replace SWIFT) - China International Payment System - Indføring af CIPS netværket betyder det bliver lettere for en specifik valuta så som yuan at operere udenfor landets grænser og de seneste rapporter tyder på, at systemet er allerede på plads, og kunne iværksættes så tidligt som i september. Hvis og når CIPS er lanceret, kunne resultatet blive af historisk karakter. For det første giver Kreml og andre amerikanske / EU / NATO / israelske fjender et potentielt alternativ sikkert tilflugtssted fra de lammende sanktioner, der hænger over hovedet i det aktuelle miljø. For det andet, bringer det yuan et skridt tættere på at være en fuldt konvertibel valuta, noget at Beijing har travlt med at opnå, siden den valuta blev afvist fra IMFs SDR-kurven efter den sidste revurdering af denne kurv i 2010. Og endelig, den yderligere stadfæster Kina som centrum for den verdensomspændende "modstand blokade" til den aktuelle status quo. Det er svært at undervurdere, hvor vigtigt CIPS vil være, for at gøre yuan en vigtig aktør på den globale scene. Snarere end at skulle clear yuan betalinger via korrespondentbanker i Kina eller gennem særligt udpegede clearingcentraler i Hong Kong eller Europa eller andre steder, vil betalinger nu være næsten øjeblikkelig gennem nogen CIPS-børsnoterede pengeinstitut overalt i verden. 

X22Report | Episode 1798b | ~ Stealth Moves, Enough Evidence, Ready To Pros- ecute, Enjoy The Show ~ | ..Muduro is shutting his borders, Trump is pushing a plan in Venezuela and it is not what everyone thinks. The [DS] neoncons just pulled off a FF which is very similar to others we have seen in the Ukraine and in Syria . Q drops more bread, everything that has been going on for the past two years was to pre- pare the US and to remove the protection from Clinton and Obama. The Mueller report will be coming out, it will show no Russian Collusion and this is when the real indictments,arrests ,trials, prosecutions come into play. The patriots have everything, there is enough evidence, the patriots are ready to prosecute, enjoy the show .. | Blogger: [🇶84,908 SEALED | 8,123 UNSEALED | 165,639 NON-SEALED🗺️] ... IMPORTANT episode, whether you're american or not... |

NewsInsideOut.com | ~ NASA’s Galactic Police Force vs ET’s Space: #SPACE NEWS WEEKLY #4 ~ | Blogger: [🛸NASA 'well on its way' to finding life on Mars, space agency chief says. But that's not their only endeavour. Earlier this month, Mr Brid- enstine reasserted plans for NASA to return to the moon by 2028, where they plan 'to stay'. He said they plan to make the moon sustainable for humans so they can go back and forth regularly ~ Daily Mail Online👽] .. Never A Straight Answer (NASA)

Links & References

–Atlas Rocket Filmed Being taken out by UFO…. 1964 … https://youtu.be/4DEmmHUmvrs .

–1967 … Captain Robert Salas: SAC Missile Launch Officer : “UFO incident at Oscar Flight launch control facilities for the 490th Strategic Missile Squadron;

–Was it only a paper Moon?, James Collier …. https://youtu.be/BuYgte1LSXM

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–NASA Footage | 2017, Dec 7. … UFO Took Out Space X Falcon 9 Elon Musk Rocket @ https://youtu.be/ru1SprtzQVc

Recommended Reading

Nordic Cochrane & UCPH | ~ PhD Thesis: Benefits and Harms of the Human Papil- lomavirus (HPV) Vaccines ~ | Blogger: [💉The Danish Health Authority, sponsored Media and The Medical–Industrial Complex - Liar Liar Pants On Fire🔥] ... Summ- ary in English: The human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines are global interventions given to healthy individuals to pre- vent HPV-related diseases, such as cervical cancer. The vaccines are considered safe and effective by health care authorities, but safety signals raised concerns whether reporting bias had influenced the authorities’ considerations of benefits and harms. To address reporting bias, we investigated the benefits and harms of the HPV vaccines with the Cochrane risk of bias tool, as well as an index of the study programmes and the clinical study repo- rts from the HPV vaccine study programmes and compared the reports to the corresponding study documents (trial register entries and journal publications).... |