March 08, 2016

The New Earth Times ~ Edition # 58 ~ Monday, March 7, 2016


GrandFather Pushes the RV/GCR Button!

We come to verify and trumpet the true and magnificent news... GrandFather has indeed pushed the GO button as described in the article below, penned by our dear and trusted brother.  

We here in the higher dimensions join with you on the surface of Earth in humble gratitude to GrandFather for the fulfillment of these reality-altering Blessings of Prosperity.  

Know this: you are the trusted stewards of the first wave of healing abundance 
that now washes across the surface of your planet, creating healing and resurrection in its wake.  Give generously.  Turn to us at any moment for 
guidance and support.  We are here for you, and we are all in this together!  
Every choice you make matters and can be a choice that contributes to the restoration of Light within you, on Earth and across the Galaxy.        

Father and Mother God, we earnestly thank you and ask that you guide our soul.

In love and devoted service, I am your Brother. 
Archangel Michael 

 through Christine Burk 3/7/16)

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"Grandfather" - Anonymous Intel SITREP
by Anonymous

Salute to the Dinarland Intel Warriors!
from Sananda & the Company of Heaven through Kathryn

"Grandfather" - Anonymous Intel SITREP -  
by Anonymous

"Grandfather" - Anonymous Intel SITREP - 3.7.16 - 12:00:00

3/07/2016 02:32:00 PM 

Anonymous Intel SITREP (Situation Report)
Monday - 3.7.16

Above is a historical photo of Grandfather, the actual global reset button pusher, somewhere in the mountains of China back in April of 2015.  

Repost - Mysterious Iridescent Cloud Phenomenon Spotted over Skies in Escazú, Costa Rica (Acc. to Cobra2012 - Pleiaidan lightship, a major Pleiadian energy vortex...)

An iridescent, multi-hued cloud phenomenon was recently spotted in Costa Rica skies, and residents were left awestruck and mystified.

The spectacle in the sky was reported this past Tuesday afternoon in numerous cities including, San Jose, Parrita, Pavas, Escazu and Hatillo. Coincidentally, the sighting occurred on the country’s Independence Day.

Many witnesses took to social media to post photos and video of the luminous cloud formation, with some even noting that it looked like an “end of times” scene.

One witness says in the below video that the cloud appears to be a “sign of God”

Though users on social media have various theories on what caused the light formation, including aliens or UFOs, experts said the stunning view was caused by a rare weather phenomenon called “cloud iridescence.”
The colorful luminescence is caused by the sun’s light being refracted by water droplets and ice crystals in the cloud, said, Eladio Solano, a meteorologist with Costa Rica’s National Meteorological Institute, according to Costa Rica media outlet Teletica News.

The phenomenon produced a similar sky spectacle in South Carolina last month that was dubbed a “fire rainbow.”

The “Fire Rainbow” of South Carolina

Read the full story at

Cobra Update - Disclosure of The Ascension Plan - March 8, 2016

Hvem er Cobra: Stifter af bloggen ; Denne blog er den officielle formidler af kommunikation fra modstandsbevægelsen.

Eftersom jeg for længst har givet efter på disse højst usædvanlige fænomener og trosberetninger for vores forfædre samt galaktiske venners færden, er det en god ide som nybegynder, at læse eller slå tingene op via (google søgeord og vælge dette site) eller ( for at forstå hele sammenhængen.

The Ascension Plan

Time has come to release a great portion of the Ascension Plan for this planet.

The Ascension window has opened on this planet on May 25th, 1975, had its turning point on August 11th, 1999 and will close on July 7th, 2025. It was always the plan of the Light forces to clear the primary anomaly of darkness and to trigger the Event within this time window, and that plan did not change.

This time window has its basis in the scientific fact that solstice Sun is completely aligned with the Galactic equator within the 1975-2021 timeframe, and this alignment is perfect within the 1980-2016 timeframe:

Solstice Sun / Galactic equator alignment occurs twice in the precessional cycle of 26,000 years. Actually, the precessional cycle is perfectly entrained with the pulse of the Galactic heart, which sends a Galactic superwave into the spiral arms of the Galaxy every 26,000 years. So each solstice Sun / Galactic equator alignment occurs right at the time of the Galactic superwave, either a large one which occurs every 26,000 years, or a mid-cycle one, which occurs 13,000 years after each large one:

“The Donald”, "The Don", "The Trumpster" "DJT" Strikes back, however how does Donald Trump Stand a chance at winning the presidential election? ( meanwhile, the liberal media may not be able to spin Hillary Clinton into the Oval Office..) Who is left then, Sanders?

Benjamin Fulford March 8, 2016 - Extract only:

This Satanic network is now being systematically dismantled in ways that are visible even in the controlled Western corporate media. The rise of US presidential candidate Donald Trump is a key example of this. Last week Newt Gingrich, the former Speaker of the US House of Representatives, on US nation-wide Fox TV, said the Republican establishment was terrified of Trump because “He’s not one of them…he has not been through the initiation rites, he does not belong to the secret society.”

This has prompted multiple death threats against Trump, starting with Fuhrer George Bush Sr. but including others.

 Benjamin Fulford March 8, 2016 - Extract only:

Also, the takedown of Hillary Clinton is moving along quite rapidly. Hillary’s lesbian lover and aide Huma Abedin has been indicted, her IT guy has been given immunity in exchange for testimony and a grand jury is busy interviewing people to see who will be subpoenaed for her upcoming indictment. Charges will include leaking state secrets and using the Clinton Foundation like a secret government among other things, FBI sources say.....

Why Did Hillary Clinton Need a Private Server? The Answer Makes Bernie Sanders President

Hillary Clinton is the only Secretary of State to delete 31,830 emails, from her own private server and without government oversight. Thus, we haven't seen all her emails yet. In fact, there are over 30,000 emails that the FBI or Bryan Pagliano might have been able to access, but none of us will see these emails. Tim Black offers a brilliant analysis of the Pagliano breakthrough, from an IT perspective, in this segment of Tim Black TV....