November 06, 2016

The Canadian Military Is Investigating a Mysterious Noise In the Arctic (Blogger: Even the danish Mainstream media (MSM) has picked up on this report on TV 2 News...)

In the tiny Arctic hamlet of Igloolik, Nunavut, hunters say a mysterious sound, seemingly coming from the bottom of the sea, is driving wildlife away.
According to the CBC, locals have different theories about its source, and have attributed this “ping” or “hum” to a mining company that has operated nearby, or even to sabotage by Greenpeace. Both entities denied having anything to do with the phenomenon that hunters allege has made an area once teeming with wildlife a bit more barren over the course of the summer.

Alex Jones Continues To Expose The Satanic Pedophile Network That Runs The World - Broadcasted on November 5th, 2016

CRITICAL: Emergency Election Transmission , Infowars Saturday Election Coverage - 11/05/2016 

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Crack Discovered in Earth's Magnetic Shield -- Still Could Be Unstable a Year Later

The GRAPES-3 muon telescope, the largest and most sensitive cosmic ray monitor recorded a burst of galactic cosmic rays that indicated a crack in the Earth's magnetic shield. Credit: TIFR
Posted: 06 Nov 2016 09:44 AM PST

Source - Science Daily

by Science Daily Staff Writer, November 3rd 2016

The GRAPES-3 muon telescope recorded a burst of galactic cosmic rays of about 20 GeV, on 22 June 2015 lasting for two hours. The burst occurred when a giant cloud of plasma ejected from the solar corona, and moving with a speed of about 2.5 million kilometers per hour struck our planet, causing a severe compression of Earth's magnetosphere from 11 to 4 times the radius of Earth. It triggered a severe geomagnetic storm that generated aurora borealis, and radio signal blackouts in many high latitude countries.

JFK21. FOCUS US ELECTION. Derpå debat og Q&A - v/Mads Palsvig, Formand - JordenFrihedKundskab, tidligere Investment Banker.

8. november klokken 18:30

”Det Syvende Tårn – en skæbnesvanger historie fra nutiden” - v/ Niels Harrit, lic.scient., lektor emeritus, Københavns Universitet. Mandag d. 14. november 2016

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ALEX COLLIER'S TWENTIETH *LIVE* WEBINAR ON FRIDAY NOVEMBER 4, 2016! (Blogger: Major tech problems this time...30 minutes start delay and 50 times of refresh...anyways... Excerpts from Alex and what i could get of the webinar: Alex: " We experience troumendous changes right now. Next 6 month, Oh my god, its going to be so much changes, please embrace it and letting go of the 3D density, moving into 4D density and finally fifth density. Standing up for yourself can be really challenging. You're going to be flexible with your structure, if what you have is not what you want, you need to change, but it can shake people to the core. Frequency gets higher and higher, everything will get exposed, The walls is coming down. The leaks by FBI/NYPD and Wikileaks and Anthony Weiner Case will be the first to make a move to arrest a president candidate. The constitute of america should be runned by the people, if we choice freedom of speech and liberty etc. Europe overrun by refugees just don't care to simulate into society. Its all about illumination of the matrix, it's been going on for hundreds of years and since 1954 reptilians took over the hologram of spiritual , religions, banking industry etc. However, the darkness is coming to light, but understand something... we are not out the woods yet. Core crop of the dark archons consortium are still here, but a couple of motherships behind the moon are sitting by with christ consciousness. The Galactic Federation Of Light is after them, inside and outside our solar system. We need to continue to get the frequency on high, higher self, great spirit, what ever you use to be present at all times and in your heart.... etc etc etc. There are many many, many benevolent 'boots on the ground', they look like us.. Trump knows about it, briefed and verified by our intelligence agencies... Concern: Nibiru/Planet X is most important.... three days of darkness. Earth will stop spining, OR the dust, debri field will block the sun before earth starts again... " Then Alex revealed an experience when he visited one of the motherships... Questions from the listeners didn't went well.. no contact between Jaypee and Alex, so Alex just answered Q from the Chatbox [LISTEN TO THE WEBINAR IN A FEW DAYS FOR MORE])

bibliotecapleyades: Alex Collier claims to be a 'contactee' with a race of Nordic looking humans from the constellation of Andromeda. He has had a number of contact experiences since his childhood and this developed over the years as he was given more and more information by his Andromedan contacts. I have analyzed Alex Collier's information, had phone interviews with him, and also interverviewed him over a four day period in September 2005. I have witnessed some physical evidence he has provided to support his testimony. I have also spoken with a direct witness verifying various aspects of Alex's contact experiences. Alex has also revealed that he was the recipient of threats from shadow government agencies and abruptly chose to stop disseminating his information in 2000. Furthermore, Alex has give face to face interviews with veteran UFO researcher Paola Harris who has had the opportunity to examine the evidence supporting his testimony and concludes he is credible. My conclusion from my investigation so far of Alex is that he is very credible and very likely a genuine contactee with a 'friendly' extraterrestrial race. I therefore recommend taking the information he has to reveal very seriously. All those interested in galactic diplomacy and understanding a variety of extraterrestrial races interacting with humanity, will find Alex's work to be very helpful.

Jay PeeAlex CollierJames Harkin
Alex Collier Andromedan Contactee Webinar - Nov 4, 2016!
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Webinar TWENTIETH – November 4, 2016!

Alex Collier's TWENTIETH Webinar *LIVE* - November 4, 2016!


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Published on Nov 4, 2016

Current Energy Trends + Sensitivity Symptoms:
Lee Harris har månedlige prognoser via 15 minutters intensive videoer og han arbejder med energier som er rigtigt givende og meget reelle bud på hvordan vi bliver påvirket af de energifelter og energistrømme som eksistere overalt i naturen og omkring os. Lee Harris beskriver de nærværende situationer som alle mennesker og børn skal forholde sig til og hvordan vi genopretter balancen på ny.
Personligt syntes det er en opløftende oplevelse og faktisk meget rammende. Vil også sige, Lee Harris er på et bevidsthedsniveau jeg også deler, mange ting han fortæller os, er stort set mange af de emner, jeg beskriver på min blog........

Repost – Exopolitics versus Exospin: A Response to Dr Steven Greer (Blogger: Quote: "Once you label me you negate me" - Søren Kierkegaard, Danish philosopher, theologian, poet, social critic and religious author... FBI's Clinton smear campaign is no surprise, but I didn't see that coming - "Dr. Michael Salla vs. Dr. Greer" - Not only do we see the ongoing negative propaganda smear campaign in the geopolitical density by our 'high hierarchy controllers', like the ongoing US presidential election, disbelieving from several sources in the alternative news media and UFO community are in progress as well.... Example: "Jerzy Babkowski aka ZAP & Susan", "battle between Dave Schmidt and the fake Red Dragon Ambassador claimed by Neil Keenan", "Private Currency Groups - arest of TNT Tony Dinar land", "Simon Parkes came clean about the heavly negative influence with his “soul agreement” and Mantid alien being","Alex Jones Exposed","The so-called World Bank whistleblower, Karen Hudes", "Some are claiming Benjamin Fulford is fake", "Sources says Wikileaks is a Rothschild operation"."Dr. Edgar Mitchell's statements 'UFO EXIST,ALIEN EXIST' is fake". etc .etc... Please don't lose oversight... It is time to evolve... Our planet is not waiting for the bus to stop, anymore... The Illusion of the 5 senses or deceivers of reality... They lock reality in... Now your need to rely on other forms of sensing to determine experience... We need to read energies signs... One of the forms we have discounted is feelings (Female Energy), knowing, intuitive, psychic-self has been jammed by frequency control on this planet so none of us are able to find it... YOU are in charge of YOU!... Make the best of it by honoring yourself... Only take in the information that resonate with YOU... Stay calm... 'Anger, disarray, conflict, chaos, drama, fear, ego' is just an optical illusion in order to lose sight of YOUR inner power and belief system.... For those who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation... There is only Oneness.. YOU are eternally connected with everyone... )

Written by Dr Michael Salla on

[Originally published, May 2, 2006] In January 1994, I remember visiting the Jakarta office of Mr Irawan Abidin, the former Director of Foreign Information in the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I had just arrived from a two week field trip to the former Indonesian territory of East Timor researching alleged human rights abuses. I had found ample evidence of abuses through the traumatized testimonies of many East Timorese I had spoken with.

Mr Abidin assured me that systematic human rights abuses were not occurring in East Timor and that such claims were spurious accusations orchestrated by discontented Timorese expatriates who were the former ruling elite. I politely explained to him what I had been told in my fieldwork involving interviews with dozens of private citizens, but he insisted that such claims were gross exaggerations and people were basically content in East Timor. He handed me a Ministry publication to support his position and exhorted me to tell the world how content people were with Indonesian rule in East Timor.

In reading Steven Greer’s recent public statement, “Exopolitics or Xenopolitics” where he openly criticizes me as someone supporting xenophobic approaches to Exopolitics, I had a feeling of déjà vu with my earlier meeting with Mr Abidin concerning my research into alleged human rights abuses.

In his May 2 statement, Greer claims:

While there are certainly diverse opinions regarding why any given extraterrestrial civilization may wish to visit Earth at this time in our history, recent public comments by Michael Salla have added a virulent strain of fear-based xenophobia, based on the flimsiest of documentation.

Dr Greer further states:

He has maintained that a nefarious and injurious group of ETs have made a secret pact with covert humans – and have a harmful agenda towards the human race.” This, and more. The Disclosure Project has over 450 military, government and corporate insiders who have first-hand knowledge of actual UFO/ET events and projects. We find it odd that not a single one of these insiders can confirm the xenophobic rumors proffered by Salla.

I accept Dr Greer’s implicit invitation to engage in a public debate with him concerning the evidence supporting the diverse motivations and activities performed by extraterrestrial visitors. I think such a debate is healthy and can lead to greater cooperation between exopolitical researchers and activists who have long been polarized into mutually antagonist camps of those exclusively viewing extraterrestrials as benign visitors helping humanity evolve, and those generally viewing extraterrestrials as committing systematic human rights abuses.

I will avoid personalizing such a debate which can only be a distraction and focus only on the arguments offered by Dr Greer and myself in discussing the substantive issues raised in his public statement and my own public research.

Klovnene er kommet til Danmark | DR P3 (Blogger: "Creepy Killer Clowns" (Klovnefobien eller Coulrofobi) og A.I. Kunstig Intelligens generationen er over os.... Frank McAndrew, som arbejder med Socialpsykologi og udgav den første store undersøgelse af 'creepiness' i 2016 giver her et bud; "På mange måder kombinere klovne den 'perfekte storm' af bizarre ting. Ikke alene udviser klovnene en form for galskab med et besynderligt udseende, men bag klovne ansigter er det svært at se hvad de er virkelig føler. Det har fået nogle folk til at spekulere på, at klovne er uhyggelige, fordi de falder ind i den kategori der kaldes 'The Uncanny Valley' (I 1970 fremsatte den japanske robotforsker Masahiro Mori en teori om uhyggen ved mødet med det mekaniske - Mennesker synes robotter er søde og sjove indtil det punkt, hvor de ligner mennesker for meget. Det punkt kaldes "The Uncanny Valley"). Ideen er, at vi kan lide og føler empati for robotter, der har menneskelignende karakter (tænk på 'C-3P0'), men frastøder dem, der ser alt for menneskelige ud. Så tankegangen går på, at klovne skræmmer os, fordi de udvisker linjerne hvordan et menneske skal se ud, med overdimensioneret tøj, makeup, et forvrængende ydre, for ikke at nævne disse enorme fødder og bizarre hår. 'The Uncanny Valley' som udgangspunkt, synes i bedste fald, at give os en delvis forklaring på dette 'dræberklovne' fænomen. For én ting, ideen henvender sig normalt til objekter, der ligner mennesker: robotter, dukker, bugtalers dukker og hvad end Tom Hanks ide var med filmen 'Polar Express'. Klovne er klart mennesker, blot med et besynderlig udseende... )

Published on Oct 19, 2016
Klovnene vælter ind over grænsen! :O

BREAKING NEWS - 'HE'S GOT A GUN' Donald Trump rushed off stage at Reno rally as Secret Service officers pounce on Republican protester after gun warning (Blogger: Expect lots of Drama, Confusion, Illusion, Turmoil, Fear and False Flag Ops...)

 Republican bundled away mid-speech after noticing someone from the crowd