April 16, 2018

Russia-Insider.com \\ RT.com | Apr 16, 2018 | ~ BOMBSHELL: Russia Has ‘Irrefutable’ Proof Syrian Gas Attack Staged by ‘Foreign State’ ~ | .. In a shocking revelation 3 days ago, at a news conference in Moscow with Dutch politician Stef Blok, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that Russia has proof that the Syria gassing was a false flag staged by the ‘special services of a foreign state’: “We have irrefutable evidence that it was another staging, and the special services of a state which is in the forefront of the Russophobic campaign had a hand in the staging,”. This is important because if Lavrov is not bluffing, and his record is excellent on this, he usually only says this kind of thing if he can back it up, it will be a political bombshell in the West over the coming weeks, where large segments of the electorate are furious at their governments for the missile attacks, and are questioning the justification for launching them .. |

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The Fringe News Info | Apr 15, 2018 | ~ ECB Tells Deutsche Bank To Simulate A "Crisis Scenario" ~ | .. In a stark reminder that despite all the operational and management turmoil over the past three years, few if any of the outstanding concerns involving Europe"s banking behemoth - Deutsche Bank, which has gone thorugh - with €48 trillion in net notional derivatives has been resolved .. 💸💸💸 ... in its Monday edition, Suddeutsche Zeitung reports that the ECB has asked that Deutsche Bank simulate what a "crisis scenario" would look like, and what it would cost to complete a "resolution", i.e. wind-down, of its own investment banking division .. |

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ZeroHedge | Apr 15, 2018 | ~ 4000 US Troops Launch Massive Military Drill On Edge Of Syria ~ | Blogger: [Trump: Mission Accomplished (2018) -- Bush: Mission Accomplished (2003) ] ... |

A little over three weeks ago, we published a report on leaked images of U.S. military equipment arriving in Jordan’s Aqaba Industrial Port via the vehicle carrier vessel “Liberty pride” for the upcoming participation in the annual war drill “Eager Lion.”

To conclude, we asked a straightforward question: with the return of John Bolton, is war imminent in Syria?
“Jordan is a major player bordering southwestern Syria but has been silent as the Russian-backed Syrian regime expanded territorial gains from terrorist groups in the eastern Ghouta region. Now, Jordan seems like it is preparing for a conflict with Syria, as the United States Armed Forces have recently unloaded large amounts of tanks and personnel carriers. Nevertheless, with the return of John Bolton, is war imminent on the Jordan–Syria border?”
Fast forward to today when two days after the United States, Britain, and France lobbed more than 100 missiles into Syria, the Jordan Armed Forces- Arab Army (JAF) kicked off the twelve-day Eager Lion 2018 military exercisewith the United States at its side.

In a joint press conference on Sunday, Maj. Gen. Jon K. Mott, Director of Exercises and Training U.S. Central Command and Brigadier General Mohammed Al-Thalji of the Jordan Armed Forces, told reporters “the exercise is carried out for the eighth consecutive time with the participation of land, sea and air forces of about 7,000 troops, representing the Jordanian and American forces,” as quoted by the Jordan News Agency.

In total, nearly 4,000 US servicemen will participate in the drill.

“Today marked the official opening of Eager Lion 2018, the premier US-Jordanian joint military training exercise,” stated U.S. Embassy Jordan.

Today marked the official opening of Eager Lion 2018, the premier US-Jordanian joint military training exercise.
Brigadier General Mohammed Al-Thalji of the Jordan Armed Forces and Major General Jon Mott of the U.S. Air Force, the co-directors of Eager Lion, met with journalists today to talk about the exercise.

OOM2 \\ Collective-Evolution \\ SITSSHOW | Mar 26, 2018 | ~ Robert Kennedy: Over-Vaccinated Children & The Allergy Epidemic ~ |

(Robert Kennedy) The global prevalence of allergic diseases is skyrocketing, affecting 30% to 40% of the world’s population. Allergic conditions include food allergies, anaphylaxis, asthma, eczema, allergic rhinitis, allergic conjunctivitis and reactions to drugs and insects. Often, these burdensome conditions start young, are overlapping and have the potential to be severe or fatal. A study of children with peanut allergy, for example, found that the median age of onset was 12 months; 40% to 60% of peanut-allergic children had concurrent asthma, atopic dermatitis, and/or other food allergies; and over a third (35%) had experienced anaphylaxis upon initial peanut exposure. Anaphylactic outcomes are worse when multiple allergic conditions are present.

SourceCollective Evolution
by Robert Kennedy, March 26th, 2018

…an escalating number of children have been hospitalized for food allergies or have visited an emergency department for primarily food-related anaphylaxis over the past couple of decades.
In the U.S., food allergies are widespread and are the most common cause of anaphylaxis in children. One in 13 American children—about two per classroom—has at least one food allergy, and food allergies increased by 50% from 1997 to 2011. An analysis of New York City school system data showed that the incidence of epinephrine administration for severe food allergy increased threefold from 2007 to 2013. Likewise, an escalating number of children have been hospitalized for food allergies or have visited an emergency department for primarily food-related anaphylaxis over the past couple of decades. Similar trends are playing out all over the world.
As each new decade ushers in higher childhood allergy rates, researchers mostly have scratched their heads, citing the poorly operationalized “hygiene hypothesis” or feebly asserting that the reasons for the increase remain “unclear.” A few investigators have pointed to possible risk factors such as cesarean delivery and novel food technologies. However, given that the hallmark of allergic disease is an altered immune response, it stands to reason that vaccines— which purposefully set out to “reprogram immunity”—are major contenders as allergy triggers.

A Perfect Storm

In her 2011 book, The Peanut Allergy Epidemic, Heather Fraser assembles persuasive scientific and historical evidence that lays the blame for the mass peanut allergy phenomenon (and the steep rise in childhood allergies of all types) on the “extensive and sudden” changes made to childhood vaccine programs in the U.S. and elsewhere in the late 1980s. According to Fraser, a series of critical factors synergistically converged during this time period to create a perfect storm and launch the allergy and chronic illness epidemics that have been ongoing ever since. These factors include:

  • Abrupt and massive expansion of the childhood vaccine schedule: In the U.S., the schedule went from three recommended vaccines in the mid-1980s to fifteendifferent vaccines currently.
  • Initiation of vaccination on the day of birth: This includes both the hepatitis B vaccine and synthetic vitamin K injection.
  • Changes in vaccine technology: Changes include production of recombinant(genetically engineered) vaccines and conjugate vaccines (which couple a weak vaccine antigen to a protein carrier), both of which actively go after “immunologic memory” and non-antibody immune response.
  • Vastly increased use of aluminum adjuvants, which stimulate a stronger immune response that can easily veer into the realm of “immune dysregulation.”
  • Increased vaccine coverage: Only about half of American two-year-olds in the late 1980s had completed their recommended series of vaccines, but a decade later, about nine in ten 19-35-month-olds were receiving all or most recommended vaccines.
…vaccinated children had a significantly greater odds of having a diagnosed allergic condition compared to unvaccinated children
A study conducted in 2012 and published in 2017 in the Journal of Translational Sciencecompared chronic health problems in vaccinated and unvaccinated 6-to-12-year-olds—in other words, children born between 2000 and 2006. The results lend credence to Fraser’s thinking about vaccination and allergy trends. Among many striking results, the authors found that vaccinated children had a significantly greater odds of having a diagnosed allergic condition compared to unvaccinated children: 10.4% versus 0.4% for allergic rhinitis, 22.2% versus 6.9% for “other” allergies and 9.5% versus 3.6% for eczema and other forms of atopic dermatitis. Other studies also have linked vaccines to atopic conditions and allergic sensitization.

Before It's News | 16. April 2018 | ~ Edgar Cayce May Have Been Right About Russia’s Role in Preventing World War III ~ |

Dylan Charles, Editor
Waking Times

The U.S. has been attempting to enter Syria for almost five years now, and the chemical weapons pretext has been in play since the invasion of Iraq.

We seem to be in a repeat cycle. Some kind of macabre Groundhog Day where no matter how many times we manage to survive the day, we keep waking up to the same twisted scenario.

Retired General Wesley Clark told us over a decade ago of the military plan to invade Syria, and now in the Syrian theater, the drive to force Russia into retaliation against the U.S. is deadly persistent. This would undoubtedly start a global nuclear conflict. Double plus ungood.

In 2013, I wrote an article regarding the Obama administration’s threats to bomb Syria:
“With the United States government mobilizing to live up to expectations that it would eventually find justification for the bombing, destruction, and occupation of Syria, those of us who’ve overcome the fear propaganda of the security state are forced to watch in unspeakable sadness as the resources of this nation are again stolen by our geo-political chess masters. The institutions that we so faithfully support with our tax dollars are once again demonstrating their disinterest in serving us, opting instead for blood in foreign lands, off on some veiled agenda of the elites, leaving America to toil in ruin. ” [Source]
In October of 2016, in an article titled, False Flag Attack Imminent in Syria as Globalists Engineer World War III, I wrote the following:

As the U.S. continues to aid and support ISIS, Al-Nusra and other terrorist organizations in its ploy to overthrow the Assad government for the primary benefit of Israel, a false flag event signaling the beginning of a direct confrontation with Russia could come at any time. At present it looks as though the most likely scenario would be something along the lines of the USS Liberty attack, which would involve the deliberate targeting of our own forces while creating the perception of a Russian attack on U.S. or NATO components.

The situation in Syria is ripe for exactly this kind of covert, subversive tactic. There is historical precedence to suggest that a Syrian false flag event is imminent, therefore people the world over must prepare to resist and to survive this. [Source]

Now, as the world waits to see what the fallout will be from Trump’s April 13th strikes against Syria, I’m reminded of American mystic Edgar Cayce’s prophecy about Russia somehow preventing World War III.

In October of 2015, I wrote about this prophecy:

Radio24syv | 13. April 2018 | ~ Den Korte Radioavis / Weekendavis - Hvem er det der banker? Det er Peter Anker ~ | Blogger. [Tibet-kommissionen beretning aka Undersøgelseskommissionen har konkluderet, at hele centraladministrationen går FULDSTÆNDIG FRI, mens 3 uskyldige indsats-ledere (2 plus en chef) hos Københavns Politi er blevet syndebuk (opfundet en begivenhed til formålet) for at beskytte stjernegangen på Rigspolitiets ledelse (der hvor den tidl. korrupte Bettina Jensen boede) og hele det poltiske korrupte centraladmin. Der er ALDRIG nogle af de højere lag fra Retsstaten eller Embedsværket, som bliver kendt skyldige i Danmark ... Sådan lyder konspirationen fra Kisser] ... Først lød det således fra Udenrigsministeriet: ".. 18. dec. 2017 - Justitsminister Søren Pape Poulsen udtaler: ”Undersøgelseskommissionen har konkluderet, at flere demonstranters grundlæggende ret til ytrings- og forsamlingsfrihed er blevet knægtet under to officielle kinesiske besøg i 2012 og 2013, og at Folketinget har modtaget urigtige oplysninger .." . Siden således: ".. Kommissionen har fundet, at der ikke er grundlag for at antage, at ministre eller ansatte på noget niveau i Udenrigsministeriet, Justitsministeriet, Statsministeriet, Hofmarskallatet og heller ikke den øverste ledelse i Københavns Politi, PET og Rigspolitiet havde kendskab til generelle eller konkrete ordrer i Københavns Politi eller i øvrigt over for Københavns Politi har fremsat opfordringer mv. til at foretage ulovlige indgreb. Kommissionen har heller ikke fundet grundlag for at kritisere, at der ikke fra denne personkreds blev grebet ind over for de ulovlige ordrer, eller for at antage, at de har været vidende om, at der blev givet urigtige, vildledende eller ufyldestgørende oplysninger til Folketingets Retsudvalg .." ... Siden, at samtlige mails er blevet slettet hos politiet, er Kisser været nødsaget til, at nedbryde og konkludere efter at have gennemlæst 2100 ligegyldige sider af Tibet-kommissionen beretning ... |