Feb 9, 2019

mayday-info.dk | ~ Stop udrulning af 5G – brev til teleordførerne ~ | .. Kære teleordfører - EN HENVENDELSE TIL FOLKETINGETS TELEORDFØRERE FRA “5G TASKFORCE” .. |

TV2 FNYS NEWS \\ Radio24syv - 24Syv Morgen Twitter | 1. Juni 2018 - 9. Feb 2019 | ~ Politiet siger, at de blev angrebet af mellem 80 og 100 personer ved gårsdagens aktion på Christiania. Omvendt siger folk på Christiania, at politiet var unødvendigt brutale. Denne video er lånt af Sara Thane. #dkpol ~ | Blogger: [👮POLICE ALWAYS WINS THE FIGHT?? A much-discussed clash between the police and citizens of Christiania on May 31 2018, resulted in a 51-year-old woman being sentenced to two years' imprisonment] ... Freetown Christiania and their residents claims that the danish police were unnecessarily brutal on innocent people, in yesterday's tense Christiania raid. The Police says on the other hand, they were attacked by between 80 and 100 people 😮 What do you think?😟 ... Check the video out ... |

Politiet siger, at de blev angrebet af mellem 80 og 100 personer ved gårsdagens aktion på Christiania. Omvendt siger folk på Christiania, at politiet var unødvendigt brutale. Denne video er lånt af Sara Thane.
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DR2 | ~ Den store UFO konspiration ~ | .. Britisk dokumentar fra 2015. I Storbrit- annien er der flere, der tror på rumvæsner end på Gud. Og over en fjerdedel af briterne er overbevist om, at regeringen skjuler beviserne på, at der findes UFO'er. Forfatter og komiker Dan Schreiber er fascineret af disse konspirationsteorier, så han rejser rundt i Storbritannien og møder nogle af landets største UFO tilhæng- ere. Og undervejs lærer han bl.a., at Jesus var et rumvæsen, og at menneskeslæg- ten styres af en ond reptilagtig hersker .. |


LeeHarrisEnergy: February Energy Update | ~ The Era of Higher Harmonics, Elevated Love, & Abundance Shifts ~ | .. 2019 marks the beginning of a brand new seven year cycle. The next seven years, 2019 to 2026 are going to be seven years of #ELEVATION .. |

Lee Harris has monthly forecasts via 15-minute intensive videos and he works with energies that are truly rewarding and very real bids on how we are influenced by the energy fields and energy streams that exist everywhere in nature and around us. Lee Harris describes the current situations that all people and children should relate to and how we restore the balance.

Personally i think his mindfulness of things is a uplifting experience and actually, very appealing. Will also say, Lee Harris, is at an awareness level I also share, many things he tells us are pretty much many of the topics I describe on my blog ........

2019 marks the beginning of a brand new seven year cycle.

The next seven years, 2019 to 2026 are going to be seven years of #ELEVATION

One of the energy characteristics of the next 3 years is that we are entering into a PERIOD OF LIGHT at a higher level than before.

#ABUNDANCE is going to be under the microscope for many people in February. The tussle between being appreciative for what you've got, and equally knowing when you need to reach for or create more for yourself.

During this period of elevation one of the things that is going to be really cooking in 2019 is your ability to feel love in unencumbered way. So enjoy the experience of #ELEVATEDLOVE as it moves in especially this month, and it will really start to cook over the months to come.
Big love everyone, 



Anonymous Official | ~ This Is Getting Too Real.. What Are THEY Hiding? (2019-2020) ~ | Blogger: [🌐INNER EARTH CIVILIZATIONS🥥] .. Did Adm. Richard E. Byrd find Tropic Climate, Mammoths, Flying Saucer, Coal, Oil, Uranium and mine- rals near Hollow Earth and even entered a new world inside earth core? - You be the judge!! ... This is perhaps a collection of an outstanding proof of the existence of the Agartha kingdom of Innner Earth. The Agartha Kingdom is a 5th dimensional inner paradise of the divine goddess Gaia, our beloved mother Earth. They are the descendants of Lumeria and those of Atlantis who had remained faithful to the Light. They had to find shelter in the womb of Gaia and created a paradise for the- mselves in Inner Earth when our paradise planet was perturbed by dark invaders 550,000 thousand years ago .. More info - search on Verdensalt.dk...'Inner Earth', Hollow Earth', 'Agartha'... |

AGARTHA - INNER EARTH ENTRANCE - This is the First Movie ever to be seen of the Polar entrance & the powerful Aurora Borealis like energy field that is occurring at the entrance. This is literally looking into the 5th Dimension from the Russian MIR space station. A truly Celestial vision more beautiful than we could have ever imagined, simply breathtaking.( Both POLES are -No Flight Zones- so this extraordinary document has been made accessible by a courageous russian Whistle Blower) - READ MORE

Awakening Our Truth | ~ Latest Message from Archangel Michael The empowering gift of forgiveness. February 1, 2019 ~ |

Messages from Ann & the Angels | Channeling through Ann Albers | ~ What's it like to be God? ~ | Blogger: Newsletter - Excerpts only.. So profoundly important to remember that we are brave souls for being on earth in such exciting times! 💖... |

(Ann Albers:) I started channeling weekly messages from the angels after 9/11/2001, in an attempt to reach as many people as possible with the angels' words of hope and inspiration. I didn't realize at the time that we would become an international community of lightworkers dedicated to expanding our capacity to receive and share God's love in the world.

Each week's newsletter contains an angel message, a message from me explaining how I put the angels' teachings to work in my life, and various other announcements about classes, events, and new products. I would love to help you experience the love, wisdom, and guidance that are available to us all.

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

With a single act of will, you can dream up entire worlds in your imagination. You can imagine your perfect home, your perfect partner, your ideal life. You can be and do anything you like in these realms inside of you. You can fly, swim, play music, paint, write poetry, do great feats of strength, help thousands... for within the realms of your imagination, anything is possible. In your inner world you have no limits.

You can create a perfect and beautiful version of yourself as you know yourself now. You can create another version of yourself, living an entirely different, but also amazing life. You can get so happy with this exercise that you create numerous perfect versions of yourself, all doing different things, living in different ways, behaving differently. You love each and every one of these. You do not love one more than the other, for all are beautiful and perfect and living their own version of a perfect life.

Suppose one of you (still in your imagination) is a world traveler. Another lives in communion with nature in a beautiful cabin in the woods. Still another is a strong and kind Olympic athlete. Yet one more is a poet. You have created them in your imagination... and now you give them free will. You wonder what they will become, what they will do with their gift of freedom. You can't wait to see what each one will create! You sit back, observe, and simply love and support each and every one of them. They exist within you, and you exist within them.

Some of your characters use their free will in amazing ways you never dreamed or imagined. The Olympic athlete breaks new records and goes on to teach others about the power of the mind. The version of yourself living in a cabin in the woods invents new and wonderful ways to live in cooperation with the land. The poet sees love and life in ways so exquisite you can hardly believe that this character is you as well.

Inessa S | ~ Is YouTube dead? - 2019 Regulations ~ |

Verdensalt.dk | Archive | ~ Grounding Meditation & Opening of The 3rd Eye ~ | 12 minute video | Language - English | Blogger: [💖Integration - not only with your 7 chakras, but also the upper heart or thymus and more... 💜] ... Verdensalt.dk are proud to present our first spiritual video on the web of its kind... If it resonate with you, please use this form of meditation to raise your vibration - and the importance of grounding (Earthing). For spiritually well-developed people, grounding is usually the most important (as in, most neglected) area of their lives ... Next, opening of the third eye chakra (ajna) - connecting link between the physical and spiritual worlds ... The pineal gland represents the third eye in biology, which produces melatonin. Melatonin controls circadian rhythms and reproductive hormones. This makes the pineal a master regulator of time, affecting not only our sleep patterns but also our sexual maturation. Melatonin also affects our stress and ability to adapt to a changing world. This third eye activates when exposed to light, and has a number of biological functions in controlling the biorhythms of the body. It works in harmony with the hypothalamus gland which directs the body’s thirst, hunger, sexual desire and the biological clock that determines our aging process... |

Grounding Meditation & Opening of 3rd Eye from Verdensalt.dk on Vimeo.

Verdensalt | ~ Grounding - What does grounding mean for your quality of life? How to make a bad day better, with small spiritual baby-steps ~ | Blogger: [I'm sorry, verdensalt, cannot always hold your hand around the campfire🏕️, singing Kum- baya and getting the joy joy joy down in your spiritual beating heart!! 💞] ... 💭I know what you're thinking - it's too darn easy sitting on (my) spiritual keister and post anonymously, day after day, on a blog, without conveying its messages through an open forum, on youtube or holding seminars, like Anthony Robbins, awaken the inner giant in others. Have had a lot of dreams recently, indicating that I have to step into the light and become the "spiritual leader" that I desire. It's easier said than done when you are a private person and a minority in a society that does not praise spirituality and openness. A dysfunctional society which knowingly rejects the existence of our extraterrestrial ancestors and fact-truth-giving conspiracies. Don't forget that we all hold the truth inside, recovering empath lovely sensitive, introverted or extroverted, but not ego-narcissistic. Verdensalt.dk do (also) writes about things that our "deep (dark) state" does not like. Themes and Topics may appear 'negative' but are just a deep basic under- standing of fact giving - in our 3D Matrix of Illusion, that we all live with. The question that you probably have to ask yourself is: What is Fake News, alternative facts, source criticism, post-factual, lies and rumors? As REIKI healer (although I am not inaugurated REIKI master) I know how hugely important it is to be grounded to Mother Earth / GAIA. I don't always reach every single meditation, every day, but affirmations and positive thinking - is my guide to active positivity manifestations. LET US RECEIVE OUR DAILY SHOTS OF HEARTLY GROUNDING TO FIND 'OUR' OWN INTERNAL TRUTH 💙❤️💚💛💜💗 ... |

Spirituality - the quality of being concerned with the human spirit (with Alien DNA) or soul as opposed to material or physical things...

Our Spirit Guides has stated it very clearly. We are a Spiritual Being having a human experience, not human beings having a spiritual experience. That means, we are all spiritual beings. If you believe there is more than life itself in the present of now, then in my book, you are becoming aware of one's own spiritual state. Spirituality is not a religion. It does not come from your parents or Jehovah's Witnesses come knocking (just an example). Spirituality arises from somewhere deep inside you (HIGHER SELF or SOUL). It's a inner belief taking root in the heart, without having any visible evidence or proof of why. We have all agreed to stay on earth in this "present-moment-awareness" to experience our Five Senses. That also means, we need to listen to what our thoughts, intuition and gut feeling and act on it. When you learn to actually listen to the inner voice, the result will inevitably be - changes. Because life itself in our 3D Matrix of illusion, begins to fall apart. You begin to questioning everything that surrounds you, what we been taught in school, news media, parents, government and politicians, religion beliefs. Next thing - rollercoaster emotions - angry, fearful, disappointed, confused, exhausted. Determine to understand. Fear holding You back? Break free from the chains of fear and begin to explore...



1. (1-minute grounding meditation -Ask your guides, ascended masters or guardian angels, to assist your)
  • Take a seat with your feet on the ground. Eyes closed and hands were it feels comfortable
  • Take a deep breath in. Feel your body as you inhale
  • Take a long breath out. Notice your body as you exhale 
  • Try incorporating a set inhale-exhale ratio (3 times or as you feel comfortable)
  • Follow your breath in and out
  • Rest your mind on your belly or your chest or at your nostrils
  • Just be aware as you breathe in and aware as you breathe out
  • Kindly ask to be joined with the inner Earthly Star of Gaia and to be grounded with her
  • Say thanks and send LOVE to the healing your have receive from above 
2. (Extended grounding - Ask your guides, ascended masters or guardian angels, to assist your)
  • While sitting quite, feel your body rotate clockwise and ready for receiving.  
  • Kindly ask for a WHITE pillar of light to cleanse your chakras. 
    • Visualize it cleansing your body of any and all negativity  
    • Imagine light flowing in from above, through your crown, down your spinal column, and uniting all of your chakras as one pillar of light
  • Kindly ask for a RED pillar of light, penetrating your body, from above
    • Coming from our own Central Sun of Alcyone (Pleiadian System) or Galactic Central Sun, going through all known planets into your crown chakra, down to the root chakra, through your feet, into inner Earth, until received by Mother GAIA. 
    • As Mother GAIA returns a second RED pillar of light going up, all the way to your body, through all known planets into, up to the Central Sun of Alcyone, Pleiadian system.
    • Say thanks and send LOVE to the healing your have receive from above 
PS: you can add as many of the rainbow pillar of light, as you wish for and understand the meaning of (below my interpretation) 
  • Pink Light - Goddess or feminine energy - to virtualize healing the Earth (COBRA)
  • The blue ray represents the Father (Power), the yellow ray represents the Son (Wisdom), and the pink ray represents the Holy Spirit (Love)
  • The Violet Flame - most powerful protections your can have. Add yourself into that pillar of light with a spinning OCTACAL.  

"The eight-point star as a symbol marks early human understanding of the intellegent order that underlies our universe. Today, it carries religous and mystical associations. Known as the khatam in Islamic cultures, it and its variants are found at the center of stunning zillij masterpieces throughout Morocco. Amidst the color and compostion, the khatam stands as a symbol of early astronomy, interconnectedness, and faith in the ultimate harmony of Creation. In this way, the khatam represents the highest virtues in Moroccan culture: learning, community, faith, and love of beauty."