Dec 7, 2020

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🥼🧫😷 ~ (Hallelujah but it will not stop the Event 201 Agenda!) For The First Time, A US State Will Require Disclosure Of PCR 'Cycle Threshold' Data In COVID Tests (Zero Hedge) ~ |



We have detailed the controversy surrounding America's COVID "casedemic" and the misleading results of the PCR test and its amplification procedure in great detail over the past few months.

As a reminder, "cycle thresholds" (Ct) are the level at which widely used polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test can detect a sample of the COVID-19 virus. The higher the number of cycles, the lower the amount of viral load in the sample; the lower the cycles, the more prevalent the virus was in the original sample.[READ MORE] ... | 

👧🔞👦 ~ (#TheGlobalPedoGate) Clinton Chief Aide: Bill ‘Couldn’t Stay Away’ From Epstein’s Pedo Island (OOM2 + nworeport) ~ | Blogger: Why is it so HARD or difficult to grasp the idea, that Globalists or Elites, are DEEEEP involved in child sexual abuse?... 👉The worldwide #Metoo wave is the hard chocolate that borders the Mars chocolate bar, while the hidden soft part of the nougat core - the heavily-fused pedophile world, that includes horrible and much more offensive criminal offenses against children and adolescents👈..They call it Hillary's #Pay-to-Play, #Pizzagate, Podesta's #Spirit-cooking of secretive shady occult sex freemasonry rituals... The NXIVM Cult is 'unfortunately' ONLY, the tip of the iceberg, like the SNL jokes and Hollywood and Disney's sex kittens... PS: Today, as we speak, a shocking new inquiry has found that, not only did the Church of England forgive some 400 pedophiles, but it allowed them to continue working with children.... |

Source: Niamh Harris

A senior aide to Bill Clinton has blown the whistle on the former President, claiming that Bill Clinton obsessively and repeatedly visited Jeffreey Epstein’s ‘pedophile island‘, despite repeated denials.

Doug Band, who previously accused Chelsea Clinton of using Clinton Foundation funds to pay for her lavish wedding, told Vanity Fair that Chelsea also had an unhealthy and intimate relationship with Epstein and his child pimp Ghislaine Maxwell.

“Band said he had no idea about Epstein’s sex crimes back then but got enough bad vibes that he advised Clinton to end the relationship,” the report states.

“Clinton continued to socialize with Epstein and take his money. In 2006 Epstein donated $25,000 to the Clinton Foundation. Clinton made more than two dozen trips on Epstein’s jet around this time, Epstein’s flight logs show,” the report continues.

“In January 2003, according to Band, Clinton visited Epstein’s private Caribbean island, Little St. James. Band said it was one of the few trips he declined to go on in his time with Clinton.” reports: Band notes that Ghislaine Maxwell was invited to Chelsea Clinton’s wedding in 2010, despite the fact that it was then known that Epstein had committed sex crimes involving underage girls.

The report notes:

Chelsea had ties to Epstein and Maxwell, Band said; he showed me a photo of Bill and Chelsea posing with Epstein and Maxwell at the King of Morocco’s wedding. Chelsea remained friends with Maxwell for years after the press revealed Maxwell was a close associate of Epstein’s. For instance, Chelsea invited Maxwell to her 2010 wedding at the Brooke Astor estate in Rhinebeck, New York, after Epstein had pleaded guilty in Florida to procuring sex from a minor.

Band says that there was one major reason Maxwell was at the wedding. “Ghislaine had access to yachts and nice homes. Chelsea needed that,” the former aide notes.

🧧🐼🏴‍☠️ ~ (China as world's dominant superpower) Situation Update, Dec. 6th – China owns DOMINION, and controls all the officials who run the machines at every level of government (NN + Hal Turner) ~ |

HARD PROOF: Dominion Vote Tabulating Machines ALTER Vote Totals - May VOID Election in 28 States!


Ware County, Ga has broken the Dominion algorithm: Using sequestered Dominion Equipment, Ware County ran a equal number of Trump votes and Biden votes through the Tabulator and the Tabulator reported a 26% lead for Biden.

37 Trump votes used in the equal sample run had been "Switched" from Trump to Biden.

In actual algorithmic terms this means that a vote for Trump was counted as 87% of a vote and a vote for Biden was counted as 113% of a vote.

Those conducting the test were so shocked that they ran the same ballots again. The same results appeared. ONE PIECE OF THE PUZZLE SOLVED. (It is worth noting that this was one County, and on one Tabulator alone.

Dominion Tabulators could have been configured with different algorithms in different Counties or States. The point is there is now hard evidence of electronic manipulation of the Election.

The use of illegal and/or fabricated ballots is an additional issue altogether, but this is sufficient evidence to question the validity of the ENTIRE Election in the 28 states that used Dominion software. In fact, it may actually serve to VOID the election in all 28 states!

Source: Debbie Browning Tift Co Republican Party.


Situation Update, Dec. 6th – China owns DOMINION, and controls all the officials who run the machines at every level of government  

(Natural News) Notes from today’s Situation Update (Dec. 6th), full podcast embedded below:

More replacements on the defense advisory board. – Via Federal News Network:

The Pentagon has appointed two close allies of President Donald Trump, Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie, to a defense advisory board, continuing a post-election purge in the final weeks of the administration.

The acting secretary of defense, Christopher Miller, who was installed by Trump on Nov. 9 after he fired then-Defense Secretary Mark Esper, said in a written statement Friday that nine members of the Defense Business Board had been replaced with the appointment of 11 new members. 

Lewandowski and Bossie are among Trump’s most vocal supporters. The nine other appointees are Henry Dreifus, Robert McMahon, Cory Mills, Bill Bruner, Christopher Shank, Joseph Schmidt, Keary Miller, Alan Weh and Earl Matthews.


Dominion is owned by communist China, which also runs the tech giants, the left-wing media and most of the Democrats in Congress

“Dominion’s Parent Company Arranges $400 Million Placement 1 Month Before Election: SEC Filing” – The Epoch Times:

5️⃣😵‍💫 ~ (5G Surveillance IoT RealTime Network Smart Matrix Grid 2.0) “This is going to happen in the coming months!” (PFC + Anonymous Official) ~ | Blogger: Danish operator TDC NET has launched its commercial 5G network in large parts of Denmark on September 7 of 2019 , the carrier said in a release. Population coverage will start at 80%, rising to 90% by the end of 2020, and the operator has stated recently in November 2020, Denmark, is now covered by 100% of the 5G mobile network... To compare: China will reach almost 1.000,000 5G base stations nationwide, very soon (700,000 right now)... |

🥺⚔️⚰️ ~ (Mette: Fra alle os til alle jer #Minkgaten og de endeløse løgne, ville ingen ende tage!) Slaktet 17 millioner mink for ingenting ( ~ | Blogger: [🤜 BLEV HJEMME - DU ER MED TIL AT REDDE LIV - EPIDEMIEN GIVER IKKE OP!: Alles Landsmoder Mette-Banjomus og Magnus LØGNICKE siger, at risikoniveauet er hævet til 4 ud af 5, nuværende restriktioner forlænges til 28. februar 2021. SSI forudser 4000 smittede hver dag før jul! Ældste skoleelever sendes hjem og undervises digitalt, indendørs idræts og fitness, teater, biografer, kulturlivet m.m. og restauranter skal lukke i 38 kommuner indtil 3. Januar 2021. Max 10 personer under julen og Nytåret! Politiet vil være der overalt og butikker kan tilkalde politiet🤛] ... 100.000 er blevet testet i Nordjylland - Fra Jyder til Sjællandere - lockdown-øvelsen går ud på at skabe masse-ængstelige danskere, masse-teste, så man er parate til, at masse-vaccine... Da jeg drog mod Nord, for at støtte, Nordjylland for frihed, de mange hundredvis af gårdmænd, traktorer og Folkebevægelsen For Frihed, i Aalborg og senere i Aarhus, foruden København, så var det, for at vise min respekt og også at tilkendegive min disrespekt, for en regering, som tryllebinder danskere, til at tro på Coronaløgnen... 🤔PS: HVORFOR skal børneavisen ind og stille spørgsmål, til børnenes statsminister - er det hele iscenesat under pressemødet den 7. December 2020?... Henrik Qvortrup stiller spørgsmål om #minkgaten, men Mette nægter, at svare... |


  • Skoleelever fra 5. klasse og opefter sendes hjem og skal undervises digitalt.
  • Børn i vuggestuer og daginstitutioner kan fortsat afleveres.
  • Barer, caféer og restauranter skal holde lukket. Der må dog serveres takeaway.
  • Svømmehaller og fitnesscentre skal holde lukket til 3. januar.
  • Teatre og spillesteder skal holde lukket.
  • Offentlige arbejdspladser skal sende medarbejdere hjem, der ikke opfylder kritiske funktioner.
  • Tag restriktioner med over kommunegrænser


Slaktet 17 millioner mink for ingenting 

Source (nyhetsspeilet)
 er et Norsk online magasin skrevet af folket til folket. De offentliggøre oplysninger om nye paradigmer og rapportere om aktuelle emner fra nye vinkler, samt om emner som andre populariseret. Desuden sætter aktuelle emner i et bredere perspektiv end normalt. Tidsskriftsartikler beskæftiger sig med tre væsentlige hovedemner: Samfundet, Bevidsthed, Kosmos, Sundhed og Økonomi -

******Following article is in Norwegian - use google translate on the top of my blog entry*****

Danske Mette Fredriksens regjering lot 17 millioner mink slakte for ingenting

Fra danske BT: 17 millioner mink ender i en massegrav i Danmark, danske bønder og pelsfarmere er rasende og fortvilet over sin regjering og sine politikere, se video og toppfoto, her.

17 millioner danske mink endte i en massegrav. Men danske eksperter slår nå fast at viruset ikke er farlig alikevel, tar ekspertene feil? Kanskje er det tvert i mot lett å forstå – kanskje har vi noen blandt oss som ikke vil ha uavhengige produsenter?

Fra danske B.T: «Efter at have læst en ny rapport fra Statens Serum Institut, viser flere professorer sig nu skeptiske over for regeringens beslutning om at slå alle mink ihjel og lukke stort set hele Nordjylland ned, fordi en coronamutation havde spredt sig. Det er ellers i rapporten det videnskabelige grundlag bag den drastiske beslutning præsenteres.

Men konklusionen fra eksperterne er entydig: Den farlige og frygtede Cluster 5-mutation er ikke så farlig, som det ellers har lydt. Dette skriver Berlingske: Førende eksperter underkender nu regeringens primære grundlag for at aflive mink og lukke Nordjylland ned: »Det er ikke til at forstå, hvorfor man laver så drastisk et indgreb«

🐴👄🧏 ~ (Straight from the horse's mouth!) OVERBLIK: Det indeholder den nye finanslov (TV2 FNYS NEWS) ~ | Blogger: [👉Årets dødsfald: Puh - det var tæt på, DR tabte spillet og æren, om at fortsætte med at være ledende på at censurere, tænkte den famøse "heste-licens-gaten" 100 kilo om måneden i løn USA-korrespondenten, Johannes Langkilde og konens Globetrotterhest, JAZZ, fra graven, fragtet over Atlanten, et stenkast fra Det Hvide Hus's korrupte Demokraterns heksekedel, der endte på 70.000 kroner med DR-chefernes velsignelse!👈] .. {Finansloven 2020 og DR's ca. 1 mia. kr. ekstra fra de RØDE!} ... Medier bliver støttet med over 5 milliarder fra den politiske retsstat i anno 2020 ... Det største beløb tilfalder DR, der i år modtager lige under 3,55 mia. kr. til driften af public service-virksomheden. Blandt andre større poster er 537 mio. kr. til TV 2 Regionerne og 392 mio. kr. i mediestøtte... Et skulderklap fra den røde demokratiske kommuniststat, Dannevang, fra CIA's kontor' Operation Mockingbird', de pædofile satanister, kontrolleret opposition og gale globalister og fra Frimureriet (hvis man skal forstå ‘konspiratismen’ og JFK21)... 🤡Opris af andre DR-skandaler🤡 : .... P3-vært forfremmet : DR nægter at fortælle af hvem – efter ansættelse uden jobopslag | DR-chef fortid efter klager om magtmisbrug og chikane : Får gyldent håndtryk med sig ud af døren – men du må ikke vide hvor stort | Voldsomme – og hemmelige - lønninger blandt DR-toppen | Mangfoldighedschef til to millioner | Egen parkeringsplads og alternativt pendlerkort | Millioner brændt af på taxature | DR-ledelsen på "kursus" på et luksusslot i Frankrig | Krisemøde i DR: Vil tvinge medarbejdere til Jylland | DR-formand har økonomiske interesser i valg af kampfly | Den oversete skandale: Forskelsbehandling af værtsbyer (eks.vis. danske Melodi Grand Prix) | P4-programmet Café Hack nedsmeltning | DR’s kæmpesatsning, tv-serien 1864, blev Danmarks dyreste dramaserie nogensinde | Bred kritik af »Historien om Danmark« for at være for rød | Dropper deres egen julekalender - radiojulekalenderen "Jul i Republikken", er i dette univers, hvor Johanne Schmidt Nielsen spiller PRÆSIDENT | 🙈🙉🙊 Dette er en fanfare og tribute til (, OnlinePosten og General Birgit's Troldehær, som nu er afgået ved døden, på samme tidspunkt, når Johannes Langkildes globetrotter-hest fik et ildebefindende. En skandale, da Den Korte Radioavis blev omlagt til Den Korte Weekendavis og så sikkert som amen i kirken, bliver beskåret, når Kristian Thulesen DARL og tidligere chefredaktør for Jyllands-Posten Jørgen Ejbøl, får sin vilje, trumfet igennem (fra April 2017)... |

The Four Hells Angels Horsemen of the Apocalypse