May 10, 2018

COBRA Update | May 9, 2018 | ~ Entry Protocols ~ | Blogger: Wooow! So powerful update (When You Believe) .... 💖PS: please remember, that although the resistance cooperates with the 'Agarthan Network', it is distinct from it, and has nothing to do with what is called 'Breakaway Civilizations' (SSP) ... |

Hvem er Cobra: Stifter af bloggen ; Denne blog er den officielle formidler af kommunikation fra modstandsbevĂŠgelsen.

Eftersom jeg for lĂŠngst har givet efter pĂ„ disse hĂžjst usĂŠdvanlige fĂŠnomener og trosberetninger for vores forfĂŠdre samt galaktiske venners fĂŠrden, er det en god ide som nybegynder, at lĂŠse eller slĂ„ tingene op via (google sĂžgeord og vĂŠlge dette site) eller ( for at forstĂ„ hele sammenhĂŠngen.

Cobra is a Pleiadian contactee and has been in contact with the underground for over 35 years. He has been told to remain anonymous by The Resistance and has ongoing communications with beings from Planet X that assist The Resistance Movement. As an earthly representative of the Agarthan network and the light forces, he strives to prepare humanity for the up and coming event horizon.

Behind the scenes, the Light forces are preparing the most awakened individuals of the surface population for physical contact with positive subsurface and extraterrestrial forces.

These preparations are part of a huge project that I am involved with.

In full alignment with the new (beta) timeline, certain most awakened members of the surface population may, or may not be given an option to leave the surface of the planet and be accepted within the underground Resistance Movement or other positive Agartha factions.

Recent prophetic dream of Teresa Yanaros is a direct result of this awakening sequence and requires a detailed analysis:

The dream was taking place in a hypnagogic state, that thin line between the waking state and sleep that is a portal between physical and higher dimensions:

The dream was induced as a signal for the surface population to start preparing for the contact with the Agartha network, and actually reveals a large part of entry protocols.

If you are reading this, you may, or may not be invited to enter the Resistance or other positive Agartha faction before the Event.

I can give exact description and guidance for the entry protocols into the Resistance. I can not give exact entry protocols for other positive Agartha factions, although they are almost exactly the same in most aspects.

If you are selected for pre-Event entry into the Resistance, the entry protocols are as follows:

1. You will be physically contacted by a Resistance agent, very near to the place where you live. He or she will be wearing plain civilian clothes and will emanate very positive energy. He/she will introduce herself/himself to you and ask you if your are willing to enter the Resistance. It will be explained to you that after entering the Resistance, you will NOT be able to have any physical contact with the surface population.

2. You will be given between 5 and 15 minutes to collect your personal items to bring with you. You will be asked to bring objects of personal emotional value (wedding rings, photos of loved ones,...) because all other objects (clothing, food, gold, cash, ID documents...) can be easily reproduced with replicators. You will be given a small bag and all your items will need to fit in that bag. Size and weight requirements will be very similar to requirements astronauts had for their personal items on a Space Shuttle:

3. The Resistance agent will escort you to the entry point into the Resistance. This will usually be a service door in the cellar or basement inside a commercial building close to your home. There he will guide you to descend a set of stairs that will lead you 30 meters/yards underground to the topmost level of the Resistance. The stairs will look somewhat like this:

The GoldFish Report | No. 223 | May 8, 2018 | ~ WEEK 68 POTUS REPORT W/ THE FETZ: Q JUSTIFY AND WAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST ~ | Blogger: The GoldFish Report has been censored / illegally deleted on YouTube, loss of 12.000 subscribers, 3 years of hard work and 200 reports .. |

Louisa summarizes and speculates on the latest Q-ANON post concerning the recent images posted and the possible implication of LHC interacting with the micro-particle accelerators in cell phone processors to interface with the user, using self replicating DNA Computers that may have the potential to allow Artificial Intelligence to alter human DNA or even harvest our life force energy in a mass harvesting event. Jim reports on the latest current events concerning Israel and the US trying to pull out of the Iran Deal, Israel threatening to Nuke Iran and Syria for allowing Iran to operate there, the Project for a New Middle East, US Testing a new nuclear gravity bomb, Irans warning to US about Pulling out of Deal, NeoCons in the WH Administration, War mongering, update of false flag news and much more. You Don't want to miss this report! The Red Pills keep coming in this Great Awakening!

LeeHarrisEnergy | May 9, 2018 | ~ Can a Narcissist Ever Be Your Soul Mate? (Live Q&A) ~ |

Lee Harris har mĂ„nedlige prognoser via 15 minutters intensive videoer og han arbejder med energier som er rigtigt givende og meget reelle bud pĂ„ hvordan vi bliver pĂ„virket af de energifelter og energistrĂžmme som eksistere overalt i naturen og omkring os. Lee Harris beskriver de nĂŠrvĂŠrende situationer som alle mennesker og bĂžrn skal forholde sig til og hvordan vi genopretter balancen pĂ„ ny.

Personligt syntes det er en oplÞftende oplevelse og faktisk meget rammende. Vil ogsÄ sige, Lee Harris er pÄ et bevidsthedsniveau jeg ogsÄ deler, mange ting han fortÊller os, er stort set mange af de emner, jeg beskriver pÄ min blog........ | May 10, 2018 | ~ SĂ©bastien Martin: Directed energy, neuro, scalar, & Reptilian weapons & how to confront them ~ | Blogger: SĂ©bastien Martin's bitchute videocast, is free to watch ... PS: Directed-energy weapon (DEW) is REAL devastaing weapons, has been attacked, believe it or not (after recent trip to Hungary conference) 🛡️ ... I have unfortunately heard about many of our highly evolved spiritual human beings, hit by DEW's, MK Ultra and other nasty instruments of torture😟... Craig Lang, that was a hypnotherapist and Minnesota State MUFON Director who died in Arizona while attending the UFO Congress conference 2018 (4 died at that conference in total and I was there)... Holistic Doctors (discovered 'Nagalase'), Sheldan Nidle (almost died), COBRA's spouse, Isis Astara (died), Dr. Kathryn E. May and her team (Who Needs Light?), Stew Webb hit by DEW, Tom Heneghan Poisoned. Alex Collier, Simon Parkes, Veronica Keen (Montague’s Messages). Sinister force targeting multidimensionally interested journalists, filmmakers, and a 2016 US Presidential candidate (acc. to Alfred Lambremont Webre). I don't know about David Wilcock, Corey Goode and Emery Smith (and others from David Wilcock's Divine Cosmos), but these guys has been hit by cars, broken into their homes, threatened their family members, brakes sabotaged, poisoned, taken their income and hurt them physically etc... You might also have notice the indicatings of Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) used in Michigan (meteor strike), California wildfires, Hurricane Irma etc (Ionosphere Heaters (HAARP, EISCAT, SBX radar, NEXRAD), etc. etc... ExopoliticsTV - Alfred Lambremont Webre - also talked about he has been attacked and about drones with DEW going into private homes and much more... |

431. SĂ©bastien Martin: Directed energy, neurotech, scalar, pulsar, chemtrails, portal Extraterrestrial interdimensional weapons, AI & Archonic weapons, Reptilian weapons attacks and how Souls can ascend by creatively confronting these weapons, attacks & perpetrators
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Awakening Our Truth | May 9, 2018 | ~ Divine Sacred Relationship II ~ | .. Human storytelling & original meditation by Joanna L. Ross .. |

Joanna takes us on a review of the importance and purpose of human storytelling, and how our evolution of communication will shift, will expand, and change how we are being ushered within new human paradigms to unveil the intelligence, wisdoms, by not only calling upon our ancient history, ancestors knowledge and traditions, but to also add our ascending human cosmic light and intuitive knowings. We are at an important crucible in our human cycle, and this current of creative manifestations will allow so many to create anew and that will serve the greater good. Storytelling in the NOW, and how the NOW is the inspirations for future 'you's' and how crystalline children and generations are celebrating our every light-hearted choice to joyfully move beyond limitation and fear. Share your story, share your light, and know you are forever rippling through Creation as a light and spark of the Divine in human form.
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Original meditation by Joanna L. Ross Connect with our meditation and align with your highest and best and create the free flow of information with your higher self.
Preparing the ascending ones for contact, higher realm communication, and ascension for new earth! Blessings and light,


Netavisen Pio | 9. Maj 2018 | ~ Advokat bekrĂŠfter: LĂžkke var med Solrun ~ | Blogger: [đŸ€šI LĂžkkeland, sidder en lille narcissistisk personlighedsforstyrrelse i PrivatLarsHandyMan, der Ăžnsker PioPio og Ekstra Bladet nedlagt, anses som socialistisk propagandablade, fordi de er regeringskritiske. Kan du se hykleriet? 🙄] ... (Lykketoft: LĂžkke er en »lille svindler«) ... Taktfast klapper vĂŠlgerne, VL-grupperne (Dansk Selskab for Virksomhedsledelse), 400K offentlige ansatte, som lige har fĂ„et et lĂžnhop (for at holde kaje), de stĂŠrke politiske landbrugsfamilier samt Danmarks magtelite (indkredses til 423 navne) LĂžkkes og Khazarian Mafia (KM) had mod Mr .Trump, nĂ„r Hr. LĂžkke han siger, at »Vi mĂ„ ikke blive til dikkende lammehaler«... Hvem har nogensinde sagt noget nedsĂŠttende og nedladende om Obummer, Nobama og Crooked Hillary? Men, vi skal naturligvis ikke hĂ„ne og disrepektere DERES valg og fravalg, sĂ„ derfor ville jeg ikke give igen med samme mĂžnt... JĂžder - Jesuiterkirkerne - zionister (Israel) de skal beskyttes, har du lagt mĂŠrke til det? Sammen med Dronningen, der hĂŠdrede Bahrains diktator og de olieproducerende Ăžrkenstater, fordi vi er afhĂŠngige af Pengemagikerens trolddomđŸ˜”. TrĂŠkker vi nazistkortet - laver vi om pĂ„ verdenshistoriens nazistiske herskersystem i Europa, herunder koncentrationslejrene, jĂždeforfĂžlgelserne og holocaust, sĂ„ bliver vi stenet til dĂžde. Vi nĂŠgter at vise kulĂžr, at det rent faktisk er Banksters, som styre verdens arrogance og forfĂŠrdeligheder. FĂžlger man hvad fake news DR og hele den danske kollaboratĂžr presse vil have, at DU skal tro er sket, sĂ„ deres ejere og 'kontrollers' kan fĂ„ WWIII i gang, skal du tĂŠnke dig RIGTIGT godt om. Banksters har finansieret samtlige krige og revolutioner i de sidste mange hundrede Ă„r. PUNKTUM... Vi mĂ„ ikke tĂŠnke selv - vi skal ALTID have en leder, til at vildlede os i fordĂŠrv... Vi lever altsĂ„ pĂ„ en planet, hvor menneskeheden, stadig ""LÆRER"" om den revolutionerende process, men mestre ikke endnu, at gennemgĂ„ cyklussen om den 'ĂŠgte' evolutionslĂŠren, pĂ„ en ubevidst mĂ„de.. Dvs., hvis vi er sat i verden for, og skal katapultere til et hĂžjere bevidsthedsniveau, kan vi ikke undgĂ„r at der bliver skabt en mĂžrk side i os alle, for at hĂŠve os op og bringe os ind i lyset, pĂ„ den mest ekstraordinĂŠre mĂ„de. ""Hvordan skulle vi ellers kunne lĂŠre noget som helst, hvis alt er hunkydory og alle er fĂždt med en guldske i munden?"". AltsĂ„ - VI SKAL FANDME TIL AT TAGE OS LIDT SAMMEN!!! Ja DIG!... NĂ„r, vi sĂ„ opnĂ„r et hĂžjere bevidsthedsniveau, sĂ„ er vi istand til at heale andre og os selv, med klarsyn, der fjerner enhver tvivl, hos selv de MEST hadefulde #Stoejberggate fĂžlgere, der skaber positive ringe i vandet. En fuldendt cyklus, pĂ„ nĂžjagtigt samme fremgangsmĂ„de, som skabte vores egen indre revolution af mentalt overgreb, der bragte os videre op med en heuristisk model, for selvlĂŠring, op i det guddommelige lys... PĂ„ en mĂ„de, skaber politikere og vores autoriteter, den banebrydende evolution i os selv, fordi, vi har fĂ„et nok... NOK ER NOK ... Og det selvom, vor autoritet, forsĂžger ihĂŠrdigt at skabe Frygt, Separation og Ubalance, for at fremme Deres egen egocentriske agenda, for magt -og pengeliderlighed... Tiden er ikke inde for, at vi per automatik blĂ„stempler vor autoriteters hadprĂŠdikanter og fremmedfjendskhed, tiden er inde til, at reformere os selv til et sted, hvor vi kan leve, FRIT... For at provokere din egen bevidsthedsdannelse eller mindfulness: Hvordan finder vi sandheden som sĂŠtter os fri? Hvordan lĂžsriver vi os selv for frygt, blokeringer og berĂžringsangst? HvornĂ„r begynder vi at forstĂ„, det vi har lĂŠrt fra skolen, nyhedskanaler, vores institutioner rundt om i verden, vores basale indlĂŠring om verdensorden er forkert? Hvordan vĂ„gner vi op fra vores fastforankret virkelighedsbillede, nĂ„r vi ikke ved, vi skal vĂ„gne endnu? Hvordan lĂžsriver vi os vĂŠk fra den totalitĂŠre enhed af kontrol, magt og dominans? Hvordan skaber vi, som Werner Erhard citere; En Verden, Der Virker For Alle? ... |

Advokat bekrĂŠfter: Korrekt at Lars LĂžkke var ledsager for Solrun

Advokat for Solrun, Karoly NĂ©meth: ”Man kan spinde mange ender over, om det var klogt af Lars”

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