October 19, 2021

🏴‍☠️🤪🔫~ (Jagten på Mink-Medico-Metto's og pandemiens helte fortsætter) mens er det frimurerne, embedsmændene og magtelitens 423 danskere som styrer landet som medierne skal beskytte og er de sande magthavere - ikke politikerne (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: ... Nu hvor SUPERPANELET på TV 2 FNYS NEWS vil have nedlagt "dkpolmemes" ligesom de har gjort med politikerlede.com, elitometer.dk, jeg-fortryder.dk og holddinkæft.dk - lukket grundet GDPR (siger de)... Ingen regering og chefer generelt, tåler ikke kritik - brok straffes hårdt - Narcissister kan ikke tåle negativ omtale eller kritik... |


👩‍🚀🚀🌌 ~ ('Semper Supra' - Always Above) Increase in military activity (SimonParkes) ~ | Blogger: People in the know taking cover? The rest of us, awaiting the outcome and (prepared)... While, China and North Korea denies testing nuclear-capable hypersonic missile, says it was spacecrafts (traveling with Earth Alliance meetings on Ganymede with Intergalactic Confederation?). Dr. Michael Salla seems to think, Mr. Musk, Bezos, Branson and William Shatner and a update from Val Nek, relayed through Megan Rose, makes for a total of four independent sources reporting on Ganymede being the site of meetings with a highly evolved new group of extraterrestrial visitors to our solar system.. What Val Nek is effectively saying here is that there is not going to be a split or separation of humanity into different groups that proceed to multiple worlds, densities, timelines, etc., in a planet-wide ‘harvest’ (Dr Salla)... |



💉🧪🦠 ~ ('J&J fallen angel DNA') AI-created metallic lifeforms injected through “demon juice” jab live and grow in host bodies, YouTuber claims (Intellihub.news) ~ | Blogger: Shepard Ambellas is an opinion journalist, analyst, political pundit... |

A YouTuber refers to COVID-19 vaccinations as “demon juice,” also insinuating an alien invasion is underway, in a controversial new video.

In the video titled URGENT NEWS, HORRIFIC INFORMATION THAT WILL SHAKE YOU TO THE CORE!!!!, Paul, the channel’s creator, explains how Earth is under an alien invasion in which “living organisms” inhabit host bodies of COVID vaccinated individuals. Paul says the living organisms are composed of AI-created DNA and grow and breed in host bodies, like the movie Invasion of the Bodysnatchers.

“These embryos contained in the demon juice… are alien lifeforms,” he said. “There are two companies that are manufacturing these things, and one company has to keep them at 80 degrees below zero in a cryogenic state, and the other company at 20 degrees below zero.

Images displayed in the footage shows what appears to be a Matrix-looking creature, found in the popular 1999 Keanu Reeve's film.

👼 ~ 💗 ('Breathe in light, breathe out love.') The Dance of Spiritual Evolution (EraofLight) ~ | Blogger: (I Declare and Decree) I AM Source Light - I AM Unconditional Love... I AM Source Light - I AM Unconditional Love... I AM Source Light - I AM Unconditional Love ~ SoTW... |

"Love and fear will not continue to coexist for much longer on Earth. The splitting of worlds is to become quite evident even for those unaware of the process of ascension. The signs are to be overwhelming." ~ I am Kejraj!


Greetings! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj. The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. Tune into the light within you.

The intensification of energies in this process has already entered a new level. This will continue for the next three years or so. With shorter and shorter breaks in between energetical downloads and times for integration.

The world will tremble as mass cleansing activity increases. On a personal, as well as on a collective level, including Earth herself. Weather and earthly changes being more frequent throughout the world.

Focusing on raising one’s frequency is paramount at this time. This way you know the steps to the dance of spiritual evolution, finding your balance amidst the storms. Do not give into the fear and chaos unfolding in the outer world.