Oct 30, 2019

🌍 ~ Who is behind Salt Of The World? What is its purpose? In the Light of Truth (Verdensalt) ~ 🌍 | Blogger: [🤜You have a choice: Either stick to the globalist agenda and their '3-D Matrix of illusion' which leads to 'their perception is Your reality' - OR - start confront Your own 'two wolves who are always fighting' to seek out the TRUTH🤛] ... 🤴 I am exactly the same age as our beloved Crown Prince Frederik, the heir apparent to the throne of Denmark. Born on the Three Kings' Day. Consider myself an energy-coach, 2019 will be the starting point. However, I am a moneyless proprietor, unknown "John Doe" and daydreamer. Didn't score the highest in both intelligence and creativity during my 16 years of 'indoctrinated' school time, but awaken and seen a flash of light, a 'glitch' in the existing 3D Matrix of the illusion 👁️‍🗨️ ... The name of my blog, verdensalt, was inspired of the knowledge, by the dairy-maker, Martinus Thomsen, and his vast universe ... Later on, much, much more ... |

This is me on verdensalt portraying as U.S. Vietnam soldier and the kids of my
 1st host family back in the late 80's under Halloween, High School & Defense end (DE)
(american football) days ...

🌍'Verdensalt' means - 'Salt Of The World'🌍

Denmark is a very small country... the world is very large...but, the TRUTH gets out in SECONDS around the GLOBE...

 YOU are the salt of the world. WE are the salt of the world. WE live on Mother Gaia/Earth, but our base of operations should also include, the Cosmos. The universe seen as a well-ordered whole - a endless cosmos... Eternal, infinite and living, a conscious cosmos....

Giving Unconditional Love: 
Love yourself unconditionally. 
Unconditional love starts at home, with oneself. ... 
Make the loving choice. ... 
Forgive those you love. ... 
Don't expect to shield someone you love from all discomfort and pain. ... 
Be the protector of love, shine light in the ones who’s needed 

So, who AM I ? Where do I even begin? 
You maybe see me outside, a few like you, can also see me within. 
Who AM I? It’s not what others might see, 
Who I AM is not what others think of me. 
Who I AM is who I always was and who I will always be, 
A dreamer that just wants to be free, 
A warrior of light for eternity.

TRUTH is ONLY what you perceive in YOUR OWN SPACE. The person sitting NEXT to YOU, might have a different OPINION and should NOT be FORCED upon. EVERYONE have FREE WILL and having their own SPIRITUAL AWAKENING EXPERIENCE. In other WORDS, STICK to the INNER TRUTH from your HIGHER SELF, that will always LEAD YOU STRAIGHT home.

verdensalt.dk is a nonprofit blog, no ads, no advertising and marketing, non governmental organization and no funding of any kind. and no work either, no income (it's by design). Been working for the GoLDMaN SLaCKS and Rothschild banking cartel for 30 years, but no more...

It's meant as a Portal. Using symbolism, video or photos to create a good atmosphere. I do my own research, speak my mind, good friends giving me intel some times. I'm dyslexic, blogger spellcheck functions are working, even so, errors will appear. Important of all, ABSOLUTELY FEARLESS. Lost friends POSTING stuff which DIDN'T RESONATE with their 3D MATRIX OF ILLUSORY perception, gets me SAD sometimes, however TRUTH will always lead the way to another PATH and NEW FRIENDS.

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Much love & Light. 

🌩️ ~ MAJOR Spikes in Schumann Resonance, Solar Geostorm & Plasma From Space (Verdensalt) ~ | Blogger: [〰️ The Earth is vibration higher and higher, just like verdensalt!〰️] ... Wooow! ... 🌊 (Con l'aiuto degli amici italiani) - With help from the italian friends : "Considering the beginning of this powerful movement, indicated on the graph on October 27th at 5 am, the almost continuous period of activity was of about 65 hours. Three day consecutive of strong activity, after a few hours of pause at the local time midnight passage of 29th, from 22 UTC a new powerful movement began with amplitude variations that reached 40 at first to arrive with a gradual increase to Power 87 at 8 UTC. Later, almost been a total white, for several hours, from 7 to 9 and from 10 to 11 UTC the amplitude was constantly above Power 70 with various exceedances even of the threshold of 80. The highest peak still remains that previously reported"... |


🎃 ~ HALLOWEEN HORROR 🧟 : Long Beach Halloween party mass shooting leaves three dead and nine injured after hooded gunmen open fire at LA house (TheSun) ~ | Blogger: [AND, so it begins... Long Beach mass shooting could be very real and verdensalt thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families🙏] ... {But, i'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you and being rude and insensitive, but we're smack in the middle of the occult / pagan october holidays & sabbats - the false (spiritual) esoteric societies and holy orders festivitas in full motion} .. Samhain, (aka All Hallows Eve, aka Halloween), is a three day fire festival in which sacrifices were given to fires for the sun god. Samhain is a festival for the dead, as Beltaine is a festival for the living. There are a slew of traditions that occur during this festival of Samhain from Oct 29-31st, with the culmination on Halloween night. Samhain is the Celtic lord of the dead and is considered a stag god. A stag god in the occult is always a reference to the ancient male god Nimrod. He was depicted with one horn, or multiple horns appearing as antlers like Moloch... |


👾 ~ Happy Halloween from space: Collision of 2 galaxies looks like a ghost face staring at us (SS) ~ |

Hubble has captured the collision of two galaxies of equal size that appears to resemble a ghostly face. Credit: @NASA/@ESA, J. Dalcanton, B.F. Williams, and M. Durbin (University of Washington) via NASA
The ‘head’ is a result of the gravitational shock wave that pushes material outwards from the two merging galaxies while the bright ‘eyes’ are the centers of the galaxies themselves.


🌠 ~ Large Green Fireball Light Spotted Flying Over Ireland (DAHBOO77) ~ |

Residents across Ireland and beyond were mystified Monday night as a curious green fireball lit up the night sky. Astounded amateur astronomers across the Irish counties of Clare, Cork, Fermanagh, and Mayo caught a glimpse of the enigmatic event over the Emerald Isle at roughly 7pm local time. 

🎁 ~ ⭐️ EngleGAVE: Jeg fortæller i videoen, hvad det er (Sofie Rose) ⭐️ ~ | .. Nymåneudfordring : Er du klar på at gøre en lille ting, som kan hjælpe dig med at træde ind i år 2020 med mere lykke, glæde, flow og overflod? Jeg fortæller i videoen hvad det er ♥ .. | Blogger: Selvfølgelig koster det en masse penge at være fuld medlem hos Sofie Rose, men engang-i-mellem, sender hun en hjertelig dejlig varm hilsen ud, som er gratis - sponsoreret af vores englebasser... 💙 |


Englene har en udfordring til dig, som kan hjælpe dig med at træde ind i år 2020 i en langt mere højtvibrerende udgave af dig.

Måske kunne du tænke dig at være med?

En gave fra englene til dig

Jeg har optaget en lille video, som jeg har lagt på min facebook side, hvor jeg fortæller, hvad det er.
Du finder videoen lige her - klik her

👼 ~ 💗 Intense Energy Times, Spikes in Schumann Resonance (Higher Self) 💕 ~ |

🔴 ~ BREAKING: World Famous Angry 'Our House Is On Fire Climate Messiah' Greta Thunberg & writer Jonas Eika, declines $52,000 together with 2019 Nordic Council Environment Prize, as Prize Winners Shocking Sneak Attack Danish PM, Mette Frederiksen, of Racism In The Stockholm Acceptance Speech which leaves Danish PM & Swedish PM, Stefan Löfven with other Politicians Absolutely Speechless and Petrified - No clapping ~ | Blogger: [😲FOR the first TIME under 'crisis acting' Greta Thunberg rule, verdensalt do agree with her and Jonas Eika🗣️] - when, Jonas Eika, gave a very emotional speech, REPEATEDLY mentioning Mette Frederiksen by name and accusing her and her government of having taken over the recent government's racist politics, acc. to a danish journalist, Troels Mylenberg. 💬 - "I speak to the Danish Prime Minister (who also sits in this room). Mette Frederiksen, who heads a Social Democracy that has come to power by taking over the previous government's racist language and politics", said Jonas Eika in the speech, which TV 2 has a copy of. 💬 - "Mette Frederiksen, who calls herself the CHILDREN'S prime minister, but runs a foreign policy that divides families", he said in the speech. The Danish author also accused other governments in the Nordic countries of pursuing racist politics. 💬 - "The mound and applause were scattered. Mette Frederiksen and Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, who also sat in the first row, sat as petrified and did not clap", says Troels Mylenberg. A party member describes Eika as a "clown". And Pia Kjærsgaard is angry - VERY angry after Jonas Eika talks about "State-racism" and many other subjects ... |

(Above - true or false?) Photographs shared widely in September 2019 showed Greta Thunberg posing with George Soros and a member of Isis and "aligning herself" with Antifa...

Prismodtager anklager Mette Frederiksen for racisme i takketale: - Hun sad som forstenetGreta Thunberg får Nordisk Råds Miljøpris - afviser at modtage den
Greta Thunberg declined a climate award because the world needs more action, fewer awards
'The climate doesn't need awards': Greta Thunberg declines environmental prize
Pia Kjærsgaard: »Skam dig, Jonas Eika«

💉☠️🗳️ ~ (Vaccine)Socialdemokratiet: Vi foretrækker, at befolkningen selv kan se det fornuftige i vaccinationer (KK) ~ | Blogger: [👉Ingen vaccine, ingen børnehave eller skole, ingen arme, ingen kager👈] ... Kære afarter af socialdemokratiske vælgere, partikammarater og kommunister... Nu er det bare således, at bare fordi ræverøde (med blå rødder) partier, siger til jer, at verdenssundhedsorganisationen samt Sundhedsstyrelsens anbefaling om en vaccinedækning på 95 procent skal overholdes og fordi i har stemt på en RØD regering, så er lobbyisme fra medicinalindustrien, interesseorganisationer og patientforeninger, som gerne vil fortælle om deres produkter på Borgen, forsvundet... Tværtimod... sådan spiller klaveret ikke... |

»No vaccine, no kindergarten or school.«

This is what Italy's new approach to fight against parents who do not let their children vaccinate.

The Social Democracy is not in denial that Denmark can use equal resources - but the party would rather see that it is achieved by means of information


💉 ~ Vaxxed2 documentary producers release devastating information about America’s hidden vaccine injury epidemic: “A war zone” of dead children (NN+InfoW+HNN+Vaxxed) ~ | Blogger: [✊Coming To A Western Cabal Controlled City Near You👊] ... PS: CBS -- New Bill Would Require NY Kids to Get HPV Vaccine to Go to School or Daycare... |


👼~ 💗 Null Zone Reset (Meg Benedicte) 💕 ~ | Part V (fith) Update Since 10:10 | .. We are currently in the midst of a global timeline reset. Many visiting souls have come from the future to issue a new ascension timeline for planet earth .. |


I’ve recently been noticing significant shifts occurring in the planetary holographic field. At times the outer room flickers, rippling back and forth, until it regains solidity. It all happens in a moment. Other times I’m walking and the floor shifts under my feet, another ripple effect, like walking on an ocean wave, then it stabilizes. We are currently in the midst of a global timeline reset.

Many visiting souls have come from the future to issue a new ascension timeline for planet earth. It’s a numbers game. There are not enough awakened humans, while the collective ‘hive mind’ is still lost in a matrix of illusion. The ascension shift was missing deadlines. So here we are!

Many are reporting examples of the Mandela Effect, or alternate time streams shifting in and out of human reality. As time grows more fluid, parallel timelines are bleeding through. All is shifting in a continuous kaleidoscope of flashing mirrors…as the ground literally shifts beneath us.

Within the spinning Quantum Vortex, a null-magnetic field is created in Singularity. A Null Zone is created when energy expands, extends and blossoms outwards, then is shattered from without, causing the previous world or reality system to collapse inwards upon itself. The old entrenched patterns and systems are decomposing. The old shattered worlds cannot be restored to their original position.

🧘‍♂️ ~ Hvordan udlever vi åndelig spiritualitet? (Verdensalt Arkiv) ~ |

Udgivet Juli 2014 af Verdensalt.dk

Den lille Gumbas, Nu skal vi heeeeeelt ind I sindet, … nu er vi bange .. Numensas (rytteriet)

Har en mistanke om, der er mange som opfatter det, at leve en spirituel vej betyder; meditation dagen lang - Buddha stående på hver hylde, orange klædedragt, månedlige lynvisit til Indien og en Guru på speed-dial via mobilen. Hvem siger, det kun er de specielt udvalgte som flyver på skyerne, uanfægtet af hverdagens drama og kaos, fed karma og liv med ubetinget kærlighed fra ens aura og konstante gode energi-frekvenser og vibrationer, elskelige af alle omkring os....Præcist som i vores evindelige præcissationtræs med karriere, børn, gæld og farlig volvo efterlever vi samfundsordenens strenge krav på værdisæt, vision og normen som er til vores rådighed. Derfor behøves det ikke være galimatias at tro på vi er omgivet af skytsengler, det gudommelige selskab, feer eller dæmoner.   

”Vi er alle spirituelle skabninger”, hvis du tror på der er mere end livet tilbyder sig, så er du i min bog, spirituel som er blevet opmærksom på ens egen åndelige tilstand. 

Spiritualitet er ikke religion. Det kommer ikke fra dine forældre eller Jehovas vidner som banker på din hoveddør ( blot et eksempel). Spiritualitet opstår fra et eller andet sted dybt inde i dig (SELVET eller SJÆLEN). Det er en tro på, at du ønsker at rodfæste dig uden du har en synlig grund. Du mener, at der er mere i livet, noget som du ikke kan måle eller helt forklare, hvad din overbevisning helt er, følt det bekræftede hundrede gange. Måske gennem intuitioner, som har vist sig at være korrekte, overbevisende sammentræf, ”deja vu” en følelse af samhørighed. Fordybelse inde i dig selv, gennem indre tro og holde det tæt til dig. Det er sikkert ikke synligt, men jeg mener, ​​det er meget reel.

Chok og traumer, stærke begivenheder kan påvirke os i en alternativ retning. Én af mine familiemedlemmer fik foretaget en ballonudvidelse efter en forsnævring i kranspulsåren. Når det var overstået, stod det på transcendental meditation 2 gange om dagen, ændret spisevaner, ændret adfærd, sportslige aktiviteter og nærmest sygeligt afholdelse af, hvad der var farligt for kroppen. Men forstår vi helt selv, at opretholde vores levevis hele livet i sådanne en udstrækning, som er sund levevis, med vores sind/tanker/følelser? Vaners magt, ubehag for forandringer, fastforankret tankemønstre, stædighed, trækker os tilbage til livets tryghed : "3-D Matrix af Illusion".

Måske, måske ikke, ihvertfald er min egen far, tilbage i folden af ego-individualisterne, tilbage under lægevidenskabens klare lys og modtager toktisk medicin og lytter til 24x7 TV2 News, som var det, guddommelige udbredelse af Jesu syv ord på korset...

🔮 ~ 💗 November 2019 Predictions: Major Shift in Consciousness (Joni Patry Vedic Astrological) 💕 ~ | Blogger: Waaaw! Major changes ahead😲... Be Prepared! The GREAT Awakening!... EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED!... PS: Patry is a second level (highest level) certified Vedic astrologer among many other things... I have personally found on verdensalt, that Western (or tropical) astrology is less accurate than Indian--or "Hindu" astrology, could be because i was inaugurated in Kriya Yoga when Swami Shankarananda Giri came to Denmark in 1994, coincidentally I was thrown into an adventure that I will never forget. Could have been the VERY FIRST “spiritual awakening” process for me, even, at that time, were young and unaware of the process that began inside me. My "clear conscious awakening" hit me on a deeper level, after the Reiki inauguration program, kickstarted, 1-2 decades ago.. |

Joni Patry lives in Dallas, Texas and is one of the most recognized teachers and Vedic astrologers in the world. She was a faculty member for ACVA, CVA and Instructor for online certification programs, published many books, journals and appeared on national and international television shows. As the keynote speaker for international conferences, she has a Japanese website, and teaches in Turkey and India. She has been awarded the 2015 Jyotish Star of the year and Dr B. V. Raman's Janma Shatamanothsava Award Jyotisha Choodamani. She publishes an online astrological magazine, Astrologic Magazine and has an online University for certification, the University of Vedic Astrology.

👤 ~ Udenrigsminister melder sit kandidatur til Folketinget (policywatch) ~ | Blogger: [🤚Mani og bipolar lidelser : Alle har vel en mani🤚] .. {Fra Demokrati - Teknokrati - Pædofili - Ludomani - Sparemani - Købemani - Krænkermani} ... Det som foruroliger mig allermest på verdensalt redaktionen, er, at vi skal accepterer, at Christiansborg kan skjule alt under gulvtæppet, via #mørklægningsloven (Offentlighedsloven), tilsidesætter eller bryder, #ministeransvarloven, som #Støjberggaten har gjort hundredvis af gange og at #Parlamentarisk-immunitet, kan retfærdiggøre, en TOTAL beskyttelse af et parlaments medlemmer imod mulig politisk forfølgelse fra den udøvende magt gennem bl.a. politi og anklagemyndig... Vi skal accepterer, at politikere er ekstrem sexual aktive og flakker mellem at være hetero, homo- bi- og transseksuelle, okay, men at en fremtrædende politiker, samt alle andre syndere og moralister, slipper for videre tiltale, over at en klokkeklar pædofilisag, forstår jeg intet af. Men det skal jeg måske heller ikke, fordi, danske politikere, er åbenbart over de gængse 1.300 love, vi har i Danmark, men også over Grundloven sammen med Kongehuset... |


🐠 ~ POTUS Report: Think Right & Wrong, NOT Right & Left (The GoldFish Report No. 399, Week) ~ | Blogger: [🙉Living in the Fake News Era - Your brain tricks you into Believing Fake News🙈] ... Verdensalt understand that people has a hard time following The GoldFish Report or Jim Fetzer, PhD, because their associating them with or as 'conspiracy terrorists', true radical Trump supports, QAnon or whatever... Well, it may be so, but there's a reason Louisa were censored on her FB or any youtube channels, and loss of 12.000 subscribers etc. etc. Verdensalt don't follow them so much anymore, i think that their FB feeds are to aggressive for me, neverthelesss, our MSM media prepares spun stories every single minute of our lives, that isn't truth and make us all want to believe it... Spiritual truth is the truth about you, me and collectively us. Have you ever thought what are we, who are we, where have we come from, where has life come from, and most importantly is science and news media giving you the exact answers about you being as a live conscious being or where do we go when we die?... |

On The GoldFish Report No 399, Week 145 POTUS report, Louisa reports on the recent U.S. - China trade deal progress, U.S. Military Raid to take out ISIS Leader Baghdadi, the mystery of Pelosi, Schiff and Brenner's lack of public appearances, Katie Hill resignation, and the UN Usurping U.S. Sovereignty in Utah and more. Jim reports on political demographic flip, democratic party on Suicide watch, Cowdstrike and Ukraine, facebook fake fact checkers, Syrian oil conundrum, Israeli dual citizenship and mossad, HRC claiming Tulsi Gabbard is a Russian agent among others, Bolton apparently is the whislteblower seeking revenge for firing, RIP First Amendment and more.

⚖️ ~ Dansk domstol i brøler: 'Jeg er meget rystet' (B.T.) ~ | Blogger: [📺HOLD da op! Det er som at se, fiktionsdramaserien, "Fred til lands", hvor Mike, en ekstrem sadistisk psykopat, holder en hel by, som gidsel🤺] ... |


»Jeg kender dit navn, og jeg ved, hvor du bor.«

B.T. Uddrag: "Mogens var mødt op i Retten i Hjørring for at vidne mod gerningsmanden. Hvad, Mogens ikke vidste, var, at retten to måneder forinden ved en fejl havde tilsendt alle Mogens' private oplysninger direkte til gerningsmandens e-boks.

🛸 ~ 💗 UFO Over Nightly Summer In Sedona of 2019 💕 ~ | Blogger: [✊Jimmy Looks Twice: We choose the right to be who we are. We know the difference between the reality of freedom and the illusion of freedom. There is a way to live with the earth and a way not to live with the earth. We choose the way of earth. It's about power, Ray🏹] ... Verdensalt has meet-up with his own Native American, Rahelio Roderiguez, in Sedona, Arizona in 2017 went on a (true) spiritual journey in the sweet lodge & special ceremony up in the red mountains ... As highly recommended by my friend and REIKI master Monica from US, Rahelio is a amazing spiritual guide, astrologer and healer. Wisdom teachings from both eastern Yogic traditions, Taoist wisdom, the Medicine Wheel, practice of western astrology, Christian mysticism and Native American shamanism and many other things.. Been lucky to visit both Sedona, Arizona and Sacred Mount Shasta and its spiritual mysteries. Many different types of vortexes are claimed to exist. From paranormal portals that act as doorways to the afterlife (or other dimensions), to spiritual spots near the convergence of ley lines... 👽📸 PS: Months ago i went to Sedona in 2019 again, and was to suppose to meet my friend Rahelio Roderiguez, but something came up and went to stay with Sedona Sacred Rocks Metaphysical B&B, superhost Meaghan, Master of (Choa Kok Sui) Pranic Healing retreat... Under my stay at Sedona, for baffling and unforgettable UFO sightings, try "Sedona Ufo And Vortex Tours". Best and cheapest. Equipped with $5000 special forces military night vision goggles, turns night into day, besides we could hear or had warnings of rattlesnakes, javelinas, bobcats, wolves, foxes, coyotes and skunks, but in the skies, we saw at least 30-40 objects, in 1 hour time, that was NOT planes, satellites and weatherballoons. Guide had satellitetracker and the equipment to make us, believers (seen UFO's many times before)... |


🖼️ ~ Epoch Times: "Reporters Share Conspiracy Theory From Obama Photographer Claiming Trump Photo During ISIS Raid Was Staged" (The Rumor Mills) ~ | Blogger: [💣NATO-CIA-Pentagon : Junction of the Real Druglords, Warlords & The Modus Operandi of the EU/UN?🏴‍☠️] ... This (perhaps staged) picture of Trump has gone viral on all (CIA Operation Mockingbird) Mass media outlets, including, the danish press. Whether it is true of false, i don't know, but it comes in a most convenient time window, when Democrats unveil resolution for next steps of Trump's impeachment... |

Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 29-Oct-2019 01:17:33

President Donald Trump is joined by Vice President Mike Pence, national security adviser Robert O’Brien (L), Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Army Gen. Mark A. Milley (R) in the Situation Room of the White House on Oct. 26, 2019. (Shealah Craighead/White House via AP)

Picture comes from corbettreport
Reporters Share Conspiracy Theory From Obama Photographer Claiming Trump Photo During ISIS Raid Was Staged
by Zachary Stieber

A number of reporters shared a conspiracy theory on Oct. 27 started by President Barack Obama’s former official photographer Pete Souza.

After the United States reportedly killed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi—the killing was later confirmed—Souza posited that a photograph shared by the White House showing President Donald Trump and military leaders in the situation room was staged before the raid.