Aug 31, 2022

👸🐰💘 ~ (99% belives that...) Diana, Princess of Wales, died 25 years ago after a car crash in the Pont de l'Alma tunnel in Paris (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: Was Princess Diana the most beautiful, spiritual and genuine woman of her time?... Her death led to a global outpouring of grief and MASSIVE media attention and 25 years later, sparked countless of unbelievable conspiracy theories. Many have not given up the idea that Diana may have been the victim of a plot... Was Mi6 and CIA involved in Diana's death?... If, Dynasty Di, should step up and appear together with Trump's team of White Hats, it would not come to a surprise. Or will she be the First woman to run for president of the United States of the new republic?.. "Jay Myers Documentaries" on YT and his backchannel is gone and his Bitchute is poorly updated. However, I have put out blogpost in 2017 about his video called "The Big Secret Diana Knew" and it's really good - if we can trust David Icke these days turning against Trump (found a mirror). Jay has more docs on the UK Royal family.... Check out the last video from "Intergalactic SpaceForce" to understand it all?... |

🙏 ~ 💝 (U.S. Navy + WH + Trump in control: CCP cahoots w/ Draco Reptilians on Moon - trafficked Stasis Pods Children for Military Power) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ 💕 | Blogger: Below a FB update from my fling-and-friend, Denise and what her dad was involved in. Denise told me about her father, in Florida, ranked as the Master Sergeant on the Patrick Air Force Base Eastern Test Area, later through the control tower. He did retire, and died unfortunately in 2019, but had top clearance, launching virtually all missions of the Apollo program, which included both manned and unmanned space missions flown by NASA between 1961 and 1975. In addition to posting in Germany and other secret places, his certificates and other qualifications hung on Denise's wall in her house - saw it with my own eyes. To bad, the Master Sergeant, did not want go beyond his NDA and was afraid what they could have done to him, if he spilled the beans... Another highly recommended short video is from Ismael Perez and this time, he's actually telling us some of the facts from, Elena Danaan. If the WH has told Mr. Perez to now trust Elena, I'd not sure or she wasn't really compromised after all? Anyways good update for all the Secret Space Program (SSP) truthers out there and very positive indeed about the Astara and Artemis accords that Dr. Salla has talked about for a while... |

©️ SOTW - wondering what the (One, Unity, Humanity, One) logo is about? It's the official logo of Citizens of Asgardia - breakaway civilization (no that i trust it anymore Davos and NASA funded so it seems)
Megan Rose: Galactic Federation of Worlds: The CCP, Genetic Experimentation 8-30-22 (
(22) A new accord has been signed around Jupiter known as the Astara and Artemis accords. - YouTube

US Tests Top SECRET Hypersonic Aircraft to Beat SR-72 – Aircraft News (

Queen to break tradition by appointing next prime minister at Balmoral | UK News | Sky News

🎴🔮💖 ~ ('Kerry Cassidy Project Camelot biggest downers energetically lack of self-love.') Janine Morigeau's iphone (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: I cant' find this podcast on her website and library... "Janine only needs to watch videos with 'loving energy' from people", and apparently, Kerry Cassidy, is not it. Amen to that, Janine, but, I thought, you wouldn't get "personally"?. Never mind that. I love them both - Janine and Kerry - the same (I'll meet Kerry in London Awake & Aware). Janine also touches on the energy from Flynn that was Trump's first national security adviser. According to the tarotcards - the original General "Flynn" was taken out and the person playing "Flynn" is a good guy (we all know about the controversy with Simon Parkes / Charlie ward vs. Janine / Jean Claude on that subject). And pharmaceutical companies + Trump-movement + Canadian govt has been surrendered and more... O-M-G! Janine has 18.000 subscribers (revealed at 48.27 minute marker) membership $4.99/month = $90.000 /month (667.116 DKK). Jesus Christ - good for Janine. With his "guy"-gone and living in Canada (no taxes?) - that's' some crazy earnings for shuffle & pull tarot cards a few times per week (plus other earnings) ... Waaaauv... Aaaand now, to something, that Janine mentions - interview with Mark Attwood which SoTW, also love... They talk about so many things that involved Johnny Rotten, JFK, Lady Di and the truth-movement etc. etc... |

"God save the Queen. The Fascist regime. She ain't no HUman being." 

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💠🔫⚔️ ~ (Danske medier: PET = 'agent provocateur') Båt, båt, så er det tid til morgenpost!: Abdel Aziz sprunget ud som amatør-soldat. Gorbatjov er død. Christiania har solgt sin sjæl til staten for penge. Danskerne betaler EU's højeste elafgifter. Trump ved alt om Macrons homo beta-sex-kitten-liv. Danske Bank sletter 90K kunders gæld og var mand i terrorsagen fra Holbæk agent for PET (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: Lyder som en dårlig James Bond film???... PET/FE er meget farlige for vores samfund og borgere. Det er SoTW's egen vurdering. Med mindre de arbejder for DeHvideHatte nu, Ligesom NSA. Vidste, Obama/Biden DNC-elskerinden, Guzzi-Helle, at gerningsmanden på Angrebet på Krudttønden, var kendt af PET og et FF-ops? Hver gang jeg tager emnet op overfor min søsters kæreste som (hemmelig) lejesoldat og slået dyr, børn og mennesker, ihjel, og har venner i Terma A/S, FE, hæren, og er på jagt i Gribskov, med en kendt V-politiker, lukker han i som en østers. Men min ældste ven, Lars, indtil jeg mistede kontakten, som arbejder aktiv i specialstyrkerne, har fortalt mig gruopvækkende historier. Dog, har Ole Dammegård, som jeg har snakket med og været til den semi-private foredrag, en masse viden omkring de mange False-Flag operationer og især omkring JFK, Oluf Palme og Gladio - NATO / CIA "Stay-Behind (Secret Armies) som Danmark har været en del af siden efterkrigstiden, 1945-1990'erne... Sååå, vi skal kæmpe imod Trump, Putin og BRIC-landene, som er Kabbalah og jøde-Banksternes hovedfjende. Vi skal helst se dem alle, hænge og dingle, i en lygtepæl, men vi Folket, bliver straffet, hvis vi brænder en dukke op, som ligner vores landsmoder... Ikke nok med, at Ahmed Samsam, der var en dansker ansat af "PET / FE", som lige nu, sidder og rådner op med 8 år i et fængsel i Spanien, der fik frataget 10.000 kroner fra 'Mads og Frederik' (FE-agenter). Nu siger, PET Hans Jørgen Bonnichsen, at terrormistænkt fra Holbæk-retten, han muligvis havde arbejdet for PET i cirka otte måneder i 2012... HVEM KAN MAN STOLE PÅ?... Jeg har før sagt på SoTW, at man ikke kan stole på PET/FE som er dybt, dybt, kontrolleret og manipuleret af CIA / Mossad / MI6's agendaer og False Flag terror-operationer.... |

Travle Abdel: Se min regnbue-datter -
Trump Bragged He Had ‘Intelligence’ on Macron’s Sex Life – Rolling Stone

(20+) Hans Jørgen Bonnichsen | Facebook
PET Hans Jørgen Bonnichsen holbæk - Google Search
Tidligere PET-chef: Det lyder rigtigt, at terrortiltalt har været agent | BT Krimi -
Terrordømte Ahmed Samsam fik frataget 10.000 kroner fra 'Mads og Frederik'. Nu får han dem igen med renter  | Indland | DR

Kirsten Birgit on Twitter: "Sikken skam, Christiania! Vi kunne desværre ikke slå jer ihjel, men nu er I en del af os selv. Held og lykke med det! #velkommentilnormaliseringen #lycraløbpåvoldene" / Twitter
Ole Dammegard's SPECIAL Home Delivery Copenhagen (The Ultimate Dot Connector)
The universe is eternal, infinite and vibrant, a conscious cosmos: Search results for krudttønden powder (

🤬🎬✂️ ~ (AI Hologram, Deepfake, CGI, VaxKillSh0ts, EatBugs, e-Cars & World Affairs) FUTURE'S NOW (TheCrowHouse) ~ | Blogger: A guy in a shed changing the world as we know it??... I got really tired of Max Igan's bad-mouth, profanity and swearing against any govt entity during the "killings of people" 2020 Coronacrisis. However, after he was "forced" out of Australia and into Mexico with a lot of help from "supporters" he's getting better. Just to be clear, SoTW, do understand his anger and how he feels, but scream and shout, will not help. Especially, brings people's anger out and his supporters, to do violent things and turn them into "Agent Provocateurs.". Max has been in the "truth"-movement much longer than me on SoTW, but he's sometimes missing the spirituality-through-mindfulness and has too-much end-of-the-world and trigger-happy-gung-ho, mentality... |


Aug 30, 2022

🙏 ~ 💝 ('Many treating your fellow Earthlings like they’re dogs needs to be trained.') Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ 💕 | Blogger: Because I've recently learned about families from EU that has slipped inside America (Texas) without being CV-jabbed, corona-harassed and forced PCR-tested, I had a dream last night about meeting Donald Trump and we talked about my former jobs and had fun- It's not the first time. I have also meet Putin and we always laugh and have fun (in my dreams of course)... Btw, the Gate-Star-Portal VHS TikTok video below looks pretty authentic to me and could disturb the "normies"... |

@erratic_state_archives #anomaly #analog #archive #archivefootage #VHS #unknown #erraticstatearchives #archives #analoghorror ♬ son original - Erratic State Archives

🗳️❌📲 ~ (Trump-Traps, QFS, SCOTUS, Q, G/NESARA, October-Collapse) Q PHONE PRODUCTION, DOCUMENTS AT MAR A LAGO WITH JASON Q & CHARLIE WARD - MUST BEEN SEEN (The Charlie Ward Show) ~ | Blogger: A bit concerning about this strange political rage Jason-character that should cut back on his swearing and judging others spiritual path (with all due respect)... |

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Satellite connections coming to Teslas, but not how you think (

※🔴🔺~ ('Rumor new KM African Pope, smart weapons, super soldiers nor global economic boycott, will stop Russia.') Fulford's *FULL REPORT* weekly geo-political news and analysis ~ | Blogger: Click the link, since videos cannot be embedded into the G-blogger, buuutt UNFATHOMABLE videoclips for the "NONBELIVERS" to change their minds about the ET topics... |

Russia makes new claim on Ukraine’s counter-offensive losses  — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

 Benjamin Fulford Report: Something Big Coming as Summer Deadlock Ends – Era of Light

Who is this Benjamin Fulford? BF (born 1961) is a 
journalist, author of Canadian descent, who lives in Japan. He speaks 4 languages, including Japanese. He worked in Japan as a correspondent for Knight Ridder, The International Financing Review, Nihon Keizai Shimbun English Edition, and South China Morning Post, before his days at Forbes Magazine, where he was the Asian office manager from 1998 to 2005. His investigative reports persecuted scandals in the Japanese government and business. After leaving Forbes, he wrote a number of Japanese books, some of which became best sellers, and began to publish on the internet. He surrendered to Japanese citizenship in 2007. He gained some popularity on the internet after he conducted an interview with David Rockefeller in November 2007.

Something big coming as summer deadlock ends

Blogger: A far-fetched story!?... Yes I agree... Verdensalt has been following Fulford’s reports for some years, reading them should probably be done with a large grain of salt. There's NOTHING right or wrong in this storytelling, other than some entertainment, some are properly truth or false claims, hard to factcheck. As always, use your own spiritual discernment. BF seems to share information directly from alleged sources within the Pentagon, CIA, White Dragon Society, and so on. Often the data presented is contradictory on the surface, but underneath in the intelligence services apparatus or underworld, more likely. It would probably be more productive to consider his data as one possible perspective on what is happening on Earth at this time.. With that said, the world is unbelievable corrupted and nasty, it's sometimes hard after a man swallowed The Red Pill...

Published by Benjamin on August 29, 2022

The summer deadlock in the ongoing, but undeclared, World War 3 is about to end, multiple sources agree. This is because the collective West is about to face a catastrophic systems failure if events continue on their present course.

The question now is: will the Khazarian mafia try to surrender or are they planning a new offensive led by a slave African pope, possibly involving a fake alien invasion?

The biggest sign that something big is about to happen is this announcement by the Vatican:  

The Holy See and the Institutions connected with the Holy See that are holders of financial assets and liquidity, in whatever form they are held, in financial institutions other than the IOR must inform the IOR and transfer them to it as soon as possible within 30 days from 1 September 2022.

😈🤘📐 ~ (666 siges at være ”djævlens tal” men i virkeligheden er det 616?) Fandens til festdag med masser af sekser som styrer vores hverdag - hvis vi lader det! (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: [🤜De sidste 500-1000 år er danskerne styret af Passer og Vinkel, Frimureriet, Okkulte Symboler, Okkult Kunst, Engle og Baphomet dæmoner - Satans ged🤛] ... 🤑🤫Mikael Goldschmidt, har 21 (3) roller i dansk erhvervsliv, ejer Imerco-kæden, og så er han Danmarks 38 (11). rigeste mand. M. Goldschmidt Holding, 3,2 milliarder kroner. Imerco runder 1,75 mia. kr. (13) i omsætning i nyt rekordregnskab under den værste Coronabesættelse og energi, fødevarer, boligboble og snarlig recession, som spås bliver større end efteråret 2008 bank- og finanskrise, der var 100% iscenesat af "Banksterne". M. Goldschmidt er nu også én af ejendomsbranchens markante, men normalt diskrete skikkelser, hvor jeg skulle have boet i et af hans bygninger, i den velkendt Norsjællanske by, v/ Frederiksborg Slot. Men det kostede 3. gange så meget for en nyetableret lejerækkehus, (op til 17K pr. md) så jeg var "tvunget" til at finde noget 400km væk i Jydelandet, væk fra Djævleøen. Dog, direkte ind i løvens hule og én af Danmarks største frimurerbyer, besat af en Socialakrobat AAL-borgmester og hans dødsdragoner, mistanke om korruption og et hav af skandaler bag sig. Beskyttet af C4 Laug og frimureriet... [LÆS VIDERE].. |

Talemåde: "(What Has Been Seen) Cannot Be Unseen". Hvilken for SoTW betyder; når først man er vågnet op og ud af Tornerosesøvnen, og ser verden, kan man ikke lægge sig ned igen og glemme, hvad man har set. Giver det mening!?! 

1 kWh koster ca. 2,5 kr. for private. Benzin 4,4 kr./l. El 2,25. Naturgas 0,80. Fyringsolie 1,00. Træpiller 0,30. Fjernvarme 0,40-0,60 o.s.v... |    

"Kviktest-kongen" satsede stort på klamydia-eventyr – nu varsler han pludselig massefyring - Frihedsbrevet

Anders Holch Povlsen i ny investering – Har opført nyt kæmpelager | BT Erhverv - åbner i Årslev i 2022: Vil beskæftige 5-600 personer - Vores Brabrand

Bølge af høje mælkepriser løfter Arla-omsætning med milliarder - Food Supply DK (
15. september 2022 - Om dagen i dag - Dags dato på
15. september går det løs igen: Skal jeg lade mig vaccinere mod corona? | BT Samfund -

Gasolier, Flybrændstoffer og Benzin | Priser på brændsel i Grønland (
Hvorfor koster diesel nu mere end benzin? - TV 2
EU i elpanik: - Kun én løsning – Ekstra Bladet
"Doomsday Scenario:" 70% Of British Pubs May Not Survive Winter As Power Costs Skyrocket | ZeroHedge

ahhhh... Så faldt ti-øren for SoTW... Mæættes bror og Aalborg Portland er et af de firmaer, der arbejder med minerydning... Som betyder, at danske firmaer og Staten, skal tjene KASSEN FRU MADSEN, på genopbygningen af Ukraine. SoTW sagde jo, det var, Det militær-industrielle kompleks tid, til, at tjene penge... Snart ser vi STORMEN og den 'kolde vinter' (agendaen) udspille sig(tak til Gitte fra den frie presse og Bjørknæs)

Lidt ligesom da USA skabte altødelæggende superstorme med HAARP-teknologier, og tjente på oprydningen, bagefter...

🤦🙃Her er en sjov lille historie fra "omvendtslev"; Ringede til Imerco om min helt nye Eva Solo 500kr termokande var UNDER GARANTIEN efter dobbeltvæggede og spejlbelagte glaskolbe-indsats er så (forbandet) skrøbelig og min, gik også i stykker efter 2 gange brug og et-lille-bitte-stød. De 3 sidste cifre i mit ordrenummer var "666" for det ikke skal være løgn, og jeg jokkede med kundeservice som fandt det "morsomt" at citere om det ikke var uheldigt og fandens fødselsdag, siden min termokande er NULL kr. værd (ingen garanti)... 

📱🆔Ooog nu hvor jeg skulle skifte mobilabb. men har Navne- og adressebeskyttelse og underlægges ekstrem digital krigsførelse fra Statens, GDPR krav og regler, CPR-godkendelse, besidder en digital post + NemKonto, samt lov om MitID og NemLog-in, tog det mig kørekort/sygesikings-beviser, flere telefonopkald og endelig online dokument, som om man skal sælge sit hus, at overgår, til et nyt teleselskab... 

🤪👎Ergo, uden MitID - ingen telefon abb. og kan du ikke bevise hvem du er, fordi danskere ikke længere må være anonyme og analoge, er du overladt til skovområderne, hvor alle PTSD-krigssoldater, lever af skovnegle og Forsvundne danskere eller storbyernes slum og de stakkels, hjemløse... 

⚔️🌞 Lige nu er dig og din mor pot og pande. Men kraftige (energi) vinde af frustration, er over os alle. Parat til at sælge sin bedstemor for en slik, for der ingen, som ønsker sig forandringer og signalerer afstandstagen fra Stein Bagger-begæret efter penge og kan ikke huske - Maslows behovspyramide. Kriser, virus-pesten, den kolde krig og Wall Street-krakket 1929 er over os - vi ønsker bare ikke at se det. Vi er alle ramt, både spirituelle og 'normies', af den kollektive, negative energi, fra 2020 og Coronabesættelsen, at borgerkrigen kommer, hvis ikke vi snart får The Great Solar Flash Event... 

🙅‍♂️🥼Min holistiske naturlæge siger til mig, han ingen patienter har. Ingen af Knud Jacobsens støtter kom og hjalp ham imod frimureriet. Alle er bange, især dem som er Corona-vaxxed. Alle gemmer sig og pengene skjules under madrassen, til bedre tider. Men først skal vi gennemgå og ride, på endnu en SUPERSTORM, så vi får vores personlige frihed tilbage og for ægte velfærd og for alles lige muligheder for at blive myndige og selvhjulpne. Kabbalah, Nazister- og fascisterne, ønsker KAOS, vi andre, ønsker at leve et normalt liv, hvor alle medmennesker, ikke kun, skal "overleve."... |

🛩️🛰️🌡️⛈️ ~ ('It's been manipulated - takes a lot for me to say that - weather does not look normal.' ~ BP) Mon. Aug. 29th/17th Anniversary of Katrina. Tropical Update (The Real BPEarthWatch) ~ | Blogger: [🤜FLOOD-the-D.U.M.Bs?🤛] ... POLL: Do you believe Hurricane Katrina was a purely natural disaster or do you think it was an "inside job" on some level (e.g. HAARP, eugenics-style racial attack, blowing up levees or general weather modification)?... SoTW is no nutcase - a bonafide lunatic crazy-cat I gotta put on my tin foil. I do my investigation... Everything from the Haiti earthquake to Hurricane Katrina was blamed on HAARP's dark weather-manipulated powers. People swore that the Alaskan antenna array (+ Norway and others) was controlling their minds. A Russian military journal warned that blasting the ionosphere would cause the planet to "capsize.".... What SoTW is saying, the govt and military entities has tried to control the weather since the 1800s. "Cloud seeding" is the least of our worries... Aaaand all we hear is, people, are lining up for days to buy hybrid diesel generator, coal, wind and solar power energy, ahead of "Cold Winter" agenda because they feel what is coming from the fear-mongering media and GREAT RESET-Cabals... Who controls the weather in 2022? 80-90% White Hats- rest is Black Hats??... |

Se videoerne: Kraftigt uvejr over Danmark druknede by og lukkede hovedvej - TV 2

Aug 29, 2022

🙏 ~ 💝 ('Woke'-Weaponised-World of Voters) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ 💕 | Blogger: What the Heck is Wrong With Us?... The next Danish general election has kickstarted (unofficially) and EVERYTHING is now possible.... A 44 yr old church law and female theologians in Denmark can't be rejected as female priesthood. Why? Upcoming election, wokeness and #MeToo, everything is possible. Like #HateTheRich, #LoveThePoor-themes from DK-govt (only during election times). "Energy-crisis" and a cash payout of 6,000 DKK sent to 400,000 households (poorest households) but a lot of rich people got it and many wrong people... (What are the Illuminati/Cabal's Fascinations with the Numerology Patterns of 3,6,9?) 15 of September 2022 (6+9+6. 9 can equal a 6 = 666) and upcoming Corona Wacko-Vaksine (KillSh0t), will start up again. Everyone over 50 or 2,5M Danes to get their 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th booster shot (sure as hell will be the end of people)... Sweden is gearing up for an election (11. September 2022 = 9/11) in which gun violence is at the top of voters' concerns aaaannd 2 injured in Sweden Emporia shopping mall in the southern city of Malmo, one arrested (FF op like 2022 Copenhagen mall shooting??). I have been in that shopping mail many times when i was living in Sweden for 6 yrs - it's unheard-of... The 2022 United States elections will be held on Tuesday, November 8, 2022 (just after 5th of November in V for Vendetta - inspiration from the historical Gunpowder Plot)... The U.S. government has confirmed through multiple reports that no vote flipping, voting, machine manipulation, or foreign government interference took place in the 2020 elections (yeah right🤣)... In Denmark, we know for a fact, DXC Technology (CSC Scandihealth A/S) SoTW used to work with some of the people, was chosen to develop and operate the new Danish election system. Transferred to Netcompany A/S. DXC Technology - the former CSC - has lifted the veil on the complex ownership structure behind the subcontractor "Smartmatic Holding", which is suspected of tax fraud that leads to a Caribbean tax haven and Venezuela. IT company Smartmatic, which has collaborated with Venezuela on the country's election system since 2004 has told the world; Venezuelan election turnout figures manipulated by one million votes (other countries has also been rigged). Is it possible in Denmark - what do you think?😉. There is an old saying that goes, almost every single president of the U.S. presidential elections 1789-2020 was hand-picked (carefully chosen) before any election by the Dark Alliance (DS-Cabal-Freemasonry club), except Donald Trump... |

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Flere kvinder i de nye regionsråd | Nyheder | DR
Dronningen blev overrasket af sine sønner ved militærparade (
15. september går det løs igen: Skal jeg lade mig vaccinere mod corona? | BT Samfund -
Sweden: Man dies in shooting at Malmo shopping centre - BBC News
Venezuelan election turnout figures manipulated by one million votes: election company | Reuters
Greta Thunberg accused of time travelling after she's ‘spotted’ in 120-year-old photo - World News - Mirror Online

🚀🚦🎌 ~ (Two steps step back. Does anyone see a pattern here?) Apollo-2-Artemis' Twin Sister - 50 Years Of Rockets And Rituals. Greek Goddess of the Hunt and Moon - Stepping Stone 2 Mars (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: ⚠️NASA HAS CANCELLED - over engine bleed malfunction⚠️... N.A.S.A. or (NASA lies, NAZI, SAtAN) and their CGI that has drastically improved over the years, they don't even need to waste money on building the rockets when they can create everything via computer... Sooo... the Artemis program will pick up where the famed Apollo program left off?? - returning HUmans to the Artificial moon aKa The Hollow Moon hypothesis aKa Spaceship Moon, including landing the first woman (#Me-too) and the first (LGBT+ gender)person of color at the lunar south pole, and preparing for HUman exploration of Mars and beyond - Re-he-he-heally?... For 80 yrs or so, antigravity propulsion systems and free energy systems has been the backbone of the SSP and Nazi hidden occult societies in Germany... To this day, i'm stumped that Hollywood and CIA (DARPA) create movies like, 'Ad Astra', (shitty movie sorry) that paints a dysfunctional and dark emotional stressful picture of how to "SURVIVE" in SPACE. YES, the movie 'Ad Astra', a great gloriously surreal space epic in regards to a turgid, generic father / son drama, but do you REALLY think, if "they" actually has an entire Solar Warden Armada (an ultra-secret project that maintains a fleet of spaceships that are operating primarily within Earth's Orbit and around our solar system), that they would still use traditional SpaceX rockets, like they do in this movie and survive years of emptiness in dark deep space? Nooo... |

👼 ~ 💞 ('No one person will lead America next - time of devolution and Power to the People.') Mar-a-lago, FBI! - with MICHELLE FIELDING, Spiritual Coach 💕 ~ | Blogger: 👼 = indicates on SoTW it's Channeled Messages. And maaany people are channeling GFL or GFW. Could we compare Michelle to Blossom Goodchild Channeling White Cloud?... It's funny or sad (really)... Lovely messages from Michelle Fielding on the questions she asked of the galactic federation, and her many foretell or prediction videos is hint or reveals incredible things, what the future will be like; Trump family (WH), Elon Musk (Once BH now WH) and Joe Biden (BH controlled by WH), nano technology, Starlink/Skylink, planetary awakening, and collective etc. etc. Sadly, Tarot by Janine (Morigeau) refuse to have anything to do with Michelle, but they both have so many "predictions" in common and one thing in particular in this video below of spiritual insight was, that the "FBI search of Mar-a-Lago" was a White Hat operation. However, Michelle, also said (last few minutes before video end), that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is for the "devolution-movement" and Meghan, will act as a White Hat ambassador, going forward. Both will bring power down to the masses and away, from central control (WHAAAT?!?). In the latest video by Janine, she clearly stated once of many times before, Harry and Meghan, is totally a "show" and absolutely "fakery" (and SoTW believe her). Btw, Nicholas Veniamin, refuse to have Janine on his show, because she don't like, Michelle Fielding. And then we have Janine & Jean Claude, Julie issue with Simon Parkes, Dr. Charlie Ward and controversy over General Flynn. Janine has also stopped the interviews with Catherine Edwards (the founder of The Catherine Edwards Academy), which is a damn shame. Catherine, still interviews, Ismael Perez, and Janine - Megan Rose, that, Dr. Salla, Alex Collier, Dani Henderson and Elena Danaan, hates both so much, because, Ismael is saying Alex and Elena, is basically, full of crap and been compromised, by BH - so is Megan, so they claim... Anyway (Biden catchphrase). SoTW still love them all, but have never, ever been into Elena (bookselling, celebrant, Guildcraft druid, artist and channeler) belief system... Time will tell who's legit and who's a fake... Let's pray for them all... |

Mar-a-lago, FBI! - with MICHELLE FIELDING, Spiritual Coach (

✨ ~ 💓 (The germ theory and the collapse of...) PFIZER FACING 2 LAWSUITS, FAUCI'S RETIRING, WHISTLEBLOWER EXPOSES TWITTER, FBI RIGGED 2020 ELECTION (3D to 5D Consciousness) ~ 💕 | Blogger: Nyla Nguyen-asian fitness-personal trainer and 'spiritual teacher'? living in Canada, do not talk about the “Germ Theory” which is a taboo and still a Cabal-Catalyst for the present many 'dangerous viruses'-agendas and compulsory or voluntary vaccinations (KillSh0ts and placebo) for 7 billion HUmans on Earth. Thanks for sharing is caring, to my Danish holistic Naturopathic doctor (ND), Louis, with 50 yrs experience treating people and absorbed tons of (truth)information during a lifetime and article brought to you by GlobalResearch. This quite revealing article on the origin of vaccines, especially Polio, which they still claim, are caused by a virus that spreads easily from person to person, is a scam and hoax... |

The Dogma and History of Vaccination. Questioning "Germ Theory" is a Taboo - Global ResearchGlobal Research - Centre for Research on Globalization
About Nyla Nguyen | Flickr
Pfizer facing 2 lawsuits, Fauci's retiring, whistleblower exposes Twitter, FBI rigged 2020 election (

Aug 28, 2022

🧂 ~ 💡('Verdensalt' means - 'Salt Of The World') Who is behind Salt Of The World? What is its purpose? 🌍 (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: [🤜You have a choice: Either stick to the globalist agenda and their '3-D Matrix of illusion' which leads to 'their perception is Your reality' - OR - start confront Your own 'two wolves who are always fighting' to seek out the TRUTH🤛] ... 👨‍🌾 I am exactly the same age as Crown Prince Frederik, Denmark's "coming King", born on the Three Kings' Day. Considered myself an "energy-coach", the corona-crisis destroyed my wish for a company startup - now hunted down by Danish Tax Agency and Court system. I am a moneyless proprietor, unknown "John Doe" and daydreamer. My 16 years of 'indoctrinated' school time, or 20 plus years in the Rothschild banking cartel, was no bed of roses, but awaken and seen a flash of light, a 'glitch' in the existing 3D Matrix of the illusion 👁️‍🗨️ ... The name of my blog, verdensalt, was inspired of the knowledge, by the dairy-maker, Martinus Thomsen, and his vast universe... 🥨SALT of the World or Verden(salt) or Verdens(alt): Nobility, landlords and rulership and Kings - social hierarchy of nobility in medieval times - considered SALT, a precious commodity. The closer one peasant was to the nobility, one could reach the SALT and it was, in fact, a huge rare commodity and highly sought merchandise, just as Gold is, in our days.. 🌱YOU are the salt of (Mother GAIA) Earth and therefore, a divine Angelic being of importance... 🙏Remember that... 🔢With 24.248 blogposts — and counting. +/- the blogposts Google has deleted.. Stay tuned!... My Personal Credentials will be removed... |

Sedona, Arizona Mountain Biking Trails 2019 - SoTW with Craft t-shirt and a 2 meter tall german guy, Dietrich, I meet. Together, with a american dude we picked up on the way on mountain bike route through the mountain belt. Totally surprised how much they knew and understood, how corrupt the world is and needed to be changed, for the better... |
I guess this is for the Danish readers only... (New Year's resolution 2016) 


🌍'Verdensalt' means - 'Salt Of The World'🌍

Former PM / Network / Design / Technology
Specialist - Banking

Denmark is a very small country... the world is very large...but, the TRUTH gets out in SECONDS around the GLOBE...

 YOU are the salt of the world. WE are the salt of the world. WE live on Mother Gaia/Earth, but our base of operations should also include, the Cosmos. The universe seen as a well-ordered whole - a endless cosmos... Eternal, infinite and living, a conscious cosmos....

So, who AM I ? Where do I even begin? 
You maybe see me outside, a few, can also see me within. 
Who AM I? It’s not what others might see, 
Who I AM is not what others think of me. 
Who I AM is who I always was and who I will always be, 
A dreamer that just wants to be free, 
A warrior of light for eternity.

TRUTH is ONLY what you perceive in YOUR OWN SPACE. The person sitting NEXT to YOU, might have a different OPINION and should NOT be FORCED upon. EVERYONE have FREE WILL and having their own SPIRITUAL AWAKENING EXPERIENCE. In other WORDS, STICK to the INNER TRUTH from your HIGHER SELF, that will always LEAD YOU STRAIGHT home. is a nonprofit blog, no ads, no advertising and marketing, non governmental organization and no funding of any kind. It's meant as a Portal. Using symbolism, video or photos to create a good atmosphere. Do my own research, speak my mind, good friends giving me intel some times. I'm dyslexic, blogger spellcheck functions are working, even so, errors will appear. Important of all, ABSOLUTELY FEARLESS. Lost friends POSTING stuff which DIDN'T RESONATE with their 3D MATRIX OF ILLUSORY perception, gets me SAD sometimes, however TRUTH will always lead the way to another PATH and NEW FRIENDS.

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Much love & Light. 

🙏 ~ 💝 (Pub 666 - 33 grader varmt: Det er Ulf der er morderen, og "ægte" Dronningen i Cirkusrevyen) Dagens Spirituelle Motivationscitater eller Livets Sandheder (SoTW DK) ~ 💕 | Blogger: [👉Gæk, gæk, gæk - Ulf og sprudlende, vittige og kærlige imitationer af Dronning Margrethe, er væk👈] ... Og jeg er lidt græsk-katolsk med hvad man måtte mene om mig, på SoTW; jeg gør mit yderste hver evig eneste dag for, at lede efter sandheden, som er skjult for alle danskere - detsom at lede efter en nål i en høstak. Det er ikke en popularitetskonkurrence, men ramme alvor. Jeg er skam til sjov, fest og farver, har også været og se Cirkusrevyen, Ørkenens Sønner og en masse andre ting, men er "vågnet op" til dåd. Uanset om DeHvideHatte har overtaget magten fra "Satanisterne" (I mangel af et bedre ord), skal vi stadigvæk overbevise de 100.000 medlemmer af de kristne frimurerordner og laug (+ Dommedagsprofetier = Jehovas Vidners, IM, Scientology, Hare Krishna, Evangelister, Tvind skolerne, Bibelskolerne m.v.), at de er blevet "Butt-fucked" (undskyld udtrykket)... Dronningen er, her og der og alle vegne, tro mig. Hun er chef for Mette Forrædersen og hendes røde lejesvende. Den øverste statslige magtorgan overfor Folkekirken, Forsvaret og Folketinget og dens ministerier og styrelser, aKa hele centraladministrationen, og den regerende monark kan ikke straffes i Danmark jf. grundloven... Tæt på sandheden med Spang-Chubang, er tilbage, har du nogensinde hørt ham snakke negativt omkring Kongehuset, eller andre stand-up komiker, skuespillere og diverse? Jeg har ikke. De eneste er Ulf, Linie 3 og danske revyer. De går lige til stregen, sjov og festlig lag, iscenesat, så Daisy, selv griner af det. Men ingen, majestætsfornærmelse, der i gamle dage takseredede til fire en halv måneds fængsel, da en dansker, bevidst ødelage et billede af Christian 9. Og en thailænder, er idømt 35 års fængsel for majestætsfornærmelse på Facebook. Afbrænding af dukke af statsministeren, gav fængselsstraffe til 4-5 personer. Paragraf 113 kan give op til 16 års fængsel - eller under særligt skærpende omstændigheder fængsel på livstid. De eneste som "tør", er et par censurredaktører godkendte journalister på Berlingske Media og Dagbladet Information... [LÆS VIDERE] ... |

Alice In Wonderland Aalborg – CluedUpp Games

H.M. Dronningen bliver protektor for ”Dansk Teater 300 år” (
queen margrethe committee of 300 - Google Search

(20) H.M. Dronningen overrasker skuespilleren Ulf Pilgaard - YouTube
Tæt på sandheden med Jonatan Spang | Se online her | DRTV
Mettes hykleri: Hylder satiren - men blokerer satirikere – Ekstra Bladet

Er kongehuset korrupt? | Information

➝ World Health Organization (WHO). 🔦 – :The-Great-Work. (

Tre statslige fonde bliver til én: Nyudpeget bestyrelse for Danmarks Eksport- og Investeringsfond bydes velkommen | Vækstfonden (

Nårmen, det var faktisk stand up komikeren Casper Christensen kort efter premieren, der fik den lyse ide at afsløre overraskelsen i sit show på et nærliggende teater. "Det er Ulf Pilgaard, der er morderen", lød replikken, og den historie spredte sig hastigt. Altså ødelagde den unge Christensen hele Nattevagtens suspense med en gigantisk spoiler. Sikke et tarveligt røvhul. Sikke en fantastisk anarkist... PLUDSELIG ud af det blå, kom H.M. Dronningen valsende ind i en liveforestilling, eskorteret af Niels Olsen, og "overraskede"?? skuepilleren Ulf Pilgaard med en "hvid gaveæske"(bestående af en kalapøjser, som er et stykke krydsarmeret grøn haveslange på 175 mm påmonteret en som oftest gul ballon?) Kunne også være en seddel fra Trump og de Hvide Hatte, hvorpå der står "We know"?... Nej, ved sgu ikke hvad han får stukket i hånden, og Ulf, ligner en konfus patient, der giver hånden, mens Dronningen, per automatik, bakker tilbage, grundet hele Corona-bedraget, men er det hele iscenesat? Ja gu' fanden er det så. DDFO-Daisy har 100% én eller flere "Stunt Doubles", ligesom familie-med-lem, og hjerteveninden, Queen-Lizzie, påstået død i flere år, så det er nemt at efterligne, men Ulf, den er svær. Ved bare, dem, som mener, at stort set samtlige A-list Hollyweird-skuespillere er VÆK i en en sæk fuld af blæk, og spillet af kloner, Doppelgänger og CGI-grøn tæppe, har sikkert ret. Det hele er et "show" iscenesat Oscar-lussing og vi sluger det, råt for usødet, hver evig eneste gang...  |