August 25, 2015

Stock Market Turmoil: Dow Plummets More Than 1,000 Points at Open, Panic!! All Major US Equity Indices Halted (First time in history) - Aug 25, 2015

Stock Market Turmoil: Dow Plummets More Than 1,000 Points at Open

Stocks nose-dived at the opening bell Monday on Wall Street. Within minutes of the first trades, the Dow Jones industrial average plunged 1,000 points.

The decline extended the losses of last week, already the worst for the stock market in four years.
Investors grew nervous two weeks ago when China devalued its currency, raising concerns that the world's second-largest economy — a huge market for American products — is not nearly as healthy as it appeared.

Stocks quickly bounced back somewhat, and a half-hour into trading the Dow was down about 600 points. The biggest single-day point decline for the Dow was 777 points, during the financial crisis in September 2008.

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Panic!! All Major US Equity Indices Halted

 Submitted by Tyler Durden on 08/24/2015 09:24 -0400

Nasdaq was the first to be halted at 0758ET.

The Dow is now down 850 points from Friday's close and halted...

The S&P 500 Futures is halted for the first time in history.

Mt. Shasta Interplanetary Cultural Exchange Summer Conference 2015 - reflections

To make a long story short,  Rob Potter's attempt to summon both unique speakers, spirit beings attendees at this special summer conference, was a huge success. Mount Shasta sacred surrounded vortexes of energy where out of this world, literally, affected us all in powerfull way. It's very hard to describe in words.... OMG.. Got a huge from OMNEC ONEC... The emissary from Venus who hasn't been in the public eye for decades in the states, amazing...  Talked briefly to Alex Collier at the meet-up (if you're not familiar with Alex - link to latest webinar) same goes for Alex, no public appearances for more than 5 years. Blown away by R. Scott Lemriel UFO Disclosure and learing about chanting or singing out loud the most ancient name for the omnipresent Spirit known as HU. Every single person got a sit-down with Ted Mahr who is psychic, and has experience from UFOs and metaphysical phenomena. The very first Night watch with James Gilliland with chanting and calling out the E.T.'s we say at least 20 sightings and orbs appearing in photos.... and much, much more.... Tolec of the Andromeda Council, of the planet -  Dakote,  star system - Taygeta,  constellation -  Pleiades got us all enchanted with knowledge off this world...

Craig Camposso had a screening on "STRANGER AT THE PENTAGON". Short film synopsis inspired by TRUE EVENTS! "The landing of Valiant Thor was perhaps the first documented landing of a human-type alien by military officials. He met with President Eisenhower and Vice President Richard Nixon for an hour, then the alien was put on VIP status and shuttled back to the Pentagon." --Harley Byrd, Project Blue Book, United States Air Force.........

This moment of time we're all living right now is so much different in every aspekt from our 'normal' rutine 3D Matrix of illusion and will affect us all in the near future. When this transformation happens, our soloar system, it's planets will raise to 4D density and higher frequency, more full of light, in a first crystalline based 4D density fine essence matter world...

The meet-up with all those absolutely fantastic spiritual beings, reiki masters, transformational coaches, psychics, military veterans etc. at this conference, gave me the insight to trust my instincts, my own true mastery of creativity and not letting the fear mentality controls me.

Special thanks to all the speakers, Rob Potter, Tracee Houghton, all the kitchen staff and volunteers...