Oct 17, 2022

💝 (Everything is Fake, CGI-Pope, Clone-Liz & Actor-Biden, All is Fake Except SNL😉) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos 17. Oct 2022 ~ |

Helle Thorning-Schmidt kritiserer TV 2 for 'mandepanel' – Kristoffer Eriksen er uenig: 'Det er en fjollet kritik' | BT Film, TV og Streaming - www.bt.dk (www-bt-dk.translate.goog)

Day Three: Which wet lettuce will last longer? / Twitter

😱 (En ny dag truer på repeat) Lever de i La La Land? 'Inflation og usikkerhed' siger IMF, Verdensbanken og Rothschild bankerne på deres årlige møde i Oktober 2022. Fuld beredskab - frygter dårlige lån og boligkrise. Rentechok, fødevare- og energikrise, krig, død og ødelæggelse. Den store nulstilling og kolde-vinter kommer. Og de bruger MSM medierne, krigspolitikere- og globalisterne til at pumpe frygten op - hver evig eneste dag. Heldigvis er der MEGET stærke og positive kræfter som vil menneskeheden det godt der kæmper imod. Tro det eller lad vær - det er Putin, Trump, Xi Jinping og galaktiske lyskrigere. Vestlige Kabbalah vs. BRIC-nationerne. Bare rolig - DeHvideHatte har styr på det ~ 17. Okt 2022 ~ |

Biden VIL IKKE mødes med den saudiske kronprins MBS ved G20-topmødet, siger national sikkerhedsrådgiver | Daily Mail Online (www-dailymail-co-uk.translate.goog)

※ ('Slave Pres Macron put under demonic control. 80% of NATO forces destroyed in Ukraine that's why they are making nuclear threats.') Fulford's *Partial Report* weekly geo-political news and analysis (SOTW; NOT ABLE TO SHARE BF'S VID-LINKS GO TO HIS WEBSITE) ~ 17. Oct 2022 ~ |


Who is this Benjamin Fulford? BF (born 1961) is a 
journalist, author of Canadian descent, who lives in Japan. He speaks 4 languages, including Japanese. He worked in Japan as a correspondent for Knight Ridder, The International Financing Review, Nihon Keizai Shimbun English Edition, and South China Morning Post, before his days at Forbes Magazine, where he was the Asian office manager from 1998 to 2005. His investigative reports persecuted scandals in the Japanese government and business. After leaving Forbes, he wrote a number of Japanese books, some of which became best sellers, and began to publish on the internet. He surrendered to Japanese citizenship in 2007. He gained some popularity on the internet after he conducted an interview with David Rockefeller in November 2007.

It’s game over, SATANATO has lost, huge repercussions will follow

Blogger: A far-fetched story!?... Yes I agree... Verdensalt has been following Fulford’s reports for some years, reading them should probably be done with a large grain of salt. There's NOTHING right or wrong in this storytelling, other than some entertainment, some are properly truth or false claims, hard to factcheck. As always, use your own spiritual discernment. BF seems to share information directly from alleged sources within the Pentagon, CIA, White Dragon Society, and so on. Often the data presented is contradictory on the surface, but underneath in the intelligence services apparatus or underworld, more likely. It would probably be more productive to consider his data as one possible perspective on what is happening on Earth at this time.. With that said, the world is unbelievable corrupted and nasty, it's sometimes hard after a man swallowed The Red Pill... 

Published by Benjamin on Oct 17, 2022

NATO and its Khazarian Mafia overlords have lost the war in Ukraine and for the planet earth so historical repercussions will follow, Polish, Chinese, Russian, MI6 and CIA etc. sources all agree.

That is why Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko said last week “NATO has already been defeated in Ukraine.”


For example, “high-precision strikes on Ukraine’s strategic energy facilities have led to massive electricity outages and forced Kyiv to suspend power exports to Europe,” Rossiyskaya Gazeta writes.

Of course, the Russians are not an objective source but, Polish intelligence sources agree saying “In winter, the Russians will roll through Ukraine to the Dnieper, taking away Odesa and Kharkiv. Russia is not interested in land beyond the Dnieper.” They also note “The EU has started an emergency evacuation of its embassies from Kyiv to the Polish city of Rzeszów (Rzeszow).”
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The KM have been reduced to using computer graphics and fake videos to create the illusion the war is still being fought. Here for example you can watch Ukrainian actors dressed as wounded take selfies in Kyiv for Western media live coverage

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Now take a look at the Zelensky hologram in the making.

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👼 ('All is proceeding according to plan.') The Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele ~ 17. Oct 2022 ~ |

Arcturians is a race that comes from the blue planet that circles the red giant Arcturus in Boote constellation. Arcturus circles about 36 light years from our solar system. Arcturians are the most advanced civilization in the galaxy, transcending into the 4th and 5th dimension. Many people know Arcturians as benevolent beings. But what only some people know is the teaching of Arcturians. Shrouded in mystery and lost in the spiritual translations through communication and channeling of Arcturians to humans, a race of beings appears to exist and communicate fundamental laws that govern the existence of peace, love and joy. This basic law allows the Arcturians to push towards higher plans of existence and allow for continued growth in a limited physical universe. Arcturians are believed to come from a circular celestial body that has not been discovered by earthly astronomers.(SoTW)

Channeled messages by Marilyn Raffaele 

© 2022 onenessofall

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October 16, 2022

Always know that our messages come in love and with the intention of bringing knowledge and encouragement to you who are meeting the challenges of living on earth at this time from a higher level of awareness.

Everyone, those spiritually awake and those who are not, have carried with them into this lifetime a degree of old energy reflecting traumas, oaths, vows, and promises from previous lifetimes. You were among those deemed strong and evolved enough to deal not only with the energies that would arise from earth's ascension process but also with the intense personal clearings that would be necessary in order to align with the frequencies of a higher resonating earth.

​All is proceeding according to plan. Much is about to happen that will awaken many out of their chosen slumber, those who have chosen not to see, consider, or admit to anything in themselves or others that does not reflect their personal belief system. These dear ones will get "wake up calls" if or when necessary--some life experience designed to "shake" their imaginary world forcing them to question and re-think much of it.

Allow the process dear ones, trusting and accepting that much is presently taking place that the majority are not yet aware of. Remind yourself that there really is a Divine plan if or when you find yourself slipping into fear and doubt. Throughout the day focus on the real rather than three dimensional interpretations of the real. Reminders can be as simple as pausing to silently know; "I am".

🛸💰🛐 (Begging-4-USD 500K Crowdfunding) SoTW intuition never lies but could be dead wrong. Has Dr. Greer done great things for HUmanity? Yes, buuutt, is he still part of Rockefeller Initiative and it’s connection to Clinton, UFOs, and disinformation campaign? With all due respect. Sooo let me get this straight, Dr. Greer. You are asking people to sponsor another film aaand 4 new energy technologies that could save the Earth? Are U kidding me? Just go ask the 80 yr old cover-up of advanced technologies and Secret Space Programs to lift quarantine for some of the 6000 U.S. government’s secret inventions old buddy! OMG! It's like listen to David Wilcock's killer-moose hangout begging for money for his project on 1st hovercar and anti-gravity vehicle in 2025. SoTW have meet people like, Dr. Salla, Alex Collier, T.L.Keller, Rob Potter, OMNEC ONEC, R. Scott Lemriel, Ted Mahr, James Gilliland and many more. Some of them I trust, others I do not. Follow the money is always a good start. I did that with Cobra and the Resistance Pleiadian contactee for 35 yrs and all the money he got from conference fees, Cobras Tachyon Chambers and products, vanish into thin air or into his fat stomach or mansion or black magic or something. Sry - that's the way the cookie crumbles~ 17. Oct 2022 ~ |

DISCLAIMER: This picture is not SoTW own creations - got it from the official ECETI-telegram post