Dec 15, 2017

Avisen | 14. Dec 2017 | Tidligere sygeplejerske skal nu fyre 6.000: Bruger døden som værktøj | .. - Når du ser nogen dø, er alle andre samtaler mindre alvorlige. Du ved, at alle de hårde samtaler, du skal have resten af livet, ikke er lige så alvorlige som dem, du har haft, og at selv de sværeste samtaler kan blive de bedste samtaler, siger Karen Tobiasen til Børsen .. | Blogger: Lidt underholdende overskrift, at man ansætter en tidligere sygeplejerske til den største skandinaviske bank, som en corporate "downsizer", for at hostesaften kan glide nemmere ned i svælget, som i forvejen er hævet og betændt - vi ved jo, vand virker bedre end hostemedicin på recept eller i håndkøb... PS: Alt imens Nordea afskediger 6000 ansatte, rygter siger 400 allerede i Finland, 5 danske HQ IT afdelinger nedlægges, nedlægning af filialer, 2000 konsulenter's sidste dag i December 2017 og total kaos (snakken går i banksektoren)... |

Tidligere aids-sygeplejerske Karen Tobiasen er HR-direktør i Nordea. Banken der står foran en omfattende fyringsrunde. Foto: Nordea

Nordea topper tilmed listen over banker med den mest svækkede kunderelation i 2016 -2017 - ©

SITSSHOW | Dec 13, 2017 | Mass Arrest Update -- One of the “SEALED INDICTMENTS” Has been Un-sealed: Massachusetts State Senator ARRESTED |

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) I cannot confirm if indeed the arrest of Sen. Brian Joyce was following the unsealing of an indictment. If anyone can confirm this, please send me evidence to that effect.
- Justin
(Hal Turner) Former Massachusetts state Sen. Brian Joyce was arrested and charged with running his office as a “criminal enterprise” Friday, and is now facing a 113 count indictment from the federal government.

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Source - Galactic Connection

by Hal Turner, December 12th, 2017

Joyce is reported to have gained $1 million through bribes and kickbacks and has also been charged with racketeering, extortion, honest services fraud, money laundering, and conspiracy to defraud the IRS, according to Newsweek.

The 55-year-old Democrat was taken into custody by the FBI after a two-year investigation and was found to have accepted “hundreds of pounds” of Dunkin Doughnuts coffee, after he pulled strings for a local franchise owner, Newsweek reports.

Prosecutors accused Joyce of using his law firm to launder money while he was still working as a state legislator.

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Wakeup-World | Dec 15, 2017 | Why There Is No Such Thing As ‘Safe’ Tap Water | Blogger: Det er bestemt ikke fordi ikke er i julestemning🎅🤶🎄, men her på kanalen bestræber vi at italesætte med følelser og meninger i et sprog, som har sammenhæng i argumentation og ræsonnement. Nogle gange, råt for usødet, sandheden, som andre, hvisker og tisker om i krogene... Og nej, det er ikke kun i udlandet, de dårlige ting sker. Vi ved, at drikkevand er forurenet af sprøjtegift flere steder i det danske land. Seneste skud på stammen - Vesterlund Vandværk (BT:Bor du i området, anbefaler embedslægen derfor, at du koger vandet, inden du drikker det).. Det gode danske drikkevand - det reneste i verden? Tjaa, vi har alle hørt om at forskere finder myriader af mikroplastik i verdenshavene. Vi ved, at tungmetaller som bly, flour og kviksølv samt mikroplast er meget svære, at fjerne fra vandrensningsanlæggene. Nu også forurenet af sprøjtegift. Go figure!. Mon ikke vi snart skal have hjælp fra 'Paul' og vores galaktiske venner, til at gøre verden sikker igen. Hvis man tror på den slags 👽... |

December 15th, 2017

By Sayer Ji

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

Despite being at the top of the global food chain and industrial developmental ladder, the United States has a poor track record for delivering uncontaminated drinking water to the public. Even the nicest restaurants are guilty of serving you directly from the tap. It’s time to get real about the ‘tap water problem,’ one of the most significant vectors of toxicity of our age…

Water is life, as the saying goes. And it’s more than just a poetic phrase. Water is so intrinsically connected to life, if you counted all the molecules in the human body, 99% of them would be water!

On average, a human life can be sustained for up to three weeks without food, but a person won’t survive more than a few days without water. Under extreme conditions, an adult can lose around one liter of water per hour, all of which needs to be readily replaced to maintain a healthy fluid balance. So, what could be more important than consuming high quality, non-contaminated water?

In the United States, most of the water we utilize comes from our domestic water tap. We cook with it, we bathe in it; we use it on our yards, and in our pools. And we rarely, if ever, consider how clean or safe it is to do so. But when it comes to drinking water, quality is not something that can be sacrificed in exchange for plentiful supply.

One of the most profound technological developments in the modern era was the implementation of mass public sanitation infrastructures and the subsequent availability of water free from feces and other biological contaminants. Indeed, this, along with improved nutrition and refrigeration technologies, was what was behind the widespread reduction in epidemic outbreaks in ‘infectious diseases’ in the mid-twentieth century and not the introduction of mass vaccination campaigns which came afterwards. Drinking unclean water can cause either acute or chronic effects, depending on the nature of the contaminant, and the concentration. Dysentery, a common water-borne bacterial infection, causes acute reactions such as intestinal inflammation, and severe diarrhea. A serious condition, dysentery causes rapid dehydration, and an infection which can be fatal, if left untreated. It is still a common third-world killer today.

Yet, with the introduction of modern water sanitation technologies, another problem emerged: chronic, culminative poisoning to nonlethal doses of contaminants, such as most industrial chemicals. Fertilizer runoff, and other industrial pollutants, contaminate streams and rivers worldwide.

The Illusion of Safety / Not MY Tap!

It’s easy to think that living in the United States gives us a free pass from such concerns. But recent headlines speak to a darker reality.

You’ve heard about the ongoing battle for clean water in Flint, Michigan. But unsafe tap water is not a localized phenomenon. A recently released report found that 62 million Americans are exposed to unsafe drinking water. And often, these flag-raising issues don’t trigger safety responses until people start getting sick.

Safeguarding the health of our bodies includes ensuring that the water we drink has been properly filtered, or comes from a known-clean source such as a spring or an uncontaminated well. Only trust bottled water that comes from a reputable company.

And don’t let being in a nice restaurant in a big city lull you into a sense of complacency. From New York City to Encinitas, Portland to Boulder, veritable meccas of food quality and health consciousness are serving unfiltered tap water. You don’t have to see it to believe it.

Lead and Fluoride: Lethal Offenders

AE911TRUTH Bulletin | Dec 15, 2017 CET | Why Have Nearly 3,000 Architects and Engineers Signed our Petition? |

Why Have Nearly 3,000 Architects and Engineers Signed our Petition?

Three Engineers—Geotechnical, Chemical, and Structural—Tell Their Stories

Now that Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth is closing in on 3,000 architect and engineer petition signers, we are taking this opportunity to introduce our readers to some of the individuals who make up the ranks of our building and technical professionals.

Below are profiles of three engineers who have added their name to the petition. In so doing, they lend their expertise and credentials to our call for a new investigation into the destruction of the World Trade Center Twin Towers and Building 7 on September 11, 2001. 

Verdensalt | Arkivskabet | 15. Dec 2017 | ✝️ Disgusting sexual predators: Over 4,000 children alleged victims of Catholic Church sex abuse in Australia since 1980 | Blogger: Gammel sag, optrevlet siden 2012, frigjort i fra starten af 2017, men kan konstatere, at den danske presse, har fået godkendelse af CIA Mockingbird, til at copy-cat videregivelse af informationen ud til danskerne, sikkert fordi det passer ind i #MeToo strategien... |


Titusindvis af børn misbrugt - kaldes en national tragedie

RT: Mon, 06 Feb 2017 14:36 UTC

More than 4,000 children, mostly boys, were allegedly sexually abused by Catholic priests in Australia over decades, an investigation says, adding that since the 1950s some 7 percent of priests in the country were alleged perpetrators.

The report was released on Monday by the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

The commission will resume its public hearing into the current policies of the Catholic Church on Tuesday.

The investigation analyzed all types of claims of sexual abuse, including against former priests, "religious brothers or sisters, or any other person employed in or appointed to a voluntary position by a Catholic Church authority."

"Between January 1980 and February 2015, 4,444 people alleged incidents of child sexual abuse made to 93 Catholic Church authorities. These claims related to over 1,000 separate institutions," the report says.

The commission was established back in 2013 to investigate instances and allegations of child sexual abuse in Australia.

The majority of victims were male (78 percent) and 22 percent were female, according to the report.

The average age of the claimants at the time of the alleged abuse was 10 and a half for girls and 11.6 years old for boys. The average time between the actual abuse and the claim was some 33 years, it was reported.

The commission managed to identify 1,880 alleged perpetrators, who included 597 (32 percent) 'religious brothers,' 572 (30 percent) priests, 543 (29 percent) lay people and 96 (5 percent) 'religious sisters.' At least 90 percent of the alleged perpetrators were male, the report says.

TV2 NYS | 14. Dec 2017 | Mails sår tvivl om, hvorfor Johanne Schmidt-Nielsen skulle ud af DR's julekalender | Blogger: ALLE ved hvor hunden ligger begravet, men ingen tør nærme sig stedet... Kan du sige: ##RudolfMedDenRødeTud- Medieforlig, #ProfetiskeDF, #VoxpopsKongehuset og de magtfulde #PolitiskeFamiliedynastier? Lidt ligesom #PrinsgemalenEjKonge, de #DeNyeBesættelseshærskarer hev Scapegoat-kortet, fordi han var en belastning med en vis teenageriver, blev godt #GammeldawsLillefarGal over sin kone, Dronningen. Et specialistteam ved Rigshospitalet har konkluderet, at prinsen lider af demens (som er medlem af det kemi- og medicinal-industrielle kompleks). Er det ikke normalt, at have problemer i sin familie? Danmark har flere danske Bilderbergs, end jeg har underhylere. Ingen taler om #DenDanskeFrimurerordenOgDeHemmeligeRitualer.. Så tror du måske heller ikke på at magfulde, fagforningsbosser, landsbrugs- organisionen, kvotekonger, den danske forsvarsmagt, VL-grupperne, embedsværket og centraladministrationen, Magteliten – hvordan 423 danskere, styrer landet?!. De er typisk ældre hvide mænd. Mange har længere uddannelser som jurist, økonom, ingeniør eller i statskundskab. Mange af dem bor i Nordsjælland. Nogle er rige. Andre er blevet valgt til indflydelse. Fælles for dem alle er, at de kender mange af de andre.. Vi, danskere er stadig ignorante med en naiv forestilling, at det er #Snapsetingets folkevalgte politikere som bestemmer i landet her... #StatskapitalismensFemIndustrielleKomplekser... 1. Farmaceutiske industri (medico-industrielle kompleks/mafia). 2. Det øko-industrielle kompleks (Karrierepolitikere, der profilerer sig på den form for godhed, Monopol på opfattelsen af det bæredygtige samfund, Agenda 21/2030). 3. Det spin- og mediepolitiske kompleks (Operation Mockingbird, CIA Media Control Program). 4. Det sikkerhedsindustrielle kompleks (Militær, politi, anti-terror, efterretnings- tjenester, udenrigs- og sikkerhedseksperter betalt af borgerne selv, med pseudoholdninger til fordel for oligarkerne, frygtdiskurs, syndebukke og fjendebilleder, forskellige former for lobbyisme) 5. Det hemmeligholdte militær-industrielle kompleks (MIC-SSP)... |

TV 2 er kommet i besiddelse af mails, der afslører, at DR var bange for den venstreorienterede retning af radiojulekalenderen 'Jul i republikken'.

'Jul i republikken' skulle have fyldt æteren i december måned som radiojulekalender på P1 Morgen, men i sidste øjeblik blev programmet aflyst.

Dagen før premieren torsdag den 30. november valgte DR at skrotte den satiriske julekalender for voksne, der handler om et Danmark, hvor monarkiet er afskaffet og kongefamilien flyttet til Amager. Begrundelsen lød, at kvaliteten ikke var høj nok.....