Oct 2, 2022

💝 ('Just because your truth, isn't the true truth, doesn't mean there is no truth, Ruth.') Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos ~ 2. October 2022 ~ |


👽 (“incontrovertible proof” - “alien/ET intelligence agenda” driving USA since at least 1945') Secret Alien Intelligence Agenda Is Driving US Domestic And International Policy (SOTW; GOOD REPORT- THEY FORGOT 2 MENTION BENEVOLENT RACES INSIDE EARTH, ON SURFACE & IN SPACE HAS LIBERATED MOST WELL-KNOWN PLANETS IN OUR MILKY WAY / SOLAR SYSTEM) ~ 2. October 2022 ~ |

A stunning Federal Security Services (FSB) report on the nearly two million highly classified top-secret documents obtained from the United States Department of Defense (DOD) run National Security Agency-Central Security Service (NSA/CSS) by the American ex-patriot Edward Snowden states that this information is providing “incontrovertible proof” that an “alien/extraterrestrial intelligence agenda” is driving US domestic and international policy, and has been doing so since at least 1945.


🤦 (Spirituel opvågning er en hård nyser for 'normies') Et billede siger mere end 1000 ord, men viser kun en brøkdel af virkeligheden ~ 2. Oktober 2022 ~ |

Truss beder angiveligt Konge Charles blive hjemme fra COP27 (msn.com)
Måske har Liz Truss allerede underskrevet sin egen fyreseddel (jyllands-posten.dk)

Mette Frederiksen afviser at gå af som formand, hvis S taber valget - TV 2
Torsdag vælter de radikale Mette Frederiksen, hvis hun ikke udskriver valg – her er scenarierne - TV 2
LIVE: Voldsomme trusler fra Putin og annekteringer af besatte områder på vej – følg den seneste udvikling i krigen | BT Udland - www.bt.dk
mette frederiksen EU - Google Search

Det tyder på, at Nord Stream 1 ikke længere lækker gas | BT Samfund - www.bt.dk
Energistyrelsen: Gaslækager i Østersøen er stoppet – Ekstra Bladet
Danmark donerer penge til artillerisystemer til Ukraine | dbrs.dk

Folketinget vil gøre det nemmere at give fodboldfans karantæne - politiken.dk
Katastrofe i Indonesien skriver sig på listen over de største tragedier - TV 2

🗽 (Miscellaneous SoTW) In Case You Didn’t Know. What If... (SOTW: RV/GCR & OUR LIBERATION FROM THE DEBT SLAVERY FINANCIAL SYSTEM GEARING UP!) ~ 2. October 2022 ~ |

Remote Controlled Explosives Probably Used to Sabotage Nord Stream – Nwo Report

😮‍💨 ('Russia reclaimed land. Putin absolute lambasting US/NATO, declaration of war on “Western elites,” DS & Liberal-Globalist ideology as a whole.') Clandestine ~ Putin’s Speech: Bioweapons and Human Experimentation in Ukraine (SOTW; STILL CONFUSED? READ PUTIN’S TRANSCRIPT + 2H GENE DECODE SITUATION UPDATE!) ~ 2. October 2022 ~ |

9-23-2022: Gene Decode Situation Update (rumble.com)


September 30, 2022, via email

For those who have not read Putin’s transcript from his speech today, September 30th, 2022; I highly recommend you do so. You simply cannot trust any media outlet to give you an accurate or sufficient summary. You must read it for yourself, in its entirety.(1)

Now that you’ve read the speech, I’m going to give my takeaways and address which passages stuck out to me.

The overall message of the speech is that Russia have reclaimed land which belonged to them only a few short decades ago; followed by an absolute lambasting of the US/NATO, a declaration of war on “Western elites,” (the Deep State) and on the Liberal-Globalist ideology as a whole. Putin spent a significant majority of his speech highlighting the hypocrisy of Western society and the plague it has brought upon the world.

Now, you all know my field of expertise revolves around the biolabs in Ukraine. There was an interesting nugget from Putin thrown into this speech: it was his first public acknowledgement of “Bioweapons” and “human experimentation” in Ukraine and elsewhere. He had been allowing UN diplomats and the Ministries of Defense and Foreign affairs to address this situation, up until today.

“They call the orders and threats they make to their vassals Euro-Atlantic solidarity, and the creation of biological weapons and the use of human test subjects, including in Ukraine, noble medical research.”

It might not seem like much, but what Putin just asserted are the two most consequential international crimes known to man. Putin just publicly accused the West of infringing both the International Biological Weapons Treaty and the Nuremberg Code. In case anyone needs a reminder for what the punishment for those crimes are…

As for the rest of the speech, Putin makes a plethora of legitimate points. Many of which sound very similar Trump’s narratives and talking points.

🌪️ (The Take: Hurricanes, Typhoons, Floods & Droughts) The Healthy American Peggy Hall: Project Cirrus: Gov't Admits To Manipulating Hurricanes (🙏SOTW; LET US PRAY & TO DISSIPATE THE EFFECTS OF ALL WEAPONIZED WARFARE ATTACKS LIKE 'HURRICANE IAN'. 'TYPHOON NORU' + 'TALAS', & POST-TROPICAL CYCLONE 'FIONA' ETC.) ~ 2. October 2022 ~ |


Oct 1, 2022

💝 (SCARIEST UFO DOCUMENTARY EVER!) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos ~ 1. October 2022 ~ |

😂 (Miscellaneous SoTW) The World According to [Garp] no TikTok ~ 1. October 2022 ~ |

@.theretrobyte Tomorrow's World In the year 2020 #90stv #90s #90snostalgia #nostalgia #technology #retrotech ♬ original sound - The Retro Byte

Установка диверсантами Бо/\/\бы на Sеверный Поток 2 installation of explos$ives on Hord $tream 2

♬ Секре́тные материа́лы - человек-оркестр
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@hoziersedit British taking over India be like 🤣#fyp #foyou #funny #hozieredit #jokes ♬ Water - Between Thieves
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👁️⃤ ('The Sixth Sense') 33. grader esoterisk og okkult: Jeg ser Øjne, Tavshedssymboler og Flette-Fingre alle vegne (SOTW; FLETTE-FIF FINGERSNILDE FRIMURER. KA' DU HØRE HVAD JEG SER?) ~ 1. Oktober 2022 ~ |

"Mason -religionen bør opretholdes af os alle, der er indviede (33 grader) af de højeste grader i renheden af den Luciferiske (sataniske) doktrin" (link ødelagt eller censureret).. 

Krisemøder i det norske kongehus – prinsesse kan miste titel | BT Royale - www.bt.dk
Prince Christian: – Reacts: – Simply embarrassing – europe-cities.com
Integrity or influence? Inside the world of modern Freemasons | UK news | The Guardian
60 Hand Gestures You Should Be Using and Their Meaning (scienceofpeople.com)

Mette Frederiksen tager til London og Bruxelles for at diskutere ødelagte gasledninger | Nyheder | DR
(31) Color codes & the media Illuminati exposed - YouTube

B.T.s korrespondent om møde i London: 'Det får det til at isne ned ad ryggen' | BT Samfund - www.bt.dk
After the clown ..the clone - The New European
Hemmelig loge: Her er de skjulte symboler i Washington - TV 2

Concealed Hand Sings And Gestures In The Illuminati And Freemasonry - TheStrangerFiction
Shh Stock-vektorer, royaltyfrie Shh illustrationer | Depositphotos
Identitetspolitisk hykleri har rod i ønsket om prestige… (indblik.dk)

🕗🔙 (Trump Time Traveler. Pleiadian Soul ORTIQ = 'Q') The Hunt for Red October 2022: Watch the Waters. US East Coast 2,5M Power Outages. Winter Coming, Europe Is Walking Off a Fiscal and Energy Cliff? The US Inc, British Crown & Vatican 'Cabal-Corporations' Vanguard & Blackrock are all Bankrupted? A Simulated Russia/NATO WW3? 'King' Charles Never Crowned? Month of Mass 'Animal' Occult (Mink) Slaughter? (SOTW; BRACE YOURSELF-WE'RE NOT OUT OF THE WOODS YET) ~ 1. October 2022 ~ |

Trump Issues Another Warning About ‘World War 3,’ As Signs Point to Biden Involvement in Nord Stream Pipeline Bombing – Nwo Report
Trump responds to Putin’s warning that nuclear threat ‘not a bluff’ | The Hill
‘I’m not sure he’s going to escape jail’: could Trump’s legal woes prevent a 2024 run? | Donald Trump | The Guardian
King Charles III without a crown in first coins unveiled by Royal Mint - The Washington Post

Hal Turner Radio Show - Agreements Signed! Four new States Have Officially Joined Russia

Beijing orders state banks to get ready for massive dollar dump – Reuters — RT Business News

👯 (The Robot-race...No...That's not true...That's impossible!) CLONES (DOCUMENTARY) (SOTW; YOU GOTTA BELIEVE IT! BEST DOX VIDEO EVER MADE! EARS DON'T LIE!) ~ 1. October 2022 ~ |

Sep 30, 2022

🌀 (Global Weather Warfare Desperation & Weather Modification In Military Arsenal) Cuba slowly begins to restore power after Hurricane Ian knocks out grid. More than 2M Florida customers remained without power Friday morning. More than 90K without power across Lowcountry. Hurricane Ian threatens to cause $120 billion in damages... and it's not over (SOTW; 1980 - 2021, TROPICAL CYCLONES (OR HURRICANES) CAUSED THE MOST DAMAGE: OVER $1.1 TRILLION TOTAL) ~ 30. September 2022 ~ |

The Portal: Time Sensitive - A Short message To The Surface Population (2012portal.blogspot.com)

Fox News - USTVGO.TV

Michel Chossudovsky: Weather Modification is Part of the Military Arsenal. Why Not Part of the Climate Discussion? (goldenageofgaia.com)
Red October/Deep September – Sept 30, 2022 – Rose Rambles…
Cuba slowly begins to restore power after Hurricane Ian knocks out grid | Reuters

Geoengineers keep IAN alive as a CAT1 'cane that causes further destruction along the SOUTH CAROLINA coast in GEORGETOWN and NORTH MYRTLE BEACH [8 min video]

Posted By: NaturalWisdom
Date: Saturday, 1-Oct-2022 01:08:24

South Carolina turning into an ocean! flash flood, big waves & hurricane ian hits myrtle
Lebak Tv
Sep 30, 2022

After Hurricane Ian landed, reports of damage on the Grand Strand started pouring in, including two destroyed docks. The storm made landfall in Georgetown at 2:05 p.m. on September 30, the Weather Channel reported. The flooding damaged at least two jetties including Cherry Grove Pier on North Myrtle Beach and Pawleys Island Pier. Midsection of Cherry Grove wharf in Horry County has collapsed WMBF reported at 2pm. n Georgetown County, the end of the Pawleys Island pier has collapsed and drifted south, the Pawleys Island Police Department reported at 1:23 p.m. on Twitter. Pawleys Island Police also tweeted that the Someone's pier was blocking the N Causeway in front of town hall.

😎 (Freaky-Friday: Mikkelsen normalizing gender dysphoria. Griesemann's construction. Putin accuses the West of sabotaging Baltic Sea pipelines. Trump: 'DRAIN IT') Todays Crazy Quotes & Videos ~ 30. September 2022 ~ |

Putin accuses the West of sabotaging Baltic Sea pipelines | AP News

🥰🤳 ~ (Christmas Surprise: Hallelujah & Efterårs- og Julestemning) Dialog med mit Højere Selv (SOTW; VAR FORBI MIN HOLITISKE NATURLÆGE. BRUG EGEN SPIRITUELLE DØMMEKFRAFT, INTUTION OG INDRE VISDOM!) ~ 30. September 2022 ~ |

Udgivet den 30. September 2022 af Verdensalt

Editor's Note: 🤙Hvad verdenssituationen og mit højere selv ønsker at dele med min "bevidsthed" de næste mange måneder som bliver skelsættende for vores 3-D Matrix 'illusionen' spurgt gennem min naturlæge og Kinesiologi 🙌] ... {kogt ned til enkelte ting efter mange timers samtale - ordret spørgsmål til mit højere selv} ... 

🙋 De såkaldte danske 'Frihedsbevægelser' som én stor general gruppe eller pulje, arbejder de for de 'gode' eller 'onde' eller 'dårlige'❓ 'DE ONDE'. Men der er nogle enkeltpersoner fra frihedsfightere, som er flettet ind under som 'DE GODE'. 

🙋 Eksempelvis, politikeren Mads Palsvig og hans organisation JFK21 eller m.fl. Er han og dem bagved MP gode eller dårlige for menneskeheden DE ER BLANDT DÅRLIGE ELLER NEGATIVE.  

🙋 Hvad med Sundhedsliberalt Folkeparti | Peer BrændgaardHAN ER BLANDT DÅRLIGE ELLER NEGATIVE.  

🙋 Blev Dronningen af Danmark (DDFO-DAISY) syg af Corona i sidste uge❓ Har hun nogensinde haft Corona❓ Influenza❓ Andre sygdomme❓ SVARET ER 'NEJ!' TIL ALLE SPØRGSMÅL!

🙋 Blev hun hentet ind i den periode hun fik 'Corona' og fik en løftet pegefingre eller advarsel for medvirken og medlem til The Committee of 300 og lignede ting JA! Dvs. har DeHvideHatte haft fat i hende JA! 

🙋 Hvornår og kommer Putin's (den anden version af Putin) mission (special operationer) frem i medierne på et tidspunkt 2024 FØR KOMMER SANDHEDEN IKKE FREM

🙋 (ManMadeForstærket) Er disse 'superstorme, orkaner og tyfoner' manipuleret med JA! 🙋 Kommer disse tyfoner i mindre størrelse, men forstærkes af HAARP og lignende vejrmanipulationsudstyr og laver skade af DeSorteHatte JA! 

🙋 Hvornår kommer der en offenliggørelse af  Joe Biden og Paven af Vatikanet  Eks.vis. enten  ved, at erklære, de allerede er døde naturligt, arresteret eller andet❓ DECEMBER MÅNED - INDEN JUL 2022! 

English version of Higher-self questions assisted through my Danish holistic ND: 

🙋 The so-called danish 'Freedom Movements' as one big general group or pool, do they work for the 'good' or 'evil' or 'bad'❓ 'THE EVIL'. But there are some of individual freedom fighters who are intertwined as 'THE GOOD'.

🔮 (Phil Godlewski, Utsava, JeanClaude, Okana Shaws? & TBF) UK + Financial Crash. Nuclear False Warnings. President Trump. 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine. Pipeline Sabotage. Hurricane Ian (SOTW; DEEP SEPT. RED OCT. BTW - 'QUEEN OF RAVENS'? REALLY JANINE? SOUNDS A BIT MASONIC 2ME LIKE 'QUEEN ROMANA DIDULO'!) ~ 30. September 2022 ~ |

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Trump Warns: "We're At The Most Dangerous Time... Maybe Ever" | ZeroHedge

PayPerView – Beyond Mystic

⚽ (Kendissers håndjob i diktaturlande lever i bedste velgående) Qatars Cabal VM-værter og FIFA. David Beckham + Nadia Nadim million kontrakter som VM-ambassadør. Laudrup-brødrenes hykleri. DBU's skandale-hoteller. COWI hjulpet Qatar klar til skandaleramt VM. Hummel protesterer mod Qatar, men promoverer sig i Saudi-Arabien og forsyner sig i Kina (SOTW; 'BOYKOT' DEM ALLE. EN RØFFEL, RØD NUMSE OG SAT I SKAMMEKROGEN HJÆLPER IKKE!) ~ 30. September 2022 ~ |


Der er penge i lortet, som man siger. Rigtig rigtig mange af slagsen. Spiller på migrantsarbejdernes grave der minder om KZ-lejre under Anden Verdenskrig... 

Go' morgen Danmark: Bliver VM i Qatar med eller uden Danmark? - Livsstil • 13 min - TV 2 PLAY
Journalister smidt væk: Nu reagerer Coca-Cola – Ekstra Bladet
COWI har hjulpet Qatar klar til skandaleramt VM - Danwatch
Stort dansk firma involveret i kæmpe-projekter til skandale-VM – Ekstra Bladet

»Vi er slet ikke trætte«. ECCO fører offensiv kampagne i Rusland, mens andre lukker ned (berlingske.dk)
Trecifret millionoverskud til Eccos forretning i Rusland | TV SYD

Boykott der WM 2022 in Katar | boycott-qatar