Apr 12, 2018

BT | 12. April 2018 | ~ Drama på Hovedbanegården: Fik anmeldelse om mand med sabel ~ | Blogger: [ 🥄Ahoy Matey! Arrr! swing a plastic sable like a rrreal pirate!!! 🏴‍☠️ In The Name of Allah & Terrorism] ... O-M-G! The Operation Gladio lead Special tactical suits danish SWAT police, attacking a innocent man, because he had a plastic sable in the train 😮 ... About a year ago, the Danish police flipped and wanted to arrest a Dutch tourist at a hairdresser, because he had a fake body-armor from an event nearby .. Yesterday, a lockdown on a school outside Copenhagen, when two teenage apparently had a knife argument ... A few weeks ago, The Island of Funen with Odense and Danish police forces, Preparedness Funen and a host of other authorities simulated a CHEMICAL ATTACK, at the Odense Congress Center and an terror accident at Odense University Hospital.. 1 week after, a REAL attack happened in same island, where Fyns police action forces, with bomb squads and chemical preparedness, together with other authorities, completed a police operation in an apartment at Jægermarken in Svendborg ... Please don't buy into their FEAR-MONGERING ... "wake up sheeple" ... |

Manden ses her umiddelbart efter anholdelsen. Læserfoto
LÆS VIDERE: https://ekstrabladet.dk/112/drama-paa-hovedbanegaarden-fik-anmeldelse-om-mand-med-sabel/7113759

OOM2 | April 12, 2018 | ~ Former UK Ambassador to Syria: Douma Chemical Attack is staged ~ | Blogger: [Awakening is a Destructive Process. Fake News, Fake Videos, Fake Pictures. Fake World] ... BBC trying to cut of former UK Ambassador to Syria, when he tells the TRUTH!!! - AND - Authors of false stories are constantly caught red-handed (like White Helmets Staging Fake Rescue In Syria) ... |

They Can’t Even Do a False Flag Right: Russia Calls Out Inconsistencies in Douma “Chemical Attack”

Avisen.dk | 12. April 2018 | ~ Millionerne ruller: Blachman scorer vildt beløb for ny omgang 'X Factor' ~ | Blogger: [Fisen i en hornlygte - omvendt Robin Hood. Det er ikke for pengenes skyld, siger fænomenet Blachman] ... Godt 2.000.000 (skattefri?) millioner kroner for sidste afsnit af X Factor på DR. Den nye X Factor-dommer, bliver Thomas Blachman på TV 2 og får 8.000.000 mio. kr. for 2 sæsoner af X Factor, ifølge Ditte Okman, vært på Det, vi taler om ... (PLUS) Vi kan hurtigt regne ud, at Thomas Blachmans 11. sæson som dommer på DR, giver i nærheden af 20.000.000 millioner kroner plus plus cash, for at side og spille dommer, en slags Comic Relief eller for at agere den sure-gamle-mand-bugtaler-Walter i vendekåbe, uden at røre en finger .. 100 grunde til at vi (stadig) ser X Factor og verdensalt.dk fatter nok bare, ingenting. Hvorfor overhovedet bruge licenspenge på X Factor? Hvorfor skal vi tvinges via skattebiletten, til at se noget som ikke er public service? I 2015 gik 68 procent af omkostningerne til at producere tv-programmer som X Factor, Bonderøven, Gift Ved Første Blik og Søren Ryge. Og ifølge DRs public service-redegørelse blev der sidste år brugt over 3,1 milliarder kroner på programmer generelt. Klart de fleste penge blev brugt på DR 1, hvor man i 2015 havde produceret og købt programmer for over 1,5 milliarder kroner. Bliver det anderledes på TV 2? .. |

LÆS VIDERE: https://www.avisen.dk/millionerne-ruller-blachman-scorer-vildt-beloeb-for_493508.aspx

From James | Apr 12, 2018 | ECETI - Enlightened Contact with ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence | ~ SHARE THIS!!! This video is blocked in almost every country (2018-2019) What Just Happened ??? - YouTube ~ |

VIGILANT ANGEL | Apr 11, 2018 | ~ THEY NEVER TOLD YOU THE TRUTH ABOUT THE U.S. WARS ~ | Blogger: PS: Verdensalt.dk don't support anyone with money or even INFOWARS (foul language), but 'trying' to be a truth-seeking debater. Light Workers/Warriors are beings born of this earth, (some say who volunteered before birth, others say who are born with the duty) to help Earth, its denizens, and its elements heal and recover from the effects of evil, fear, and destruction... Namaste 🙏 |

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The All News Pipeline | April 11, 2018 | By Pastor Dick Carmack | ~ As We Stagger Towards The 'Day Of God's Wrath' And All-Out War, Most Of The World Doesn't Have A Clue About The Abyss We Are Plunging Into ~ | .. Globalists Pushing 'Order Out Of Chaos' As Ghosts From Past Rock The Money Boat .. | Blogger: [“If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near.” ― Jack Welch] ... Danish State Funded Journalist Promise (journalistløfte), have gone down the shitter - From Denmark's Obsession to Betrayal 🔱.. The annual credibility survey from Radius (Denmark's leading communication company) dumps Journalism, car dealers and politicians, as most untrustworthy profession .. For Pete's sake! 🤨... I always falls or lands on their feet, but they almost got me at the Danish talk radio Radio24syv, this morning. Why? Because you need to understand one thing, and that is, we've at WAR with BRICS, especially with Russia, Syria and Iran and possible China (mentally, cyberwarfare and soon physically war) .. At the same time, Denmark are 'haters' towards spiritual changes within and especially towards 'strangers' who lure them with candy. Are Danes in general xenophobic? or warmongers? .. Peter Schmeichel, a danish football hero ⚽ (former polish citizen), has been called a 'traitor' after he's been acted as a host to the state-funded and controversial Russian television channel RT in connection with the World Cup. If Russia Today is Moscow's propaganda arm, it's not very good at its job. Broadcast reporters for Russian state-funded TV channel RT will no longer be able to report daily from the U.S. Capitol and has been called 'propaganda channel' and K.G.B and many other nasty things by NATO nations. Let me ask you this - are the western media any better? Theresa May, who recently visited Denmark ('maybe' got a secret military deal and money from the Danish state), is ready to bypass Parliament & approve UK military intervention in Syria, (maybe) lied about Sergei Skripal 'poison' case and fabricated a statement released by UK police was indeed Yulia Skripal's .. And everyone including Trump & NATO nations are on high alert DEFCON 2 going 1, to start the world's BIGGEST crisis we've ever seen, since WWII ... 💭 Sorry to bring this up (again) - but verdensalt.dk is not only a portal for the awakening soul, it's also intended for our readers who has inquisitive personality traits and just wondering what the h... is going on in this crazy world. In high politics and their mouthpiece - journalism, which involves sucking up to the Central Government and/or the big national parties. If you repeat, repeat and repeat a certain narrative or information that's repeated until a reader wants to throw up, the subconscious mind will be one way or another, overtaken and now the reader has that perception. It's classic psychology 101 and the 6 corporations who control 90% of the media in the World knows this stuff. They are experts in manipulations, lies and deceit. “Ordo Ab Chao,” “order out of chaos.”. War profiteering, financial and humanitarian crisis equals Order is restored but liberty is lost ... 💬 You want an example? The Danish Minister for Justice, Søren Pape Poulsen, wish to reform the European Court of Human Rights. A totally modernization of European human rights for 741.4 million Europeans, so the danish state can throughout ANY foreigner and put them in concentration camps in Africa (a little bit exaggerated but true).. ".. People escaped from wars and conflicts must be sent to Kenya or another less developed country, if they obtain asylum status in Denmark, according to The Danish People's Party (DPP).. " ... |

If a coach finds a winning play he will use it until it no longer works and then he will put it on the shelf until it’s needed again. The same goes with a business plan. As long as it produces good profits and an outlook for a good future, you keep it. It’s the same way with the Mega Movers who want to rule the world. They have a business model that has worked for centuries and when they need it they simply dust it off, put a new face on it and use it again. That model is now evidently in play right now. We are being manipulated into slavery.

The scheming of men to gain wealth and power is bringing us quickly to the gates of hell. We are on the cusp of the Great Tribulation spoken of in the Bible and most of the world doesn’t have a clue where we are, nor the abyss into which we are plunging.

Mt 24:21 For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.

Isa 26:20 ¶ Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast.

21 For, behold, the LORD cometh out of his place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity: the earth also shall disclose her blood, and shall no more cover her slain.

There are four related aspects of our current situation, four steps that will play major roles in the days to come.
  1. Death of the petro-dollar and then the dollar. 
  2. The raising of interest rates by the Fed. 
  3. Trade barriers.
  4. War
With the exception of Number 1, that’s the same way it was done in the decade of the 1930s. Using four factors this time because the petro-dollar didn’t exist then, all are designed to work together to bring down the United States by sending us into the “Mother of All Depressions” with its resulting utter chaos so “order” can come out of the mess by means of world government. In Masonic circles it’s known as “Ordo Ab Chao,” “order out of chaos.” A financial and humanitarian crisis is manufactured bringing in planned chaos so that people in desperation will give up their liberty in exchange for relief and promised safety. Order is restored but liberty is lost. We are seeing it work out right now in Venezuela. The same operation is being put in motion right now for you and me and without divine intervention it is certain to happen.

In order for world government to succeed America must fall, thus the current moves by China, Russia and other trading partners that is designed to destroy the petro-dollar is either being facilitated, or at least encouraged by the NWO crowd because it will be helpful in dethroning the dollar and eventually our country. Here is a brief summary of the petro-dollar.....