July 05, 2016

FEMA Investigator’s Shock 9/11 Claim: “Vault Contents Emptied Before Attack … They Knew It Was Going To Happen” ("..Behind the vault door were nearly a thousand tonnes of silver and gold...nearly $1 billion in precious metals was stored in the vaults.")

The attacks of September 11th, 2001 will forever be mired in doubt and suspicion by millions of people who saw the events live on their televisions. Almost immediately following the attacks theories began to emerge.

Were the hijackers operatives for a Western intelligence service? How did a passport from one of the terrorists survive completely unscathed, only to be found later amidst the rubble of the Trade Centers? How did WTC Building 7 collapse even though it was never struck by an airplane? Why was President George H.W. Bush meeting with members of the Bin Laden family at the very moment of the attacks? Were the planes that hit the buildings actually commercial airliners or were they remotely operated drones? Why was the entirety of Ground Zero quickly sanitized and shipped to China for recycling before any investigation ever took place? And, what are the odds that on the very day terrorists used planes to attack the Pentagon and World Trade Centers, the U.S. military was holding exercises simulating hijackers crashing planes into buildings, a circumstance that led to total confusion across the United States and a complete failure of national defense?

These questions and thousands more have been the subject of fervent debate for over a decade, and like the Kennedy assassination, may never have an official answer.

But just as has been the case with the investigation of JFK’s murder, new details and evidence continue to emerge surrounding the events of that day.

In a shocking report published by The Sun, former Federal Emergency Management Agency employee Kurt Sonnenfeld says he has evidence proving that certain insiders were privy to the attacks, perhaps even including President George W. Bush.
Kurt Sonnenfeld was working for the US Federal Emergency Management Agency, an organisation tied to the US Department of Homeland Security, when the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center took place.

After the planes crashed into the building, Kurt was given unrestricted access to ground zero – the site where the buildings once stood. Armed with camera gear, the 39-year-old was asked to film everything he saw.
His documented evidence was supposed to form part of a report about what happened – but he never handed back the footage.

The MOST Dangerous Man In America

Why the Globalists are Demolishing the EU … and What Its Replacement Will Look Like ("...NWO demolishing the EU back in 1988 issue of The Economist magazine. Note the phoenix rising from the ashes of burning national currencies, including the dollar, with a planned “world currency” date of 2018 shown on the coin..")

Why the Globalists are Demolishing the EU ... and What Its Replacement Will Look Like
4th July 2016

By Ben

Guest writer for Wake Up World

Have you noticed how hard the controlled “alternative” press are working to convince you that the NWO globalists/banksters are frightened by the BREXIT result? Have you seen headlines like: “Globalists rattled” (The Drudge Report)… “Brexit signals the end of the New World Order” (Breitbart)… and “Globalist Bankers sent into mass panic over Brexit” (Infowars)?

Well nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the collapse of the European Union is a necessary step in building the New World Order that the Rockefellers and Kissinger outlined back in their late 1950’s NWO-implementation plan:

“The hoped-for result is peace in a world divided into smaller units, but organized and acting in common effort to permit and assist progress in economic, political, cultural and spiritual life. Such a community … would presumably consist of regional institutions under an international body of growing authority — combined so as to be able to deal with those problems that increasingly the separate nations will not be able to solve alone.” … from Prospect for America: The Rockefeller Panel Reports.

Take special note of the first passage: “The hoped-for result is peace in a world divided into smaller units…” So is the EU a “smaller unit”? No, an EU superstate with its own army is a larger unit than its constituent nation-states, so it clearly wasn’t built to be part of the real New World Order. Rather, it was built as an expendable tool to help the globalists get to the New World Order.

So what was the EU’s raison d’etre, you ask? To tie as many European nations as possible into a political and currency union, then crash the union to create political and economic chaos. And on the currency side of it, they put the planned result of this crash right on the cover of The Economist back in 1988…
Why the Globalists are Demolishing the EU ... and What Its Replacement Will Look Like - World Currency - Economist cover
This is the cover from the January 9, 1988 issue of The Economist magazine. Note the phoenix rising from the ashes of burning national currencies, including the dollar, with a planned “world currency” date of 2018 shown on the coin?
On the cover, you see national currencies burning in a bonfire (The Great Economic Crisis of 2016), as well as a phoenix arising from the flames (in 2018). This phoenix represents a new global currency, and this is what the article said about it…

Den totalitære og dysfunktionelle udøvende magt fra politi og div. statsapperatur: 1. Anden gang den franske regering gennemtvinger omstridt lov om arbejdsmarkedsreform. 2. Totalt abortforbud i Polen. Den Polske regering underkender dermed Europarådet's opfording til at følge retsstatens principper, mediefrihed, kvinders rettigheder og ligestilling mellem kønnene. 3. FBI - Hillary Clinton havde tusindvis af e-mails, lagde klassificerede data på hendes server, men hun bør ikke retsforfølges. 4. Den Internationale Domstol i Haag har på forhånd indikeret, at politiske beslutninger om at gå i krig falder uden for dens ansvarsområde - "Verden er at lave"

Fransk regering gennemtvinger omstridt lov under protest

Billedet stammer fra et af de utallige sammenstød mellem demonstranter og politi, som protester mod reformen har medført. Foto: Scanpix

Europarådet frygter for menneskerettighederne i Polen

Pro aktivister protestere i Warszawa, Polen, mod foreslåede ændringer til Polens restriktive abort lov, der effektivt ville forbyde aborter totalt (AFP Foto / Janek Skarzynski) 



Clinton hid thousands of emails, put classified data on her server, but shouldn't be charged - FBI

Legal loophole likely to offer Tony Blair escape from any war crimes trial


90,000 Classified CIA Documents Now Available Online: STARGATE and MKULTRA - July 5, 2016


Thanks to rockarchy for sharing these links....

STARGATE Documents

MKULTRA Documents

The Stargate Project : Psychic Warriors and the CIA

 Metaphysical and psychic phenomena have long existed on the fringes of conventional science and academia. ESP, Clairvoyance, Telekinesis and Astral traveling have all been relegated to the back seat of mainstream, accepted belief systems in spite of an extensive mention of these practices down the ages, across myriad cultures. It has always been challenging for practitioners of the science to be validated by the prevailing status quo.

That however changed in 1995 when the CIA declassified a top secret program that had been training individuals in the esoteric science of 'Remote Viewing' in which, it was claimed, people were able to envision ongoing activities in distant places and future events.

Although reminiscent of a Sci-Fi yarn, Remote viewing was tested and deployed under rigorous scientific conditions to obtain data about foreign espionage activities, counter terrorism efforts, secret military bases abroad and hidden missiles. It recognized the inherent psychic potential in humans and attempted to harness these special faculties or 'powers' for the purposes of intelligence gathering, often of a vital nature.

The initial testing was done at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) where extensive investigations were carried out into the human mind's capacity to transcend all bounds of time and space. SRI's research was supported by the CIA and other government agencies for over two decades.

BREAKING: FBI Director Comey to deliver statement at 11 a.m. ET (17.00 PM CET)

LIVE: FBI Director James Comey Makes Statement - Possibly About Hillary Clinton Email Scandal

FOR LIVE UPDATES: Twitter, Facebook

FBI Director James Comey will deliver a statement on late Tuesday morning, just days after investigators interviewed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, though the topic of the statement was not immediately disclosed. (more) Comey will speak to reporters from the FBI's headquarters in Washington, D.C. at 11 a.m. ET. Although officials would not name a topic, media reports suggest that it is likely linked to the investigation into Clinton's use of email.

Other details were not immediately available, but earlier reports had suggested that a decision was expected to be made soon - as early as this week - in the Clinton email probe.

Clinton gave a voluntary interview to FBI investigators on Saturday to provide information about her email arrangement while serving as Secretary of State. The interview lasted for about 3.5 hours and followed interviews with her senior aides.

The FBI has been conducting a lengthy investigation into Hillary Clinton's handling of sensitive information during her tenure as secretary of state, prompted by news that she used a private email server for work-related emails, though she has insisted that she used secure channels for information that was classified at the time.

FBI Director James Comey will deliver a statement on late Tuesday morning, just days after investigators interviewed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

 MORE: http://bnonews.com/news/index.php/news/id4749

To ud af tre dumpede indfødsretsprøve: Inger Støjberg - Jeg nægter at lempe på indfødsretsprøve fordi DF står på nakken af mig. Kom igen til December og gør dig fortjent til at blive dansk statsborger... (Disse spørgsmål dumper 30.000 danske læsere på: Hvornår stammer Jydske Lov fra? Hvornår havde den første Olsen-Banden film premiere? Hvornår er folkeviserne nedskrevet? Hvor mange kommuner er der i Danmark? Hvilken nordamerikansk statsleder besøgte Danmark i April 2016? Udlændinge skal stadig besvare 32 af 40 spørgsmål rigtigt for at blive danske statsborgere..)

Blog: Hacket email afslører eskalering af Ruslandskonflikt - 5. Juli 2016


Fra Zerohedge:

Just two weeks ago, a huge scandal erupted within another ‘union’ asGermany slammed NATO for “warmongering” destroying the fictional narrative that ‘innocent’ NATO was merely reacting to evil Russian provocations. Furthermore, as NATO accelerated its encirclement of Russia, with British soldiers deployed in Estonia, US soldiers operating in Latvia and Canadians in Poland, while combat units are being increased in the Mediterranean 

NATO found another excuse for war, assessing that it may now have grounds to attack Russia when it announced that if a NATO member country becomes the victim of a cyber attack by persons in a non-NATO country such as Russia or China, then NATO’s Article V “collective defense” provision requires each NATO member country to join that NATO member country if it decides to strike back against the attacking country.
Specifically, NATO is alleging that because Russian hackers had copied the emails on Hillary Clinton’s home computer, this action of someone in Russia taking advantage of her having privatized her U.S. State Department communications to her unsecured home computer and of such a Russian’s then snooping into the U.S. State Department business that was stored on it,might constitute a Russian attack against the United States of America, and would, if the U.S. President declares it to be a Russian invasion of the U.S., trigger NATO’s mutual-defense clause and so require all NATO nations to join with the U.S. government in going to war against Russia, if the U.S. government so decides.
Now, as The Intercept’s Zaid Jilani and Lee Fang expose, retired U.S. Air Force Gen. Philip Breedlove (yes an ironic name for a warmonger), until recently the supreme commander of NATO forces in Europe, plotted in private to overcome President Barack Obama’s reluctance to escalate military tensions with Russia over the war in Ukraine in 2014, according to apparently hacked emails from Breedlove’s Gmail account that were posted on a new website called DC Leaks.
Obama defied political pressure from hawks in Congress and the military to provide lethal assistance to the Ukrainian government, fearing that doing so would increase the bloodshed and provide Russian President Vladimir Putin with the justification for deeper incursions into the country.

Breedlove, during briefings to Congress, notably contradicted the Obama administration regarding the situation in Ukraine, leading to news stories about conflict between the general and Obama.

But the leaked emails provide an even more dramatic picture of the intense back-channel lobbying for the Obama administration to begin a proxy war with Russia in Ukraine.

Inulin-Propionate Ester Supplement May Be Key To Solving World’s Obesity Crisis (Forskere har fundet middel, der kan dræbe din trang til usund mad..)

Læs også: http://www.mx.dk/viden/videnskab/story/24831754

Junk food cravings may be a thing of the past. Researchers from Imperial College London and the University of Glasgow recently discovered that a powdered food supplement known as inulin-propionate ester significantly reduced a person’s appetite for high-calorie foods.

The study involved 20 men who were asked to drink a milkshake containing either inulin-propionate ester or a different fiber called inulin. While undergoing an MRI scan, the participants were shown pictures of several low-calorie foods like vegetables and fish, as well as junk foods like pizza and chocolate.
Researchers think cravings for high-calorie foods can be suppressed with a food supplement known as inulin-propionate ester. [Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images]

When looking at high-calorie foods, the group that drank the milkshake with the inulin-propionate ester had very little activity in the brain regions linked to food cravings. The volunteers were also asked to rate the appeal of the foods in the pictures. The ones who consumed the inulin-propionate ester found the high-calorie foods much less enticing.

(Reblog) Storsatsning på vind presser værdien af DONG voldsomt op (Alt imens Finansministeriet, Dong og Goldman Sachs er dybt tavse, viser en hemmelig rapport ifølge berlingske, at vindforretningen repræsenterer 73 pct. af værdien i DONG Energy. Selskabet bliver værdisat så højt som 120-130 mia. kr. ved en børsintroduktion...Hvem ejer de 40 pct af DONG Energy? Det gør nogle af de største storbanker og investeringsselskaber i verden, som tillige er de mest forhadte, fordi, de snyder, bedrager og bliver forgyldt efter en børsintroduktion. Alle finanskrisens syndere er oplistet her, inklusive den danske stats største rådgiver, 'Cabal Rothschild klanen'... Hvordan kunne Bjarne Corydon få en toppost i McKinsey efter den massive kritik? Det er fordi, 'den ene hånd vasker den anden'... Det, Bjarne gjorde, var enten en genial svinestreg eller efter ordre fra Rothschild... Det hele begynder at hænge sammen nu. Med Rothschild i ryggen, er Finansministeret, den danske stats 'sorte bøddel' i vores samfund og saver velfærds-grenen over, mens magteliten tjener flere 'monetos' end de kan bruge...Vores folkevalgte politikere, agere bare en forlænget arm af 'niggedukker'..)

DONG Energys store satsning på vindkraft bliver nøglen, når energikæmpen sammen med sine banker skal forsøge at sælge aktier i selskabet til højest mulig pris. Ifølge flere hemmeligholdte analyserapporter, som Berlingske har fået indsigt i, kan selskabet blive værdisat så højt som 120-130 mia. kr. ved en børsintroduktion....

Bankerne bag noteringen er: Morgan Stanley, J.P. Morgan, Citigroup, UBS, Nordea og Danske Bank, RBC Capital Markets, Rabobank og ABG Sundal Collier. Derudover er et britiske konsulenthus Lazard rågiver for Dong, mens Rothschild har en tilsvarende rolle for den danske stat

læs videre: http://www.business.dk/investor/storsatsning-paa-vind-presser-vaerdien-af-dong-voldsomt-op

Blogger: Det er ikke længere en konspiration. Læs artiklen i berlingske. Finansministeriet, Dong og Goldman Sachs er dybt tavse, dog viser en hemmelig rapport ifølge berlingske, at vindforretningen repræsenterer 73 pct. af værdien i DONG Energy. Det er jo ingen hemmelighed, at efter 146 år, har Rockefeller familien forladt oliebranchen. Maersk Oil, ATP, PFA, Dong, Novo - alle gik i panik, da DONGs største oliefelt i Nordsøen, 'Hejre-feltet', blev en katastrofe. Derfor skulle DONG finde nye alternativer meget hurtigt for, at tjene penge til deres aktionærer. Med andre ord, DONG, som er ejet af den danske stat med 60 pct, er også ejet af andre investorer af den såkaldte bank-klan - 'Khazarian mafia banksters', de bliver alle forgyldt, efter  børsintroduktionen. Samtlige storbanker samt som er opridset her, står for selve noteringen, men kan ikke holde fingrene fra fedtefadet og har enten snydt med LIBOR-renten, rate swap scandal, derivater, pre-arrangeret handel, eller "parkering", kæmpe bøder for at misledte kunder, kreditkort-flinten, Panamapapers, Royal Mail flotation, 50.000 kunder forlod Danske Bank i 2015 grundet deres dårlige image osv. osv. Ikke nok med det, ifølge Benjamin Fulford, er Baron Jacob Nathaniel Rothschild  'BOSSEN' over alle bosser i bank-klanen, et andet familiemedlem, Baron David de Rothschild, er eftersøgt af det franske politi. Alt imens har Rothschild familien været special 'rådgiver' for den danske Stat. (ifølge berlingske)

Min egen samt andres tese hvorfor vi er syltet ind i Bank-klanens overhoved Rothschild - fordi de redde Danmark's røv, helt tilbage i 1813 - Danmarks National Bank er en privat og uafhængig selvejende institution oprettet ved lov. Uafhængigheden kan spores tilbage til dets oprettelse i 1818. Inden året 1818, gik Danmark konkurs i året 1813, 1814 tabte Danmark Norge til Sverige ved freden i Kiel. (konkursen grundet bl.a. lån fra Nathan Rothschild) Det er ukendt hvem der finansierede Danmark efter konkursen og under hvilke betingelser??.... I loven fra 1936 fremgår Nationalbankens uafhængighed ved, at Nationalbankens direktion har eneansvaret for at fastsætte de pengepolitiske renter

Læs også: BREAKING: According to LinkedIn: The CEO from Nordea - Casper von Koskull - was former Managing Director and Partner of Goldman Sachs and Managing Director, Nordic Investment Banking of UBS. Just an observation. Golden Slacks (Goldman Sachs nickname) and UBS as major players and inner cicle of the global Rothschild's private banking Cartel. Both GSG, UBS global international banks has several confirmed tax fraud and money laundering charges, like Malaysia 1MDB Scandal, that US Investigators is probing Goldman Sachs. Dong Energy’s debut sparks outrage in Denmark over Goldman windfall, however Goldman Sachs is ready to invest more in Denmark. Does Rotschild's and their gangster minions like Goldman Sachs Group owns Denmark now? Where does Nordea fits in this obedience and greedy new world order? 

Rothschild Bank Now Under Criminal Investigation Over Missing $4 Billion in Global Corruption Probe

Herunder blot 'nogle' af den uendelig bøderække, som disse banker har fået de seneste par år...





Vores forblændet bling-bling Ex Finansminister Bjarne 'Cory-DON'(G) eventyr - success eller downfall 

(Reblog) The Rothschild Surrender to White Dragons (Why are Rothschild's so important? Because they are the very top of the food chain, head of Khazarian Banking Mafia since they established their banking business in the mid-18th century and controls everything on earth together with the Council of the 13 ‘Royal’ Families. Rothschilds have infiltrated banking, drug, food, intelligence, military industry and governments like the danish goverment. Rothschild dynasty is considered to be the highest member of Illuminati Cabal Pyramid as minions after the Royal blood goddess Annunaki half million years ago came to earth and most of the reptilian aliens, Archons who left earth in 1996..)

Sheldan Nidle & Planetary Activation Organization: Webinar 73: Growth of Consciousness.

(WBA-73 - marker 34:50) excerpts: Sheldan mentioned Rothschild Dynasty. The Rothschild's bloodlines that was replaced with the Tesla's bloodline. That means, Rothschild is about conquest, money, power, slavery, high hierarchy. The world of Tesla, he invented the hole electronic age (computers) and wireless powers. We are moving away from the Rothschild bloodline.....         

(Before It's News)


Video: Incredible – the Rothschild Surrender To White Dragons – YouTube

In a very shocking move the Rothschild have called the White Dragon Family to Negotiate a surrender

In an equally shocking move the Queen of England has stated she must resign or face World War 3 and her own destruction.

According to Benjamin Fulford, the single Hold Out to a One World Currency that has already been printed in Indiana is the Cohen Family Mob of New York


Benjamin Fulford partial update - July 5, 2016 CET (※Weekly geo-political news and analysis) ("...Merkel promised to........resign after Greece exits the EU and, in exchange, the Chinese agreed to rescue Deutschebank. Deutschebank would not otherwise survive a Greek exit from the EU (71% of Greeks are against the EU and only 27% support it) because it would mean a default on Greek debt which has been used by Deutschebank (and others) to create derivative mountains. These mountains would collapse once the sand of Greek debt they are built on is removed. ..." [read more])

Hvem er så denne Benjamin Fulford? Benjamin Fulford (Født 1961) er journalist, forfatter af canadisk afstamning, der bor i Japan. Han taler 4 sprog, herunder japansk. Han arbejdede i Japan som en korrespondent for Knight Ridder, Den Internationale Financing Review, Nihon Keizai Shimbun engelsk udgave, og South China Morning Post, før hans dage på Forbes Magazine, hvor han var den asiatiske kontorchef fra 1998 til 2005. Hans efterforskningsmæssige rapporter forfulgte skandaler i den japanske regering og erhvervslivet. Efter at have forladt Forbes skrev han en række bøger i japansk hvoraf nogle blev bedste sælgere, og begyndte at offentliggøre på internettet. Han overgik til japansk statsborgerskab i 2007. Han fik en vis popularitet på internettet, efter at han gennemførte et interview med den sky David Rockefeller i november 2007.

Benjamin Fulford Special July 4th Video Message


Til tider, kommentere David Wilcock på Fulford's blog. Virkelig spændende nyhedsstof, en vinkel, som bliver mere valid eftersom de begge har informanter og indgange til den virkelige agenda, uden censur, der aldrig når ud i de officielle medier.

Khazarian mafia defeat certain as rebellion spreads in the EU the US and elsewhere

Udgivet af Benjamin den 5. Juli 2016

The end of Khazarian mafia tyranny on the planet earth is getting very close indeed. The Rothschilds and other top Khazarian Mafiosi families like the Borgia, the Medici, the Del Banco (Warburg) the Rockefellers (including the Clintons) the Bushes (Pecce) have been given until July 10th to reach a peace agreement with the people of the planet. After that a bounty of $100 million each, payable in gold, will be handed over to anybody who can arrest, and if they resist arrest, kill, members of these genocidal families.

We are hearing there is vicious infighting and arguing going on within the “family,” about what to do about this situation. As this newsletter was about to go online, we were contacted by one faction of the Rothschilds and a meeting with a White Dragon Society representative is now being arranged for this week. The meeting will discuss how to create a financial system that is good for both humanity and nature. It will also discuss creating a new meritocratic, democratic and transparent system for planning the future of our species and this planet.

To remind these families of what is at stake here is a message sent to them by a senior Pentagon official:

“I have been told from multiple sources that there is a multitude of people, (men and women) who are waiting for the RKM (Rothchilds/Bauers) to not cooperate, these people are eager to end the lives of the RKM criminals at every level. You may want to let the representative know, that this is for real and they cannot run or hide, their time is up. It is time to fold or they will all die, including their families, to the furthest distant cousins; effectively ending the evil bloodlines who have bedeviled mankind for so long. Again good luck with the negotiations. If they renege there will be consequences, major ones. That being said, have a great day.”

In the past week, the Chinese government has also contacted the leaders of other Asian countries as well as the heads of the G20 group of nations to inform them that they expect a deal to be reached between the White Dragon Society and the Rothschild family group. The Chinese are too polite to make threats but this is a statement issued by the Chinese Freemasons:

“We will cooperate with any religion, any society, any faction, any political party or any country that agrees with the principles of co-existence and co-prosperity and world peace. However, we will cut off relations with anyone who fails to agree on the goal of world peace.”

Yet another group, claiming to represent a coalition of 172 sovereign nations, also threw in its support last week for a new, inclusive financial system.

Pentagon sources are saying that German Chancellor Angela Merkel (a member of the Saxe Gotha Rothschild family) already reached a deal with the Chinese when she visited China on June 13th. According to that deal Merkel promised to........

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