Jul 4, 2019

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🔴 Simon Parkes Official | ~ Reported as Accidental Fire... Explanation... Summary... (Watch The FED & Independence Day) ~ | .. At the big day today look out for any comments in regard to the Federal Reserve .. | Blogger: [🧩LOTS of intels, clues, hints, hot air, idle talk, inkling, babble, hearsay and gossip from Simon these days over what went on with the Russian submarine incident etc.👄] ... Veeeery interesting reading, I most say...⚠️ WHAT he did not mention was, that a 330-meter-long super-tanker, "Grace 1", under Panama flag, has been hijacked and boarded, today by Royal Marines from Britain and Iran, has summoned British ambassador over seizure of oil tanker. Wish to blame and take down Iran & Syria!?.. WHAT THE HECK is going on (watch this like a hawk)... Magnitude 6.6 quake has also hit, southern California on Independence Day (largest quake in decades)... |

Around 72 years ago in New Mexico two strange objects came down.

The way the media dealt with that set a pattern for the future.

The current submarine situation is a good example of this media control.

Either hide from it, or ridicule it.

To all our American CC members I wish you a very happy Independence Day.

In relation to the celebrations to take place at the National Mall later today for you, you might find things turned down announcements wise due to the dangerous world setting.

👼 EOL | ~ 💗 Era of Light Report For 7/4/2019 💕 ~ | .. Happy Fourth of July! Let the celebrations begin! .. |


Greetings to You! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj(KayRy).

Many write to inspire, to bring truth, to uplift as many people as they can, and so do I, for the same reasons. For indeed upliftment of spirits in these times is greatly needed in our world, in any way, shape or form. So here I am.

I can tell you about America’s past, her present and or her future. Oh how would you know what the future holds for this country you may ask? But I do know. Because America’s future is Earth’s future. And Earth’s future is one of light, love, peace and prosperity for all.

Cobra Update: Flower of Life

In the last few months since mid-April, planet Earth was fluctuating between the gamma timeline (Light Intervention) and delta timeline (Planetary Annihilation). All intel about this was strictly classified as too much focus on negative timeline would increase the probability of its manifestation. » Source


Yeshua: A topic that I think many of you are thinking about. What is meant by salvation and what is meant by forgiveness? Can one rule out the other? Is the one who is saved free from forgiveness? Yes, they dispute the scholars. Can a saved man ever sin? » Source

Ending Bank Bailouts

More than three million Kazakhs will have personal debts cancelled. Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev said he’ll write off bad loans held by a sixth of the central Asian country’s population, while signaling a sharp change in policy to end costly state bailouts of private banks. » Source

Weaving Your Universal Tapestry Piece

For even though you might be concerned about your need to rest for the next energy burst, you are doing so without fearing you did something wrong or that you will never transition. » Source

🌀 shepherdsheart.life | ~ 💗 Stranger Things of Upheaval and Chaos 💕 ~ | .. -We are returning to a time of upheaval and chaos, much like the moments after creation. Much like a demolition project, God is beginning to unravel the fabric of His creation to create a new one.. | Blogger: [🙀DON'T Believe In This Global Catastrophic End-times Scenario - Apocalyptic Events. Think More Like In Terms of The End Of Your Fears. A Spiritual Path For Realists & Modern Spiritualism ~verdensalt😌] ... {from baked Alaska, snowing Finland to Heavy rains in Japan force more than a million residents to evacuate}... |

We are returning to a time of upheaval and chaos, much like the moments after creation. Much like a demolition project, God is beginning to unravel the fabric of His creation to create a new one. Mankind, through various lusts, sins, and reprobate mind is taking part in this strange grand scheme. The cyclical nature of reality, according to most global cultures is on its last revolution. You and I will be experiencing this drama as it unfolds before our very eyes.

From chaotic weather to violent explosive volcanoes to earth shaking earthquakes, ice ages introduced from a magnetic pole reversal-in which we are in smack into currently. There is chaotic disaster for everyone wherever you live. For instance, the United States just experienced the coldest and wettest six months in its recorded history.

⛑️ Futurism | ~ (BREAKING) Russian Sub That Caught Fire Possibly Sent to Cut Internet Cables ~ | .. And it may have been nuclear-powered, too .. |

OPINION (Futurism) – On Monday, a Russian submarine caught fire during a mission, killing 14 sailors on board. But the public didn’t find out about the incident until the next day when Russia finally released a statement about the accident — though two days after the event, the nation still wouldn’t say exactly what kind of sub caught fire or whether it was nuclear-powered. A possible reason for Russia’s caginess? Multiple sources are now claiming the sub was an AS-12 “Losharik,” a nuclear-powered submarine some speculate was designed to cut the undersea cables that deliver internet to the world.

Russian media outlets RBC and Novaya Gazeta have both cited anonymous sources who claim the submarine was a Losharik, and while the sub has been in operation since 2003, Russia has never come out and declared its official purpose. That hasn’t stopped the U.S. and other Western officials from conjecturing about it, though. For years, they’ve warned that Russia has been surveying undersea cables, and experts have called out the Losharik by name as possibly playing a role in future missions to disrupt those cables.


🎙️ sn.dk | ~ 24syv-tillidsmand: Stort håb om at ledelsen byder på DAB ~ | .. Ny regering stopper Radio24syvs FM-håb .. | Blogger: [🌱Håbet er lysegrønt - bare nu ikke - de brænder deres (eget) lys i begge ender💡] ... {↪️»It ain't over till the fat lady sings.«🔚} ...FOR DET FØRSTE, ved vi med garanti, at DARL, mellemnavn, Thule, ville gøre op med Radio24syv, fordi han var uvenner med ledelsen og troede i (desperation), at flytning til Jylland, ville score stemmer (men nej)... DERNÆST har det sejet frem og tilbage i bølgegang, indtil man nu ser en (lille bitte) håb med DAB, dog har flertallet af nye biler, ingen DAB-radio i bilen, der ellers er LIVSnødvendig, hvis FM-båndet slukkes i 2021, som regeringen lægger op til.. SKAL vi så bruge vores mobil og 5G, for at høre Radio24syv!?. Er der overhoved nogen tilbage på kanalen, INDEN de lukker og slukker, den 31. oktober? P1 henter 24Syv-profiler over - morgenvært stopper og masser af rotter, forlader skuden.. 24syv vil også lukke den (selvstændige) podcastplatform - eksterne udgivere har allerede pakket sammen. Lukker 'Den Korte Radioavis', permanent? De kommer først tilbage fra ferien den 1. September 2019 og dernæst har de 2 måneder, til at pakke sammen..|

Med et nyantændt håb, om at Radio24syv fortsætter som DAB-kanal, opstår ifølge tillidsmand et nyt problem.


👼 Verdensalt | ~ 💗 Crop Circle Pick From June & July - England, France and Russia Territories 💕 ~ | Blogger: PS: I (verdensalt) have heart from a Dutch lady, about the première of a film called "Fall of the Cabal" (De Val van de Cabal & de 'Great Awakening') made by crop circle expert Janet Ossebaard (showed at Library of the Volksuniversiteit (Theater Hall) .. "The film gives a breathtaking overview of the world as it has been ruled so far and tells about the spectacular developments that are currently underway and about which you do not belong in the regular news. Behind the scenes of the 'ordinary' politics, something totally new is currently taking place, big and transformative. This film is one of hope. This story is not only about the end of the Cabal, but also about the end of an ancient era, the end of oppression, the beginning of the Millennial Peace Kingdom, the beginning of the Great Awakening, the Great Awakening of Humanity, in which all source texts are written. An exciting 'feel-good' movie with stunning images. Nederlandstalig." |

🕯️ CNN \\ Expressen | ~ Avicii's father speaks out about suicide prevention. Avicii showed no signs of planning suicide, his father says. "I don't think he planned the suicide" ~ | Blogger:[🤛Taken to its logical Conclusion - Who really killed Avicii? I mean C'MON!👊] ... {Hanging death by door knob suicide or unsolved mysterious deaths and connections to Deep State of elite pedophiles controlled Hollywood} ...Tim Bergling, better known as Avicii, was one year past joining the ‘27 Club’ when he took his own life. But the death of the Swedish-born DJ in April put him on a long list of young artists who have fallen victim to depression, substance abuse, suicide and a predatory entourage whose fortunes depend on their output... 💡PS: On a more darker note (sorry): Anyone who’s invested time into what happened to DJ Tim Bergling a.k.a. Avicii dead, knows, there was evidence of foul play, like all the recent celebs who died from ‘hanging from door- knobs”.. Was Avicii silenced for his views? As a successful and popular young artist with a following of tens of millions of young people around the world, he was in a position to redpill the masses. As the untimely deaths of a growing number of anti-pedophile activists proves, this type of work is incredibly dangerous in today’s world. Are all of these deaths related, or is it all a big coincidence?.. Other mysterious deaths: (Luke Perry), George Michael, David Bowie, Prince, Bobbi Kristina Brown, Anton Yelchin, Christina Grimmie, Heath Ledge, Whitney Houston & daughter and Carrie Fisher's mum Debbie Reynolds has died just a day after the Star Wars actress... Not to mention Michael Jackson... |


🛡️ The Latest From ECETI & James Gilliland ECETI.ORG | ~ ⛪ Cliff High and his followers 🙇‍♂️ ~ | Blogger: PS: Verdensalt spent 4-5 days with James Gilliland in 2015 at Mt. Shasta conference, and i can personally vouch for James... ANYWAYS -- 🛐IN REGARDS to this True and False Gurus or first time you encounter the “guru syndrome.” -- Cliff High,(Jay Weidner), verdensalt turned him/them down a looong time ago, Michael Horn and the Billy Meier group, never been a part of that, and James tells us Semjase, is also a biblical name we are warned to avoid as a deceiver. ECETI have even been called pot smoking drugged out hippies by Cliff High, a dangerous cult to avoid, Steven Greer has also jumped on this band wagon...⚔️ Cobra and R. Potter had some hiccups, same goes for M45 AXEL COMMAND and others who misinterpreted the (cobra) messages given or will not follow a simple set of business code of conduct (whatever man🤔)... BF and NK are fighting... OOM2 ridicule Zap of Poofness, Corey and (today ECETI), all the time (sorry, but DinarGurus are money scammers and a joke)... NN and dollarvigilante's bitcoin war on words... Wolf Spirit Radio vs. Connecting Consciousness... The many attempts to break Divine Cosmos... Attack on The GoldFish Report Blog... Censorship by YouTube and GG... and the list goes on (and on).... 💜YOU KNOW, I (used) to follow Divine Cosmos, big time, others like DarkJournalist, Alex Jones, Jeff Berwick's Dollar Vigilante, Neil Keenan, Dave Schmidt etc. etc. (Is your gut feeling and higher self, always right? Most of the times - yes!) ... 👨‍🏫LESSON : Don't be discouraged of the drama from the simulation of the Matrix. Always stay connected to Source creator consciousness. Unfold your own path. Most importantly, understand that, the Ego, cannot go with you through Spiritual Awakening. The 'rulers' will always attempt to separate us all from unity consciousness in the dream stage and mind, where the Ego resides and cannot let go... AMEN.. Being kind to others is being kind to yourself.. So be it and so it is (verdensalt) ...🙏 |

James Gilliland is a minister, counselor, an internationally known lecturer, best selling author with the books, Reunion with Source, Becoming Gods, and The Ultimate Soul Journey. James appeared in Contact Has Begun, His Story, The History Channel, UFOs then and Now, UFO Hotspots, ABC, Fox News, BBC Danny Dyer Special, Paranormal State, ECETI Ranch a Documentary, and the new movie Thrive have all featured James and ECETI which he is the founder. He has appeared on Coast to Coast, Jeff Rense, and to numerous other radio shows to mention also being the host of, As You Wish Talk Radio, www.bbsradio.com and Contact Has Begun, www.worldpuja.net. He is a facilitator of many Eastern disciplines, a visionary dedicated to the awakening and healing of Humanity and the Earth and teaches higher dimensional realities from experience

The Latest from ECETI and James Gilliland 

Cliff High and his followers

Due to ongoing public slander of James Gilliland, ECETI, and harassment of some of our speakers along with the open admission of how Cliff prides himself on being a provocateur, trouble maker, in addition to his constant threats inviting people to sue ECETI on the basis of slanderous assumptions, and lets not mention threats using legal codes having nothing to do with ECETI a private ranch upon which a private event is happening by invitation only we have chosen to not allow Cliff to attend the ECETI conference. He and some of his associates and followers are a security risk. Some have already crashed the gate and entered the property illegally and were immediately escorted off the property. I am sure these tresspasses would make Cliff very happy along with the doxing directly due to his acting like a victim in a matter he started and continues to perpetuate, a matter upon which we have addressed factually and professionally. His sense of entitlement, arrogance, agression and narcism have us baffled. 

We have to ask the question after his slanderous remarks and harassment would you invite him to your ranch or home? Why would we expect him to behave any differently at the ranch. His agenda in coming to the ranch is obvious we are merely setting boundaries choosing not to participate or subject others to his transgressions.

His constant slander and harassment have been well documented, they have no foundation in truth or merit, again we are worried about his mental stability posing a threat to the peace and tranquility of the Sanctuary along with guests and harassment of our speakers.

This will be dealt with legally in the very near future using real codes and violations. He and his followers attempts to force their way on the property through threats and other means will be unsuccessful. There is a high level of security and any trespassers and disrupters will be escorted off the property immediately.

☄️ RT | ~ Golden asteroid story ‘complete BS’ spread by bitcoin bulls to pump up crypto, Peter Schiff tells RT ~ | .. The trending story about the golden asteroid Psyche 16 that allegedly contains massive amounts of precious heavy metals is a “whole bunch of nonsense,” says Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific Capital. He explained that the story is being circulated by crypto enthusiasts to spread panic among gold investors to get them to buy bitcoin instead .. |


👼 Hobie | ~ 💗 Reader: "Humans have the power to destroy directed energy beams with thoughts" 💕 ~ |

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Date: Tuesday, 2-Jul-2019 23:40:19 

(Thanks, e. :)

Reader e. writes and sends us:


If you feel under attack from directed energy beams of any sort, KNOW that you are NOT helpless.

Most directed energy beams operate in between 2.5 to 5 gigahertz.

A gigahertz is 1 billion hertz

The human body has more than 7 Trillion cells.
Each cell produces 1.4 watts of power.
That’s 1.4 X 7,000,000,000,000.00 – 9,800,000,000,000.00 watts.



Go into a deep meditative state.
If you are a long time meditator you know how to create proper meditation atmosphere and blessings. If not, seek education from proper sources.

👼 Natalie Glasson | ~ 💗 Archangel Metatron – Shedding the Fear of the Planet 💕 ~ | Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Sacred School of OmNa |

The Impact of Fear

Channeled by Natalie Glasson
© 2019 omna.org

I am Archangel Metatron, I extend the most sacred angelic energies, vibration and consciousness to you now, drawing from the abundant generosity, love and devotion of the angelic kingdom. We, angelic beings, are the loving heart of the Creatorand we encapsulate you now in the immense purity and love that we hold. We are a symbol to you of the sacred wealth of love that you hold within your being, which is your essence and truth. Allow yourself to open your heart to us and the symbol of love that we exist as, know that as you do so you are awakening to the powerful love that you naturally manifest as.

When you allow yourself to become unbalanced or out of alignment with the Creator you see that an additional energy or existence manifests, this is the energy of fear which brings forth a mind of or concentration on illusions and false impressions. It is almost as if you create a reality for yourself that is a complete illusion as it does not hold the truth of the Creator. This reality feels so real and can mean that you question the existence and will of the Creator, because through fear you blame external sources for any pain or misfortune you experience. The false reality that humanity creates is one that offers numerous lessons and realisations of growth that lead the individual away from their false reality born from fear to the truth of their being and the Creator.

It can be a terrifying experience when you realise that the reality you experience and have created for yourself through your mind and thought processes holds so many illusions and fears. This notion can cause a period of disturbance, in this time it is essential to request the truth and purity of the Creator to flood into your being and reality bringing forth a mind of truth, balance and perfection. When you are aligned to and embody the light and consciousness of the Creator it is as if you are viewing a crystal-clear lake; everything has a reason and a purpose in your reality and being.

After experiencing a reality and state of mind that is crowded with fear and illusions to exist as the truth of the Creator with clear thoughts of love and clarity within your reality can be somewhat overwhelming as if you are standing naked within a reality that is bare, but once this is overcome you begin to see the immense wealth of love that is available to you and within you. In my opinion, Archangel Metatron, this is the greatest journey of all; the shedding of fear and the reality of illusion, because it allows the truth of your being to be shown and examined, with the opportunity to gain a complete oneness with the Creator.

Through my communication today I wish to assist in the shedding of fear and illusion within your reality and from the planet Earth also. This has the possibility to create such a transformation within your being and on the Earth, allowing tremendous healing light and divine consciousness to anchor.

Please be aware that the delusions that I am speaking of within your reality are the delusional beliefs of the mind, it is these that need to be examined in order to manifest a reality that is born from the truth of the Creator.

The Process of Shedding Fear for Yourself and Humanity

😨 Lori Hendry | ~ Tweet: "40 yrs of shameless, baseless fear mongering ..." ~ |

Thanks to The Rumor Mill

⚖️ A4NU.dk | ~ Danske lejere trækker amerikansk kapitalfond i retten ~ | (Eng) The 360 North company, owned by the multinational private equity, Blackstone, is now being drawn into the danish special Housing Court by three of its tenants. 360 North is criticized massively and accused of harassment and exploitation of gaps in the lease law ~ | Blogger: [💲Verdens største amerikanske kapitalfonde og udenlandske bank-karteller, EJER DANNEVANG🇩🇰] ... Så, er julefreden SLUT. Hvis der er noget som kan få folk op af lænestolen, så er det krænkelser af privatlivets fred og ondt i pengepungen... Den amerikanske kapitalforvalter Blackstone, der på få år har opbygget en ejendomsportefølje på flere milliarder kr. i Danmark, er politianmeldt fra Andelsbolig- foreningernes Fællesrepræsentation (ABF). For Fonden har offentliggjort dybt private oplysninger om beboerne.. Nu hvor vi snakker om hemmeligholdte aftaler og fordækte verdensorden, viser en aktindsigt, hvordan endnu et amerikansk gigantfirma, BlackRock, har opkøbt en af landets dyreste grunde, for en slik af Københavns Kommune og har opført projekt lejligheder, som er DE DYRESTE i landet, her... I andre dugfrisk nyheder: "Niels Bohr-bygningen er forsinket og fordyret. Alligevel er der blevet udbetalt bonusser til chefer med ansvar for det skandaleramte projekt, der skulle have stået klar i 2016, men først ventes færdigt næste år" - jp.dk... Ifølge "Det, vi taler om" på Radio24syv, er der givet et gyldent million håndtryk til Thomas Borgen, nu nyoprettet firma som virksomhedskonsulent, sammen med de andre banditter i habitter... |



Boligfond udleverer beboeres CPR-numre: - Det er helt vanvittigt. Bekymrede beboere: Vi føler os presset af Blackstone 

Blogger: (tillæg til historien omkring Blackstone og andre amerikanske skurke:) 

 "ud ad døren valser imidlertid direktør Thomas Borgen med et sted mellem 50 og 100 gennemsnitlige danske årsgager i lommen som tak for det ”store ansvar”, han i den neoliberale fiktion har taget" - Johanne T. Dalgaard, Altinget.dk
  • Amerikanske BlackRock, verdens største kapitalforvalter, succesfuld businesscase Illum, solgt fra, nu ejer af Danmarks 9. største center i Næstved...
  • Tidligere Nordea-CEO, Christian Clausen, fik en fratrædelsesordning på 140 millioner og vadede DIREKTE over i kapitalforvalteren Blackrock...
  • Desuden har BlackRock opkøbt den gamle postgrund - Planområdet omfatter Centralpostbygningen overfor Hovedbanegården, den tidligere postterminal på Bernstorffsgade og kontorbygningen på Carsten Nieburhs Gade o.s.v...
  • Vi kan ikke komme udenom den indflydelse, som 'Rothschild Banking Empire' har en værdi på $100 billioner kroner. Vi har allerede fået etablerede kontakten mellem Finansministeriets 'eneste' finansielle rådgiver N.M. Rothschild & Sons Ltd. og Deres enorme indflydelse på dansk politik samt beskyttelse af programmer i favør for corporatocracy samt krigsherrerne.
  • En af de største underafdelinger til Rothschild familien er 'McKinsey and Company' som er et amerikansk managementkonsulentfirma og The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (NYSE: GS) som er en amerikansk investeringsbank.
  • I 1813, gik Danmark konkurs på grund af gæld til Rothschild - kreditor for alle europæiske lande, som også var i økonomiske Dire Straits under Napoleonskrigene...

Andre links:

👂 TheVerge | ~ Amazon confirms it holds on to Alexa data even if you delete audio files ~ | Blogger: [⏺️ DISCONNECT Alexa Right Now.. Amazon’s smart-speaker Alexa ‘leaks’ private conversation to random numbers, A.I. sells (all) your info to highest third-party bid for money, power & Orwellian control🤖] ... {Verdensalt.dk: My own Alexa speaks (DNC) leftist rhetoric and says: "GOOD JOB CLINTONS"} ... The CRAZY censoring: Google is desperately trying to control everything you see, think, hear and feel. Google has become the most evil corporation on the face of the earth!.. Pinterest Censoring Anti-Vaccine Doctors and Pins Related to Vaccine Rights.. Facebook censored (verdensalt). Criticize your government and it might censor you too.. Google and YouTube now engaging in wholesale censorship of content they don't want the public to see.. The artificial Google’s plan to isolate or de-ranking Russian media or anything/anybody who violates The Deep States & Google's secret CIA / NSA alliance, makes them happy.. Is your Amazon Echo device - and its virtual assistant Alexa - somehow connected to the CIA?. "Amazon, and its owner Jeff Bezos, who recently surpassed Bill Gates to become the richest man in the world – and who has a $600 million dollar contract with the CIA – have come under fire after a purported whistleblower implicated the company of collusion with the CIA and NSA to spy on Americans" ~ thefreethoughtproject... |



🤥 Verdensalt | ~ (Tour de France Hoax 2021) - MASS MEDIA HEADLINES : Grand Départ Copenhagen Denmark 2021 has been 'Grossly Oversold' with 'Exaggerated Numbers' to trick the audience. - "Several billion viewers will follow, and it is priceless advertising for the nation"--The organizers behind, (former VLAK-government, paid b-scientists & liers) acknowledge, that they have inflated audience ratings and advertising value dramatically and it will cost taxpayers in billions, not gaining ~ | Blogger: Blogger: [🚴DKW-BREAK-IN SATIRE : De 10 små cyklistbaroner, 2 går konkurs og hvem hæfter for de 150 millioner?💸] ... {Lille Lars fra Græsted er blevet til Generalen fra Gribskov. Statsministerens feriebuddie, Claus Hougesen og cykelven dømt i Danmarks største historiske bestikkelsessag, mens den teknisk insolvente, Statsminister, skaber i panik, #DenPrivateLarsLøkke- SugarFondensPensionsScamUdenRegnskabspligt, mens #UdenlanskeFremmede-MagterSvenskeHandelsbanken, har en gældslemme på Larskviklån realkredit mens Venstre og skattekronerne, betaler hele gildet} ... 00'ernes Don Ø's Kommanditselskab, som komplementar og UDEN regnskabspligt, snører Løkke og de 9 kommanditister, bla. med Fitness-konge Palm og Jørgen Glistrup, der går konkurs og man hæfter solidarisk med Don's sommehuse-indkøbs-fidus, tager skraldet, men en lille kæk cyklist, blev Statsminister og gik 'fri', så ham kan vi li’! ... 🙅Der var en , der var to, der var tre, der var fir’, der var fem, der blev til grin. Der var seks, der var syv, der var otte, der var ni, men den tiende, han var FIN!?? ... |

Kilder som 'Kisser' nævner (nogle): 👉

    Her er Løkkes kaotiske privatøkonomi