Jun 12, 2019

🙏Verdensalt | 💓 ~ Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos ~ 💕 | Blogger: [😢Real Men Don’t Cry!? - Real Men Do Cry And It’s Good for Them😊] ... {Balancing Your Feminine and Masculine Energies} ... Verdensalt is bond by a Light Warriors knighty oath: Protect the weak and uphold the good. This code states that knights must defend the weak and the innocent, must protect women and children, must fight fairly and honorably, and obey their lieges. I will hold this energy of protecting the sacred feminine, as well. So be it, and so it is!... ⛨... I'm here to remind you, that the first order of business is always to calm your mental/emotional state, to assure you that you are not alone, to remind you that you have journeyed through other challenging moments in this life, reincarnations and other realms and to move your entire vibration into a state of peacefulness... |

🌎Judy Satori | ~ Copenhagen - We Are the Wayshowers : Full energy transmission ~ | .. Thank you to everyone who joined me on this journey. We are ALL one family 💕 .. | Blogger: PS: Please start the playback at 29/mins and enjoy this very full energy transmission... |

🍎ColdFusion | ~ Apple is Being Sued for Billions – Tech Could Change Forever ~ | Blogger: [🦶Apple Pays Disputed Irish €14bn Tax Bill. Denmark - A New Tax Haven Dr. Evil's Lair For FB, Apple, Google - You Name It - We Got It💡] ... {I don't believe in coincidences.. Denmark, you have sold yourself for nought} ... EVEN IF -- MT Højgaard (Construction company) has just lost 1.900,000,000 billion DKK since Apple cancels 700-acre data center project in Denmark, looks to sell off the land, Denmark, is still TOP CHOICE, because of the UNIQUE low electrical prices, almost a (free) giveaways that our danish govt have to offer ... ⇨ Facebook, (Apple) we in Denmark, have a stable infrastructure (not like in Bangladesh, no Sir!), no terror, high security, below zero negative Interest rates are normal here (free loans), pro-US Inc. friendly government body, highest labour costs in EU, but you're able to hire highly technical skills, low electricity and heating cost and of course, veeeery special price & tax heaven for You my friend... We can even CIRCUMVENT all US laws on data protection and principles (Tech giant sector also struggles to prepare for new EU data protection)... Danish EU Commissioner Margrethe Vestager will not hunt you down, we promise.. ⇨ Facebook (Apple), as you know, TDC are able to deliver High-Speed Internet services, TDC owned by American NTC Holding capital funds (incl Goldman Sachs Capital Partners), so it's done deal... ⇨ Facebook, (Apple) we have something called Access to Public Administration Files Act (Offentlighedsloven) which will protect You, in case of lawsuits - we're good keeping secrets, trust us on this... ⇨ Facebook, (Apple) we will give you the land for free (our Island Funen (Fyn) & Jutland has lots of cheap land, anyways).. Just let us keep the status as the evil henchmen, maximize our geopolitical influence, accelerate the entry of Danish companies into Silicon Valley, promote US investments in Denmark, give contracts to the Confederation of Danish Enterprise and let us stay in the ‘9-Eyes’ program (the second-highest level of intelligence-sharing with the American authorities)... ⇨ Facebook, (Apple) one more thing, keep the Hollywood stars dropping into MCH Messecenter Herning, we looove Madonna & Obamas... ⇨ Facebook, (Apple) we salute you.. For loyal and faithful service to USA, the people of Denmark, we are the lucky bunch...🖖.. Oh oh i forgot... we are THE biggest test country for dangerous 5G infrastructure... |

🏄Verdensalt | ~ What the Heck? ~ | Blogger: [〰️ The Earth is vibration higher and higher, just like verdensalt!〰️] ... {For many years this resonance frequency has hovered at a steady 7.83 Hz with only slight variations} ... |

Space Observing System. Данные комплексного мониторинга в г.Томске
Blogger: Thanks to theearthplan 🙏

So much for a fancy title....

I had to go back to the SR because that nagging thought at the back of my mind refused to go away and just got louder, so here I am, addressing it. Or rather, questioning it.....

And got a surprise.

Look at that formation, it appeared again, just recently! I certainly didn't expect to see another one! That "stacked" reading, with the layers on top of each other. How did that happen? What does it mean?

Energetically I'm feeling quite OK today, just wanting to lie down a lot, like yesterday, but not fatigued or drained. I also sense sooooo much going on around us (above, below....). I know there is a mind-blowing amount of activity taking place but my Divinity, Angels & Guides are doing their best to keep me from being completely overwhelmed, so LOVE & GRATITUDE for succeeding in this 😁 I think I wouldn't be able to function at all if I feel the full force of the busyness.

And now, I think I'll succumb to that lie-down prompt....

Namaste and Blessings!

📣 The Atlantic | ~ A Russian Journalist’s Arrest Counters the Image of Putin the Puppet Master ~ | Blogger: AT LEAST they let him go - right!?👍... US officially has just requested extradition of Julian Assange... Will he finally be persecuted and killed inside a military DUMB? That's even, after Swedish prosecutors dropped Julian Assange rape investigation, the UK & US still wants him for high treason against the Deep State a.k.a. Intelligence services apparatus... Julian Assange's security bill costs the UK nearly $20 million a year and had put the Ecuadorian embassy, under enormous pressure! Has The Deep State won again or is this a deliberate QAnon created Get Out of Jail Free card to assist Trump and his team to break down the Shadowy Government!?.. Trump Responds to Assange Arrest: "I Know Nothing About Wikileaks"🤔... |

Ivan Golunov speaks with the media in Moscow after his release from jail.SHAMIL ZHUMATOV / REUTERS

Abroad, Putin is perceived as the master orchestrator of all of Russia’s actions. But his hold on the state’s security services is more limited 

🚨TV2 FNYS NYS | ~ Beskyttelse af Paludan har i "betydeligt omfang" taget politi fra andre opgaver ~ | Blogger: [👮Police To Protect and Serve Soft Corruption & Hateful Genetically Modified Politicians. Price Tag = 100 million DKK for 5 Month Work - Plus Overtime Cost & Admin Work❓] ... In the meanwhile lowlifes, rob, kill, and destroy the country because there's no cops around to protect the citizens and politicians are so embarrassing, they're trying to cut off "all" other political newcomers to rise to the top of the corruption Tower of Babel in Folketinget (danish parliament) by double the collected certificates of support from approximately 20,000 voters to 40,000 voters, to keep them safe... |


🌞Journalista.dk | cand. jur. & markedsøkonom Lars Bjørknæs | ~ Bureaukraternes årlige sommerudflugt : Kommunerne sender flere embedsmænd til Bornholm end politikere ~ | .. Ifølge aktindsigter opnået af Journalista.dk drejede det sig i 2018 om 61 kommuner, som sendte større eller mindre delegationer til Bornholm .. | Blogger: [🏩2016 Sol, 3000 Events, Kongeligt besøg og Adskillige Nyskabelser : PRIS FOR SKATTEYDERNE = 48 millioner skattekroner - som minimum - arbejds- tiden ikke er inkluderet💸] ... |


😇 Aluna Ash- 9D | ~ 💗 Group Meditation & Chat (Pluto & Dark Night Of The Soul) 💕 ~ | .. Meditation as a group & just a chat about the dark night of the soul .. |

🛐PFC Leadership | ~ 💗 Meditation to Decree the Sovereignty of Mankind and The End of Chimera 💕 ~ | Blogger: Cobra friendly website... |

Urgent call to all Light-Workers & Light-Warriors!

In honor and custody of the Galactic Codex and in the name of the Forces of Light to which we are an operational part on the surface, we make a call to each AWAKENED SOUL in this Planet Earth and beyond, to participate in our Meditation to Decree the Sovereignty of Mankind, as to end the domains of Chimera and their minions in this Solar System and in our Beloved Planet GAIA.

This Meditation will take place on June 11, at 9:00 PM BST (click here to see according to your timezone).

If you feel guided to join forces with us in this mass meditation, which will be one of the most important meditations ever made, we ask you with all our LOVE, to help us spread the word with the group to which you belong.

Everyone will be welcome to join forces in this unique mission that belongs to all of us, so please call all your contacts and groups and make this call cross borders.

Receive our most sincere gratitude and know that you are loved and respected for all the work that you have done and still do.

The end of quarantine on Earth is just around the corner.

All together for GAIA!

🌩️ Ruptly | ~ Germany: Massive hailstones hammer Munich as storms continue ~ | .. Several injured in Germany after massive hailstones hammer down on Munich .. |

🍿Operationdisclosure | ~ RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - "Cascade" ~ | Blogger: [👄RUMORS AND GOSSIP REPEATERS👂] ...|

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - "Cascade" - June 11, 2019

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)

The Deep State Cabal continues to be exposed by the Earth Alliance.

All their companies, corporations, and every industry they've set up and created will be exposed.

Their monopolies will crash and their entire economical empire will fall.

DECLAS is being rolled out and there's no stopping it.

Deutsche Bank is on the verge of collapsing which will trigger a cascade effect on the fiat financial system.

All sources agree that the RV will begin before Deutsche Bank collapses.

⚰️The Rumor Mill News | ~ WHAT IS GOING ON? Ten Prominent People Killed or Murdered In Last 72 Hours! [VIDEO] ~ | .. From Rodham to Collins: 10 Dead / Missing in 72 Hours .. | Blogger: [👥Corruption is a constant in the society and occurs in all civilizations⚖️] ... As always, please use your own spiritual discernment. About this "dnajlion7" YouTuber or character - verdensalt don't support in any way, shape, or form religions, politics, deep dark black magics, on the contrary, I do stand for protecting the innocent people, exposing corruption and anything else, that is not good for Earth and its inhabitants... 🙏 |

Something's Happening Here, For Sure...

WHAT IS GOING ON? Ten Prominent People Killed or Murdered In Last 72 Hours

Noah | WeLoveTrump
June 10, 2019


I came across a really interesting video today.

I had heard about 5 of these, but I didn’t know the full list of all ten.

Here’s the short story….ten prominent people are all dead (many killed) over a 72 hour period.
  • Senators.
  • Chief’s of Police.
  • Rodhams (yeah, as in Hillary Rodham).
What’s their connection?

🐺Gizmodo | ~ Huge, Shaggy Head of 40,000-Year-Old Wolf Unearthed in Siberia ~ | .. A well-preserved head belonging to an ancient species of Pleistocene wolf has been pulled from the permafrost of northeastern Siberia. The enormous, well-preserved head could yield important genetic information about the evolutionary history of wolves and the origin of domesticated dogs .. |


📈Radio24Syv | ~ Nykredit tilbyder børneopsparing investeret i tobak og A-våben ~ | Blogger: [🌬️Etiske Dilemmaer - Varm Luft eller Kølig Profit?🤑] ... {SLOGAN : "Nykredit Invest - Robust, ambitiøs og ansvarlig investering"} ... Ifølge 24 Nyheder har Nykredit investeret i firmaer og "Uetiske Aktier" : Atomvåben, (ekstra farlig og miljøforurenede) Olieudvindelse, (dræbende) Tobak, Korruption og Farlig Børne- arbejde ... Nykredits forsvar: "alle virksomheder og investeringer er godkendt af FN' regelsæt og konventioner, som DK har været med til at stemme for"... Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke: "Det schweizisk-britiske mineselskab Glencore, er et af de MEST "uansvarlige og farlige" selskaber, der findes, iflg. 24 Nyheder... ⚠️PS: (NYKREDIT ER IKKE DE ENESTE:) -- Andre uetiske aktieinvesteringer er landminer, klyngebomber, kulbaseret energi, rumfart, sikkerhed og forsvar, kontroversielle amerikanske lejesoldatfirma Blackwater eller andre (private militære) virksomheder der ikke overholder menneskerettigheder, skader miljøet, er korrupte eller på anden vis er uetiske... Listen er anelang - eksempelvis - Norges Oliefonds - eller danske pensionsselskaber's liste, står producenter af atomvåben eller (private militære) virksomheder ØVERST... |

Morningstar kårer igen Nykredit Nykredit Invest som bedst til Aktier og Obligationer i Danmark

👯Fox News | ~ Joe Biden promises to 'cure cancer' if elected president ~ | Blogger: [🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️‘Creepy Uncle Joe’. Meet the wannabe 'Sperminator'. The most powerful CREEPY man on EARTH. Groping, ogling and touching women (and men) and children/teens on daily basis. NOW he wants to save the entire 3-D Matrix of illusionary WORLD (America) by 'curing cancer' 😀🤣🙃] ... Who Do U Believe In? 2Pac? God & Country? Creepy Uncle Joe "The Sniffer"? or LA-based Shaman Durek Verrett, Princess Martha Louise of Norway's Boyfriend?... |


🎡 Crop Circle Connector | ~ New Mysteries Crop Circle In Hampshire County, England ~ | Blogger: [🍥What is Crop circles? - sometimes called corn circles in the UK, are geometric designs of flattened or knocked-over crops🍥] ... Hoax or not, still strange and unexplained phenomena! Some say, that these strange things were initially made by two Englishmen in the late 1970s, who thought up the idea in a pub when they should have been reminiscing about the good times with their beshhtt friend evah (rationalwiki.org).. Foster Gamble from Thrive movement tells us that; "Thousands of extraordinary geometric patterns have appeared in crop fields in more than 50 countries throughout the world.. There has been a lot of controversy about the origin of these designs. While some crop circles are created by pranksters to undermine the possibility of a non-human source, most crop formations are actually done in a way that defies current earthly science or technology. Laboratory studies have indicated that the nodes of some of the stalks get blasted out on one side, which can only be replicated by highly localized microwave heating. There are often anomalous electromagnetic effects and magnetic particles found as well…something hoaxers with planks would have trouble accomplishing"... |


🤘SITSSHOW | ~ Deep State Takedown News: June 9th to 10th 2019 ~ | .. Jon Stewart slams lawmakers for not funding healthcare to 9/11 first responders .. | .. ‘I’ll f***ing bury you!’ McAfee vows to expose corrupt US officials & CIA agents if ‘disappeared’ .. |


The Call Goes Mainstream, All Eyes Are Now On The [CB]- Episode 1888a

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