Apr 21, 2019

Messages from Ann & the Angels | ~ 💕 Resurrecting good feelings 💕 ~ | Channeling through Ann Albers | Newsletter - Excerpts only |

(Ann Albers:) I started channeling weekly messages from the angels after 9/11/2001, in an attempt to reach as many people as possible with the angels' words of hope and inspiration. I didn't realize at the time that we would become an international community of lightworkers dedicated to expanding our capacity to receive and share God's love in the world.

Each week's newsletter contains an angel message, a message from me explaining how I put the angels' teachings to work in my life, and various other announcements about classes, events, and new products. I would love to help you experience the love, wisdom, and guidance that are available to us all.

Message from the Angels

My dear friends we love you so very much!

Search your hearts dear ones. What is it you would most like to feel here upon this earth? Take a moment, shut your eyes, breathe and ask the question, "Dear heart of hearts, what would you most like to feel here upon this earth, right here, right now?"

You might hear your heart say it wants to feel safe, loved, abundant, free, alive, worthy, peaceful, healthy, comfortable in the body, or a variety of other wonderful loving feelings. Trust whatever comes up inside of you.

Now shut your eyes. Breathe and imagine relaxing into the arms of the Divine, in much the same way as a wave relaxes back into the ocean. Imagine relaxing backwards into a blissful Presence of love. Ask yourself, "As I relax into the arms of the Divine, what would it feel like to feel [safe, loved, abundant, free, alive, worthy, peaceful, healthy, comfortable in the body... whatever you wanted]?"

Sit and breathe as your very own soul, in cooperation with the Divine, begins to give you a feeling that answers this question.

As I relax into the arms of the Divine, what would it feel like to feel [my feeling]...?

Cosmic Agency | ~ Reincarnation: Direct Extraterrestrial Pleiadian Message (Swaruu - Taygeta) ~ | Blogger: [⏰The Earth and Everything IS as it Should be - YOU are where You should be, at this moment, acc. to Swaruu - Taygeta😊]... |

This is chapter 19 of Chats with Swaruu, an extraterrestrial young woman of Erra from Taygeta (Pleiades) (fifth density) with whom I was in contact in writing, talking about all kinds of topics that deal with our reality, spirituality, metaphysics, ancient history , extraterrestrial life, health, soul, technology, and much more.

In this series I am sharing with you what I learnt, and so, little by little, together we can get to understand more about who we are, where we come from, because we are here, and who our cosmic families are. We learn about how the reality that surrounds us works, and also, we become more familiar with the mechanics of the 3D Matrix.

And above all, we learn a lot about all the limiting beliefs that maintain the human population in the artificially placed Matrix, the 3D reality in which we are immersed. The key to becoming free is in you!

In this episode I talk with Swaruu about Reincarnation and Reincarnation loops and cycles. Fascinating topic! Enjoy! :)

I want to give my eternal thanks to Swaruu for having patience and enthusiasm to spend time with me and explain so many topics of reality. It is the dream come true, and a great honor, to have been able to meet her. If you also want communication with star families, be patient, dreams are often fulfilled, and what we project, we attract!


🔴 returntoyourtruth | ~ CRITICAL Planetary Briefing, Upcoming 144k MM, Adult Mind Block MUST GO, Build up your energies! ~ | Blogger: [😰better late than never🙏] ... YES -- verdensalt is too late posting it (say it on PFC Leadership days ago)... Excerpts from returntoyourtruth : 'THE CABAL GOAL WITH APRIL 15 ATTACK: -- The Cabal tried to get a ‘foot-in’ or wedge … into the grids (namely via the 188 degree leyline detailed above), to then deliver their main blow over Easter, (which may include a bigger false flag) or possibly on April 30/May 1st as well, (they do rituals right throughout, so we may need to do another 144k Mass Meditation on May 1st' ... 'The Notre Dame burning event/false flag was the latest Cabal false-flag on this leyline (that we know of), and was also possibly designed to incite war btw Christians & Muslims in France ... to eventually fulfill the Luciferian religious war of Gog Vs Magog, (Christians V Muslims) which is one of the main Cabal objectives. Yet the main backbone that anchored darkness on this leyline was child ritual sacrifices done on each of those locations, typically in government buildings & churches.'... |


verdensalt | ~ TV Actresses Grace Park, Nicki Clyne, Kristin Kreuk, Allison Mack were active in NXIVM Cult – now busted for Extorting, Beating, Branding and Blackmailing women. Clare Bronfman and Kathy Russell, indicted in March on racketeering and racketeering conspiracy ~ | Blogger: [🔭Hidden in Plain Sight- But Nobody Cares!? Mum's the word 🤫🙈] ... {Did Allison Mack Confess She Sold Children to Rothschilds and Clintons? Facts The Dark Alliance Don't Want You To Know} ... Sorry to bring this up again, but important, nevertheless... 'Keith Raniere, who also was indicted and is now in federal custody. He faces sex trafficking and forced labor charges ~ CNN'... 'Literary EVERY B-list actors and actresses in Holly- wood, is a either a recruiter of the NXIVM Cult or recruiters of the secret cult above NXIVM. Other people is unfortunately 'child procures' for these elites, and enforcers of MS-13 (deadly MS-13 gang) during the Obama administration, that's according to Journalist David Seaman'... In other words, Bush/Clinton/Obama cartel used L.A. inspired deadly MS-13 gangs as their own Assassin Hit Squad ...(O-M-G! Sickening🤢) ... 🥺CONCLUSION: -- The newest cabal, dark alliance, the establishment or elites, controllers (whatever) agenda, is to normalize and pro- mote pedophilia as a sexuality instead of a mental illness. They would have you believe that it is normal, and it is okay, as long as you do not act upon it... Regard- less of our political or religious beliefs, our sexuality, our race, or whatever, we all have to deal with the day to day grind of being a human in this messed up world. The one point of our journey on this floating ball that is supposed to be worry free and innocent, is childhood. Pedophiles and abusers take this away from people at an alarming rate. For most of modern history, this has been highly frowned upon, and offenders are severely punished (exception is politicians and high ranking VIP's in our society)... As long as we 'pretend' to care - heavily influenced the brutalizing, numbing and dumbing-down effects of mass culture and 'bystander effect', we humans, as a species, don't stand a chance to change the world as a ever loving caring planet... #Mee-Too vs. #OccultPedoGateOrder:... Sexual harassment is a serious matter, but, #metoo is also about "hiding" the global pursuit of pedophile criminals among the power elite. Yes, quite simple and I can calmly say, it is not a conspiracy. The worldwide #Metoo wave is the hard chocolate that borders the Mars chocolate bar, while the hidden soft part of the nougat core - the heavily-fused pedophile world, that includes horrible and much more offensive criminal offenses against children and adolescents... They call it Hillary's #Pay-to-Play, #Pizzagate, Podesta's #Spirit-cooking of secretive shady occult sex freemasonry rituals... The NXIVM Cult is 'unfortunately' ONLY, the tip of the iceberg... |

CNN: Seagram's liquor heiress pleads guilty to crimes related to New York sex cult, pyramid scheme case
ZeroHedge: Allison Mack Pleads Guilty In NXIVM Sex-Cult Case

Blogger: (2017): Yahoo News -- Sylvester Stallone accused of coercing teen into unwanted sex act in 1986 (Denies Sexually Assaulting a 16-Year-Old Fan in 1986: 'It Never Happened') .. VOX -- Bill Clinton continues to be an honored guest even in the #MeToo era. Should he be? .. Aftenposten.no -- 487 Norwegian actors are writing outrage against sexual harassment. Norwegian female actors demands a STOP - wishing to prevent power abuse and corruption and sexchikans in the industry .. Journalisten.dk -- #Metoo in the media - Swedish revelations and ""Danish silence"". In Denmark, the reaction to the #Metoo campaign is far less violent than in Sweden, where a number of men have had to leave their jobs in the media. "In Denmark, we have hardly any focus on maintaining gender equality issues," says journalist researcher. "PUT IT ON THE TABLE. Harassment must not be part of the context, "says Lars Werge, Chairman of the Danish Journalist League .. |

Sarah brännmärktes – med ledarens initialer

Be Inspired | ~ THIS WILL LITERALLY BLOW YOUR MIND! Bruce Lipton Shocked The Audience With This Story! ~ | Blogger: A-Must-See!!.. Thanks to PAO, Galactic Heart... 💞|

Universe Inside You | ~ Third Eye Pineal Gland: The Biggest Cover-Up in Human History - Redone Real Narration ~ | Blogger: [👁️Third Eye Kiss And Its Incredible Power - wow, didn't know that💋] ... PS: Add-on Commentary: Deep meditation is good yes, stop eating toothpaste with sodium fluoride of course, but 'Universe Inside You' overlooking one huuuge problem when detoxifying (white sugar)...'The prominence of sugar as an added ingredient in foods is eerie. Especially when recent studies have shown that sugar is more addictive than cocaine or heroin. Aside from the the known detriment of sugar (increased fat, links to cancer, general poor health) is something else. Sugar is known the calcify the pineal gland' (excerpts from hubski.com)... |

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🔴 RT | ~ Six (now 8th) bombing targets: Christian churches & luxury hotels hit by deadly Sri Lankan blasts ~ | Blogger: [👞Ole Dammegard is an intrepid researcher of staged Gladio II deceptions. The Soulless Shoes Of Death - Shoes in Staged Deceptions as Both Calling Cards and Black Magic👠] ... ⚠️DISCLAIMER: Please note, verdensalt only wish to send healing prayers, heartfelt thoughts, and condol- ences to all the victims of this mass atrocity and their families and friends🕯️😢💔. Embedded picture with the shoe from Sri Lanka, only represent 'strange circumstances' since I personally don't believe in ANY coincidences when we're dealing with incredible evil (Freemasonry) CIA/Israel-Masonic psyops... Who are the ones controlling the narrative, creating the division & separation games, dividing genders, cultures, religions, and organizations against each other? The answer is a well-known one. Follow the money, do the research on those funding the politicians, agencies and organizations creating separation, division and social unrest... |

Sri Lanka blasts: At least 156 dead and more than 400 injured (photo RT.com)




Shoes in Staged Deceptions as Both Calling Cards and Black Magik



 Red shoes, Podesta and pedophile symbols (voat.co)

A pair of cowboy boots is seen in the street outside the concert venue after a mass shooting on the Las Vegas Strip, Oct. 1, 2017. REUTERS/LAS VEGAS SUN/STEVE MARCUS
Christchurch grieves right-wing terror attack. New Zealand and the world reeled from a right-wing mosque massacre on Friday. The terror shooting left behind grievous scenes.(dw.com)

Shoes and a bloody shirt lie outside Bataclan concert hall in Paris 2015 where most of the fatalities occurred (Photo: CNN)
In the aftermath of 26/11 (2010), diplomats from the United States, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Canada had decided not to get 'sucked into' the Indo-Pak blame game and stop short of blasting India on the huge intelligence failure, disclosures by WikiLeaks show, according to New Zealand media (rediff)

The 9/11 Memorial Museum is Home to the Shoes of Survivors (911memorial.org)