Jun 11, 2019

🙏Verdensalt | 💓 ~ Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos ~ 💕 | Blogger: The Event, The Lyran Journey to Earth! Pleiadian Light Forces Transmission via Michael Love .. |

🛦RT | ~ Russian MoD shares COCKPIT VIDEO of Su-27 ‘escorting’ US & Swedish spy planes ~ | .. Moscow scrambled a Su-27 fighter jet to closely tail US and Swedish reconnaissance aircraft as they headed towards Russian airspace above the Baltic Sea. The MoD also shared the ‘pilot’s view’ of the escort .. | Blogger: Oh but nooooooo! but, but but... Sweden is neutral, peaceful and innocent, but 'always prepares for war'? (give me a break😒) ... "Sweden signed a top secret intelligence treaty with the US and other countries in 1954, forecast the 2008 Georgian war, and now routinely spies on Russia civil targets, leaked documents from US whistleblower Edward Snowden reveal" (thelocal.se) ... like Keyser Söze -- Always the SAME Usual Suspects... |

© Screenshots from Russia's Defense Ministry / Twitter (RT.com)
Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency presents the new brochure "If Crisis or War Comes" during a press conference in Stockholm, Sweden May 21, 2018. TT News Agency/Pontus Lundahl/via REUTERS

👽Scroll.in | ~ Watch: From aliens to weaponising the weather, Hindi news channels are stretching all credibility ~ | .. In a recent and reckless claim, a segment on the Hindi news channel Zee Rajasthan has asked whether the missing Indian Air Force aircraft (AN-32) has been abducted by aliens .. |


🌪️BT & DMI | ~ (ClickBait, ClickFake, ChemGate:) Kraftig regn, skybrud og torden er på vej ind (Mandag, øøøh nej) over det meste af Danmark tirsdag aften og natten til onsdag ~ | Blogger: [😰Holy Killer Bunny Monty Run Away. Hard Rain is Going to Town - NOT!!!🐰] ... HVOR ER SKYBRUDDET OG UVEJRET HENNE!?😨...Åhhhhh nej!, Hvad gør vi! Bagerjomfruerne fra Normalerweize, kommer ud i en særlig svær situation, men de må ikke ringe til Camilla!😂... Vejrderivater, vejrprofeter, vejrobservationer og en million dyr kunstig intelligens styrer DMI's hovedkontor, som er betalt via skattebiletten, men tror det var Ditte Okman, vært på (Det, vi taler om), der sagde, at, DMI, havde en fejlmargen på op til 69 procent... TIL GENGÆLD er DMI 'super' gode til ("ikke") at snakke om luftforurening, chemtrails, smog, stigende trådløse forurening og andet godt, som strålingen fra Tjernobyl, der blev opdaget i Danmark, Finland og Norge. Samt atomudslippet på Fukushima-kraftværket... "Regeringen prøver at skjule sandheden for os, og jeg tror, det er meget værre, end de gør situationen til - Yoshiaki Nakano" (politiken.dk)... |


🕳️Meg Benedicte | ~ 💕 Galactic Center Gateway 💕 ~ | .. The Sagittarian Full Moon initiates a powerful week of transformational events that catapult us to the next level of our expansion .. |


Arriving on Monday, June 17th, is the Full moon at 25° Sagittarius, located at the event horizon of a supermassive black hole at the galactic center. The Sagittarian Full Moon initiates a powerful week of transformational events that catapult us to the next level of our expansion. Full moons act as catalysts that purge and clear outdated energy from our lives. The galactic center is a spiraling vortex of creative energy - the Great Central Sun of the divine monad.

During Solstice week while the gateway portal is open, you have direct access to God Source – to superconsciousness. Your pineal antenna is becoming attuned to the original home star of god source, where all life is birthed. As you evolve, your Transpersonal Channel opens to spiritual guidance and knowing. Your entire existence is morphing into the blueprint of crystallization. Embrace the photonic light from the Great Central Sun.

As Mars joins the North Node in Cancer, it moves into opposition to Saturn in Capricorn on June 14th and opposite Pluto in Capricorn on June 19th. Pay attention to any ‘power struggles’ that emerge. The ‘will’ of Mars will not tolerate any authoritarian tendencies from others. Transmute aggression in the light. Mars in Cancer on the North Node points toward progress, attaining freedom from the past.

😷PAO/Sheldan Nidle | ~ 💓 An Update on Sheldan's Recovery ~ 6-10-19 💕 ~ | Blogger: [🔭DEW is REAL! Isis Astara (cobra's spouse) died after been attacked with Directed Energy Weapons. 3 people died in The International UFO Congress. Awake & Aware with Simon Parkes in 2018, lost his voice🎤] ... I (verdensalt) do miss the Sheldan Nidle Updates with the Galactic Federation of Light and the Spiritual Hierarchy... Blessings goes out to PAO/Sheldan Nidle and his surgery 🕯️💜😟... If your able to tune in to each unique Frequency and Vibration that we human possess, you are able to do tremendous of good things, but others can misuse it, as well -- I have unfortunately heard about many of our highly evolved spiritual humans being hit by DEW's, MK Ultra and other nasty instruments of torture. Like, Dr. Kathryn E. May and her team (Who Needs Light?), Stew Webb hit by DEW, Tom Heneghan Poisoned. Alex Collier, Simon Parkes, Veronica Keen (Montague’s Messages). Sinister force targeting multidimensionally interested journalists, filmmakers, and a 2016 US Presidential candidate (acc. to Alfred Lambremont Webre). I don't know about David Wilcock, Corey Goode and Emery Smith (and others from David Wilcock's Divine Cosmos), but these guys has been hit by cars, broken into their homes, threatened their family members, brakes sabotaged, poisoned, taken their income and hurt them physically etc... You might also have notice the indicatings of Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) used in Michigan (meteor strike), California wildfires, Hurricane Irma etc (Ionosphere Heaters (HAARP, EISCAT, SBX radar, NEXRAD, etc.etc) ... |

Dear PAO Community, 

We did what we could with the resources we had to employ as many natural healing supplements, techniques, visualizations, Light infusions, Tachyon chamber sessions, gifted healers, etc to heal Sheldan before time ran out and the alternative is an operation. Sheldan's prostate problem is complicated and in order to avoid further distress to his urinary tract, an operation is in order. As you can imagine, this is not what Sheldan wanted. However, I'm so proud of him. He stayed steadfast in his desire/belief that he could heal himself with the help of so many friends.

Today we talked with Jared Rand. He told us his brother had the same situation and operation as is in Sheldan's future. He assured us that sometimes allopathic medicine is the answer. It was for his brother. Interesting, when we talked with Scott Werner he told us that sometimes "God sends a surgeon". This sentiment was echoed by Dr. Joseph McNamara. So yes, sometimes God sends a surgeon.

We are requesting that you send Sheldan healing energies for the next couple days along with visualizing him sailing through the procedure with ease and grace and that his quick healing/recovery process astounds and baffles the doctors.

We are told this is a "routine" procedure. We anticipate a complete healing. We thank you for your loving service. We know the power of our Galactic community is boundless.

🧨Huffpost | ~ John Dean: Mueller Report Is To Trump What Watergate Report Was To Nixon ~ | .. Robert Mueller “has provided this committee with a road map,” the former Nixon White House counsel testified before the House Judiciary Committee .. | Blogger: [🏴DNC, Deep State & Galaxy Quest: Never Give Up. Never Surrender🏳️] ... FOX NEWS: "David Asman: Jerry Nadler 'looks pretty pathetic' after getting 'shot down' by Pelosi on impeachment"... |


💵 Finans.dk | ~ 30 investorer er klar til at sagsøge Danske Bank for mindst 750 mio. kr ~ | (Eng) 30 investors sue Danske Bank for $475m over money laundering scandal ~ | Blogger: [🤑Stung by Big Fines, Big Banks Beef Up Money, Laundering Controls. Fines Doesn't Help - "Too Big To Fail"💸] ... {Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee} ... TRUST ME, i'll been 30 year in the banking industry, and DANSKE BANK, just don't give a rat's arse! (pardon my french) ... Some banks are too big to fail, meaning they'll likely be bailed out by the government if facing bankruptcy. To avoid such banks behaving recklessly at the expense of the taxpayer, banking regulators have imposed safety nets, based on risk calculation. They have already survived 2008 crisis, and the profit lucrative big bank bailout, created by our Wall Street empire with Rothschild & Nathan-Rothschild-and-famed-quote Sons is the sole financial adviser to the Danish government... So you see, there's no way, this will hurt them, they are more concern over improving the image the bank has in the public eye, and it is no surprise that the reputation of banks and financial institutions has dropped significantly since 2009.. HOWEVER, banks like Danske Bank, keeps flooding because they depend on BIG customers and businesses, not Mr. & Mrs. Smith.. BUT, if Deutsche Bank, European Central Bank or some mega-banks in America, UK goes down, then Danske Bank will sink to the bottom of the ocean, with them... DID YOU KNOW, while we talk, Deutsche Bank has discovered serious failings in its anti-money laundering and sanctions controls that allowed cheques and high-value electronic payments to be processed without proper screening!?... Bank for International Settlements (BIS), World Bank with Deep State (13 BLOODLINES) are the 'controllers', not a petty bank, like Danske Bank.. |

Investors sue Danske Bank for $475m over money laundering

🚶‍♂️Thirdphaseofmoon | ~ The Secrets Behind The Worlds Largest Monolith Revealed! 2019-2020 ~ | .. Mount Augustus (Burringurrah) in Western Australia .. | Blogger: [🏕️You Should Grasp the Importance to Preserve Nature by Hiking⛰️] ... I was on a important retreat back in 2015 in Mt. Shasta with the organizer Robert Potter's Summer Conference. Amazing speakers up there, like James Gilland(ECETI), Omnec Onec (from Venus) etc., dated an american (at that time) and meet some beautiful, incredible people.. ANYWHO, some of us, like my reiki-master friend Monica, went to Panther Meadow trail in Mt. Shasta, ca., during the conference.. Indisputably one of the most spectacular hiking destinations in the world with energy vortexes and just unbelievable nature - O-M-G!... Native Americans and alike has protected the nature up there for centuries. I am presuming Scandinavia has some of the cleanest tap water in the world, however only few places you're are able to drink the water from rivers directly, like in Mt. Shasta. You could though, one of the places is in Sweden, not far from Denmark is a place called Kullaberg nature reserve and backpacking trail system and have tried it also in Turkey, alanya province - turkey dam mountains... |

🐬Peta.org | ~ 💓 After Decades of PETA Protests, Canada Bans Whale and Dolphin Captivity Share 💕 ~ | Blogger: FINALLY some good news... 👀💌🐋... |

Canada has banned whale and dolphin captivity!

For the first time in history, Canada has voted in favor of federal animal protection laws in Parliament. Adopted by a majority vote, Bill S-203 bans all confinement and breeding of cetaceans in captivity—all but ending the cruel practice that PETA has protested against in the country for decades. Parks and aquariums that dare to violate the new provisions against cruelty to animals in the Criminal Code could face fines of up to $200,000.

🌫️Daily Mail | ~ Gulf of Mexico's oxygen devoid 'dead zone' could hit near-record 8,000 square miles this year, shocking report reveals ~ |

  • NOAA says the low-oxygen  area is likely to cover about 7,800 square miles 
  • This is in large part due to high spring rainfall, carrying fertilizer downriver
  • Nutrients feed algae, which die and decompose on sea floor, using up oxygen
  • The record set in 2017 is 8,776 square miles (22,700 square kilometers)


👁️RT | ~ Google earned $4.7bn from news organizations in 2018, says study ~ | .. An explosive new report details how Google earned a whopping $4.7 billion in ad revenue from news organizations online in 2018, while the entire US news industry made a combined $5.1 billion from digital advertising .. |


🧬 Ing.dk | ~ Data kan gemmes i dna: Åbner nye muligheder for ulovlig dataoverførsel ~ | (Eng) Microsoft has proven that it can systematically store and retrieve data stored in DNA. This puts the investigators on a monstrous task to prevent abuse and hacking .. |

Her ses Microsofts foreløbig opstilling af udstyr, der har automatiseret lagring af data i dna Illustration: Microsoft

🤖Information.dk | ~ (debatindlæg) Vi skal ikke frygte robotter, vi skal frygte selv at blive til robotter ~ | .. Flere eksperter udtrykker alvorlige bekymringer for, at kunstigt intelligente robotter skal overtage verden. Men den reelle trussel er den mod vores mulighed for at forblive mennesker, som vælger selv, skriver professor i datalogi Thore Husfeldt .. | Blogger: [🤔STOF TIL EFTERTANKE: Før i tiden var vi bange for stalinisme, så var det atomkrig, dernæst at verden skulle overtages af computere, senere kommer debatten om kunstig intelligens, frygten for at robotterne overtager verdensherredømmet og klimaudfordringerne og nu kan danske forskere udvikle kunstigt hjernevæv og en nanochip, der skal lære vævet at virke som en rask hjerne🧠] ... 💭VERDENSALT siger ikke, menneskelige hjerner måske bliver dysfunktionelle og vi skal leve i dystopiske tider... Men, 'muligheden' for en fremtidig og uforudset teknologisk udvikling, der ender i kunstig overintelligens og dermed i robotapokalypsen, er blot vejen mod centralisering, autoritet og inddrivelse, sammen med IoT, stille og roligt, sniger sig ind i vores hverdag... OG ledende tek-giganter og et centralstyret retsstat, ELSKER det... KONTROL er lig MAGT...|

Videnskabsfolk og teknologieksperter, der i grunden er både seriøse og rationelle, bekymrer sig i ramme alvor om, at snarlige fremskridt inden for digital teknologi kan udvikle kunstig ’overintelligens’, som løber løbsk og skaber et robotragnarok.

Fysikeren Stephen Hawking siger eksempelvis: »Udviklingen af sand kunstig intelligens kan betyde enden for menneskeheden«. It-entreprenøren Elon Musk kalder kunstig intelligens for en »fundamental eksistensrisiko for den menneskelige civilisation.« Grundlæggeren af Microsoft, Bill Gates, forstår heller ikke, »hvorfor nogle mennesker ikke er bekymrede.«

På den anden side står Andrew Ng – en pioner inden for forskning i kunstig intelligens, der som Gates er datalog og må forventes at forstå teknologiens potentiale. Ng betragter uroen for en kommende algoritmisk apokalypse som en unødvendig distraktion:

»Jeg arbejder ikke på at forhindre kunstig intelligens i at blive ond, af samme grund som jeg ikke er bange for overbefolkning på Mars.«

Ifølge Ng er vi altså meget langt fra katastrofescenarierne om løbske robotter.

Men vi må konstatere, at eksperter med stor autoritet formulerer stik modsatrettede analyser og synspunkter, når de forholder sig til denne problemstilling.

Er det ulmende robotragnarok et emne af højeste dignitet og aktualitet, der fortjener høringer i EU-Parlamentet og velfinansierede forskningsinstitutter på verdens førende universiteter? Eller er det ukvalificeret, højtravende snak fra folk uden sans for teknologiens proportioner, som bare har set for mange Terminator-film?

🚸Verdensalt | ~ "Verdens bedste børneby" : Trådløst tastatur til ipad en bydel i forandring. Børnebyen - en 4000 m2 stor enhed på Christianshavn. HELT uden papir - kun wifi og trådløse forurening. Hvad bliver de små børn ikke udsat for? ~ | Blogger: [📡DKDOX.TV -- (5G) DR og Den Manglende Troværdighed☢️] ... {👹Ifølge fake news DR så er alle der er imod 5G "russiske trolle"👺} ... Som nævnt tidligere; " Indtil videre har det regeringsvenlige embedsapparat, overbetalte bforskere, medkompetanter, PET, FE og Google Gestapo Politi ville fjerne, følgende (nogle allerede væk af alternative medier til den sultne dansker): "24Nyt", "Den Korte Avis", "NewSpeek", "Folkets Avis", "Dagens", "Døgnets", "DkDoxTV", "Nyheder24" og "Digitale Nyheder / Krammet"... Jeg vil medgive, at nogle af disse er særdeles hadefulde (fremmedhadende medier) - et forsøg for at få den helt store afskrækkende effekt i (radikale) muslimske miljøer og har en bestemt agenda". DOG, kan verdensalt bare konsatere, at såkaldte "Junk News" er en DIREKTE 'trussel' mod regeringsvenlige og politisk korrekte mediestøttede medier, som fortier SANDHEDEN... |

Politiken.dk | ~ Junk news: Mange nye netmedier manipulerer, vildleder og stjæler fra andre ~ |

Nyeste program: DR og den manglende troværdighed

Donald Macintyre: De får penge for at implementere 5G.

Er Danmarks Radio troværdige når de påstår at 5G-modstandere spreder russisk misinformation? I dette interview kommer Donald Macintyre, strålingskonsulent, med en kraftigt kritik af DR's dækning af hele 5G debatten. 

DR og TDC skal sammen med Energistyrelsen finde ud af, om 5G kan anvendes i forbindelse med tv-produktioner. Ifølge Donald Macintyre har DR selv økonomiske interesser i udbredelsen af 5G og er derfor helt utroværdig i den sammenhæng.

I den kommende verden med Internet of Things, hvor alle og alt kommer til at være konstant online, er data det nye olie. Der er store økonomiske fordele ved at være blandt de første lande til at rulle 5G-netværket ud til befolkningen.

🔴The Guardian | ~ Sudanese troops raped protesters at sit-in, doctors report ~ | Blogger: [🤼Demonstrators -- 70 raped, 100 killed, 700 injured during sit-in & clashes with Paramilitaries From The Rapid Support Forces. Sudan braces for another 'million-strong' protest march ~ MSM Media☮️] ... (Remember values of innocent lives - the great taboo - Arab racism:) ... My (verdensalt) thoughts, healing and prayers goes out to Sudan and all the worldly places where people are systematically mistreated, dehumanized, offended by being 'blackfaced' and even killed for their beliefs or just being "black"... 🕯️😢💔... |